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Rachel Ballinger Came Out as Gay Post Split with Boyfriend Matt — Is She Dating?

“We broke up because the relationship was just dunzo,” Rachel Ballinger on her relationship with Matt.



Rachel Ballinger Came Out as Gay Post Split with Boyfriend Matt — Is She Dating?
Rachel Ballinger Came Out as Gay Post Split with Boyfriend Matt — Is She Dating?

It has been over a year since Rachel Ballinger came out as gay.

In mid-February 2021, the YouTube personality first revealed she was gay. Then, on March 26, 2021, she uploaded a video titled ‘My Coming Out Story’ where she talked about how she realized she was gay and other things like her relationship with her former boyfriend, Matt.

The video started with her saying, “I always said I would never do a coming out video but this is not a coming out video. This is me explaining how I realized I was in fact gay and how it was with my family and my friends after I realized it.”

After that, Ballinger explained that she was in an eight-year relationship with a man, He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named [Matt]. “When I am in a relationship, I’m a very monogamous person. I don’t look, definitely don’t touch.”


“Therefore, I did not explore my feelings, or my thoughts, elsewhere,” she added. Additionally, she cleared that she and her ex-boyfriend Matt didn’t break up because she was gay. 

She realized she was gay once she got emotionally detached. It happened while she was lying on her bed and scrolling through TikTok. “That’s right, ladies and gentlemen; TikTok is the reason I realized I am gay.”

“I went on a TikTok deep-dive, basically, and went, ‘Huh, I think I’m gay.’” A couple of days later, she opened up about her sexuality to her best friend, Kelly, and her family, who were supportive. And everything went on just fine.


Since she came out as gay, her fans have also been supportive. But, they also want to know if the YouTube star is dating someone. So;

Who is Rachel Ballinger dating?

Although Ballinger has been open about her sexuality and day-to-day life, she prefers some privacy when it comes to her love life.

Nonetheless, while maintaining privacy, she has revealed several details about her dating life since she came out as gay/lesbian. One of the details is that she is currently in a blissful relationship with her girlfriend.


The name of Ballinger’s girlfriend has been kept hidden from everyone, but reports say it might be Joy. On a YouTube video of June 23, 2021, Ballinger revealed her girlfriend for the first time. Before that, she made videos and shared pictures with her but always blurred out her beau’s face.

In the video, she and her partner talked about how they met each other. Ballinger mentioned that they met via a dating app called Hinge.

The YouTuber then said she had sworn to never go on a dating app, but her therapist, Kelly Sixx, and her older sister, Colleen Ballinger, urged her. So, on December 19, 2020, she finally downloaded Hinge after being alone, bored, and lonely.

Rachel Ballinger with her girlfriend in New Orleans

Rachel Ballinger with her girlfriend in New Orleans (Photo: Instagram)

Within three days, on December 22, Ballinger’s now-girlfriend messaged her. She said, “A few people messaged me, and I didn’t care about anyone, and you were the only person that I freaked out about.”

“Then we started talking, and we talked all through Christmas, and on Christmas night, we facetimed for the first time. You [her girlfriend] were back home with your parents, I was home, and then you came home, and I was like you just were on a plane….”

“…and doing things I’m not gonna see you for two weeks. So, I made you talk to me on facetime. We facetime like every night and fell asleep with each other on facetime for like two weeks straight and then we finally met up and then didn’t separate since.”


As Ballinger said, the couple has been inseparable since they started dating, which can clearly be witnessed through Ballinger’s Instagram handle. It seems she and her girlfriend are clearly in love.

They are yet to get married, and the wedding plans might be far away as of now. Furthermore, Ballinger has never been married to a husband in the past.

Rachel Ballinger’s relationship with ex-boyfriend Matt

Ballinger and her now-former boyfriend Matthew, aka Matt, first met each other through a mutual friend. They officially started dating in 2013 but parted ways for a while before getting back together in 2014.


