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‘Pitch Meetings’ Guy Ryan George Is Now Married – Know His Family, Wife, and Net Worth

Ryan and his partner have been dating since 2013.



‘Pitch Meetings’ Guy Ryan George Is Now Married – Know His Family, Wife, and Net Worth

Ryan George is one of those comedians who have managed to gain success and earn the love of his audiences. The Canadian comedian is mainly recognized for his original scripted comedy series ‘Pitch Meetings,’ which is available on the Screen Rant YouTube Channel.

George not only stars in the videos, but he also writes, edits, and shoots them. The series has accumulated over 300 million views so far, with new episodes uploaded every week.

He also runs his self-titled YouTube channel, where he makes original sketch comedy videos and talks to himself. The channel has garnered over 1.14 million subscribers and over 227 million views.

Well, it must be hard for George to do all those works by himself, right? Well, it’s quite the opposite as it’s “Super Easy, Barely an Inconvenience” for him.

Ryan George’s Wiki: Age, education, and height

Hailing from the suburbs of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, George was born in 1989. He turned 31 years old on the 21st of June, 2020.

He celebrated his special day by going on paddling to a nearby lake with his lovely girlfriend. “It was a good birthday I liked it thank you. #welehele,” he wrote while sharing some snaps from that day.

Going into the details of his education, he initially went to Dawson College to study Cinema, Video & Communications. In 2008, he received his degree in DEC. In the same year, he joined Concordia University and studied Communication Studies.

He graduated in 2011 with his Bachelor’s Degree. As for George’s measurement, he stands at a towering height of 6 feet (1.83 meters). Information on his weight is still not known.

Ryan George’s family: parents and siblings

The YouTuber is very private about his family life and has kept most of the details of his parents and siblings behind the curtains. Nonetheless, he often shares pictures alongside his family on some special occasions while maintaining their privacy.

For instance, on September 28, 2019, Ryan shared some snaps from his sister’s wedding, which took place in Montreal, Quebec. In those pictures, he was accompanied by his father, mother, and sister.

Ryan George alongside his sister and parents in his sister's wedding

Ryan George alongside his sister and parents in his sister’s wedding (Source: Ryan’s Instagram)

All of them looked happy as they shared quite a laugh, as seen in those pictures. The comedian added a finishing touch of humor as he captioned the pictures writing, “Had the massive honour of officiating my sister’s wedding and essentially becoming the new pope.”

Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

The ‘Pitch Meetings’ guy is quite known on social media and is currently available on three social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He goes by the username @theryangeorge on Instagram and Twitter. His official Facebook page name is Ryan George.

George has garnered a healthy fan following on social media, with 51.6 thousand followers on Instagram and 54.4 thousand followers on Twitter. But, his Facebook fan following is relatively low compared to his Instagram and Twitter following, with just 8.4 thousand followers as of this writing.

Ryan George is married to his longtime girlfriend Melissa Parapluie

The comic YouTuber is currently in a marital relationship with his longtime girlfriend-turned-fiance Melissa Parapluie. His now-wife is a Barcelona native who is currently residing in Montréal.

George and Parapluie shared the wedding vows on May 13, 2023, as per their wedding registry on Zola. The registry also revealed the special occasion took place at Entrepôts Dominion, Montreal, where the dress code was semi-formal festive.

Ryan George alongside his girlfriend Melissa Parapluie

Ryan George alongside his girlfriend Melissa Parapluie (Source: Ryan’s Instagram)

Days after their wedding, on Wednesday, May 17, 2023, Parapluie took to her Instagram handle to share a picture from the wedding day where she was seen dancing with George, with the guests glancing at the newlywed couple.

In the caption, she wrote, “We’re slowly coming down from our cloud of the most beautiful day of our lives while waiting for the official photos, a sneak peek of our first dance as husband and wife #welehele.”

Their marriage comes months after they got engaged on October 8, 2022. Both George and Parapluie announced their engagement on Instagram, with George writing, “When you get engaged, you unlock the ability to do one of those fun engagement photoshoots!”

