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Smash Ultimate Pro Elegant Faces Sexual Assault Allegations

It seems like Elegant is not so elegant.



Smash Ultimate Pro Elegant Faces Sexual Assault Allegations
Smash Ultimate Pro Elegant Faces Sexual Assault Allegations

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Matt Fitzpatrick, best known by his online persona Elegant, has been exposed for sexual assault, molestation, and sexual misconduct on Twitter.

The allegations came after Shannon posted her experience with the gamer on September 6, 2022. She said that the encounter made her uncomfortable and that Elegant was intoxicated during the time.

Several individuals who were there have also posted screenshots of chats from the night before and the day following, in which Elegant’s conduct is recounted.

Sailor Magatron, a Twitch streamer, posted exchanges between herself, Genesis, and LTC, all of which accuse Elegant of being violent and obnoxious. 

In one of her texts, Sailor Magatron said that he had overstepped his limits in front of everyone. Others have claimed that Elegant was almost thrown out of Port 6 for being obnoxiously intoxicated on the same night and that he was observed pestering a minor.

While others have questioned why this has all been made public, individuals involved indicate that they attempted to handle the situation privately but that nothing came of it.

Allegations of sexual assault, molestation, and sexual misconduct

Shannon exposed Elegant and revealed a sexual experience she had him while blackout intoxicated in a TwitLonger released on September 6, 2022. She claimed that the interaction was very painful for her since she did not understand what was happening.

It “disgusted” her to the point where she didn’t want to have anything to do with Elegant because, as she put it, he’s “not someone [she’s] interested in that kind of way.” 

She said that she attempted to work things out with Elegant, put on a strong front, and tried to get herself together. But Elegant allegedly got tactile with her right away when they initially met. 

She remembered getting intimate with him but did not know what exactly happened. Similarly, throughout Collision 2022, she felt uncomfortable with his presence.

Following the claims regarding Elegant’s conduct over the weekend, Twitch broadcaster and fellow Smash Ultimate player KayJetshadow made more public charges, stating that Elegant harassed her and made unwelcome sexual advances a year ago.

They met again at SmashCon, and she talked with him properly. But again, Elegant made her feel uncomfortable and disgusted. As a result, she chose to come out about the situation and expose Elegant.

KayJetshadow wrote a TwitLonger on her meeting with Elegant on September 7, 2022, and exposed him. According to her, the two had been communicating online and forming a connection, which led Elegant to travel to see her in Texas.

She does not remember a lot but claimed that she assisted him in finding and paying for an Airbnb. She was excited to meet him but did not know what she anticipated.

However, she felt that the vibe was off between the pair. KayJetshadow then discussed their first four days together when Elegant was visiting. 

She escorted him everywhere and shared the Airbnb. But nothing happened between the two, and they did not cross any boundaries. 

When KayJetshadow had other arrangements for the day, she requested Elegant to hang out with her friends while she was gone. But unfortunately, Elegant allegedly got so intoxicated while out with her pals that KayJetshadow had to take him back to her friend’s place. 

She claimed she drove him back to her parents’ home after picking him up, at which time he was drunk beyond consciousness. Later that night, she woke up to find Elegant in bed with her, his genitalia exposed and peeing on her on the bed. 

KayJetShadow alleged she had to physically push him away from her since he was inebriated at the time. According to the TwitLonger, Elegant was sent off at the airport a day early and gave KayJetshadow $600 after seeing that her bedding had been destroyed.

KayJetshadow ended her TwitLonger stating that she was beyond this drama and how Elegant must be humiliated. She reminded the readers that alcoholism was not a laughing matter. 

She noted that It is possible that Elegant was a binge-drinking alcoholic. If that was the case, then he needed assistance. 

Elegant addressed the allegations by Shannon

Elegant addressed the issue between himself and Shannon in a message on TwitLonger, stating that the two had gotten intimate. He then admitted that he didn’t recall some aspects of the night but acknowledged drinking alcohol during the weekend.