Since then, the two were always together. The YouTuber used to feature her partner occasionally on her YouTube videos, and Instagram handles but kept most of the details upto herself only.

In December 2020, rumors about Ballinger’s split with Matt started after the YouTuber’s older sister, Colleen, shared a TikTok video. The video said, “put a finger down if you broke up with someone this year.”


maybe we shouldn’t have blind reacted to this one… lol @missrballer1 ♬ 2020 challenge シ – c

Some eagle-eyed fans immediately noticed that Rachel was starting to move her finger down before laughing and exiting out of the frame. And it led people to assume that the longtime couple is no longer together.


Fans started to ask the YouTuber whether the talks were true or not. Finally, Ballinger decided to address it and confirmed that she was no longer together with Matt. Later, on a TikTok video of January 23, 2021, Ballinger expressed her frustration.

She said, “I have not talked to my ex in over a month. We broke up in September [2020] and I have not talked to this man in over a month. I have tried because we were intertwined for eight years.”

Rachel Ballinger with her former boyfriend Matt

Rachel Ballinger with her former boyfriend Matt (Photo: Pinterest)

Ballinger then started to yell and stated that her ex-boyfriend, Matt, hadn’t responded to her questions. Additionally, she said that her former boyfriend was still using her credit card for personal use, and she was unable to cancel the subscriptions as she couldn’t log in.


“I haven’t talked to him in over a month. I checked my credit card statement today. He is using my credit card to buy groceries and gas. The audacity!” she added while yelling out loud.

Later, in her coming out video, she mentioned that she tried to end her relationship with Matt in November 2019 – before realizing she was gay – but Matt didn’t allow it to happen. “I actually tried to end that relationship for a million reasons….”

“…before I even explored my sexuality and then all of 2020. This was the year of Covid, stuck in the house, the relationship was over. We didn’t speak, I emotionally detached, and then I finally ended it,” Ballinger added.


“People think like maybe we broke up because I realized I was gay. No, we broke up because the relationship was just dunzo. And then, once I emotionally detached is when I realized I was gay. So, that relationship has literally nothing to do with my coming out story.”

Furthermore, she said that she never fully realized her sexuality as she was in a relationship with a man, and exploring that option [her sexuality] never came across her mind.


Dipesh is an experienced writer who has been covering entertainment news and stories for more than two years. Presently, he writes stories for Glamour Buff and GB Issue.

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Zack Snyder Children: How Many Kids Does ‘Justice League’ Director Have?

Inside the family of Zack Synder.



Zack Snyder Children: How Many Kids Does The Director Have?

Zack Snyder is an American film director, producer, and screenwriter best known for contributing to the extended DC Universe with his comic books and superman films.

Some of his films include Superman, 300, Watchmen, Man of Steel, Batman v/s Superman: Dawn of Justice, Man of Steel, and Justice League.

Snyder is also known for his distinctive visual style, which often incorporates slow-motion and graphic violence. Also, in 2004, he founded the production company The Stone Quarry.


With his remarkable career, he has managed to be an amazing family person and has a lovely relationship with his children. In this piece, let’s learn about them.

An introduction to Zack Snyder’s children

Snyder is a father to eight kids from his three wives, four of whom are his biological, and others are adopted. The loving dad has inked all his eight children’s names on his arm.

The Wonder Women producer has four kids from his first wife, Denise Weber, from whom Autumn and Willow are adopted, and Olivia and Eli are biological.


Snyder Family (Image Source: Distracify)

Now talking about his other children, his son Jett and Ezekiel are from his relationship with Kristen Elin, and both are his biological children. Similarly, from his second and current marriage to Deborah Snyder, he is blessed with two children named Cash and Sage.

Autumn is no longer alive

Snyder lost his daughter, Autumn. The 20-year-old lost her life through suicide. Zack and his first wife, Weber, had adopted the then-one-year-old Autumn from China.

