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Rachel Ballinger Came Out as Gay Post Split with Boyfriend Matt — Is She Dating?

“We broke up because the relationship was just dunzo,” Rachel Ballinger on her relationship with Matt.



Rachel Ballinger Came Out as Gay Post Split with Boyfriend Matt — Is She Dating?
Rachel Ballinger Came Out as Gay Post Split with Boyfriend Matt — Is She Dating?

It has been over a year since Rachel Ballinger came out as gay.

In mid-February 2021, the YouTube personality first revealed she was gay. Then, on March 26, 2021, she uploaded a video titled ‘My Coming Out Story’ where she talked about how she realized she was gay and other things like her relationship with her former boyfriend, Matt.

The video started with her saying, “I always said I would never do a coming out video but this is not a coming out video. This is me explaining how I realized I was in fact gay and how it was with my family and my friends after I realized it.”

After that, Ballinger explained that she was in an eight-year relationship with a man, He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named [Matt]. “When I am in a relationship, I’m a very monogamous person. I don’t look, definitely don’t touch.”

“Therefore, I did not explore my feelings, or my thoughts, elsewhere,” she added. Additionally, she cleared that she and her ex-boyfriend Matt didn’t break up because she was gay. 

She realized she was gay once she got emotionally detached. It happened while she was lying on her bed and scrolling through TikTok. “That’s right, ladies and gentlemen; TikTok is the reason I realized I am gay.”

“I went on a TikTok deep-dive, basically, and went, ‘Huh, I think I’m gay.'” A couple of days later, she opened up about her sexuality to her best friend, Kelly, and her family, who were supportive. And everything went on just fine.

Since she came out as gay, her fans have also been supportive. But, they also want to know if the YouTube star is dating someone. So;

Who is Rachel Ballinger dating?

Although Ballinger has been open about her sexuality and day-to-day life, she prefers some privacy when it comes to her love life.

Nonetheless, while maintaining privacy, she has revealed several details about her dating life since she came out as gay/lesbian. One of the details is that she is currently in a blissful relationship with her girlfriend.

The name of Ballinger’s girlfriend has been kept hidden from everyone, but reports say it might be Joy. On a YouTube video of June 23, 2021, Ballinger revealed her girlfriend for the first time. Before that, she made videos and shared pictures with her but always blurred out her beau’s face.

In the video, she and her partner talked about how they met each other. Ballinger mentioned that they met via a dating app called Hinge.

The YouTuber then said she had sworn to never go on a dating app, but her therapist, Kelly Sixx, and her older sister, Colleen Ballinger, urged her. So, on December 19, 2020, she finally downloaded Hinge after being alone, bored, and lonely.

Rachel Ballinger with her girlfriend in New Orleans

Rachel Ballinger with her girlfriend in New Orleans (Photo: Instagram)

Within three days, on December 22, Ballinger’s now-girlfriend messaged her. She said, “A few people messaged me, and I didn’t care about anyone, and you were the only person that I freaked out about.”

“Then we started talking, and we talked all through Christmas, and on Christmas night, we facetimed for the first time. You [her girlfriend] were back home with your parents, I was home, and then you came home, and I was like you just were on a plane….”

“…and doing things I’m not gonna see you for two weeks. So, I made you talk to me on facetime. We facetime like every night and fell asleep with each other on facetime for like two weeks straight and then we finally met up and then didn’t separate since.”

As Ballinger said, the couple has been inseparable since they started dating, which can clearly be witnessed through Ballinger’s Instagram handle. It seems she and her girlfriend are clearly in love.

They are yet to get married, and the wedding plans might be far away as of now. Furthermore, Ballinger has never been married to a husband in the past.

Rachel Ballinger’s relationship with ex-boyfriend Matt

Ballinger and her now-former boyfriend Matthew, aka Matt, first met each other through a mutual friend. They officially started dating in 2013 but parted ways for a while before getting back together in 2014.

Since then, the two were always together. The YouTuber used to feature her partner occasionally on her YouTube videos, and Instagram handles but kept most of the details upto herself only.