He remembered the following day about Shannon crying but did not know why. So, he comforted her, and the two normally went to the event the next day.

After the event, he texted her to talk about what had happened the previous night. Elegant claimed that the pair spoke about it like adults and were mature about the situation.

Elegant has been exposed for sexual assault, molestation, and sexual misconduct on Twitter.

Elegant has been exposed for sexual assault, molestation, and sexual misconduct on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

He noted that she said, “It was fine and that friends should be able to talk about these type of situations.” As a result, the gamer thought everything was normal between the two.

He claimed to be surprised after she unfriended him and stopped talking since he believed they had sorted things out between them. Following that, the pair met again at SmashCon, and Shannon talked with him properly.

They reconnected, and Elegant was happy about it. But things were not good because Shannon had faced sexual assault and sexual misconduct by his hands when he was drunk.

Elegant noted that he needed to be held more responsible for his conduct while drinking. He promised that he wouldn’t drink again at a Smash event after this.

At the end of his Twitlonger, Elegant apologized to Shannon and promised to take accountability. He said, “I apologize for my behavior and I still care about you and still cherish our friendship. Whether or not we can mend our friendship, I would still like to work this out privately if possible, but if not I understand.”

Elegant is yet to respond to allegations of sexual assault, molestation, and sexual misconduct on Twitter by other women.

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How Your Business Can Harness the Power of Celebrity Endorsements



How Your Business Can Harness the Power of Celebrity Endorsements

In the ever-evolving marketing landscape, the allure of celebrity brands has become a formidable force, captivating consumer attention and influencing purchasing decisions. 

This article delves into the multifaceted realm of celebrity brands, exploring the distinctions between ownership and endorsement, unraveling their success, offering insights into the considerations before pursuing a celebrity partnership, and outlining strategies to secure a coveted celebrity endorsement.

Celebrity Owned Vs. Celebrity Backed: Decoding the Dynamics

  1. Celebrity Owned

When a product or business is wholly owned or co-owned by a celebrity, it directly extends its personal brand. This approach aligns the celebrity’s identity with the product, creating a deeper connection with consumers. Examples range from fashion lines like Rihanna’s Fenty to lifestyle brands like Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop.

  1. Celebrity Backed 

In contrast, a celebrity-backed brand involves endorsement or investment without direct ownership. The celebrity serves as a face or ambassador, leveraging their influence to promote the product. This model offers flexibility and diversity in partnerships, allowing brands to tap into different celebrities for various campaigns.

Why Celebrity Brands Work: The Psychology of Influence

  1. Authenticity and Trust

Celebrity brands often succeed due to the perceived authenticity and trust associated with the celebrity’s image. Consumers are likelier to trust a product endorsed or owned by a familiar face they admire.

  1. Enhanced Visibility

Celebrities bring immense visibility to a brand. Their social media reach and public appearances provide extensive exposure, amplifying the brand message to a broader audience.

  1. Emotional Connection

Celebrities evoke emotions. When consumers see their favorite celebrity endorsing a product, it creates an emotional connection that transcends traditional advertising strategies.

  1. Leveraging Fan Base

Celebrities come with dedicated fan bases. Aligning with a celebrity allows brands to tap into existing communities, fostering loyalty and expanding their customer base.

What to Consider Before Deciding on a Celebrity Partnership: Strategic Insights

  • Relevance to Brand Identity

Ensure the celebrity aligns with the brand’s values and target audience. The partnership should feel natural and coherent, resonating with the brand’s identity.

  • Consistency with Celebrity Image

Assess the celebrity’s public image and ensure it complements the brand. A dissonance between the celebrity’s persona and the product can lead to authenticity concerns.

  • Long-Term Commitment

Consider the duration of the partnership. Short-term endorsements may provide immediate boosts, but long-term collaborations contribute to sustained brand awareness and credibility.

