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Is Ingrid Bisu Married? Details about Her Husband, Children, and Height



Is Ingrid Bisu Married? Details about Her Husband, Children, and Height
Is Ingrid Bisu Married? Details about Her Husband, Children, and Height

Ingrid Bisu is a Romanian-German actress and producer best known for her performance as Anca in the Academy Award-nominated movie titled Toni Erdmann (2016).

Additionally, she has also appeared in some hit movies and TV shows such as Nimeni nu-i perfect (2009), The Nun (2018), The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021), and Malignant (2021).

However, her professional life is not the only thing that has provided her with fame as her personal life has also provided her with healthy limelight. In her personal life, Bisu garnered fame through her romantic connection with the talented director/producer, James Wan.

Bisu and Wan’s Dating Relationship

If you are wondering that Bisu and Wan’s relationship goes back to some couple of years back then you are definitely wrong. To be precise, their togetherness is traced as far as to the year 2014.

Bisu first met Wan in 2014 during his birthday party on February 26. Some days later, on March 1, she shared the first picture alongside him. Over two months later, in May 2014, the two finally went on their first date.

Since that date, everything has changed for the both of them as they have never left each other’s sight for a long period of time and have always supported each other. Their love can be easily seen through their Instagram handle, mainly Bisu’s.

For instance, on Valentine’s Day 2018, Bisu dug deep into her gallery and posted some old as well as new pictures of herself alongside her partner. The pictures dated back to their first meet, their first date, and some recent memories.

She also wrote a lovely caption where she stated that she loves and appreciates Wan very much since the first moment. In the end, she thanked him for the flowers he had sent her and wished him “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

They Secretly Tied Knots in 2019

As the actress and the director spent more and more time together, their bond began to become stronger and stronger. Both of them began to make frequent public appearances as a couple, mainly during movie premieres or red carpet events.

After being together for more than 5 years, Wan finally decided to pop the question. On June 22, 2019, he went on to his Instagram handle to announce that he got engaged with Bisu. He wrote a simple caption that read, “Engaged to this beautiful, amazing woman!”

Following a sweet and simple engagement, many thought that the couple would have some sort of big wedding plans. But, the exact opposite happened as Bisu and Wan once again chose to have a simple event for their wedding ceremony.

On November 3, 2019, the engaged couple held a small wedding ceremony in their backyard and shared the wedding vows. Around 15 people were only invited to witness the ceremony that mainly consisted of the duo’s family members only.

On that same day, Wan shared a selfie alongside his bride in which they were showing their wedding rings. “One ring (I mean two) to rule them all. No-fuss. At home with our doggies as witnesses. Yaaayyyy!!,” Wan captioned the picture.

Since the wedding, everything has been going well for the two. As of now, the husband-wife duo doesn’t only have a personal level connection but also a professional level connection as they have started to work professionally in movies.

As the years have been passing, the married duo’s relationship has further grown and became stronger. On November 3, last year, they celebrated their first wedding anniversary. But, going by their bond, it can be assured that they will be celebrating a lot of anniversaries.

Do They Have Any Children?

The 5 feet 6¼ inches tall actress has been together with the Aquaman director for a very long period. So, it is quite evident that people will wonder if they have welcomed any children into their family or not.

Well, the two are yet to welcome kids. Currently, there is no news of Bisu being pregnant and expecting a child. Both of them are quite busy in their professional life, especially Wan who has some big projects coming up.

Considering that, it seems that the couple is currently giving more focus to their professional life and are in no hurry to be a parent.

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Gail Mabalane Has Been a Part of Two Movies Only

But many TV Shows!




Gail Mabalane Has Been A Part Of Two Movies Only

Gail Mabalane is a South African actress, model, media socialite, entrepreneur, and singer. 

She is most known for her performances in the South African television series The Wild, Thandeka Khumalo in the Netflix show Blood & Water, as well as her latest appearance in the telenovel series The Road, which airs on Mzansi Magic each weekday. 

While Mabalane has been a part of several TV shows, she has only worked on two movies — Zion and Indemnity. Here is all we know about it.

Gail Mabalane’s movies

Mabalane’s first out of the two movies was Zion, which was released in 2012.

Zion is a romance story set in a generic city where Mabalane plays the role of Special Agent. The film follows Sara, a girl who travels to this metropolis, and her adjustment to a country that is suddenly anti-immigrant. 

The movie tells the story of African students and the challenges they confront in obtaining a proper education while remaining gainfully employed, forcing them to labor illegally despite carrying full course loads. Their hardship is exacerbated when their tuition rise, and the only method for the students to raise their payments while remaining in school is through a dance competition. 

As a result, the African students create a dance team consisting of students from Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Congo, Nigeria, and the Caribbean. Now, a competing group composed mostly of local students complicates matters for the African dance team by denouncing some of the Africans to the INS and having them deported. 

