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Happily Married: Inside Brant Daugherty and Wife Kimberly Daugherty’s Family

Kimberly Daugherty wrote “Three years,” alongside an emoji of a red heart to mark their three years of marriage.



Inside Brant Daugherty And Wife Kimberly Daugherty’s Family
Inside Brant Daugherty And Wife Kimberly Daugherty’s Family

Brant Daugherty is an American actor known for his role as Noel Kahn on ABC’s mystery thriller television series Pretty Little Liars as well as his performance in Fifty Shades Freed.

He has played recurring roles in Lifetime’s Army Wives, Hulu’s Freakish, and Netflix’s Dear White People.

Brant has starred in several films, including Another Tango, Just For The, and Summer. He also participated in Dancing with the Stars season 17 and was paired with Peta Murgatroyd.

Brant Daugherty and Kimberly Daugherty celebrated third anniversary

Brant and his wife Kimberly commemorated their three years of marriage on June 15, 2022. 

In celebration of their third anniversary as a married couple, Kimberly posted a lovely photo of herself and her husband from their wedding day on her Instagram.

Brant Daugherty and Kimberly Daugherty marked their three-year anniversary.

Brant Daugherty and Kimberly Daugherty marked their third anniversary. (Source: kimdaugherty_/Instagram)

She captioned the post “Three years,” alongside an emoji of a red heart. Their fans congratulated them and expressed their happiness for the couple.

A few months back, in August 2022, the married couple traveled to Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, for a romantic getaway without their son.

The Days of Our Lives actor expressed gratitude to Blue Desert Cabo for making their stay there memorable.

Brant Daugherty and Kimberly Daugherty have a son

Brant and Kimberly welcomed their first child, a son named Wilder David Daugherty, on March 24, 2021, after getting married. Wilder turned one in 2022.

Their newborn son weighed six lbs., six oz., and measured 19 inches long when his parents welcomed him into the world.

“It is such a magical feeling, knowing we created a life. We really are so obsessed and in love with him,” the couple expressed during an interview with People.

For Kimberly’s first Mother’s Day, Brant shared a touching Instagram tribute on May 9, 2021.

“Happy first Mother’s Day Kim! I can’t think of a better partner or mother to our son,” he wrote alongside a sweet picture of him with his wife and son.

Brant Daugherty and Kimberly Daugherty met on a dating app

Three years before getting married, the couple said they met on a dating app in an interview with People. According to Brant’s Instagram, the couple met for coffee on their first date.

Brant proposed to Kimberly on Valentine’s Day in 2018, when they traveled around Europe after nearly two years of dating. 

The actor recalled in the People interview, “The day I proposed was the most nervous I’ve ever been in my life.”

The pair married in June 2019 in front of their loved ones in Northern California after a year-long engagement. Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale were Kimberly’s bridesmaids.

When the couple exchanged their vows at the Ruth Bancroft Garden on their wedding day, they found their vows to one another were similar.

“Our favorite wedding moments were seeing each other down the aisle and discovering that we wrote almost the same exact vows,” Brant’s wife remarked to the outlet.

With the sweet remark, “We met for coffee three years ago and we’ve been together ever since,” Brant toasted their wedding on Instagram.

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Lojain Omran Was Married to Her Ex-Husband, Sheikh Salman, at the Age of 16

Lojain Omran leads an opulent lifestyle.



Lojain Omran Was Married to Her Ex-Husband, Sheikh Salman, at the Age of 16

Saudi Arabian television presenter, Lojain Omran, was married to Sheikh Salman at a remarkably young age.

At the age of 16, Omran entered matrimony with her ex-husband, reportedly Emirati businessman Salman. Throughout their marriage, the actress remarkably kept her relationship private, with rare public appearances together.

In a revealing interview, the television presenter shared that her husband, who was older than her, didn’t support her career aspirations.

Faced with the choice between personal freedom and a restrictive household, she opted for divorce, breaking free from the limitations on her professional journey and personal growth.