  • Market Trends and Timing

Stay attuned to market trends and timing. A well-timed celebrity endorsement can capitalize on cultural moments and significantly impact consumer perception.

For innovative solutions in the digital realm, consider the expertise in on-demand delivery app development at MLSDev

How to Get a Celebrity to Endorse Your Product or Service: Strategies for Success

  1. Identify Your Target Celebrity

Research and identify celebrities whose values align with your brand. Consider factors such as demographics, interests, and the causes they support.

  1. Engage through Agents or Managers

Reach out to celebrities through their agents or managers. Professional representation ensures clear communication and negotiation of terms.

  1. Craft a Compelling Proposal

Develop a compelling proposal outlining the benefits of the partnership. Clearly articulate how the collaboration aligns with the celebrity’s image and can be mutually beneficial.

  1. Highlight Mutual Benefits

Emphasize the benefits for the celebrity, such as increased visibility, alignment with a reputable brand, or opportunities for philanthropy. Showcase the potential positive impact on their personal brand.

  1. Negotiate Terms and Expectations

Clearly define expectations, compensation, and the scope of the partnership. Negotiate terms that ensure a win-win situation for the brand and the celebrity.


The power of celebrity brands continues to shape consumer preferences and brand perceptions. Whether through ownership or endorsement, the strategic integration of celebrities into marketing campaigns remains a compelling avenue for brands to forge memorable connections with their audience and elevate their market presence. 

As brands navigate this space, careful consideration, authenticity, and a strategic approach to celebrity partnerships become pivotal elements in harnessing the undeniable power of celebrity brands.

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Inside ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner’s Net Worth

His dream house is amazing!




Inside ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner’s Net Worth

ABC launched the American dating reality series The Golden Bachelor on September 28, 2023. The cast of this The Bachelor spin-off is made up of senior citizens.

The 72-year-old widower and retired restaurateur from Hudson, Indiana, Gerry Turner, is the star of the series. Since it was announced that Turner was the new bachelor in the Bachelor Nation, many were curious about him.

While the ABC show did a pretty good job revealing details about the star, netizens still have a lot of unanswered questions like, ‘What is Gerry Turner’s net worth,’ and ‘Where does Gerry Turner live?’

Here is all we know about it.

Gerry Turner’s net worth

Turner has never revealed his net worth to date. However, many have estimated and deduced his net worth from what he has revealed about his career and lifestyle.

His time as a restauranter, notably with the Mr. Quick franchise, was the principal source of his income. So, a significant amount of his net worth is based on his actual professional accomplishments.

Living in one’s dream house, starting a family, and operating restaurants are not precisely aspects of a low-cost lifestyle. In addition, Turner loves to play sports like golf and other games, which may be rather costly pastimes. 

Combining that with Gerry’s recent appearance in the Golden Bachelor commercial, it’s obvious that he has money. So, calculating everything and deducing from there, it is estimated that Turner’s net worth is $1.5 million, and it is derived from his prior professional accomplishments and lifestyle factors. 

Where does Gerry Turner live?

Turner resides in Indiana in his dream house, which he reportedly sold. It is in LaGrange County, on Big Long Lake. 

The lakefront house is more than 2,000 square feet, according to the property register. The Sun shared exclusive photos of the house and revealed there is a second-story porch facing the lake in front of the house.  On the first level is a private dock where Turner’s boat and jet ski are visible. 

The house has a large number of windows on the front, side, and rear that let in natural light. There are four bedrooms and four bathrooms in his home. 

It was revealed that Turner allegedly paid $375,000 for the house. According to Zillow, it is worth $637,700 as of 2023.

The house, which was highlighted in a formal TV preview, has a nice balcony with a view of the sea and a gray-and-white facade. The retired restaurateur provided personal details about how he came to own the house during the sneak peek. 

“I married my high school sweetheart, Toni, in 1972,” he said. They spent 43 amazing years together and were blessed to have two beautiful grandkids from their two daughters.

