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Here Is Why Internet Believes Mr. Sexy Zoom Man Is Matt Kaplan

Who is Mr. Sexy Zoom Man? Find the answer!



Here Is Why Internet Believes Mr. Sexy Zoom Man Is Matt Kaplan
Here Is Why Internet Believes Mr. Sexy Zoom Man Is Matt Kaplan

The name of Mr. Sexy Zoom Man has been one of the most talked things among the fans of Alex Cooper – whose full name is Alexandra Cooper.

The podcast host has previously revealed that she is in a relationship with a man she met during an entirely business-related zoom meeting. And she refers to that man as Mr. Sexy Zoom Man.

To this date, Cooper hasn’t revealed the actual name of her boyfriend among her fans and only shared tidbits of information related to her relationship with him. However, her fans have speculated that Mr. Sexy Zoom Man is none other than Matt Kaplan, aka Matthew Kaplan.

Fans believe Mr. Sexy Zoom Man is Matt Kaplan

As mentioned earlier, Cooper has only shared a little about Mr. Sexy Zoom Man and their togetherness. One of the things she said was that her partner is an actor and a movie producer who previously worked on an NBC show.


When she revealed that one tiny detail about her boyfriend, her curious fans went straight to the internet – like Twitter and Reddit – to find out the true identity of her beau. And it seems they were successful in doing so.

Fans on Reddit and Twitter believe that Mr. Sexy Zoom Man is Matt Kaplan. One key evidence that the fans provided was to point out that Kaplan is a movie producer and the CEO of a top-tier entertainment company named Ace Entertainment.

Similarly, there was a thread about it on Reddit where one user called chickenandwaffles109 pointed out that Mr. Sexy Zoom Man is Matt Kaplan. Additionally, the user revealed Cooper’s other ex-boyfriends.


Cooper has mostly used nicknames or code names to refer to her partner or ex-boyfriends when she doesn’t feel the necessity to reveal their details. Some nicknames she has used over the years are Door #3, Red Sox, and Slim Shady (possibly Noah Syndergaard).

Several other users had agreed to the original creator’s post in the said thread. One user even commented, “YOU SPILLED ALL THE TEA. Just what I needed. If you need me, I’ll be googling these names.”

“This is FBI work… well done,” another user praised the post’s creator for his work.


Speaking of Twitter, on August 31, 2021, one user tweeted, “very niche tweet, but I am constantly wondering what claire holt feels/thinks about Matt Kaplan dating Alex Cooper.” The user mentioned that Kaplan was once married to Australian actress Claire Holt.

Collage pictures of Matt Kaplan with his now-former wife Claire Holt

Collage pictures of Matt Kaplan with his now-former wife Claire Holt (Photo: Twitter)

Some keen fans also noticed that the dog – whose name is Henry – with whom Cooper has been flaunting several pictures over her social media isn’t hers. The dog apparently belongs to Kaplan. Fun fact: Henry has appeared in the film series To All the Boys, which Kaplan produced.

Before flaunting pictures with Henry, she had initially introduced the dog to her followers through her podcast. As for how we know Henry belongs to Kaplan, Ace Entertainment had once posted a picture of Kaplan and Henry via Twitter, mentioning Henry belonged to their CEO, aka Kaplan.


Last but not least, Kaplan’s IMDb profile has been showing/mentioning Cooper as his spouse for a while now.

Considering all of the said things, it is hard not to believe Cooper’s boyfriend, whom she calls Mr. Sexy Zoom Man, is Matt Kaplan. However, as these details are not officially confirmed or denied, nothing can be said with full confidence.

Cooper and Kaplan have been quiet and maintained privacy over their love lives for now.


Alex Cooper’s relationship with Mr. Sexy Zoom Man

Cooper first mentioned having a boyfriend during one of the episodes of her podcast, Call Her Daddy. She also stated that they had been in a relationship since 2020.

A year later, she tweeted the same thing. On February 4, 2021, she wrote, “I HAVE A BOYFRIEND. And to clarify for the world, it’s not clickbait lol. GO LISTEN,” and then added a link for one of the episodes of her podcast.

As mentioned earlier, she didn’t reveal her boyfriend’s exact details but said that she calls him Mr. Sexy Zoom Man, and he works in the entertainment industry.


As she went on, Cooper revealed the story behind the nickname of her mysterious partner, which is they first met during a Zoom call. Time passed, and they bonded well. Later, they met face-to-face in his hometown of Los Angeles, California – where Cooper lives now.

After some face-to-face meets, they became serious about their togetherness. When she revealed those things in her podcast, people started digging and searching for things like “Who is Mr sexy Zoom Man” and “Alex Cooper Mr Sexy Zoom Man.” But they didn’t find answers, except that he might be Kaplan.