As for the couple’s relationship, the now-married couple officially began dating each other on July 1, 2013. Since then, they have always been together, supporting each other in every circumstance.

Ryan George and his wife, Melissa Parapluie, dancing at their wedding

Ryan George and his wife, Melissa Parapluie, dancing at their wedding (Photo: Instagram)

The two love to travel around, which is evident from the pictures George and his then-girlfriend have shared through their respective Instagram handles. For instance, on October 9, 2017, he posted a selfie alongside his beau, captured in front of a lake.

As time flew by, the boyfriend-girlfriend duo’s bond became stronger. On July 1, 2019, they celebrated their 6th dating anniversary. On that special day, George shared a cute selfie captured during the initial days of their relationship.

“Look how young we were! Happy anniversary bee love…you the best #welehele,” he wrote in the caption. Likewise, on this year’s Valentine’s Day, he shared a few snaps and captioned it writing, “Whoa it’s our 7th Valentine’s Day together holy moly geez.”

George’s most recent picture of his partner was on March 11, 2021, when he posted a series of pictures on the occasion of Parapluie’s birthday. His caption on that post read, “Happy birthday to my most favoritest person in the world. We gonna go on so many more adventures together oh man it’s gonna be crazy.”

As for Parapluie’s most recent Instagram post with her now-husband, it’s their wedding picture. Besides that, she featured her then-boyfriend on January 1, 2023, in a series of Instagram posts where she recapped her best moments in 2022.

‘Pitch Meetings’ provided Ryan George the breakthrough

George started his career in April 2005 as an Operations Supervisor for Cineplex Entertainment. While working there, he co-founded Moving Mind Studio, a sketch comedy group, alongside his two friends in April 2010.

In September 2010, he also began working as a Teaching Assistant: Intermediate Film Production at Concordia University and left in April 2011. Two months later, he left his position at Cineplex Entertainment.

Around the same time, he joined Launi Media as an editor and worked for a year. After that, he joined a couple of companies, including NVI (June 2012 – June 2013), Co’Narra (June 2013 – December 2013), and Freelance Creative Work (January 2014 – January 2016).

In February 2016, he finally joined Screen Rant as a video producer. In November 2017, George launched the series ‘Pitch Meetings’ on the Screen Rant YouTube channel, which consists of him playing both a screenwriter and a movie producer.

In those comedy skits, he summarizes movies and TV shows plots by “pitching” ideas to a studio executive while pointing out problematic parts and plot holes. The series was successful, and Ryan got his breakthrough.

While the skits were becoming popular, George’s catchphrases were also loved by the viewers. Some of the catchphrases include “Super easy, barely an inconvenience,” “(blank) is tight,” “I don’t know,” and “whoops, whoopsie.”

His talent was later discovered by actor-comedian Kevin Hart, which led to the creation of the Campus Law series. The series was made with the help of his sketch comedy group ‘Moving Mind Studio’ and was streamed on Kevin Hart’s streaming service Laugh Out Loud.

While doing all of that, George was also gaining a great feat through his self-titled YouTube channel, where he makes short skits. Some of the popular skits series on his channel are ‘The First Guy,’ ‘Explaining to an Alien,’ ‘The Future is Dumb,’ and other random comedy skits.

George’s popularity is rising as we speak, and he is using the platform to entertain the audience. With such a flourishing career, he must have accumulated a healthy sum and amassed a good net worth.

Well, Ryan George currently boasts a net worth of around $500 thousand – $1 million.

Dipesh is an experienced writer who has been covering entertainment news and stories for more than two years. Presently, he writes stories for Glamour Buff and GB Issue.


Siow Wei’s Biography — Age, Family, Partner, Net Worth, and More

All about Siow Wei!




Siow Wei’s Biography — Age, Family, Partner, Net Worth, and More

Siow Wei is a famous social media influencer who has taken over the internet.

