Mikey Williams’ Sister Skye Is an Aspiring Softball Player - Inside Mikey’s Family Details

Mikey Williams’ Sister Skye Is an Aspiring Softball Player – Inside Mikey’s Family Details

Mikey Williams’ Sister Skye Is an Aspiring Softball Player - Inside Mikey’s Family Details

Mikey Williams is an emerging basketball star who has shown glimpses of his skills in high school games.

A five-star recruit and a top 5 player in the class of 2023, he is already followed by some basketball stars like LeBron James and Kevin Durant on Instagram.

Mikey started his freshman year playing for San Ysidro High School and averaged 29.9 points, 4.9 assists, and 6.7 rebounds per game, leading the team to the CIF-SDS Division III title. For his sophomore year, the 6 feet 2 inches tall talent transferred to the Lake Norman Christian School in Huntersville, North Carolina.

However, the 17-year-old is not the only one from his family who is rising in the field of sport as his little sister, Skye Williams, is just right behind him.

Mikey’s Sister Skye Is a Softball Player

Much like her older brother, Skye has been making a name for herself. The only difference is that she is doing so as a softball player.

She is currently a high school softball player who plays for the Chula Vista, California-based Mater Dei Catholic High School. The 5 feet 7 inches tall is in her freshman year and will graduate in 2024.

As of this writing, she has played 23 games and averages point 196 with point 318 OBP, 11 hits allows, 6 RBI, and 11 runs allows. She also holds the number 4 softball rank in California.

Due to her personal performances, as well as her relationship with Mikey, Skye has earned over 70 thousand followers on Instagram. And while the 14-year-old, Skye, rarely shares pictures on the platform, she often puts up stories about her family.

Mikey Has a Brother Named Marvin

Mikey has a younger brother named Marvin Williams, an aspiring basketball player, apart from his sister Skye.

Marvin, who is 13-year-old, has over 25 thousand followers on Instagram, where his posts suggest that he is quite invested in basketball – all his three posts are related to the named sport.

He also has a self-titled YouTube channel where he uploads gaming videos. The channel has a total of 357 subscribers as of this writing.

Mikey’s Parents Are Raising Him and His Siblings in Different Cities

Mikey and his siblings, Skye and Marvin, are the children of Mahlon Williams and Charisse Williams.

Mahlon is a former basketball player who played amazingly for Sweetwater High School. However, his playing career changed drastically after failing to meet the standard grades.

Afterward, he completed his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a master’s in human behavior. He also has a master’s degree in sports psychology online from the University of the Rockies.

Later on, he changed his career path and began working as a basketball coach. While doing so, he also coached his son, Mikey’s basketball team, Malcolm Thomas All-Stars.

On the other hand, Charisse is a former softball player who played Division I softball for Hampton University.

She spends most of her time with her daughter, Skye, in California. She can be found on Instagram with the username @reesedubb. Meanwhile, Mahlon lives with his two sons, Mikey and Marvin, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

During an interview with Charlotte Observer in February 2021, Mahlon said that his wife Charisse was the one who taught Mikey to play basketball.

The couple also decided to live apart to give their children a good educational opportunity [they are still married]. Both of them take their kids’ education very seriously.

“If some are fortunate enough to bypass college (after high school) and do something else and come back to college, well, a lot of people do that,” Mahlon said. “You go to the (NBA), one-and-done, and promise your mother and your father that ‘I’ll get my education.’ But education is huge for me and their mother.”

But although the family is living apart, they usually take their time to visit each other and put pictures of their time together through Instagram stories.

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