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Only Hate! Natalie Nunn and Tommie Lee Fight on Baddies West Reunion Part 2

It seems like the feud is not going to stop anytime soon.



Natalie Nunn And Tommie Lee Fight On Baddies West Reunion

Tommie Lee and Natalie Nunn have been feuding and throwing hands for quite some time. 

Therefore, it was not a surprise when they started a fight during Baddies West Reunion. Baddies is a reality show showing various altercations and interactions between women living together while hosting promotional events.

Baddies West was the third season of the show, and it ran from January 22, 2023, to April 23, 2023. Baddies West Reunion happened in May 2023, and it went down with a lot of drama —  mostly Lee and Nunn throwing hands at each other.


Fight during ‘Baddies West’ Reunion

The heated argument occurred on May 21, 2023, during the second installment of the reunion special. When reunion presenter Janiesha John was speaking with Chrisean Rock about her time on the drama-filled reality TV program, the two co-stars got violent and started to fight. 

Nunn started yelling at the former Love & Hip-Hop star, who had just gotten into a verbal altercation with Rollie. She screamed, “Sit down [expletive], get active. Get your issue,” as Lee paced back and forth.

“What you wanna do? I swear to God you’ve not leaving this city,” she continued. Janiesha attempted to keep order on the scene as the two females grew wild with one another, but tensions between Nunn and Lee gradually deteriorated. 


Nunn sprang up and began yelling at Lee to square up. “I’m not doing theatrics!” Nunn yelled before lunging at Lee and punching the rapper in the mouth. 

As security raced in to break up the brawl, the ladies fell. Unfortunately, things did not end there. 

Nunn escalated the fight as she threw a drink can at Lee’s face later in the reunion. Out of rage and fury, Lee ripped the entire set to bits at the end of the startling reunion.


Many viewers complained that Nunn was to blame for the fight. They noted that she started the fight and assumed that she did not want to end their ongoing conflict.

Fight before the reunion

Nunn and Lee have been feuding for a very long time. The celebrity news Instagram account The Neighborhood Talk shared a video of the two ladies arguing a few days before the match earlier this week, and the tape soon went viral. 

Nunn is seen eating calmly in the footage before Lee hits her on the back of the head. It quickly evolved into a full-fledged brawl, with Lee yanking off Nunn’s wig, Nunn throwing herself at Lee, and anxious spectators attempting to intervene.


The video showed the two smashing into a neighboring table as others tried to separate them while they gripped each other’s hair. Lee went so far as to grab two knives from the table and smack them against each other while yelling at Nunn.

It is unknown what prompted Lee to respond in this manner. The video has since split fans, with some saying it was faked and others believing it is related to an alleged incident involving singer Chris Brown.

Nunn and Lee both obtained backstage access for Brown’s London event. Things were calm before the concert, but things became tense afterward. 


Gia “Rollie” Mayhem, one of Nunn’s co-stars from the Zeus Network show Baddies South, discussed an incident involving Lee, Brown, and Brown’s son in another tape from The Neighborhood Talk. An intoxicated Lee observed Brown’s son Aeko and loudly exclaimed how adorable the baby was before Brown’s crew went for another room with the youngster in tow.

Lee then allegedly tried to slam the door to see Aeko. Brown and his team allegedly got ballistic and were enraged with the entire bunch. Lee went live on Instagram to defend herself, claiming that she had no idea Aeko was onstage that night and that she would never behave in the manner described by Mayhem. 

Lee said, “Imagine me, for a baby that ain’t even mine, to knock a door down. Is you [expletive] serious? Please, so that’s what they came up with?” She claimed Nunn and her friends were lying to make her seem bad before the fight.


She denied breaking down the door, saying Aeko’s mother, Ammika Harris, was the one who tried to knock on it. Lee then went on a bizarre, expletive-filled rant about the situation, Harris, and the baby. 

Lee later apologized to Brown and Harris, stating she loved children and that it was not her character. This incident is most likely the catalyst for the viral brawl between the two, but some believe the reality stars chose to use their feud to promote the boxing bout. 

Nunn and Lee’s grudge came to a climax recently when the two clashed for an exhibition match on Floyd Mayweather’s undercard at London’s O2 Arena. The fight came after a week of barely-concealed animosity between the two stars. 


It was a brief, one-sided contest called off early in the second round. Nunn launched punch after punch at Lee during the show. 

Nunn ruled triumphantly in what turned out to be a relatively quick, fairly one-sided battle, while Lee was unexpectedly hesitant, given her tactics before the match.



Jimmy Tatro and Zoey Deutch’s Break Up — Exploring the Rumors

Jimmy Tatro and Zoey Deutch have been rumored to break up!



