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Lexi Kaufman AKA Alexa Bliss and Fiance Ryan Cabrera Getting Married Soon — Inside Their Relationship

An inside look at Lexi Kaufman, aka Alexa Bliss and her fiance Ryan Cabrera’s relationship.



Lexi Kaufman AKA Alexa Bliss and Fiance Ryan Cabrera Getting Married Soon — Know Their Relationship
Lexi Kaufman AKA Alexa Bliss and Fiance Ryan Cabrera Getting Married Soon — Know Their Relationship

Lexi Kaufman, whose birth name is Alexis Kaufman, is a talented American professional wrestler who has been signed with WWE since she arrived at the company in 2016. She currently competes under the Raw brand.

She is commonly known by her in-ring name – Alexa Bliss. Since joining WWE under the SmackDown brand, she has become a five-time Women’s Champion, two-time Women’s Tag Team Champion, and one-time Money in the Bank ladder match-winner.

The list of her accolades goes on and on, with Bliss achieving those feats in a limited time. And while her career at WWE sounds fun and flourishing, her personal life might be a little ahead of that.

The WWE superstar has been in a romantic relationship with her future husband, Ryan Cabrera, an American musician. Here is an in-depth look at their togetherness!


Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera’s relationship started with rumors

Bliss and Cabrera’s relationship initiation is quite the funny and memorable one. The couple started dating each other in November 2019.

However, they didn’t even know each other before they got together. It all started when WWE fans started gossiping that Bliss and Cabrera were a thing. Speaking about that moment with ET Online, Bliss said:

“We met because there was a rumor that we were dating and we didn’t know each other yet, so whoever was running his social media at the time was liking a bunch of my tweets.”


She then mentioned the passion that the WWE fans have and that they are very invested in what goes in the in-ring character and the personal life of a WWE superstar. “So there were a few people that made these Instagram accounts saying that we were dating and tagged all of our friends.”

After seeing those rumors going around, fellow WWE superstar Mike “The Miz” Mizanin decided to find out the truth and called Cabrera – with whom he has a good friendship. Recalling the conversation, Bliss said:

“[Cabrera] was like, ‘What’s Alexa Bliss? I don’t know what that is,’ and then I get a call and they were like, ‘Hey, I heard you are dating Ryan’ and I was like, ‘I don’t know who that is.’”

Alexa Bliss with her future husband Ryan Cabrera

Alexa Bliss with her future husband Ryan Cabrera (Photo: Instagram)

With all those talks going around, Bliss and Cabrera finally decided to know each other and have some conversations. So, on November 13, 2019, they talked to each other first time, and two days later, they met face to face.

Their first meet was at a show at Epcot. As they got along, they became good friends, which eventually turned into “the most incredible” relationship.

Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera got engaged on their meetaversary

After Bliss and Cabrera started dating, things began to roll out quite amazingly. They were in love, and it was evident through all of their social media handles, where they often featured each other.


And just one year after their first meeting, they took a step forward in their relationship. On their meetaversary, November 15, 2020, they were on a romantic date, and it was then that Cabrera got down on his knees and proposed to Bliss.

She said yes, and it initiated another chapter in their relationship. The musician had taken to his Instagram stories to share a picture of him proposing to his now-fiance. The WWE superstar took a screenshot of that story and shared it on her Instagram and Twitter handle.

“One year ago we said hello, tonight I said YES,” she captioned her post. Since then, the couple has always been together. And it seems like the day is almost near when the two will walk down the aisle.


During the above-mentioned interview, Bliss mentioned that her to-be husband was putting in work to make their wedding day unforgettable. “Everyone that knows us and knows Ryan, knows that it is Ryan’s wedding. I am not a wedding person, I never have been,” she added.

Additionally, she recalled what her fiance told her during their engagement and said, “He told me when we got engaged that you just have to show up, and I didn’t really believe him, but now I truly believe him.”

“Because even my mom and my best friend are like, ‘we don’t know what’s going on with the wedding,’ and I was like, ‘I don’t know either,’ but I know a majority of it is planned already. Ryan’s got it taken care of.”