Like her father, Autumns was drawn toward writing. The Sarah Lawrence College student was in the middle of writing a science fiction novel before her death. Also, she was stepping toward Philanthropy with her effort to create a charity called Write-A-Thon To End Homelessness For Mothers and Their Children in 2014


The proud father praised his daughter on Twitter. He wrote, “So proud of my amazing daughter Autumn’s first philanthropic endeavor!”

The loss of one of the family members left the family devastated. The filmmaker even stepped away from the original cut of Justice League after his daughter’s death and decided to be with his family.

“I’ve decided to take a step back from the movie to be with my family, be with my kids, who really need me. They are all having a hard time,” he said, “I’m having a hard time… I want the movie to be amazing, and I’m a fan, but that all pales pretty quickly in comparison.”


Thankfully, he healed himself with his family’s support and returned. He dedicated his cut of Justice League to his late daughter.

Zack Snyder's kids and family

The Snyder family in an event (Image Source: Getty)

The 56-year-old told Vanity Fair, “…but I’m a filmmaker, so you get this giant movie. At the movie’s end, it says, ‘For Autumn.’ Without her, this absolutely would not have happened.”

What about the other members of the family?

Snyder’s oldest biological son, Eli, is also interested in filmmaking. He has been involved in various of his father’s movies, including 300, where he appeared as an eight-year-old Leonidas. He also appeared in Watchmen and Sucker Punch.


About his next son, Jett is quite shy in the spotlight. He was unhappy with the final cut of Justice League, and he had even shown his disappointment regarding Warner Brothers’ interference in the movie.

Snyder’s daughter Willow was also adopted from China. She has appeared in a few public events with her father. She participated in a campaign to raise awareness and funds for suicide prevention in 2017 following her sister’s death.

The information about the other four children is quite not available. Snyder’s other daughter Olivia is from his first wife, Webner, with whom Snyder legally separated. Then he was in a relationship with Elin, and he had another son Ezekiel apart from Jett.


Cash and Sage are adopted children with his current wife, Deborah, whom he married on September 25, 2004.

So in his 50s, Snyder has seven children with three ladies, and he treasures all his children with this fatherly affection.

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Fans Believe Noah Beck Might Release a Song Soon after Being Spotted at a Studio

The TikTok star Noah Beck denies rumors about him making a shift to singing.



Noah Beck Spotted At A Studio, Might Release A Song Soon

The TikTok star Noah Beck, who was recently in the news for his breakup with his former girlfriend, Dixie D’Amelio, is again in the limelight after he was spotted at a studio. 

A picture went viral on social media after a fan posted a photo of Beck in the studio. Fans assume that the new song might be on its way. 

Who is Noah Beck?

Beck is a popular American TikTok star renowned for posting videos with comedy, sports, and lifestyle themes. He has also maintained a well-liked Instagram account with more content focused on fashion, fitness, and lifestyle. 

Noah Beck denies being spotted in a studio following the rumors of him making a shift in singing.

Noah Beck denies being spotted in a studio following the rumors of him making a shift in singing. (Source: Instagram)

Midway through 2020, he joined the well-liked social club Sway House. Beck has also appeared in the six-part AwesomenessTV series Noah Beck Tries Things in 2021.

Early in October 2020, TikTok stars Beck and D’Amelio began dating. In an interview with AwesomenessTV, Noah confirmed the long-speculated news.

However, Beck came on the news after his ex-girlfriend confessed about their break up in one episode of The D’Amelio show in September 2022.


Is Noah Beck releasing a song?

A picture that appeared to show Beck in a studio was posted on Instagram by teatoktalk, with the caption, “Noah Beck has taken his career to the next level and was spotted in the studio possibly cooking up the next best single/album of all time. Are you all here for this?”

Although Beck didn’t admit it, the fan got back to him with proof when he denied it was him. 