Jimmy Tatro And Zoey Deutch’s Break Up: Debunking The Rumors

Rumors have been swirling around regarding the relationship status of Jimmy Tatro and Zoey Deutch, leaving fans curious if the couple has broken up. 

The speculation gained traction when eagle-eyed fans noticed that both actors had deleted some of their pictures together from their Instagram accounts. 

Jimmy Tatro and Zoey Deutch.

Jimmy Tatro and Zoey Deutch. (Source: jimmy/Instagram)

As a result, it ignited further discussion and fueled the rumors of a potential break up. Additionally, fans pointed out that the pair had not been sharing as many pictures of each other as they had in the past, which added to the break up rumors.


Taking a closer look at their Instagram activity, Tatro’s last post featuring Deutch was on her birthday, November 11, 2022, when he wished her a happy birthday. 

Similarly, Deutch’s last post with Tatro was on his birthday, February 16, 2022, when she sent him well wishes. 

The lack of more recent posts featuring each other has led fans to wonder if this is an indication of a potential break up.


While the couple may have chosen to keep their relationship more private and away from the public eye, neither Tatro nor Deutch has addressed the break up rumors.

Jimmy Tatro and Zoey Deutch’s relationship timeline

Tatro and Deutch’s relationship has been going strong since 2021. The pair made their relationship Instagram official on Valentine’s Day in 2021.

Tatro took to Instagram to share multiple photos of the couple and wrote, “Just using today as an excuse to post some top-notch untapped Zoey content,” which has since been deleted. 


Throughout their time together, both the Home Economics actor and the Set It Up actress have taken opportunities to pay tribute to one another publicly. 

The YouTube personality made sure to give a shout-out to his girlfriend on her birthday in November 2021 and 2022, expressing his love and admiration for her. 

Similarly, Deutch also sent Tatro well wishes on his 30th birthday in February 2022. Taking to Instagram, she shared several pictures of them and captioned, “happy 30th to my one and only jim.”


Moreover, in an interview with Lights, Camera, Barstool, the actress briefly mentioned Tatro, shedding some light on their relationship. She mentioned his embarrassed reaction to her role in the movie Not Okay.

The pair was last seen together at the Theater Camp premiere party during the Sundance Festival in Utah in January 2023.

A closer look at Jimmy Tatro

Tatro grew up in California and attended Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks before moving on to the University of Arizona, where he became a member of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. 


It was during this time that Tatro’s creative talents started to shine, as he launched his YouTube channel called LifeAccordingToJimmy in 2011. The channel quickly gained popularity, amassing over 3 million followers to date. 

Known for his comedy skits, Tatro has had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous celebrities, showcasing his comedic prowess alongside Angela Kinsey, David Henrie, Alexander Ludwig, Emily Osment, Milo Ventimiglia, and many more.

Tatro’s success on YouTube paved the way for him to take his comedy beyond the digital platform. He embarked on tours, performing at comedy clubs and colleges, captivating audiences with his unique sense of humor and comedic timing. 


However, it was his appearance in the Adam Sandler comedy film Grown Ups 2 that marked his breakthrough in the world of acting. 

This notable role opened doors for Tatro, leading to subsequent appearances in notable projects such as 22 Jump Street, Blue Mountain State, American Vandal, and Home Economics.

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‘The Bachelor’ Star Madison Johnson Reveals New Relationship with Boyfriend Derek Butler

“Went to the beach and got myself a rose. My heart is so full,” Madison Johnson wrote. 



Madison Johnson Goes Public With New Boyfriend Derek Butler

The Bachelor star Madison Johnson surprised her fans when she took to Instagram to make her relationship official with her boyfriend Derek Butler on May 30, 2023. 

Sharing a few pictures with her new boyfriend, Johnson expressed her joy and captioned it, “Went to the beach and got myself a rose. My heart is so full.” 

Madison Johnson went Instagram official with her boyfriend Derek Butler.

Madison Johnson went Instagram official with her boyfriend, Derek Butler. (Source: madi_johnson/Instagram)

The announcement drew an outpouring of support from her fellow Bachelor Nation stars, who eagerly filled the comments section with their excitement for her newfound happiness. 


Gabi Elnicki couldn’t contain her joy, and wrote, “So so happy for you!!!!” Brooklyn Willie also commented, “Love this!! So happy for y’all!” 

Furthermore, Aly Jacobs added, “Okay, but does he have brothers?? Cousins?? lol Happy for you gal!”

Amidst the flood of congratulatory messages, Johnson’s new boyfriend, Butler, left a heartfelt comment of his own, stating, “You’re the reason for the big cheesy smile on my face, pretty girl. It’s always been you.”


Interestingly, Butler initially unveiled their relationship, taking the lead in sharing the news. On May 14, 2023, Butler posted several pictures featuring himself and Johnson on Instagram and noted, “Chapter 7: Worth the wait.” 

