‘The 100’ Star Tasya Teles’ Wiki: Age, Height, Net worth & Movies and TV Shows

‘The 100’ Star Tasya Teles’ Wiki: Age, Height, Net worth & Movies and TV Shows


Tasya Teles, who started her career in the early 2010s, has impressed audiences with her role of Echo in the series The 100.

‘The 100’ Star Tasya Teles’ Wiki: Age, Height, Net worth & Movies and TV Shows

Tasya Teles is a talented Canadian actress who is popular for her role as Echo in The CW’s science fiction television series The 100.

In addition to that, she has done an exceptional task portraying the role of Jaq Varick in the film Break Even, Kendra in DirecTV’s series Rogue, Tracy in the film The Perfect Pickup, and Daniella in BBC America’s series Intruders.

Get along to learn more about the actress’s wiki details, including her age, height, net worth, and movies and TV shows career.

Tasya Teles Was Born in Toronto

Tasya Teles was born on February 1, 1985, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She embraces a mixed ethnicity, Ukrainian/Brazilian heritage, as her mother hails from Edmonton, Alberta, whereas her father is a Brazilian from Minas Gerais state.

Her family moved from her birthplace to Vancouver, British Columbia, when she was five years old. Her parents were tech professors in Toronto.

Speaking of her height, the actress stands tall at the height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters). And it is her appealing physique that makes her look very hot, sexy, and stunning on-screen as well as off the screen.

She Has a Degree in Theatre and Acting

Tasya Teles was brought up by her parents with great care and love. Doing that, she initially studied commerce and later on considered theatre and acting for her studies. 

She went to Concordia University in Montréal, Quebec, where she studied theatre. The actress also spent a few years in New York and Montréal to pursue modeling.

Tasya Is Very Active on Instagram

Tasya Teles has a huge fan following on social media, and she uses the platforms to reach her fans and followers.

By numbers, she has the biggest fan following on Instagram with over 983 thousand followers. Instagram is also the platform where she is most active, posting regular posts and updates on Instagram Stories.

Her Instagram posts are usually about her movies and series, pictures with her co-stars, modeling and flaunting dresses or bikinis while vacationing around various places.

Likewise, the actress has a little over 100 thousand followers on Twitter and over 3 thousand followers on Facebook

She Started Her Movies and TV Show Career in the Early 2010s

Tasya Teles began her career as an actress when he appeared as Maria in 2013’s film Afflicted. Following that, she acted in a few movies and TV shows such as Untold Stories of the ER, Mirrors, Package Deal, Continuum, and Witches of East End. But her roles were not big enough to make an impact. 

In 2014 came her breakthrough role, as she was cast as Kendra in DirecTV’s series Rogue. Her role in that series was followed by other prominent movies and TV shows like Intruders, Skin Trade, The Christmas Secret, Damaged, Supernatural, and The 100.

The series The 100 was another big deal in Tasya’s career, as her portrayal of brave warrior Echo impressed many audiences and gave her much-needed spotlight.

Tasya Teles as Echo in the series The 100.
Tasya Teles as Echo in the series The 100.

In the series, Echo initially is a member of Azgeda’s royal guard is trapped in Mount Weather. From there, she escapes with the help of Bellamy and Lexa.

As the series progresses, she associates with Skaikru, develops a relationship with Bellamy (played by Bob Morley), and helps the group to achieve their goals.

Tasya’s most recent acting projects include movies like Break Even and The Perfect Pickup, whereas her upcoming project is a movie titled The Morning After the Night Before.

How Much Is Tasya Teles’s Net Worth?

Tasya Teles, who is growing her career with each exciting project, has earned a decent wealth from her career so far. However, she has not revealed her salary or net worth publicly. But some sources reveal that she has a little over a million net worth.

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