In addition to adjusting to a new nation, Sara falls in love with another African student, and their relationship is challenged by the various adversaries and difficulties that a normal African student in the Diaspora encounters.

The second and last movie Mabalane has been a part of is the 2021 film Indemnity, where she portrayed Detective Rene Williamson. 

In the movie, Jarrid Geduld stars as Theo Abrams, a local firefighter who is placed on mental health leave after witnessing the deaths of two friends in a fire. He wakes up one morning to discover his investigative journalist wife, Angela (Nicole Fortuin), strangled to death, barely hours after receiving information about a deadly government scheme. 

Given Abrams’s previous binge drinking and erratic outbursts, officials believe he is the primary suspect in her death. So he zigzags around Cape Town, escaping both the cops and these mystery criminals.

Gail Mabalane has worked on only two movies.

Gail Mabalane has worked on only two movies. (Source: Twitter)

As he battles to live, links emerge between his background, the source of his PTSD, his wife’s strange death, and a government plot with terrible consequences.

Other than these two movies, Mabalane has been a part of eight TV shows. 

Gail Mabalane’s TV shows 

Mabalane, a gifted South African actress, has dazzled the screens with outstanding performances in a variety of television programs. Beginning her career in the limelight on the legendary reality program Idols in 2010, she charmed fans with her vocal skills as a Top 10 finalist in Season 6 and quickly switched to acting, making an unforgettable impression on the industry.

From her captivating portrayal of the enigmatic Lelo Sedibe in The Wild from 2011 to 2013, to her nuanced portrayal of Vicky in Rockville from 2013 to 2014, and subsequently as a returning main character in 2016, Mabalane has consistently demonstrated her versatility and variety.

Rockville is a South African soap opera developed and produced by married couple Connie and Shona Ferguson through their production firm Ferguson Films. The sitcom follows two black families, the middle-class Bogatsus and the working-class Mabasos, who have a long-standing hatred due to miscommunication and poverty.

In the show, Jackson “JB” Bogatsu (portrayed by Shona Ferguson), the patriarch of the Bogatsu family, is a covert pimp who uses the gorgeous cigar club Club Venus to corrupt innocent females and turn them into prostitutes. However, when the Mabaso matriarch, Mavis’ (portrayed by Connie Ferguson) daughter, Lindi (portrayed by Mbali Mlotshwa), gets a job as a waitress, JB pimps her into being a prostitute.

This eventually leads to an unrequited love that not only tears their families apart but threatens to change the course of their lives forever as JB must confront enemies who threaten his business and family, and Lindi and Mavis must face the hardships that threaten their family.

In 2015, Mabalane effortlessly accepted the part of Sarah Westbrook in Generations: The Legacy before delving into the complicated character of Kedibone “Kedi” Seakgoe/Stella Phiri in The Road, cementing her place as a leading woman on television. 

The Road revolves around a fictitious television series set during the Mzansi Magic opera. Bambatha Productions is filming The Road, a story about star-crossed lovers set during the apartheid era. 

Gail Mabalane.

Gail Mabalane. (Source: Twitter)

But when the top producer is discovered killed, the writer is forced to take a journey down memory lane, revisiting the tale he’s presenting onscreen, how it played out in the past, and how it’s impacting him in the present. The two tales are inextricably linked as they twist and swirl in an adept, brilliant use of the show-within-a-show storytelling approach.

Mabalane’s abilities were further demonstrated in The Imposter, where she controlled the screen as Kelenogile Mokoena in Season 2, and in the Netflix original series Blood & Water as the fearsome Thandeka Khumalo in 2020.

Blood & Water is a South African juvenile criminal drama television series produced by Gambit Films for Netflix that stars Ama Qamata and Khosi Ngema. Puleng (portrayed by Qamata) is a high school girl whose sister Phume was stolen as part of a human trafficking ring shortly after birth. 

Puleng was invited to Fikile’s (portrayed by Ngema) celebration on the same day as Phume’s birthday. Fikile is a popular athlete who attends Parkhurst College, a famous Cape Town institution. Puleng suspects Fikile is Phume when Wade (portrayed by Dillon Windvogel), a new acquaintance, notices their likeness.

She has spent her entire life in the shadow of her sister, so she resolves to look into the situation. Hence, she goes to the top school to investigate, where Puleng realizes that her missing sister isn’t the only secret her friends and family conceal. 

Continuing her run of success, Mabalane played the captivating Zenzi Mwale in the 2023 series Unseen, solidifying her position as one of South Africa’s most varied and successful actors.

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Did Ama Qamata’s Parents Adopt Her? Deep Dive Into Her Early Life and Ethnicity

Ama Qamata played Puleng Khumalo in Blood and Water.