She often posts funny skits in collaboration with her family and partner, which gain millions of views and likes on Instagram and TikTok. So, for quite some time, netizens have been curious about Wei and her biography.

They often ask questions about her job, age, parents, family, married life with husband, and her net worth.

Here is all we know about it.

Siow Wei’s biography

Wei was born on November 26, 1994, making her age 29, as of 2023. She is a Sagittarius who was born in Malaysia. 

Despite being born in Malaysia, it looks like her ethnicity is Chinese. Her height is reported to be 5 ft 2 in or 157.5 cm, while her weight is reported to be 51 kg or 112.5 lbs.

Not much is known about her parents and family. She sometimes features her siblings and mother on her skits. 

However, there is not much information about them online. Going through her old Instagram posts, she has uploaded a few pictures with her family. 

For instance, she celebrated Father’s Day 2018 with her parents and siblings. Similarly, they had dinner plans on Christmas Eve 2017, were her parents also celebrated their 29th anniversary.

That being said, she has kept the identity and details of her parents and siblings well hidden from the internet.

Siow Wei’s partner

Wei has been dating her partner, Lim Zheng Yi, for over five years. The social media influencer often posts pictures and skits with her partner.

It is unknown what Yi does for a living. However, he has his own social media accounts where he posts skits like Wei.

Similarly, he is Wei’s business partner and support system as well. 

Wei often admires him and the support she has had throughout the years. For instance, in November 2021, she won Malaysia’s Top 50 CEOs of 2020 and 2021. 

She posted pictures of the event and wrote how 2021 was a different year that was filled with ups, downs, and breakthroughs.

She then thanked Yi, for supporting and encouraging her. She wrote, “Thank you to my love and my business partner @limzhengyi for constantly encouraging me to take up new challenges and literally step out of my comfort zone.”

Siow Wei and her partner, Lim Zheng Yi.

Siow Wei and her partner, Lim Zheng Yi. (Source: Instagram)

On February 14, 2022, Yi took to Instagram to gush about his girlfriend. He thanked Wei for being his Valentine and wrote, “It’s our 4th year together but still learning how to be a better and more caring partner.”

The duo have traveled across the world together and have met each other’s parents. By the looks of it, they live together since Wei often posts IG stories of the duo working out together.

Despite being together for five years, it seems like the pair are not married. Wei has not referred to Yi as her husband, and they have not revealed anything about getting engaged or marriage.

As a result, it looks like the duo are simply in a relationship and have not tied the knot to date.

Siow Wei’s job and net worth 

As said before, Wei’s job is to be a social media influencer. She has a massive following on various platforms.

For instance, her YouTube channel has over 5 million subscribers and TikTok has 3.3 million followers. She has 380k followers on DouYin and 190k on XiaoHongShu.

She also has her own apparel company called Yaey, which sells hoodies and bags. Moreover, she is also an animator and has a page called siowei_animation on Instagram.

She has over 16.7K followers on the page where she posts skits but in animation style. Wei has dipped her toes in various projects and she has collaborated with many brands as well.

As a result, her net worth is significantly high. She has never talked or revealed her net worth. However, it is speculated to be somewhere around $2 million to $5 million.

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Dani Dyer Has a Strong Bond with Her Parents, Joanne Mas and Danny Dyer

Dani Dyer maintains a strong and close-knit relationship with her family.



Dani Dyer Has a Strong Bond with Her Parents, Joanne Mas and Danny Dyer

English television personality Dani Dyer shares an exceptionally warm and harmonious relationship with her parents, Joanne Mas and Danny Dyer.

Dani was born on August 8, 1996, in the London Borough of Newham. From the very beginning of her life’s journey, she was blessed with the most supportive parents who stood beside her through every step of her growth.

The television personality has been remarkably candid about her parents online. During an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, she shared a fascinating story about her name, disclosing that her mother named her after her dad.

Explaining the story behind her name, she shared, “Basically, my dad was a bit of a playboy when he was younger. So, my mum had this clever idea and named me Dani, thinking that if another woman comes along, she knows how women think.”