Lojain Omran shares two children with her ex-husband, Sheikh Salman

Omran and Salman are parents to two children, a son named Samir and a daughter named Jilan. Reflecting her commitment to keeping her family life private, she has carefully shielded her children from the public eye, abstaining from sharing any glimpses of them on her social media.

However, during an episode of Dubai Bling, the television presenter provided a poignant glimpse into her maternal sentiments. She candidly shared that when making significant purchases, she contemplates whether her daughter would be able to use them.

Despite her guarded approach, Omran expressed a compassionate desire to help Loujain Adada, another participant on the show, reconnect with her mother.

The television presenter also became visibly emotional when discussing the intricate dynamics of mother-and-child relationships. Opening up about her challenges, Omran revealed, “I went through circumstances that hindered me from raising my kids.”

Continuing she said, “Difficulties disrupted the communication between me and them. I understand the profound pain when a mother is involuntarily separated from her children. No mother would willingly choose to leave her kids.”

Lojain Omran’s current relationship status

As of now, Omran has not publicly confirmed any current romantic relationship. A glance at her Instagram profile reveals a curated feed primarily showcasing her in stylish designer outfits, maintaining an aesthetically pleasing aesthetic. None of the posted pictures hint at her being in a relationship.

Lojain Omran is embracing a luxurious single lifestyle.

Lojain Omran is embracing a luxurious single lifestyle. (Source: Instagram)

However, in a candid moment during Dubai Bling episode 2, the television presenter addressed the persistent curiosity surrounding her love life.

She laughed off the public’s eagerness for her to get married, stating, “I mean, I never complained. I’m happy, I’m enjoying my life, thank God. Who knows? I might be romantically involved. I might be engaged to someone. I might be planning to get married.”

Despite her playful statement, Omran has not taken any public actions that indicate she is currently dating. It seems that currently, she is predominantly focused on her career, prioritizing professional endeavors over entering into any serious relationship.

Lojain Omran shares a close bond with her family

Lojain was born in California to Lebanese parents, with her father identified as Ahmed Omran, while details about her mother remain undisclosed.

She spent a portion of her childhood in California before her family eventually relocated to Lebanon. The television presenter shares her life journey with her brother Mazen and sister Aseel.

Lojain has been notably transparent about her family life online, sharing insights into her relationship with her parents. In a particularly poignant episode of Dubai Bling, she took the opportunity to talk about her parents.

She opened up about how her father, Ahmed, dealt with the situation, taking a stand against derogatory phrases like “Your men are traitors.” She then expressed her wish for every woman to have a husband as supportive and loving as her father.

In that particular episode, the television star opened up about the difficult phase when her mother was unwell. She revealed that even throughout her mother’s hospitalization, her father remained a steadfast source of support.

Lojain vividly described her father’s profound devotion, highlighting a touching detail: he would prepare meals for friends and loved ones but abstain from sharing those meals himself. This poignant gesture seemed to mirror the enduring love he harbored for her mother.

The television presenter has posted a few pictures of her family on her Instagram. For instance, on July 3, 2023, she shared a photo of herself seated between her parents and captioned, “Between goodness and blessings, may God protect them.”

Similarly, Lojain posted pictures capturing the essence of her extensive and blended family. She captioned the images, expressing, “The best moment in every Eid is when we document our precious Friday around my mother and father.”

However, in consideration of the privacy preferences of certain family members who prefer not to be featured on social media, she opted to conceal their faces in the second picture.

Upon seeing the post, numerous fans and followers expressed admiration for Lojain’s family. One individual commented, saying, “Mashallah, God bless,” accompanied by heart emojis, while another shared, “You don’t see a finer person than Lojain and her family. How much I love her and the intricate details of her life.”

Furthermore, Lojain’s mother made a notable appearance on Dubai Bling when she traveled to Bahrain to pick her up. Additionally, her sister Aseel was featured, attending Lojain’s Galentine’s party.

These instances not only showcase Lojain’s family actively participating in her life but also provide viewers with a more intimate glimpse into her relationships and connections.