Later, in her July 2021 interview with Bustle, Cooper talked more about her relationship with Mr. Sexy Zoom Man. She stated that her beau knows that her life is her material and he respects and supports her and her podcast.

Alex Cooper is quite private about her dating life

Alex Cooper is quite private about her dating life (Photo: Instagram)

One of Cooper’s last words in that interview was that if it were one of her former relationships, she would have said “Bye,” as she puts “content over everything.” She also mentioned that she would talk about her and Mr. Sexy Zoom Man’s sex life but hoped she doesn’t identify him as long as she could.

Adding more, the podcast host said, “I don’t know. It’s interesting, too, because he’s ready for it, and I’m not.”

Besides these, not much information has been revealed about her partner to this date. Cooper has occasionally written Mr. Sexy Zoom Man in the captions of her Instagram posts but is yet to share a picture with him.


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Zack Snyder Talks About His Brother and Relation with Scott Snyder

Zack Snyder is not related to Scott Snyder.



Zack Snyder On His Brother And Relation With Scott Snyder

American film director, producer, and screenwriter Zack Snyder was born on March 1, 1966. Snyder is most recognized for his work on action and science-fiction movies. 

Known for his comic book movies and superhero movies, such as 300 (2007), Watchmen (2009), Man of Steel (2013),  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), and Justice League (2017), Snyder made his feature film debut with the 2004 adaptation of Dawn of the Dead. He and his wife, Deborah Snyder, founded the production business Cruel and Unusual Films together in 2004.

Zack Snyder’s family

Snyder was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, US, to Charles Edward Snyder, an executive recruiter, and Marsha Manley, a painter, and a photography teacher. He also has an older sister named Audrey.

Zack Snyder is not related to Scott Snyder (Source: Jim Smeal/Shutterstock)

Snyder, a loving father, is one of the few Hollywood celebrities with a large family; he has an astounding eight children. Half of his eight children were adopted, and the Snyder family is a prime example of harmonious multiracial family life because several of his children were adopted from China.

Snyder grew up in a loving home and admired his mother, saying, “My mom constantly encouraged me.” He has therefore been prepared for his position as a loving and protective father by his own happy childhood.

After his first marriage, Snyder adopted children Autumn and Willow from China with Denise Weber. During their marriage, Snyder and Weber had two biological children, Olivia and Eli. 

Following the split from Weber, he began dating Kirsten Elin, with whom he had two boys, Ezekiel and Jett. 

Deborah Snyder, with whom he had a second marriage, is the mother of the children, Sage and Cash.


Who is Scott Snyder?

Many comic book fans regard Scott Snyder as a living legend due to his extensive list of popular comic book series. The writer won the Eisner award for his work on American Vampire in 2011.

He has also created several other extremely popular works for DC, including impressive runs on Batman, Justice League, and Swamp Thing, as well as the limited series’ Superman Unchained and Dark Nights: Metal.

(Source: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for IMDb)

Scott Snyder reportedly disclosed to Omelete that he was asked to assist with a comic book adaptation of Snyder’s Justice League to build the impending four-part movie.

Is Scott Snyder related to Zack Snyder?

While many people consider Scott Snyder to be the brother of Zack, the latter revealed that there is no relationship as such with him.


“Note: I am not Zack Snyder. I sometimes pretend to be his dad when people ask if we’re related. But better to direct a film? ‘s elsewhere!” Scott tweeted on April 28, 2014.

While asked if he was related to Scott, Zack replied, “Sadly no, ’cause he’s a genius, but no, we’re not related.’” He also mentioned his brother Sam Snyder who unfortunately passed away when Zack was in his teens. He further added that his brother Sam was a great influence on him.

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Everything about HGTV Star Tarek El Moussa’s Two Children, Taylor and Brayden

Tarek El Moussa had his first child in 2010.



Everything about HGTV Star Tarek El Moussa's Two Children, Taylor and Brayden

Tarek El Moussa is an American television personality and real estate investor best known for flipping houses. He is most known for his co-hosting role on the popular HGTV show Flip or Flop with his ex-wife.

The couple discovered flipping properties as an alternative to selling real estate, which had suffered during the 2008 economic crisis, and has established a successful business and a popular real estate TV show. 

Here are some exciting details on Tarek El Moussa about his present wife, ex-wife, children, and more.


Tarek El Moussa has 2 children with his ex-wife

In May 2009, El Moussa married Christina Hall, his ex-wife, and fellow business partner. The pair met at a real estate agency and went into business together.

