Watch SNL Duo Chloe Fineman and Casey Thomas Brown’s Best Instagram Comedy Videos


Chloe Fineman and Casey Thomas Brown got married via Instagram Live during the quarantine period. But the wedding thing was only a comic sketch to “get through the boredom of quarantine.”

Actress and comedian Chloe Fineman, a featured player on the 45th season of Saturday Night Live (SNL), is a proven entertainer. From starting her career with The Groundlings [an improvisational and sketch comedy troupe] to performing on a stage of SNL, the comedian has earned a great amount of experience.

Now, she, along with her SNL skit partner Casey Thomas Brown, an actor and writer, have been entertaining their fans with their various comedy videos on Instagram.

Their videos are worthy of making anyone laugh and roll on the floor, too.

To save your time, we have picked some of their most hilarious comedy clips from Instagram that will tickle your funnybones. Let’s take a look, then!

Deep Cut Valentine Love Letter

A special video for the special occasion. On Valentine’s day, 2021, Fineman and Brown performed a skit, pretending to be Jennifer of Turtle Creek Lane, and uploaded it with the title “Deep Cut Valentine Love Letter.”

In the comedy video, Fineman imitated forever-joyful Jennifer Houghton, wearing colorful dresses, talking with excitement in her tone, and showing well-decorated Christmas-themed interiors—just like how the interior decorator presents herself in her videos.

And in between came Brown, acting as Jennifer’s husband, Steve Houghton. He nailed Steve’s mannerisms by copying his accent.

The highlight of the video was the vibrator-neck massager reference while Steve interrupts Jennifer.

Doodle Breeder

In their “Doodle Breeder” skit, the SNL duo hilariously took a toll on Doodle dog breeders/owners. They repetitively said Doodle in various accents, donning wigs. In the video’s caption, Fineman wrote, “Never found these “doodle breeder” characters.”

Literally Dinner

In the over-4-minute-long video, Fineman and Brown made a mess of their kitchen as they cooked “#THEFISH” with a show name “Literally Dinner.” Again their accents and the slang they used while describing the cooking recipes and procedures made the video super-laughable. 

Have you tried Literally Dinner’s new recipe yet? 

The Marriage-Skit 

The comedian duo Fineman and Brown announced that they were to get married via Instagram Live during the quarantine period.

In her post, Fineman wrote, “Tomorrow I gonna marry my best friend and the love of my life @shartyparty69 on Instagram live. Had to cancel wedding IRL cuz everyone refused to come BUT OUR LOVE CAN’T WAIT.”

The comedian further added that Brown’s mother, a maid of honor and an officiant, will take part in their online wedding. She requested everyone to join the wedding and experience their love.

No prize for guessing that the announcement and the wedding thing was only a comic sketch.

After they performed the wedding on Instagram Live, Fineman told Vulture that she and Brown decided to make that content to “get through the boredom of quarantine.”

She also revealed that Brown was her ‘gay’ best friend, and she was quarantined with her real-boyfriend in Los Angeles while making the video.

My “fiancé” is my gay best friend Casey in Montana, but I am with my boyfriend.

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