She then stated that Cabrera has been waiting for his wedding day like forever, and he is willing to plan everything. “Luckily, we have the same interests and same likes. All the way down to my dress. He helped me get it designed, and he’s been incredible,” she concluded.

Most recently, on February 28, 2022, Bliss shared a series of pictures via Instagram from a memorable event of her life — her bachelorette party held at Las Vegas-based Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Alexa Bliss at her bachelorette party

Alexa Bliss at her bachelorette party (Photo: Instagram)

Since then, she has shared several pictures with her partner. Currently, there has been no news of the duo’s marriage date. But, considering their smooth relationship, the marriage will also come soon.


Alexa Bliss was formerly dating a former WWE superstar

In the past, Bliss was engaged to be married to the former WWE superstar Matthew Adams, renowned by his ring name of Buddy Murphy – now goes by Buddy Matthews. The details of their togetherness remain undisclosed for now.

But, it has been reported that the two were even engaged. However, they parted ways sometime in early 2018 due to undisclosed reasons. Despite their split, they remained good friends.

Besides that, there are no reports of Bliss being in a relationship with anyone. Furthermore, she has never been married and thus doesn’t have an ex-husband.


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Is Dave Bautista on Steroids? Know His Height, Weight, and More

Dave Batista has been accused of using steroids.



Is Dave Bautista On Steroids? Know His Height And Weight Too

Dave Bautista is a very popular professional wrestler, who was born on January 18, 1969. He combines a bodybuilder’s shredded physique with an MMA fighter’s ability.

American actor and former professional wrestler Batista is also a fighter in mixed martial arts. Before officially signing with the World Wrestling Federation, he worked as a bouncer for nightclubs and then pursued a career in bodybuilding.

He first achieved fame as a part of team Evolution following his 2002 debut. He won several titles throughout his rather fruitful tenure in WWE, including the World Heavyweight Championship, WWE Championship, and World Tag Team Championship.


Dave Bautista denied ever using steroids. (Source: Instagram)

He also attempted to start a career in MMA, but it appears that the fighting styles weren’t a good fit for him, so he returned to WWE. After Triple H defeated him en route to the Championship, he announced his retirement in 2019.

In addition to this, Batista has also achieved success as an actor, with roles in movies like Riddick, Guardians of the Galaxy, Heist, and the James Bond film Spectre.

In terms of his personal life, he has been married three times, the first two of which ended in divorce. His current spouse is a pole dancer named Sarah Jade.


He has also dated a few WWE divas, including Melina Perez, Kelly Kelly, and Rosa Mendes.

Maintaining that physique often takes a little more than a relentless attitude in the gym, which is why there have been various allegations of steroid use leveled at Batista.

Dave Bautista height and weight

David Michael Bautista, who is best known by his ring name Batista is an extremely big guy, due to which there have been some question marks regarding his body.


Batista stands 6 foot 6 inches tall (198 cm) and weighs 130 kg ( 287 pounds).

Is Bautista on steroids?

Batista reigned supreme when the WWE was in its most muscle-bound era. For the main event pushes, ripped men like Triple H and Batista were always in the title frame, while smaller men were mid-card at best. 

He has claimed that he has remained natural even after quitting the sport, and he typically responds head-on to allegations of steroid use in interviews.


The Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer wrote after Batista sustained a bicep injury in 2009 that the wrestler’s “new look raised a lot of eyebrows” and that biceps “will break more frequently on steroids.”

To verify whether steroids caused this injury, writer Irv Muchnick emailed Meltzer. Meltzer replied, “Obviously, it was steroid related, but in fairness, guys not on steroids also tear biceps and not triceps.”

Bautista denied ever using steroids and was never suspended by WWE for any violation despite ESPN reporting two years prior that he was a client of a pharmacy under investigation for selling steroids.


Did WWE suspend Dave Bautista for using drugs?