“Not everyone needs to be a singer………” one user wrote, while another bashed the star, saying, “a lot of people who are talented wish they could pursue a career in music and then there’s this spoiled tiktoker who wants to take his ‘career’ to the next level.”


On the other hand, some people came out in support of Beck. One fan wrote, “We all know Noah loves music, maybe he needs an outlet. He’s said so many times that music has helped him. Let’s give him a chance, we all know whatever he does he puts his 100% into it.”

Another supporter of Beck said, “He could be doing a voiceover or something for his movie…he’s said a million times that he’s no singer so instead of bashing him for no reason…find out the truth first for once.”

“ Why am I just seeing this wtf this man is friends with so many artists he was just having fun in the studio leave this man alone,” his fan commented.


Since Beck recently revealed he was single, some fans even believed if he was making a song, it was going to be about his ex-girlfriend, D’Amelio. However, nothing has been confirmed yet.

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What Is Stopping KSI from Fighting Tommy Fury?

KSI will watch the fight between Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury.



What Is Stopping KSI From Fighting Tommy Fury?

YouTuber turned boxer KSI is looking forward to fight with British professional boxer Tommy Fury, but only if he defeats Jake Paul in their upcoming fight.

Michael Benson revealed on January 28, 2023, that KSI would fight Fury if he first defeated Paul. He wrote on Twitter, “KSI has stated that he will look to fight Tommy Fury if he beats Jake Paul on February 26.”

Previously on January 24, 2023, KSI also said that he would not fight Paul if he lost to Fury. According to one of the YouTube videos posted by Fightify, KSI vs. Paul may no longer be the ‘money fight’ if he loses to Fury. In the video, KSI mentioned, “I think at that point, I’d probably have to fight Tommy Fury instead of Jake.” 


Later, when one fan asked, “Wouldn’t it make sense for you to beat Jake, then fight Tommy?” KSI answered, “Yeah but I said, I have a goal, I’m taking three fights this year. So that means I’m doing more than I said I was going to do. I’m a busy guy, man. There’s only so much I can do.”

Therefore, KSI need to watch Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury fight in order to decide on his next opponent. Now that the decisive match between Paul and Fury approaches, the influencer boxing world is heating up.

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury fighting in Saudi Arabia 

The long-awaited fight between Paul and Fury has been scheduled for February 26, 2023, in Saudi Arabia on BT Sport Box Office. The fight will be fought at 185 pounds over eight rounds.


Following the fight’s announcement, Paul took to Twitter to write, “Tommy has no excuses now… Baby’s born. Money’s massive. Immigration no issue.” 

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will finally share the boxing ring in February 26, 2023.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will finally share the boxing ring on February 26, 2023. (Source: Instagram)

He continued, “Tyson promises he & Papa will make Tommy retire from boxing & change his last name if he can’t beat the YouTuber. Tomorrow I’m coming to London to look at all 3 Furys in the eye & shake on that promise.” 

Similarly, in the press release, Paul stated that on February 26, he would enter the ring with a real boxer and show the world which Paul, the boxer, truly is.


After hearing the Paul statement, Fury responded saying, “Jake Paul’s boxing career ends on February 26, and I can finally move on with mine. Every time I go out right now, everybody asks me about the Jake Paul fight.”

Furry further stated, “After this fight, everybody will be asking me how it felt to knock Jake Paul out. The world is about to see what happens when a proper boxer faces a YouTuber.” 

KSI reacts to Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury fight 

In an Instagram live stream, KSI confirmed that he would watch the fight between Paul and Furry and revealed his plan based on the outcome.


He said, “Obviously, a lot of people want me to comment on Fury vs. Jake Paul. “I’ll watch it; I’m going to be watching, keeping a close eye, seeing if Jake is improved or seeing what he’s going to do, seeing what he does. I want to see if Jake wins. If Tommy wins, I’m going to be fighting Tommy, simple as that.”

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