Tarek El Moussa with his wife and children. (Source: Instagram)

The real estate investor became a parent for the first time in 2010 when his then-wife, Hall, gave birth to their daughter, Taylor Reese. She is now 12 years old.

Nearly after 5 years, the couple brought their second child, Brayden James, into the world in 2015.


Unfortunately, things didn’t work out between them, so the HGTV co-stars split in 2016 following a divorce in 2018, but El Moussa and Hall have remained dedicated co-parents to their children.

“The kids are the most important thing,” he said to PEOPLE in 2017. “If Mom and Dad can’t get along it affects the kids, so Mom and Dad better get along.”

Despite their divorce, they continued working together on Flip or Flop. “HGTV has offered Christina and my amazing support from the beginning, and we are anxious to get out there and flip many more properties for Flip or Flop,” the realtor told PEOPLE.


Tarek El Moussa is expecting a baby with his wife

In 2019, El Moussa began dating actress and real estate agent Heather Rae Young. They married on October 23, 2021, at the Rosewood Miramar Beach Hotel in Montecito, California.

The couple were trying in vitro fertilization procedures and had even booked a date to transfer an embryo the following autumn when they received a joyful surprise a few weeks ago, Young’s pregnancy.

“It was a huge shock,” Heather mentioned to PEOPLE. “We just weren’t expecting this. We had just gone through IVF. We had embryos on ice. We had a plan. I think when you least expect it and there’s no stress in your life, the world just brought us what was meant to be. I’m so excited that it happened like this.”


Tarek El Moussa was diagnosed with cancer

El Moussa was born in Long Beach, California, on August 21, 1981, to a Lebanese Catholic family. His father’s family had relocated to Egypt, and his mother was a Belgian. He studied at Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton, California, and graduated in 2000.

At 21, he obtained his real estate license in 2002 and began his real estate career professionally. Later, he was diagnosed with cancer in 2013. Nurse Ryan Reade, a Flip or Flop watcher, “noticed that Tarek had a lump on his throat at certain angles, at specific times” and notified producers. Tarek has been cancer-free since 2014.

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Madi Monroe Seemingly Leaks Ex Boyfriend Nick Machat’s Text Messages

Nick Machat is not leaving Madi Monroe alone.




Madi Monroe Seemingly Leaks Ex Boyfriend Nick Machat’s Text Messages

It has been months since Madi Monroe and Nick Machat break up. The two were together for almost a year before the two parted ways.

The break up was ugly since Machat had been cheating on Monroe, and the latter called him out. Initially, Monroe supported Machat and exposed other girls he had been with.

But after Monroe saw the DM and text messages leaks that were done by the girls Machat tried to hook up with, she called it quits. She is in a loving relationship with her current boyfriend, Matthew Rossi.


However, it seems like Machat is still not over Monroe as he constantly sends her DM and text messages. Monroe leaked all of them on TikTok and exposed her former boyfriend.

Madi Monroe leaks Nick Machat’s text messages

On January 13, 2023, Monroe took to TikTok to show the text messages Machat had sent her. She exposed him and revealed that he was still sending her DM after their break up. 

The TikTok was a compilation of photos where the text messages alternated with a picture of Monroe. She wrote, “just keep loving” on her photos as well as the caption of the TikTok.


The first of the leaks showed Machat being fatphobic to Monroe. He asked her if she went shopping in the “xl section of amazon.”

He said her jeans looked like they were meant for a whale and asked her not to wear “fat people clothes.” Monroe told him not to be mean and that his words hurt her.

However, Machat did not care for her sentiments and continued to fat-shame her. In another DM, he slut-shamed her.


Monroe exposed another text message where she confessed how he scared her. She told him she wanted to sleep and was scared of him.

Machat, on the other hand, told her, “don’t do this to me.” In a Snapchat DM, he called her pathetic.

In the last text message, Machat brought up Cooper Noriega and called him a “bum friend.” Monroe told him she never wanted to see her again and asked him to leave.


Machat called it her loss and said she would end up dying like Noriega. Noriega was a friend of Monroe who was found dead in a parking lot in Burbank, California, on June 9, 2022. 

Madi Monroe exposed her former boyfriend, Nich Machat, by leaking his text messages.

Madi Monroe exposed her former boyfriend, Nich Machat, by leaking his text messages. (Source: TikTok)

His cause of death was determined six months later. The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner confirmed that his death was accidental.

It was reported that he died because of the combined effect of fentanyl, lorazepam, alprazolam, also known as Xanax, and clonazepam. 


Netizens took to TikTok and Instagram to call out Machat for his behavior. They called him toxic for not leaving Monroe alone even though she was in a happy relationship. 

At the time of writing, Machat has not responded to his being exposed and leaks. 

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