Did Mikaela Testa Have Plastic Surgery? Before and After Pictures Compared

Did Mikaela Testa Have Plastic Surgery? Before and After Pictures Compared

Mikaela Testa disclosed earlier this year that she had undergone several cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery.

Did Mikaela Testa Have Plastic Surgery? Before and After Pictures Compared

Mikaela Testa is a renowned Australian influencer and social media personality. She is also recognized for posting explicit content on Instagram and TikTok, which has helped her become a well-known online personality.

If her devoted followers dug deep into her Instagram history, they might need help to identify the 22-year-old.

In the now-deleted pictures posted only a few years ago, when she was an emerging social media celebrity, the adult model appeared to be a very different person.

Mikaela Testa admitted to having plastic surgery

The influencer, who is well-known for sharing explicit pictures on TikTok and Instagram, disclosed earlier this year that she had undergone several cosmetic procedures.

She shared a link to a video in which Gold Coast surgeon Dr. Mitchell Kim described the many surgeries he had carried out on her.

In the video, Dr. Kim remarked, “Mikaela showing off her body contouring perfection.” In order to give her a jaw-dropping silhouette, he also noted that he had performed Vaser lipo on her arms and midsection and a fat transfer to her hip dips.

Testa has also disclosed using fillers in the past, particularly on her lips, cheeks, nose, and forehead. She also revealed having 20 ml of fillers on her entire face at one point.

She had them when she first began making TikTok videos. Because of fillers and botox, she developed body dysmorphia and believed those cosmetic changes were like a “personality trait” for her.

However, Testa claimed that she had removed all her facial fillers except for a minor quantity on her lips in a TikTok video dated November 5, 2021.

Although Testa has frequently confessed to undergoing cosmetic procedures, she has also repeatedly asserted that her figure is natural, confusing her followers.


It’s so hard to watch someone have this major platform and spread such bullshit information about their “natural body” @mikaela.testa #fy

♬ original sound – yehawswaggie

A TikTok user pointed out in a video posted in June 2021 that Testa claimed her shape was natural and that she had not experienced any cosmetic surgery to achieve her appearance and said her ”before surgery” pictures spreading on the internet was fake.

The user then aired a previous video in which Testa confirmed having fat moved from one area of her body to another. Additionally, they asserted that the OnlyFans star was contradicting herself and lying about her procedures.

Previously, she has been revealed by an eagle-eyed follower to be recovering in a BBL chair following a potential Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

Mikaela Testa before and after plastic surgery pictures compared

In photos from a few years ago that have since been deleted, the Australian influencer appeared to be an entirely different person. At the time, she was only beginning to establish herself as a social media celebrity.

Mikaela Testa before her surgery.

Mikaela Testa before her surgery. (Source: Instagram)

She probably had cosmetic injections and has acknowledged having lip filler and a Botox brow lift. However, her noticeably altered appearance today indicates that she likely underwent plastic surgery even though she claimed her body is natural.

While the influencer looked like she had some weight on her in the past, now she has a flawless hourglass figure and a thinner face than before.

Mikaela Testa after her surgery.

Mikaela Testa after her surgery. (Source: Instagram)

The explicit content creator formerly had an oval facial structure with a potential double chin, but she now has a much thinner, V-shaped face with less fat around her neck areas which might be the result of the liposuction she had.

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