Who is Madison Johnson’s new boyfriend, Derek Butler?

Butler, Johnson’s new boyfriend, is a multi-talented person with diverse interests and experiences. 

According to his Instagram bio, he describes himself as a Realtor, Model, and Actor, hailing from Franklin, TN. In addition, Butler is also a U.S. Army Veteran.

Madison Johnson’s new boyfriend, Derek Butler.

Madison Johnson’s new boyfriend, Derek Butler. (Source: _derekbutler/Instagram)

In a recent Instagram post, Butler excitedly announced his venture into the world of real estate, expressing his gratitude for joining the country’s number-one real estate company. 

He shared his enthusiasm for the opportunity to assist people in finding their first homes, dream homes, or investment properties. 

“If you or someone you know are looking to make a move anywhere in Middle TN, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I would love to help you,” the realtor wrote.


Madison Johnson’s journey in ‘The Bachelor’

Fans met Johnson on season 27 of The Bachelor as one of the 30 women competing for Zach Shallcross’ heart.

Initially, Johnson had a positive conversation with Shallcross, but it became evident that there wasn’t an immediate spark when she decided to approach him for a second conversation. 

Despite their lack of immediate chemistry, they shared a kiss that didn’t quite live up to their expectations. Unfortunately for Johnson, her time on the show was cut short, as she was sent home before the Rose Ceremony on the very first night.


After her departure, she appeared on the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast, where she candidly discussed her experience and any potential regrets. 

She expressed that she had no regrets about pulling Shallcross for a second conversation, firmly believing that everything happens for a reason. 

However, the reality TV star pondered the possibility of a different outcome had she not pursued that second conversation. 


Additionally, she clarified a comment on the show about the sacrifices she had made to put her life on hold and participate in the show.

She had to make personal sacrifices to be a part of The Bachelor, and she wanted to ensure that her words were correctly understood and interpreted.

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Bella Hadid’s Father Addresses Fans Concerns about the Model’s Social Media Break

Mohamed Hadid assured she is fine.




Bella Hadid’s Father Addresses Daughter's Social Media Break

Bella Hadid has been inactive on Instagram since April 29, 2023. 

At the time of writing, it has been a month since she has taken a social media break. The last post she uploaded was of herself riding a horse alongside her sister, Gigi Hadid, with the caption, “Dreaming of this.”

Before she took one, Bella did not announce her break to her fans and followers. As a result, fans and followers of the supermodel have been concerned about her. 


A few have DMed and tweeted her, but she has not responded to any of them. On the other hand, some fans even DMed Bella’s father, Mohamed Hadid, and asked him about his daughter.

Mohamed Hadid on Bella Hadid’s social media break

Mohamed is a dotting dad to Bella and her sister, Gigi Hadid. Therefore, it is not surprising that fans thought it was okay to approach Mohamed to ask about Bella.

One fan shared a screenshot of their conversation with Bella’s father on Reddit. They asked Mohamed how Bella was doing because it had been a while since the model had been on a social media break.

A fan texted Bella Hadid’s dad, Mohamed Hadid, asking him about the model’s social media break.

A fan texted Bella Hadid’s dad, Mohamed Hadid, asking him about the model’s social media break. (Source: Reddit)

The fan was concerned about the break and confessed to Mohamed that they were worried about Bella’s well-being. They hoped the former Victoria’s Secret angel was doing well and apologized for bothering Mohamed.

Mohamed did not provide any details but simply said, “She is fine.” Some netizens appreciated Mohamed replying to the fan, saying he was a dotting father and his daughters’ biggest supporter.

However, many complained that the person was out of line to text Mohamed. They noted that fans are not Bella’s best friends to text her dad about her well-being.


Regardless of all, people are happy that Bella was doing well while she took a social media break.

Bella Hadid’s previous social media break

This is not the first time that Bella has taken a social media break. Back in January 2022, she revealed that she took a small break from social media to improve her mental health. 

After she returned, Bella said she was tapping into her spirituality and had a closer relationship with herself. The model posted a series of images to Instagram, writing in the caption about why she took a mental health break from the platform.


One of the pictures in the series was a stack of self-help and spirituality books. Bella also posted photos of crystals, of herself on a horse, and of some colored pencils.

In a lengthy caption, she wrote, “I took some time away to reflect and learn about myself in a way that would be too much to explain at the moment, but with time I will express.”

She admitted that she returned with memories that were “pure wisdom,” a closer relationship with herself, and self-love she had always lacked.


“I found myself, my strength, and my light again. I am only here to be an instrument of peace & love to help people that suffer and hopefully the world, in time…,” she penned.

She thanked her angels who loved and supported her. She added, “You saved me. Take time to get help for your mental health. It’s worth it to get to your full potential.”

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