Did Ama Qamata Parents Adopt Her? Deep Dive Into Her Early Life and Ethnicity

Ama Qamata is a South African actress, model, and social media personality. She is an actress best known for her role as Puleng Khumalo in the Netflix series Blood & Water. Her performance in this series has gained international attention and acclaim, showcasing her ability to portray complex characters and emotions with depth and authenticity.

She has appeared in movies like My Perfect Family, Rhythm City, Gomora, and Blood & Water. Aside from her acting career, she is seen as a rising star and a role model for young aspiring actors, especially in South Africa.

She represents the growing global interest in African narratives and talent, showing that stories from the continent can resonate with audiences worldwide. Her work has entertained and sparked conversations about the challenges and experiences of young people in Africa, making her a significant figure in  Africa.

As an actress, she is a testament to her talent, versatility, and the growing global interest in African stories and talents. Given her trajectory, she is expected to continue making significant impacts in the entertainment industry locally and internationally.

She has credited her success to everyone who has impacted her life, like her parents, siblings, friends, loved ones, etc.

Ama Qamata’s parents and siblings

Qamata was born into a well-settled family with her parents. Her stepfather, Julius Khumalo, is a reputed businessman in South Africa, while her mother, Thandeka Khumalo, is a homemaker who stays home to care for the family. She has not revealed much about her biological father.

Ama Qamata with her father

Ama Qamata with her father. (Credit: Fakaza)

Her parents are of African American descent and supported her throughout her journey in the entertainment industry. She is probably the only child to her parents as she never shared anything about her siblings in public, or maybe she has siblings but wants to keep them away from the spotlight.

Ama Qatama’s early life and ethnicity

Qatama was born on 2 September 1998; she will be 26 years old in 2024. She was born in the Eastern Cape village of Cala in the Sakhisizwe Local Municipality in South Africa. She spent her childhood in Cala and moved to Johannesburg, where she is currently living.

She is Christian by religion and holds South African nationality. She was born under the star sign of Virgo. She belongs to a black ethnic background and is of African descent. She completed her early education at a local primary and middle school in Johannesburg.

Ama Qamata belongs to black African ethnicity.

Ama Qamata belongs to the black African ethnicity. (Credit: Instagram)

Her passion for the arts, mainly acting, was ignited during her school days when she actively participated in various school plays. This early exposure to the performance world set the stage for her future career. Her first step into the world of entertainment commenced with appearances in advertisements, marking the initial steps in her remarkable journey.

As part of her educational pursuit, she attended Reddam House Bedfordview, an institution known for its commitment to academic excellence and fostering artistic talent. After completing her matriculation in 2016, she took a gap year to explore various opportunities and contemplate her future path.

Pursuing her passion for the performing arts, she enrolled at the University of Cape Town, where she embarked on a journey to obtain a degree in Theatre and Performance.

Although she initially embarked on this academic path, she decided to withdraw from the institution during her second year, choosing to pursue an acting career.

Brief Introduction to Ama Qamata’s Career

Qamata’s remarkable career trajectory showcases her talent and dedication to the world of acting. In 2016, her debut on the television screen occurred when she was just 17 years old. She portrays Naledi in the comedy series My Perfect Family on SABC1.

In 2018, she portrayed the role in the television series Rhythm City. It is an original production that premiered on the country’s free-to-air television channel from 2007 to 2021.

However, it was in 2020 that she joined the cast of the widely acclaimed Gomora, a Mzansi Magic series, where she brought the character Buhle to life. Her performance in this series earned her recognition and appreciation from audiences and industry peers.

The young actress didn’t take long to rise to prominence with her lead role in the entertainment industry. Later, in 2020, she also appeared in the hit Netflix teen drama series Blood & Water. She plays the character Puleng, a teen girl whose sister was abducted at birth. She tries to prove that a successful sister from a private school is her sister.

The casting director for Blood & Water, Kutlwano Ditsele, invited her to audition for the role, and she did that successfully. Interestingly, Ditsele was also an executive producer on Gomora, where she had previously made her mark. This connection led to her successful audition and subsequent role in the Netflix sensation.

In addition to her roles in Gomora and Blood & Water, she has graced other productions, including Commandos: The Mission. Her talent and versatility as an actress continue to captivate audiences across the globe.

Her journey in the entertainment industry took an exciting turn when she was cast in Matthew Leutwyler’s upcoming sports film Fight Like a Girl, where she is set to shine alongside the talented Hakeem Kae-Kazim.

Awards and Endorsements

Qamata has won a fair share of awards in her career to date. In 2020, she won the S.A Style Awards for The Next Big Things. She was nominated for the Séries Brasil Awards for the television series Blood & Water in 2020, but unfortunately, she was unable to win the award.