Dani has also been actively sharing more pictures of her parents on her Instagram. For instance, on March 22, 2020, she posted a series of pictures featuring her and her mother, even including a throwback picture.

In the caption, she expressed her wishes for a happy Mother’s Day, acknowledging the unusual circumstances by adding, “Hope you have a special day (even though we are stuck indoors). We will celebrate it properly when this is all over.”

Dani then expressed her gratitude, saying, “Thank you for always making me laugh and supporting and believing in me. Love you lots.”

Following the post, one follower commented, “Your mama looks like your sister!” while another person remarked, “You look so alike,” highlighting the striking resemblance between the singer and her mother.

Similarly, on July 24, 2020, Dani celebrated her father’s birthday by sharing a series of pictures featuring them together. In her heartfelt birthday wish, she expressed gratitude, thanking her father for everything he has ever done for her.

The singer then highlighted the enduring presence of her father, stating that he has been with her since the day she was born up until the present.

She concluded the post with a touching sentiment, saying, “You truly are one in a million and one of the most important people in my life. Love you forever.”

Moreover, Dani not only reveals the loving aspects of her family but also shares moments of disagreement. In a candid chat with EastEnders, she disclosed that her dad was initially furious upon learning she had signed up for Love Island, leading to a week of silence between them.

However, as Danny witnessed his daughter performing exceptionally well on the reality show, his anger transformed into pride.

Dani Dyer’s father Danny Dyer is a well-known actor

Dani drew significant inspiration from her father, Danny, who boasts an impressive career spanning over three decades in the entertainment industry.

He initiated his journey at the age of 16 when an agent discovered him at a local school and auditioned him for the role of Martin Fletcher in the Granada Television series Prime Suspect 3.

His career continued to flourish with appearances on various television shows, including Cadfael, A Touch of Frost, Loved Up, Thief Takers, Highlander, and Soldier Soldier.

Later on, Danny achieved a breakthrough with his role as Moff in Human Traffic. His success in this film paved the way for subsequent movie roles, including notable appearances in Mel Smith’s High Heels and Low Lifes, Borstal Boy, Mean Machine, and many more.

Beyond his acting career, Dani’s father showcased his versatility by lending his voice to the character Kent Paul in the popular video games ‘Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.’

Adding another dimension to his creative pursuits, he appeared in the music video for Lucy Rose’s “Nebraska. Additionally, he co-hosted the Sorted podcast alongside his daughter Dani.

Moreover, Danny expanded his literary endeavors by releasing two autobiographies, ‘Straight Up’ and ‘The World According to Danny Dyer: Life Lessons from the East End.’

Dani Dyer grew up with two siblings

Dani not only has a strong connection with her younger sister, Sunnie, and brother, Artie, but she’s also worried about Sunnie’s experience with social media.

In an interview with the Daily Star, the television personality shared that Sunnie, who’s only 15, already feels insecure about her looks because of negative comments on her Instagram.

She further opened up about her sister editing or scratching out her face in pictures if she’s not happy with how she looks. This concern comes from Dani’s own experience dealing with mean people online.

Dani explained, “With social media, it’s all so much worse for people.” She also shared that she constantly keeps an eye on her sister, making sure Sunnie takes care of herself and guiding her through social media with a positive mindset.

Dani Dyer and her younger sister Sunnie share a very close bond.

Dani Dyer and her younger sister Sunnie share a very close bond. (Source: TheSun)

Despite being a reality star, Dani rarely shares pictures of her siblings on her social media. However, she made a heartfelt exception to wish her rarely-seen, lookalike younger sister, Sunnie, and wished her happy birthday as she turned 15.

The snapshot captured a heartwarming scene of the sisters enjoying a sunny Spanish holiday, radiating warmth and closeness as they cuddled up on their way to lunch.

Alongside the post, Dani penned a heartfelt caption, expressing, “Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister. Hope you have the most special day; can’t believe you are 15. My mini-me – so glad I could have a sister like you.”