Lojain Omran’s net worth

The precise net worth of Lojain is currently undisclosed. Nonetheless, estimations strongly indicate that she is at least a millionaire.

Interestingly, Netflix characterizes the entire cast of Dubai Bling as millionaires, implying that each member of the cast is presumed to possess a net worth exceeding one million dollars.

Talking about her career, Lojain initially delved into the realm of banking after studying the subject. For a considerable period, she contributed her skills to the financial sector, notably making a mark at renowned institutions such as Visa, Citibank, and Saudi Hollandi Bank (now Alawwal Bank).

Her role as an operations manager at Saudi Hollandi Bank showcased her proficiency in the banking domain. However, in a remarkable pivot in 2004, Lojain transitioned from banking to television.

Her television debut occurred with the show The Situation With Lojain on Bahrain TV, swiftly catapulting her into the spotlight. This breakthrough opportunity at Bahrain TV became a stepping stone for Lojain, leading to engagements in diverse projects like Around The Gulf, The World Of Eve, Ya Hala, and numerous others.

The peak of her television career materialized with the pan-Arabic TV channel MBC1, where she hosted the highly successful show Sabah Al-Khair ya Arab (Good Morning Arabs!). This venture not only marked a tremendous success but also served as a pivotal turning point in Lojain’s TV career.

Fast forward to the present, her fame has soared to new heights, notably with her appearance in the widely acclaimed show Dubai Bling.

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Fans Speculate Tom Blyth’s Girlfriend to Be Rachel Zegler – Know His Relationship Status

Tom Blyth remains private about his personal life.



Fans Speculate Tom Blyth’s Girlfriend to Be Rachel Zegler - Know His Relationship Status

English actor Tom Blyth was rumored to be dating Rachel Zegler after they co-starred in The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes.

In The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes, Blyth played President Snow, and Zegler debuted as Lucy Gray Baird, as an on-screen couple.

The two also forged a genuine off-screen friendship. This bond was evident in interviews and social media, where they consistently expressed admiration for each other. Witnessing their chemistry both on and off the screen, fans couldn’t help but speculate about a potential romantic relationship.

One tweet captured the sentiment, “The chemistry between Rachel Zegler and Tom Blyth is insane. You can tell at what stage of their relationship Lucy Gray and Coryo are just by the way they look at each other. Studying each other, not knowing if they can trust, trusting each other, not trusting, and manipulating.”

However, dispelling the rumors, their relationship is purely platonic. Zegler is romantically involved with her co-star Josh Andrés Rivera, who plays Sejanus in the movie, and Blyth only shares a strong friendship with both of them.

Tom Blyth’s current relationship status

Blyth’s dating life remains a well-guarded secret, as evident from his Instagram, which discloses very little about his romantic affairs. His profile also offers no discernible hints about his relationship status.

However, a post on February 15, 2023, stirred curiosity. The actor shared a photo featuring a mysterious woman standing in front of a graffiti-covered wall with the words “I love you…Babe” next to a drawing of a monkey. The actor captioned the post with, “What the monkey on the wall said,” accompanied by a heart emoji.

This post sparked speculation among fans, leading one to directly ask, “Is that your girlfriend?” while another admirer exclaimed, “She looks beautiful, omg, lucky for you, Tom.”

Despite the positive comments, some individuals also posted negative remarks on the same post. One person questioned, “Who tf is this,” while another expressed, “She is not even good enough to be Tom’s girlfriend.”

However, amidst these differing opinions, some fans emphasized the importance of respecting Blyth’s privacy, urging others not to comment on his personal life.

One fan pleaded, “Let him live, I don’t want another actor closing his ig for Delulus. She’s gorgeous, and so are you, please make more movies so I can continue admiring you at an appropriate distance.”

Similarly, another fan emphasized the importance of positivity, requesting people not to make negative comments about Blyth’s girlfriend, highlighting the need for fans to celebrate his happiness.

Despite the mixed reactions from his fans regarding the post, Blyth chose not to respond to comments inquiring about his relationship status. This silence added to the mystery, leaving many eager for answers.

