Facts about ‘Eternals’ Actress Lia McHugh’s Age, Parents, Height, Movies, Boyfriend, and More

Facts about ‘Eternals’ Actress Lia McHugh’s Age, Parents, Height, Movies, Boyfriend, and More

Facts about ‘Eternals’ Actress Lia McHugh’s Age, Parents, Height, Movies, Boyfriend, and More

Photo: Instagram/liaryanmchugh

Lia McHugh is an aspiring young actress, who has already made a place for herself in Hollywood, was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on November 18, 2005, to an acting family.

The actress initially started her career with the paranormal genre as her debut in the documentary series A Haunting, in 2016. Later, she became part of the movie Hot Summer Nights in 2017, which is her debut movie. 

Lia McHugh Family Background

McHugh is a proud daughter of her mother, Lisa McHugh, and her father, Michael McHugh, a successful entrepreneur. 

However, she is not the only child of their parents. She has four siblings: three brothers, Logan, Flynn, Gavin, and one elder sister, Shea McHugh.

Her elder brother Logan started his career with musical theaters, and he soon began looking after his family, too. He last appeared in Kevin (probably) Saves The World, a TV series in 2018.

As per Teen Vogue, her most established sibling in the industry is her younger brother Gavin McHugh. Even though he is a patient of cerebral palsy, the boy never gave up, leading towards being an advocate for disability representation. He has also starred in the fan-loved TV series 9-1-1 since 2018.

Is Lia McHugh Height Too Small for Her Age?

The average height for any teenager in the United States is around 5 feet 4 inches or can vary according to the population chosen. 

As for McHugh, her height has not been officially confirmed by her agency or McHugh herself. But her height has been guessed by different sites without being confirmed.

Take, for example, an online site Wikibuff has reported the actress’ height is 1.37m or 4 ft 6 inches, which seemed surreal to be true. 

Similarly, another outlet, Celeb99, stated McHugh’s height to be 1.5m or 4 ft 9 inches, which is yet to be confirmed. But according to this source, McHugh’s height seems to be less than the average height of the USA population, but that doesn’t indicate otherwise or has affected her career because her talent is over the top for a teenager.

Lia McHugh’s Career, Movies, and Series

Being in the musical theater since the age of six has done a great deed for McHugh.  

Her journey took over a new path when her entire family shifted to Los Angeles in 2015, providing her with new opportunities and opening the gate towards the cinema world.

McHugh became known in the acting world after her role in Totem in 2017, followed by her part in The Lodge in 2019, Songbird in 2020, with the latest being as Sprite in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Eternals in 2021.

The latter project provided McHugh with the fame and love that she deserves.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, McHugh stated that her role as Sprite in Eternals was easy to be connected with as it seemed a real adventure for her.

She said, “I’ve been told a lot of my life that I am an old soul. I feel that I’m a lot older in my mind than what I look, so I really related to Sprite in that way.”

Lia McHugh Is Not Dating Anyone at the Moment

Being busy with the shooting schedule, McHugh has not been rumored with anyone about being her boyfriend. 

The topic of boyfriend is yet new for her because, being a teenager, she might be waiting for the right person at the right time and age, but nothing is official or confirmed. Her Instagram has relationship-free posts, and she has been focusing totally on her career.

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