He continued, “We had a real typical but beautiful life full of love, full of activity. And as the years went on, I retired. We had a plan, and we had an idea of what our dream house was going to be.”

Following his wife Toni’s retirement at the end of May 2017, they closed on their dream home on June 6, 2017. It didn’t go at all as planned starting that date.

Toni fell sick, and over the course of a few weeks, her condition worsened. Her kidneys and liver were impacted by a bacterial illness. 

On July 7, 2017, he brought her to the ER, and on July 15, 2017, she passed away. He said, “Every time I look at that lake, I go, ‘This is her dream. This is what she deserves. Why am I standing here alone?’”

In September 2023, he disclosed to People that following Toni’s passing, he sold the lake house they intended to retire to together and enrolled in bereavement counseling, which he described as “life-changing.”

However, Turner will move on from the traumatic incidents and his dream house to be with his new wife, Theresa Nist. 

As said before, Turner and his late wife raised two children, Angie and Jenny. In addition, he has two granddaughters, Payton and Charlee.

Turner’s daughters pushed him to audition for the show and supported him when he was selected as the first Golden Bachelor. Turner valued Angie, Jenny, and Charlee’s input much during the selection process, and he knew Nist was the perfect choice when he observed his family’s ecstatic reaction to his decision. 

He told People, “Because of the way the sun was and the walk that Theresa had to do, she was a silhouette for an awfully long time. And my daughters tell me, ‘Please let it be Theresa. Please let it be Theresa,’” 

Soon the light hit Nist and his children could see her, they were ecstatic. He confessed, “They were in tears. They were thrilled.”

The couple told People that they would like to begin their lives together in Charleston, South Carolina, following their engagement on the November 30, 2023 episode of the Golden Bachelor.

Turner claimed that fate played a hand in the possibility of their new home. He said, “For the last couple of years, when my family gets together, I’ve talked about moving to South Carolina, and it’s an idea I’ve toyed with. And then in conversation with Theresa, a private moment, she’s saying, ‘Well, yeah, my son lives near Charleston in South Carolina.’”

Turner was first worried that he would not get along with the person he ended up with when it came to living arrangements, but that wasn’t an issue with Nist.

“And all of a sudden it’s like, there’s a big problem that is gone,” he added. “The issue of compromising on where to live and how to reconcile families and all of that is, it’s no longer an issue.”

It looks like they will move forward with their plans after their marriage. After their engagement, they announced they would tie the knot in a live televised ceremony. 

Turner said in the After the Final Rose special, “We are going to get married, we’re going to do it as quickly as we can because, at our age, we don’t have a lot of time to waste. As quickly as we can put together a wedding plan, we’re getting married!”

The Golden Wedding of the Golden Bachelor will air on January 4, 2024, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Exploring Sierra Haschak’s Biography – From Her Parents To Her Dating Life

Learn more about YouTube star Sierra Haschak.



Exploring Sierra Haschak’s Biography – From Her Parents To Her Dating Life

Sierra Haschak, born on November 14, 2003, is a 20-year-old dancer, singer, and YouTube personality, widely recognized for her contributions to the Haschak Sisters YouTube channel. 

She honed her dance skills at the renowned Temecula Dance Company, where she trained in various dance genres such as tap, jazz, lyrical, ballet, and hip hop. 

Alongside her three sisters, Sierra has become a prominent figure in the world of social media and entertainment. The Haschak Sisters’ YouTube channel, which they collectively run, has garnered an impressive following of over 9 million subscribers. 

The YouTube star joined Haschak Sisters LLC in July 2015, where she has been actively involved in content creation and management. 

Sierra Haschak’s brief biography

Sierra, 20, is a junior student at the University of Southern California, pursuing Health and Human Sciences with an emphasis on psychology on the pre-medical track. 