After losing an “I Quit” match with John Cena at Over the Limit in 2010, Batista quit the WWE. At the time, his exit raised more concerns than answers because it was the last time anyone had seen him working for the company for four years.

During an interview on MLW Radio Writer’s Room, Bautista asserted that WWE’s refusal to provide him opportunities to work on movies was what drove him away.

He claims that WWE did not allow him to audition for outside projects when he asked WWE, which is why he gave WWE a year’s notice in 2009 and left the company in 2010.

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A Breakdown of Shardul Thakur’s Net Worth and Cricket Career

All about Shardul Thakur’s career and net worth!



A Breakdown of Shardul Thakur’s Net Worth and Cricket Career

Indian cricketer Shardul Thakur is an allrounder, a right-arm fast bowler, and a right-handed lower-order batsman.

In an interview with Indian Express, when asked if he considers himself an allrounder, he answered, “Yes, I do consider myself a genuine allrounder. Going ahead, whenever I get an opportunity, I want to deliver. Whenever a batsman contributes at number seven, it helps to build partnerships and gets the team to a good score.”

He plays for the Indian cricket team as a regular member of India’s T20I set-up and represents Mumbai in Domestic cricket.


Thakur has also made it up to the Indian Premier League, where he has played for Rising Pune Supergiants and the Chennai Super Kings. He is representing Kolkata Knight Riders in 2023.

The allrounder was born on October 16, 1991, in Palghar, Maharashtra, India. His ability to swing the ball makes him stand out from other players.

Shardul Thakur has got the promising net worth

Thakur has played cricket since 2012, with his debut in Ranji Trophy. He is able to earn massive income with a career of more than one decade.


According to the Cricbouncer, he has a net worth of $5 million, which is INR 40 crores. He earns INR 3 crore annually to represent Team India; he is currently centrally contracted with the BCCI as he holds the Grade B contract.

His source of income is also through the IPL, as he was signed by Delhi Capitals in the auctions for the IPL 2022 for an impressive amount of INR 10.75 crore. And this will also continue with the Kolkata Knight Riders in 2023.

Besides cricket, the 31-year-old also earns through brand endorsements, including SS Sports, Gillette, Tata Power, and Blizpools.


With his massive income, he lives a lavish life. He owns a luxurious farmhouse in his hometown Palghar. He is also planning to buy a new flat in Mumbai to live with Mittali Parulkar, whom he will marry on February 27, 2023.

The allrounder also owns a Mercedes SUV. Anand Mahindra had also gifted him a Mahindra after the match-winning effort during the historic Gabba Test to win the Test series down under.

Shardul Thakur’s decade-long cricket career

Thakur told Indian Express about his strategy in his game. He said, “My planning and strategy start a day before the game. If I’m bowling in the nets, I will try things which I want to try in the game. If I’m executing well, I will bowl them in the game.”


“I always believe that whatever practice I do, it should be purposeful. Having quality practice is the key,” he added.

His career began with the Ranji Trophy in 2012, representing Mumbai. He also played for the 2015-14 to 2015-16 Ranji Trophy and the 2013–14 Vijay Hazare Trophy.

His IPL career began with Kings XI Punjab at the 2014 IPL player auction, with the debut against Delhi Daredevils taking one wicket in four overs.


In March 2017, he was signed by Rising Pune Supergiants and was acquired by Chennai Super Kings for the 11th season of IPL in 2018.

Shardul Thakur with a trophy (Image Source: Instagram/shardul_thakur)

Delhi Capitals bought him in the 2022 auction, and after 14 matches during the season, he was traded to Kolkata Knight Riders ahead of auctions for IPL 2023.

He made his One-Day International Debut against Sri Lanka in India’s Test tour of the West Indies in 2016. He made his Twenty20 International debut for India against South Africa on February 21, 2018.


In the 2018 Nidhas Trophy, at a match against Sri Lanka, he took a career-best of 4-27, winning the Man of the Match award. He finished with six wickets from 5 matches at an average of 29.33.