In December 2020, rumors about Ballinger’s split with Matt started after the YouTuber’s older sister, Colleen, shared a TikTok video. The video said, “put a finger down if you broke up with someone this year.”


maybe we shouldn’t have blind reacted to this one… lol @missrballer1

♬ 2020 challenge シ – c

Some eagle-eyed fans immediately noticed that Rachel was starting to move her finger down before laughing and exiting out of the frame. And it led people to assume that the longtime couple is no longer together.

Fans started to ask the YouTuber whether the talks were true or not. Finally, Ballinger decided to address it and confirmed that she was no longer together with Matt. Later, on a TikTok video of January 23, 2021, Ballinger expressed her frustration.

She said, “I have not talked to my ex in over a month. We broke up in September [2020] and I have not talked to this man in over a month. I have tried because we were intertwined for eight years.”

Rachel Ballinger with her former boyfriend Matt

Rachel Ballinger with her former boyfriend Matt (Photo: Pinterest)

Ballinger then started to yell and stated that her ex-boyfriend, Matt, hadn’t responded to her questions. Additionally, she said that her former boyfriend was still using her credit card for personal use, and she was unable to cancel the subscriptions as she couldn’t log in.

“I haven’t talked to him in over a month. I checked my credit card statement today. He is using my credit card to buy groceries and gas. The audacity!” she added while yelling out loud.

Later, in her coming out video, she mentioned that she tried to end her relationship with Matt in November 2019 – before realizing she was gay – but Matt didn’t allow it to happen. “I actually tried to end that relationship for a million reasons….”

“…before I even explored my sexuality and then all of 2020. This was the year of Covid, stuck in the house, the relationship was over. We didn’t speak, I emotionally detached, and then I finally ended it,” Ballinger added.

“People think like maybe we broke up because I realized I was gay. No, we broke up because the relationship was just dunzo. And then, once I emotionally detached is when I realized I was gay. So, that relationship has literally nothing to do with my coming out story.”

Furthermore, she said that she never fully realized her sexuality as she was in a relationship with a man, and exploring that option [her sexuality] never came across her mind.

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Is Sean Combs Gay? Exploring the Rapper’s Sexuality

Sean Combs’ rap indicates that he is unsure of his sexuality.



Is Sean Combs Gay? Exploring The Rapper’s Sexuality

Sean Combs, also known by his stage names Puff Daddy and P. Diddy, faced speculation about his sexuality for an extended period of time.

People began to speculate about Combs’ sexuality after his verse in a song by independent rapper Blood Orange. In the music video, two men were seen kissing and hugging while Combs rapped the lyrics, “What will it take for me to stop being fearful and to be loved the way I want to be loved?”

He added, “I find myself wondering this at times. But I know how I want to be loved, and I’m terrified of experiencing it. It’s as though you desire something, but are unsure about whether or not you’re capable of dealing with it.”

Although the rapper did not explicitly come out as gay, his lyrics hinted at proximity to doing so. Additionally, during an appearance on The Breakfast Club in 2018, Fif persistently referred to Combs as “gay.”

Sean Combs' fans urged him to come out of the closet.

Sean Combs’ fans urged him to come out of the closet. (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, in 2019, the rapper posted a video expressing, “The year 2019 was a wild one. Some of us had a fantastic year, but for others, that (explicit) was, really, really tough. 2017 was a challenging year.”

Following the video, numerous followers inundated the comments section, urging him to “come out of the closet” and encouraging him to embrace his authentic self. A comment read, “It’s fine if you’re a gay man, Diddy. If you truly loved yourself, you would do what you state in the video.” Another commenter wrote, “Bruh, just come out; it’s ok; we are still going to listen to your music.”

Despite numerous speculations surrounding his sexuality, Combs has never directly addressed them. However, given the fact that he has been married twice and has six children, it is reasonable to assume that his sexual orientation is heterosexual.

Who is Sean Combs dating now?

Combs and Yung Miami became the subject of dating rumors in the summer of 2021. While both of them initially avoided addressing their relationship, the year 2022 brought forth a newfound clarity.

In June 2022, the rapper appeared on Miami’s podcast, Caresha Please. During the episode, when Miami asked him, “So what are we?” Combs responded by saying, “We’re dating. We do have dates. We’re friends. We go to exotic locations. We have great times.”

Likewise, during the 2022 BET Awards, one of the standout moments was Miami’s remarkable public display of support for the rapper. As Combs received the BET Lifetime Achievement Award, Miami held up a vibrant red sign with “Go Papi” written on it.