Tom Blyth was rumored to be gay

At a certain point, fans began to speculate about Blyth’s sexuality. Many people pointed out his reserved nature regarding personal matters, leading some to believe he might be gay.

Likewise, one person tweeted, “The way Tom Blyth had oozing chemistry with Josh Rivera even without a chemistry read??? Tom Blyth needs a gay role in a movie/show for real.”

Despite these rumors, Blyth has not publicly addressed or confirmed anything about his sexual orientation, maintaining his usual privacy.

Furthermore, to some extent, the actor’s recent revelation of his relationship status has also debunked the rumors about him being gay.

Tom Blyth’s height and weight

According to the biography list, Blyth stands at 6 feet tall and weighs 80 kg. Given the actor’s impressive physique, many of his fans and followers have been curious to understand the secret behind it.

However, he hasn’t personally disclosed his entire workout routine but has shared some habits that contribute to his fitness.

Tom Blyth has an impressive physique.

Tom Blyth has an impressive physique. (Source: Instagram)

According to certain sources, his fitness regimen typically includes staying active through cardio activities like rock climbing and cycling. Interestingly, he doesn’t spend extensive hours lifting weights in the gym.

Moreover, Blyth doesn’t stress much about his diet; he has different ways of staying healthy. Embracing good eating habits, he incorporates vegetables into his meals and occasionally enjoys a protein shake.

In one instance, the actor shared a photo indulging in Easter sweets, describing it as a Harry Potter-inspired chocolate treat. Unlike other celebrities, Blyth has maintained privacy regarding his eating habits, with limited information available about his diet plan on his social media.

Tom Blyth is currently at the peak of his acting career

In recent years, Blyth showcased his versatility by taking on various roles. In 2022, he had a guest role as Archie Baldwin in the HBO series The Gilded Age. Additionally, he secured the lead role in the Epix series Billy the Kid.

The same year, the actor garnered significant attention for his portrayal of Coriolanus Snow, the main character, in the 2023 film The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes.

This film, serving as an adaptation of the prequel to The Hunger Games, marked a notable addition to his filmography, further solidifying his presence in the entertainment industry.

After the movie’s release, Blyth received numerous praises from fans for his acting skills. One person tweeted, “A surprisingly really good addition to the franchise that I think fans of the originals are going to love. The first two acts are awesome but the third is a bit iffy. Tom Blyth was fantastic in the lead role of Snow.”

The actor has also generously shared behind-the-scenes moments from The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes on his Instagram.

For instance, on November 17, 2023, he posted a black and white image featuring his castmates and captioned it, “HG film dump. Just some of the many people I love who breathed life into this movie.”

Looking ahead, Blyth is set for an upcoming film role in the comedy Discussion Materials, adapted from Bill Keenan’s memoir of the same name.

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Theresa Nist Is Set to Marry Her Future Husband, Gerry Turner, Live on ABC

Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner are deeply in love.



Theresa Nist Is Set to Marry Her Future Husband, Gerry Turner, Live on ABC

Golden Bachelor Winner Theresa Nist has found true love with Gerry Turner, and they are set to elevate their relationship to new heights by tying the knot soon.

Nist and Turner’s romantic journey unfolded on the captivating reality TV series, The Golden Bachelor. Despite not receiving the first impression, Nist made a memorable impact on Turner from the start.

On the season premiere, which coincided with her birthday, The Golden Bachelor Winner made a bold choice by entering in her birthday suit. In a sweet moment with cupcakes, she playfully kissed her now fiancé to remove frosting from his mouth.

As the season progressed, the budding connection faced its share of challenges. Tensions emerged between Nist and fellow contestant Kathy Swarts, but Turner quickly became his to-be-wife’s steadfast ally.

Not only did he address the brewing conflicts with Kathy, but he also provided comfort to Nist during vulnerable moments, showcasing a genuine and supportive bond.

Their relationship continued to bloom, and as the season unfolded, the turning point arrived during their intimate overnight dates. In a touching final moment, Turner went down on one knee and proposed.