The Future Awards Africa released its nominees on 24 September 2023. She is also one of the nominees. The result is still pending, so let us hope she wins the award.

She has signed with a “new amazing management,” Africa Creative Agency, regarding endorsement opportunities. She said signing with them brought new opportunities, and she has been reviewing them, auditioning for global roles, and strategizing for the year 2021.

This collaboration marked a pivotal moment in her career, allowing her to explore global roles and strategically plan for the future. After signing with the agency, she also partnered with Adidas and MRP for endorsements.

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Khosi Ngema’s Biography — Age, Siblings, Parents, Family, and More

All about Khosi Ngema!




Khosi Ngema’s Biography — Age, Siblings, Parents, And Family

Khosi Ngema is an up-and-coming actress who is best known for her role as Fikile Bhele in the Netflix show Blood & Water.

She reprised her role in Season 7 of Elite as well. Since her appearance in the Netflix show, she has gained a massive fanbase.

However, to date, she has managed to keep her personal life private. As a result, fans and followers are curious about her, especially her biography, including her age, family, siblings, and parents.

Here is all we know about it.

Khosi Ngema’s biography 

Khosi was born on November 2, 2000, making her a Scorpio. At the time of writing, her age is 23.

But in November 2024, her age will be 24. The actress was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she was raised with her family and siblings.

However, there is not much information about them. Talking about her family, she has never talked about her parents or siblings.

It is reported that she has three siblings, but the actress has never mentioned them. Similarly, there is no information about her mother.

Talking about her father, it is reported that he is a South African actor named Mangaliso Ngema. Like his daughter, he was born and raised in South Africa.

He was reportedly married to a Mozambique woman and is a dad to one daughter. However, his daughter was sold by a nurse working in the hospital she was born in. 

Khosi Ngema has kept her family a secret.

Khosi Ngema has kept her family a secret. (Source: Instagram)

But it is unknown if Khosi is the daughter he is mentioning. At the time of writing, Khosi’s parents are divorced.

As said before, her dad is an actor. But before his journey in the entertainment world, he was a brand manager for Guinness. While working there, he made his television debut in the serial opera Generations, playing ‘Lunga Zondo’ in 1993.

He then appeared in numerous prominent serials, including Home Affairs, Housekeepers, MTV Shuga, Ring of Lies, Mzansi, Side Dish, Soul Buddyz, and Single Guyz.

Khosi Ngema’s father, Mangaliso Ngema.

Khosi Ngema’s father, Mangaliso Ngema. (Source: Twitter)

Mangaliso played the character ‘Pabi’ in the television series Lithapo. However, following a sexual harassment incident with Lorraine Moropa, he was dismissed from the show. 

He later denied charges of sexual harassment, and then in September 2020, he participated in the television series Family Secrets. This is not the first time he has been accused of sexual harassment.

Mangaliso was charged with rape in June 2022 and freed on bail after appearing at Randburg Magistrate’s Court. He was charged by his family member — his cousin, Queen Ngema.

She accused him of repeatedly raping her and trying to silence her. It started 13 years prior when she had lost her son, and Khosi’s dad tried to open his house for her to grieve her loss.

Soon after, he started raping her and threatening her along with her family. Eventually, she found her voice to talk about it and expose him.

At the time of writing, Khosi has not addressed her father’s allegations.

Khosi Ngema’s show — ‘Blood & Water’

Blood & Water is a South African young crime drama television series created by Gambit Films for Netflix, featuring Ama Qamata, Ngema, Thabang Molaba, and Gail Mabalane, among others. 

The show has been critically acclaimed by fans and followers alike. It won the Best TV Drama at the 2021 South African Film and Television Awards, as well as awards for cinematography and sound design.

The plot of the show is set in Cape Town and follows a girl who attends a prestigious school after assuming one of the students is her sister, who was abducted as a newborn.

Puleng (portrayed by Qamata) is a high school student whose sister Phume was abducted by a human trafficking ring shortly after birth. On the same day as Phume’s birthday, Puleng was invited to a party held by Bhele (played by Ngema), a well-known athlete at Cape Town’s Parkhurst College. 

When Wade (played by Dillon Windvogel), a new acquaintance, discovers their resemblance, Puleng believes Fikile is Phume. She has lived her entire life under her sister’s shadow, so she decides to investigate the problem.

As a result, she goes to the best school to explore. While solving the puzzle, Puleng discovers that her missing sister isn’t the only secret her friends and family keep, and hence, she falls into the rabbit hole.

The six-episode first season debuted on Netflix on May 20, 2020. Netflix renewed the series in June 2020 for a second season, which will be released on September 24, 2021.

A third season was confirmed in April 2022 and would premiere on November 25, 2022. The show has been renewed for a fourth season, which was released on Netflix on March 1, 2024.

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