Facts about Erin Krakow’s Height, Weight Loss, and Net Worth

Facts about Erin Krakow’s Height, Weight Loss, and Net Worth

Erin Krakow stands taller than the average American woman.

Facts about Erin Krakow’s Height, Weight Loss, and Net Worth

Erin Krakow is a well-established American actress who gained worldwide fame following her portrayal of Elizabeth ‘Thatcher’ Thornton in the Hallmark Channel’s television show titled When Calls the Heart.

She has been a part of the show since its initiation in 2014 and has appeared in 94 episodes. Her recent appearance in the show was in the ninth season’s episode eight, titled ‘Hope Valley Days: Part 2.’

Apart from the Hallmark show, Krakow has played in a number of TV movies and shows, including Army Wives, Chance at Romance, NCIS: Los Angeles, Finding Father Christmas, Marrying Father Christmas, Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen, and It Was Always You.

Erin Krakow has a tall height and average weight

As per a 2018 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average height among American women whose age is 20 or above is 5 foot 4 inches or 1.63 meters.

Considering those numbers, Krakow stands at a towering height than an average US woman. As per her IMDb profile, the actress has a height of 5 feet 9 inches or 1.75 meters.

Coming over to her weight, it seems like she weighs normally. Reports from different outlets suggest that she has a weight of around 61 kg or 134 lbs. Furthermore, her body measurements are said to be 36-26-36 inches.

Talks about Erin Krakow’s weight loss

Over the years, there have been a few talks about whether or not Krakow has gone through a weight loss journey.

People might have noticed some difference in her weight while looking at some of her old and new pictures around the same time. However, there is no confirmation to date about those weight loss queries.

The 37-year-old actress hasn’t shared anything about losing weight in recent times or the past. Nonetheless, she exercises and goes to the gym to keep herself fit and healthy. Back in February 2015, she had posted a selfie on Instagram, which was taken after completing her workout.

Erin Krakow's post-workout selfie from February 2015

Erin Krakow’s post-workout selfie from February 2015 (Photo: Instagram)

In addition, it could be possible that she has a balanced diet to have the right amount of nutrient-loaded whole foods. Her breakfast might include an egg with coffee or tea, followed by oatmeal with fruits or whole-grain cereals with almond milk.

For her lunch and dinner, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native actress has healthy food that suits her. And while she doesn’t necessarily have or follow a completely strict diet, she eats healthy food in moderation to keep her going.

Erin Krakow has accumulated a decent net worth

The Juilliard School graduate made her acting debut in 2010 after booking the role of Specialist Tanya Gabriel in the Lifetime TV show titled Army Wives. She played the role till 2012, over 18 episodes.

Since then, she has only made her appearance in small screen projects and is yet to make her debut on the big screens. However, her performances in small-screen projects seem enough for now as she has already gained healthy limelight.

And all of that is possible due to Krakow’s work in the Hallmark show When Calls the Heart, which made her beloved among the viewers. But, along with all that, another thing the actress has made is a decent net worth.

With a role of a lifetime in the Hallmark show and multiple other gigs, it’s sure that she has been paid handsomely. And her earnings are reflected by her net worth, which is estimated to be around $3 million – $4 million.

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