Alongside her major, she has chosen to minor in both Spanish and Dance and expressed that in her free time, she loves to dance, as per her LinkedIn profile.

Sierra is also a proud member of the Trojan Dance Force, the official dance team for USC Athletics. Moreover, she is also an outreach intern for Taco Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to substance overdose prevention. 

Sierra Haschak.

Sierra Haschak. (Source: Instagram)

Before attending the University of Southern California, Sierra went to King’s Ridge Christian School, where she earned her High School Diploma from August 2018 to May 2021. 

During her high school years, she was involved in various activities and societies, including the dance team, and cheer team, and also held a Student-Government position.

In addition, she has diversified her experiences, including serving as a Public Relations Vice President for the Gamma Phi Beta International Sorority in Los Angeles, demonstrating her skills in marketing and event planning. 

Before this, she held part-time positions as a restaurant server at Bruster’s Real Ice Cream and a restaurant cashier at Greenleaf Kitchen & Cocktails.

Who are Sierra Haschak’s parents — Does she have any siblings?

Sierra is the daughter of Kathy Haschak and John Haschak. While there aren’t many details available about her parents, it is known that Kathy worked as a studio manager at the dance company where her daughters received their training. 

She is not an only child; she has three siblings, all sisters, named Gracie Haschak, Madison Haschak, and Olivia Haschak.

Meet Sierra Haschak’s sister Madison Haschak

Madison Haschak, born on June 27, 2000, is the eldest sister in the Haschak family. Her journey into the dance world started at a young age, as her parents enrolled her at Temecula Dance Company at the age of two. 

Madison, along with her three sisters, Sierra, Gracie, and Olivia, collectively manages the immensely popular Haschak Sisters YouTube channel that has garnered an impressive following of over 9 million subscribers. 

Speaking of her educational background, Madison pursued higher education at the UGA Mary Frances Early College of Education, specializing in Exercise and Sports Science with a focus on Physical Therapy from 2018 to 2022.

Meet Sierra Haschak’s sister Gracie Haschak

Gracie, Sierra’s older sister was born on April 7, 2002, and trained at Temecula Dance Company for a decade, showcasing her versatility in tap, musical theater, jazz, lyrical, ballet, and hip hop. 

Gracie has not only graced the stage but has also emerged as a principal dancer in commercials for renowned brands such as Kohl, Disney Tinkerbell, and Lalaloopsy. Moreover, she served as a dancer for the popular show 90210 and participated in America’s Got Talent

As a co-host of the Haschak Sisters’ YouTube channel, which boasts impressive subscribers, she has become a familiar face to fans worldwide. 

Her collaborations with her siblings in various music videos have not only showcased their collective talents but have also garnered a massive fan base. 

Speaking about her romantic relationship, Gracie has been linked to YouTuber MattyB. However, she refuted the dating rumors and stated that their relationship is more like that of siblings. 

Meet Sierra Haschak’s younger sister Olivia Haschak

Olivia Haschak, the youngest member of the Haschak family, was born on September 1, 2005, completing the quartet. Like her older sisters, she has also trained in tap, jazz, ballet, and hip-hop dance at Temecula Dance Company.

Despite her relatively young age, Olivia has already made a notable mark in the entertainment industry, frequently appearing alongside her sisters on their popular YouTube channel. 

Olivia, with her infectious energy and charm, contributes to the group’s dynamic performances, showcasing her impressive dancing abilities. She performed in a stage production of The Perfect Gift.

Does Sierra Haschak have a boyfriend?   

As of now, Sierra is single, with no hints or indications of a romantic relationship. A glance at her social media profiles, particularly Instagram, reveals no clues or mentions of a boyfriend. 

Sierra, who stands about 5 feet and 3 inches, seems to be focused on her career, sharing her passion for dance, music, and entertainment with her audience. 

While the world of social media can sometimes be a breeding ground for speculation and rumors, Sierra has successfully kept her romantic life private.      

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