His heartfelt words resonated, “You’re not just the right person for me to live with. You’re the person that I can’t live without. I love you 1,000%.”

Before accepting the ring, Nist opened her heart to her soon-to-be husband. Reflecting on societal expectations, she shared, “I know how sometimes it feels like the whole world thinks love is only for the young, and quite honestly, at the age of 70, I was beginning to feel that myself.”

However, she ended on a triumphant note, declaring, “I’m so madly in love with you, Gerry, and I feel that for us, life isn’t over; the best is yet to come.”

Now that the engaged duo, Nist and Turner, are eager to start their marital journey, they are planning to tie the knot as soon as possible. The much-anticipated ceremony will be broadcast live on ABC, allowing viewers to witness and celebrate this significant moment in their love story.

Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner are planning their wedding

Nist and Turner enthusiastically shared their plans to tie the knot right away after the announcement of their engagement during The Golden Bachelor live finale.

Shedding light on their decision, Turner candidly acknowledged the role their ages play in expediting the marriage process.

In a November 2023 interview on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, he explained, “We’re old! Think about it this way: You can wait a year in your 20s because that might be 3 percent of your remaining life. When you’re in your 70s, a year could be 10 percent or 20 percent of the time you have left.”

Likewise, in an interview with People, The Golden Bachelor Winner shared her vision for the upcoming wedding. She has a clear idea of how she wants her gown and veil to look, along with specific thoughts about the aesthetics of the wedding cake.

Nist has also personally selected colors for the flowers, emphasizing her love for abundant floral arrangements, inspired by her and her daughter’s passion for gardening.

Additionally, the couple envisions a charming reception with long tables and a draped ceiling. Although their original plan featured cypress trees reminiscent of Italy, the chosen location won’t accommodate this feature.

The duo also has exciting plans for their honeymoon in Italy, with Turner expressing confidence in Nist’s excellent planning skills. He shares, “Theresa’s a really good planner, so when it comes to vacations, this is one thing I’m looking forward to – we’ll agree on a budget, she can plan, and I just show up the first day.”

Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner are excited to embark on the new chapter of their life together.

Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner are excited to embark on the new chapter of their life together. (Source: People)

Looking ahead, they are gearing up to begin their life together in Charleston, South Carolina, just outside the city. Nist revealed on the ‘Bachelor Happy Hour’ podcast, “We are going to live in South Carolina just outside the Charleston area. He’s always had this thought for the last two years, and no one really knew that.”

Moreover, she eagerly anticipates the future with Turner, expressing her hopes for creating a welcoming home for family and friends. She envisions a life filled with adventures, vacations, and the joy of exploring life together.

She enthusiastically shares, “We feel like we’re going to have the best lives ever,’ capturing the optimism and excitement as they embark on this new chapter together.”

Does Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner have any children?

Nist and Turner do not share any children, but both bring children from their previous marriages into their blended families. The Golden Bachelor Winner has two children, a son named Tommy Nist and a daughter named Jen Woolston, from her previous marriage with Matt Woolston.

In addition to her role as a mother, Nist also embraces the joys of grandmotherhood, with a total of six grandchildren.

On the other hand, Turner has two children, Jenny and Angie, from his late wife Toni. Both of his children are currently in their forties and wholeheartedly supported and encouraged their father’s decision to participate in the reality show The Golden Bachelor.

Turner also cherishes his role as a grandfather to two granddaughters named Charlee and Payton.

Theresa Nist’s net worth

Nist’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, though estimates suggest it could be as high as $1 million. She has a background in finance.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she worked in her previous role at TFS Securities, Inc., amassing seven years of valuable experience in the finance industry.

She also shared that her journey into the business world didn’t commence immediately; she initially chose to stay at home. However, when the time arrived to launch her career, she took the initiative to teach herself essential skills, including stock trading.

Later, Nist’s business acumen shines through her roles at distinguished institutions such as Datek Online, Stifel Nicolaus, and Metlife Securities Inc.

Now that she has emerged as the winner of The Golden Bachelor, her net worth may have experienced an increase.

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