Later, in an interview with XXL Mag, Miami made another attempt to clarify their relationship. She stated, “We are dating. We are single, but we’re dating. People don’t understand what dating means. He’s single, I’m single, but we’re dating.”

She continued, “He sees other people outside of me, and I see people outside of him. I’m young. I’m dating. I’m, you know, having fun. I’m doing me. He’s doing the same thing. I can’t speak for exactly what he doing or who he seeing, but we are single and we dating.”

Despite the drama, the duo spent New Year’s weekend together in St. Barts, enjoying a yacht getaway. On January 1, 2023, Miami also shared adorable photos of their holiday break, expressing happiness with the caption, “Another 365 days around the world with you. Happy New Year!”

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Matt Rife Was Raised by His Mom and Late Grandfather

Steven Rife was more than a grandfather to Matt Rife.




Matt Rife Was Raised By His Mom And Late Grandfather

Matt Rife is making people laugh here and there with his comedic sketches.

He has gone viral several times on various platforms like TikTok and YouTube. As a result, he has gained a massive fanbase, who are curious about his life.

Especially after Matt released his standup special, Matthew Steven Rife, people wanted to know about his family life. This is because he talks about his family, mom, and grandfather in the special.

So naturally, people wanted to know more about his parents, especially the details about his mom and dad. 

Matt Rife was raised by his mom and grandfather

Matt was born on September 10, 1995, to his mom April Rife and a father, in North Lewisburg, Ohio. However, there is no information about his dad.

This is because Matt’s dad died when he was about one and a half years old. As a result, he did not get to grow up with his biological father.

In an interview with Numero, he revealed that his mother remarried, and he had a stepdad, Jason Sievers. He said, “My dad passed away when I was about one and a half and I ended up getting a stepdad later on, but he and I never really had a connection.”

Regardless, Matt has complimented Jason numerous times during his standup routine. Despite not being his biological dad, he was there for Matt during his teenage years.

In various interviews, Matt has described Jason as a solid and helpful figure, particularly throughout his adolescence. He has stated that his stepdad was always prepared to listen and give advice to him through difficult times.

Matt’s grandfather, Steve Rife, raised him alongside his mom. For the comedian, his parents were his mom and grandfather.

He said, “So my grandpa really was my father figure.”

Even though his biological dad died, Matt and April lived with Steve for the first five years after Matt was born. Even after he moved out, Matt spent “every single weekend” with Steve.

Matt could not go out or hang out with his friends, even during his teenage years. So, he would go to his granddad’s house and watch movies.

He said, “Our big thing was watching movies together every weekend. He would have five or six new DVDs that he went to the store and picked out.”

They mostly watched comedy movies with actors like Jim Carrey, David Spade, Rob Schneider, and Adam Sandler. “That was who I grew up on, that’s what he was a fan of and that was kind of our connection,” Matt added.

Watching comedy movies with his grandfather helped Rife grow the sense of humor that he has now. 

Matt Rife paid tribute to his late grandfather

Steve died on November 29, 2022, and needless to say, Matt was heartbroken. He took to Instagram to mourn his grandfather.

He posted a lot of photos and videos with Steve and wrote a heartfelt caption starting with, “This morning I lost my best friend in the entire world. My grandpa Steve.”

Matt called Steve the greatest man he had ever known and how he had never loved someone so much. He credited his entire career to Steve and said, “If I’ve ever made you laugh- it’s because of him.”

Matt Rife was raised by his grandfather, Steve Rife.

Matt Rife was raised by his grandfather, Steve Rife. (Source: Instagram)

He called Steve his “father figure” and penned, “He taught me every single thing I know and gave his entire life for me. He was at every baseball game, he took me to every comedy show, he made me blueberry waffles every morning, and he’s the first person I’d call whenever anything happened.”

Matt confessed that he was heartbroken to lose the person he considered to be his dad. He thanked Steve for everything he had done to date and wrote, “Thank you so much for being my best friend, my teacher, my father, my grandfather, my inspiration, my soul, my everything.”

Rife’s standup special, Matthew Steven Rife, was also a tribute to his grandfather. Steve encouraged him to do stand-up, and now, Matt is one of the most recognized comedians in the world. 

