Who Is Mark Lewis Jones’ First Wife? Inside His Married Life and Kids

Who Is Mark Lewis Jones’ First Wife? Inside His Married Life and Kids

Who Is Mark Lewis Jones’ First Wife? Inside His Married Life and Kids

Mark Lewis Jones is a BAFTA Cymru Award-winning Welsh actor known for his roles in Troy (2004), Stella (2012-17), and Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi (2017).

He has been very successful in his professional life that his fans are eager to learn more about the actor. One of the main things that his fans want to know is about his romantic life, and with whom he is married.

Who Is Mark Lewis Jones’ First Wife?

Jones is currently married to a Welsh fashion entrepreneur named Gewnno Penrhyn, who is also the actor’s first wife. The now-married couple first met each other after Penrhyn turned 40 years old.

In an interview with Toolally in 2018, Penrhyn was asked to tell the story behind her boutique store KITI. Answering that question, she said, “I have always wanted to have my own clothes shop and when I turned 40 began making plans.”

Her statement continued, “I then met my now husband and decided the time was right! My Nain (grandmother in Welsh) whom I was very close to died and I decided to name the shop after her. Kiti was born!”

As she was 47 years old in 2018, it fits that she met Jones in around 2011. However, it is still unclear when they shared the wedding vows. Both of them have managed to successfully keep that details up to themselves only.

Although the details are private, it seems clear that they have been relishing their marital life and their marriage is still intact and strong. Currently, the husband and wife duo live in their Cardiff residence.

Jones Is the Father of Four Children

Jones and his wife Penrhyn have been married for a very long time. However, the couple is yet to welcome any children of their own. Nonetheless, it is known that Jones is the father of four kids.

During his interview with Wales Online, in November 2019, it was revealed that he has four children. Additionally, Jones, himself, mentioned that his youngest son, Jacob, was 15 years old at that time.

“My youngest son, Jacob, who’s 15 he’s like ‘shall I take the picture?’ He’s so used to it,” he stated.

So, if Jones doesn’t have any biological children with his current wife, who is the mother of his children? Does that mean Penrhyn is not his first wife?

To answer that, it is reported that Penrhyn is the Welsh actor’s first wife. Before marrying her, Jones was reportedly in secret relationships, but none of them ended in a marriage. However, the details of his former relationships and who the mother of his children are is yet to be revealed.

Info on Jones’ Wife, Penrhyn, and Her Profession

Gewnno Penrhyn is a fashion entrepreneur and former make-up artist who hails from Cardiff, Wales. As of now, she is 49-year-old.

She initially worked as a makeup artist in TV shows and dramas. After she turned 40 years old, she began to make plans on opening her own clothing line, a dream she had since her teenage years.

Finally, in 2015, she opened her boutique store named Kiti Cymru in Pontcanna, Cardiff. Her boutique was named after her late grandmother Kiti, whom she loved very much. The store began providing some amazing fashion wear for women.

It has some of the finest European clothing labels in its collection. As time passed, the store gained recognition and its service was well-praised, so much so, that it was listed in The Telegraph’s Top 50 best Boutiques In Britain in 2019.

With such a successful business line plus her past work as a make-up artist, Penrhyn must have accumulated healthy net worth. However, her net worth is still under review.

But, the same cannot be said for her husband’s net worth as he boasts a huge net worth of around $5 million – $7 million.

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