In one of the Tests played in England in October 2018, Thakur finished the series with 117 runs at 39 with the bat while claiming seven wickets at 22 with the ball.

His performance was praised nationally and internationally. The Guardian wrote, “The journeyman bowler who bats transformed himself into Kapil Dev, repeatedly delivering a considered counter-attack with bat and ball that permitted not a shred of self-doubt.”


“Though his bowling might be specifically suited to English conditions, he made the absolute most of his talents,” the news portal added.

In January 2022, Thakur registered his first five-wicket haul in Test matches and also registered the best bowling figures for an Indian bowler against South Africa, which were 7/61 and 8/108.

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Saurabh Netravalkar and his Wife Devi Snigdha Muppala Celebrate 3 Years of Their Marriage

“I want to pause the time to spend more time with you…,” wrote Devi Snigdha Muppala.



Saurabh Netravalkar and Wife Devi Snigdha Muppala Celebrate 3 Years of Their Marriage

The American cricketer Saurabh Netravalkar and his wife Devi Snigdha Muppala celebrated their third wedding anniversary.

Recently on January 21, 2022, Mulappa took her time to post heartwarming photos with a beautiful caption on Instagram.

In the photo, the couple was dancing, Nertavlakar held her hand high, and Mulappa seemingly spun around in her beautiful white dress.


Devi Snigdha Muppala posted on the 3rd marriage anniversary with Saurabh Netravalkar. (Image Source: Instagram/devisnigdha)

In the other photos, the bowler was on his knees with his ukulele and his wife behind him with her hands on his shoulder. Similarly, the third photo was a casual photo of the couple holding each other.

Saurabh Netravalkar with ukulele and his Wife Devi Snigdha Muppala (Image Source: Instagram/devisnigdha

In the following post, she expressed beautifully how she wanted to freeze the moment and spend more time with her husband and also can’t wait to grow older with him.

She wrote, “3 years to the married life! I want to pause the time to spend more time with you but at the same time can’t wait to grow old together!”


“We’ve had many firsts over the last 3 years, but doing this first photo shoot for this anniversary took me back to the first few days of our relationship!” she added.

She also hoped there would be more first times and ended her caption by expressing love for her husband. She wrote, “Here’s hoping we’ll have a lot more firsts, a lot more times! Love you  @saurabh_netra ❤️”

Netravalkar also expressed his love by replying to her comment with lots of emojis. He wrote, “😍😢❤️😃 love you too! @devisnigdha 🤗.”


An Indian-styled Maharashtrian Wedding

Netravalkar and Muppala married each other on January 20, 2020. The cricketer’s wife posted their wedding photo on the occasion of their three-month marriage anniversary.

They tied knots in Indian style as the couple wore traditional Maharashtrian costumes. Muppala wore the orange Nauvari sari with exquisite Maharashtrian wedding jewelry and multicolored bangles.

Netravalkar looked spectacular in the white shirt and dhoti. Both the bride and groom had worn multicolored flowers.


However, the couple’s post can only be seen from the side of Muppala. The cricketer has managed his privacy and has not posted about his wife, even though we can see his singing talent with his ukulele and his professional life through his profile.

Netravalkar career from the U-19 Indian cricketer to the US Captain

Netravalkar, a left-arm fast-medium bowler, had started his career as a cricketer as an Under-19 player and represented India in the tri-nation Tournament in South Africa. He also was the highest wicket-taker in the 2010 U-19 World Cup with eight wickets.

Eventually, he moved to the United States and continued his career as a cricketer. He debuted for the US cricket in the 2017–18 Regional Super50 tournament in the West Indies.


After a series of tournaments he played, he was named as the captain of the United States team for the 2018–19 Regional Super50 tournament in the West Indies and the 2018 ICC World Cricket League Division Three tournament in Oman.

In June 2022, Netravalkar was named as the USA’s T20I squad for the 2022 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Global Qualifier B tournament in Zimbabwe. In the following match, he became the United States’ first bowler to take a five-wicket in a T20I match.

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