He told Numero, “So doing this special was then built to have a theme enveloping his and mine relationship, from beginning to finish. And there’s a thank you at the very end of the special that kind of ties it all together.”

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Internet Star Mia Dio Looked Completely Different before Her Plastic Surgery

With no regrets!




Mia Dio's Face Before Surgery Looked Completely Different

Mia Dio is not scared to admit that she got plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery has become taboo in the entertainment industry, with many celebrities and influencers do not like to admit that they have gone under the knife. They also hesitate to talk about their body and face before surgery.

However, Dio is not like that. She does not hesitate to admit that she got plastic surgery and spent a lot of money on various procedures.

Similarly, she has also shown her pictures before surgery and after, i.e., her current face. Dio started getting various procedures at a young age, and to date, she gets different fillers like Botox on her face.

She opened up about it all on a YouTube video titled, ‘I was ugly until I spent over $30,000 on a new face.’

Mia Dio on her plastic surgery

On December 22, 2023, Dio uploaded a YouTube video where she got real with her fans and followers. She admitted that she did not like her face before surgery and fillers.

She found herself ugly from a young age and spent a lot of money to feel pretty. She started the video by addressing the haters and judgments she would get from her video.

She said, “Before you judge me, I don’t really care. Because based off of this video, I am obviously my worst judge. You cannot out-judge me more than I have judged myself in this life.”

Dio got her first beauty enhancement — a lip filler — when she was 16. Since she was not of age to get such enhancements, she had to get a fake ID to do so.

She loved the procedure so much that she got addicted to it. As a result, she kept on getting lip fillers since she wanted to “look like a Bratz doll.”

But during that time, she did not have a lot of money. So, she got the cheapest options available, which were not healthy for her lips.

Mia Dio when she was of age 14, before surgery.

Mia Dio when she was of age 14, before surgery. (Source: YouTube)

They got lumpy, did not move properly, and were too big for her face. At this point, people were worried about her. 

Dio claimed that she had “lip-filler dysmorphia” where her pout was never big enough for her. However, when she was 19, she got some fillers dissolved and evened out her lips.

After lip fillers, the influencer started getting plastic surgery. After graduating high school, she got a nose job for $5,000.

“The result looks so much like my natural nose, just a little bit more angular, which basically just snatched my face up,” Dio noted.

Dio did not go under the knife for quite some time after her nose job. However, soon, she discovered Botox and started getting injected.

She noticed that she had marks on her forehead while making faces for videos. So, she got Botox to make her forehead smooth, which lifted her eyebrows up side by side.

Currently, she gets “baby Botox” on her forehead regularly. Moreover, Dio also experiments with “fox eyelift,” where she puts threads under her skin to pull her skin up to give her a tight facelift.

She noted how they did not last for a long time but did not give up on them. She said, “Apparently if you keep on doing it, the skin underneath your skin scars enough that maybe it’ll just stay like that.”

Dio has also gotten her teeth done —  20 porcelain veneers, no crowns, with no sharpened teeth. She got them at a dental clinic in Bodrum, Turkey. 

After getting all these, the influencer thought of stopping these procedures for a while. However, it did not last for a long time since she met “Dr. Ron,” a celebrity injector in Miami, Florida.

She did all the plastic surgery and procedures Dr. Ron suggested. Retouching Botox, filler in her cheekbones, under-eye filer, and facelifts are some procedures Dio gets every ten months.

Her most recent plastic surgery, according to her video, was a boob job where she went from an A-cup to double D’s.

Mia Dio said “Social media is fake”

Dio has a massive fanbase, and a lot of people constantly compliment her. She responded to one such compliment that said, “I wish I were you so much. Outrageously beautiful.”

She admitted that she got “a little sad,” when she received compliments like that. It was because Dio did a lot of plastic surgery and fillers to feel pretty about herself.

Dio told her fanbase how social media was fake and not to compare themselves to her. She explained that she had done a lot of plastic surgery, and hence, she did not look like herself.

Moreover, Dio pointed out that she wears a lot of makeup for her videos. She added how her eyebrows did not look like in the video because she wears eyebrow gels.

Similarly, she wears false lashes, making her eyes look bright and big. She said, “Don’t wish you were me, I am not even me.”

That being said, Dio is comfortable with everything she has done to date. She claims it’s money well spent and does not regret anything.

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