Moreover, most recently, the television personality shared a delightful snapshot featuring her and her sister, and captioned, “Love you @sunniedyer.”

In the picture, Dani looked effortlessly glam, donning a stylish black and white stripey jumper dress that showcased her growing bump. On the other hand, Sunnie exuded sophistication in a black top paired with a matching black blazer.

Likewise, in June 2021, the reality star shared a rare and heartwarming photo on her Instagram story, capturing a special moment after a day out with her dad and her younger brother, Arty, who is still in his tender school years.

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Jay-Z Wants Times Square Casino, Better New York



Jay-Z Wants Times Square Casino, Better New York

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s purchase of Welsh soccer team Wrexham AFC came out of the left field (at least, if you had no idea that Reynolds is a prolific investor, it did), but it’s hardly the weirdest thing a celebrity has thrown money at.

Justin Timberlake still has a hand in Myspace, for instance, while former basketball player Shaq has a portfolio that includes Krispy Kreme, Papa John, and Five Guys franchises.

Whether it’s all for the love of the game (or pizza) is up for debate, but there’s no denying the fact that celebrities like to buy their way into the world of boardrooms and high-rise offices.

Jay-Z: The American Entrepreneur

Rapper Jay-Z, who is currently worth around $2.5bn, is cut from the same sheet of cloth as Shaq and co. The 140m-selling artist has a huge stake in taxi firm Uber (reportedly around $70m), in addition to a $50 real-estate portfolio with his wife Beyonce.

However, Jay-Z seems to be trying to up the ante in the most literal way possible, by opening a casino in New York – more specifically, in the heart of American capitalism known as Times Square.

It’s not quite as difficult to justify Jay-Z’s interest in a casino as it is Reynolds and McElhenney’s passion for a small-time soccer club. After all, the casino industry has shown unprecedented growth around the globe, according to statistics.

Rapid Growth in the Casino Industry

Until recently, online gambling has been concentrated in and around Europe and Asia. In the UK, for instance, the casino and betting market was valued at £15.3bn in 2022, inclusive of online and offline wagering.

The market in this one region is saturated with countless casino brands because NZ casinos have an advantage over European operators: they can be licensed anywhere in the world, rather than just on Kiwi soil. In addition, the demand is so high.

Players are attracted to the convenience and innovation of games offered by providers that are safe and regulated. But how do they know a site is in fact trustworthy when the market is flooded with millions of options?

This is where online directories, forums, and review sites like CasinoBee come in. CasinoBee offers insights on a wide selection of 60+ secure and licensed NZ casinos, highlighting important considerations such as average customer reviews, promotions, offers, and comparison banners. In contrast, the United States and, in particular, New York, has been slow to come around to the idea of gambling of any description.

While the rest of the world has been steadily going from strength to strength with its online casino offerings, the USA has been playing ‘catch up’. To put it into context, the Big Apple recently became the 18th state to legalize sports betting, but online casino gambling is still unavailable.

Roc Nation’s Business Ventures

New York began accepting applications for three new brick-and-mortar casinos at the beginning of 2023. This is where Jay-Z comes in. The rapper, whose real name is Shawn Carter, has begged New York to accept his proposal for a Times Square Casino.

Oddly enough, Jay-Z’s casino won’t bear the name of his entertainment company Roc Nation. It’ll go by the moniker Caesars Palace Times Square after existing casino brand Caesars Entertainment. SL Green Realty Corp is on the bid too. Combined, the group is called the Coalition for a Better Times Square

Jay-Z’s consortium has promised an array of benefits for the local area, including daycare for theatre workers, investments in sanitation and security, and a general boost for the lives of New Yorkers. The official Coalition for a Better Times Square website lists additional benefits of 7m more tourist visits, a 50% reduction in traffic congestion, and an extra 8,900 jobs in the area. 

Whether it’ll all come to pass is still unknown – we’re almost a year on from New York’s approval of three new casino properties and little else has been revealed, so far.

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