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Hari Nef Is Allegedly Dating a Boyfriend — Her Sexuality and Dating Life

Hari Nef is first openly transgender woman signed to IMG Models. 



Hari Nef, the renowned transgender model, actress, and author, has drawn attention with her groundbreaking contributions to the fashion industry and her advocacy for transgender rights.

While Nef’s professional achievements have been widely celebrated, there is often curiosity surrounding her personal life, particularly her boyfriend, sexuality, and dating experiences.

Is Hari Nef dating anyone?

Hari Nef, the esteemed transgender model and activist, maintains a level of privacy regarding her dating life. She rarely gives hints about her love life and if she is dating a partner. Even her Instagram feed is full of pictures of herself and scenes from her work life.

That said, it appears that she is in a romantic relationship with Ludwig Hurtado. The talks of their alleged romance first emerged after Hurtado accompanied Nef to the world premiere of Barbie, where the latter portrayed the role of Doctor Barbie.

Hurtado later took to his Instagram handle to share some photos and videos of him and Nef from Barbie‘s Pink Carpet Premiere and wrote, “he’s just Ken.” His caption led many to believe that he is Ken to Nef, who is a Barbie.

The actress later took to the comment section to further fuel the dating rumors as she commented, “well barbie we’re just getting started,” alongside a kissing emoji. This saga continued with Nef leaving cheeky comments every time Hurtado posted on Instagram.

Nef and her alleged boyfriend’s relationship was seemingly confirmed after the two were seen kissing at the Dion Lee Afterparty in September 2023. An Instagram handle even got hold of the picture of them kissing and posted it on their feed.

Days later, on September 29, 2023, Hurtado posted a picture with Nef and seemingly confirmed they were dating via his caption. His caption was in French, and it read, “dinner avec ma cheri,” which roughly translates to “dinner with my darling” in English.

Hari Nef kissing her alleged boyfriend Ludwig Hurtado at the Dion Lee Afterparty

Hari Nef kissing her alleged boyfriend Ludwig Hurtado at the Dion Lee Afterparty (Photo: Instagram)

As of January 2024, Nef and her alleged boyfriend haven’t confirmed they’re dating. They also haven’t featured each other since September 2023, but they still follow each other on Instagram, and Nef still occasionally comments on Hurtado’s posts.

Speaking of Hurtado, he is an award-winning bilingual journalist who has worked as a writer, filmmaker, and on-air host. He hosts MOLD Magazine’s Food Futures podcast, and his LinkedIn profile mentions that he is also an editor at The Nation.

The UCLA graduate has also worked for NBC News, initially as an assistant producer, where he worked on shows like Dateline and NBC Nightly News. He was later promoted to full-time reporter/producer at NBC News, where he served till November 2021.

He then focused on freelancing, contributing essays for reputed outlets like The New York Times, New York Magazine, CityLab, Vice, and Rolling Stone. He did freelancing jobs till March 2022, after which he joined The Nation as their executive producer and multimedia editor.

As for Nef’s dating history, before she began dating her alleged partner, it was once rumored that she was dating Jacob Bixenman. However, both Nef and Bixenman denied the romance rumors and clarified they were only friends.

Details on Hari Nef’s sexuality

Nef is a renowned transgender woman and the trailblazing first openly transgender woman who was signed to IMG Models.

During an interview with Laverne Cox via Teen Vogue, Nef shared her journey of self-discovery and transition. She expressed that her transition, in a broader sense, started when she left home and relocated to New York to attend Columbia University. 

Nef graduated from Columbia University in New York in 2011 with a degree in theater. She expressed that her transition started during her time at Columbia University.

She described how moving to New York opened up possibilities for her to explore different ways of being and to experiment with her identity. 

Hari Nef before going to an event

Hari Nef before going to an event (Source: Instagram)

Nef mentioned engaging with academic materials like Judith Butler’s works and participating in a Sexuality Studies seminar, which led her to analyze gender and reflect on her life experiences critically. 

She emphasized how meeting a diverse range of people who had made choices to pursue authenticity expanded her understanding of gender and transgender experiences. She subsequently pushed boundaries and eventually began her medical transition.

The 30-year-old actress reflected on this period as one of the most empowering experiences in her life. Throughout her transition, Nef’s parents have shown unwavering support and encouraged her to pursue whatever made her happy. 

Hari Nef’s modeling career

Nef’s modeling career began in 2014 when she graced the cover of Frische Magazine, and that same year, she secured the 68th spot on Dazed’s prestigious 100 list.

She further solidified her position as a rising star by topping the Dazed Readers 100, earning the number one spot overall, and making a notable appearance in the i-D Pre-Fall Issue twice.

Hari Nef during a photo shoot

Hari Nef during a photo shoot (Source: Instagram)

In 2015, Nef’s career reached new heights as she made her mark during New York Fashion Week, walking the runways for renowned designers such as Adam Selman, VFiles, Vejas, Degen, and Eckhaus Latta. 

However, her accomplishments didn’t stop there. In May of that year, she achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first openly transgender model to be signed to IMG Models.

The year 2016 marked another milestone in Nef’s career, as she graced the cover of Elle magazine’s special collectors’ edition for their September issue.

In 2017, Nef starred alongside notable figures such as Blake Lively, Lara Stone, and Xiao Wen Ju in a television commercial for L’Oréal Paris’ True Match line. 

Most recently, in the Spring/Summer 2023 Fashion Month in New York, Nef left an indelible mark by walking an impressive nine runways. 

Hari Nef is also an actress and author

In addition to her successful career as a model, Nef is also an actress and author. Her breakthrough role was in the television series Transparent, where she portrayed Tante Gittel, for which she earned a 2016 SAG Award nomination.

In 2018, Nef starred as one of the lead characters in Sam Levinson’s comedy thriller Assassination Nation, sharing the screen with Odessa Young, Suki Waterhouse, and Abra. 

During the same year, Nef also starred as Blythe in the Lifetime psychological thriller television series You. Her other credits include 1UP, Extrapolations, The Idol, and Barbie. Furthermore, she is set to appear in Who Am I and an Untitled Candy Darling Biopic.

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Hugh Grant’s Eldest Daughter Was Rumored to Have Down Syndrome — Meet All of His Children

Hugh Grant shares a close bond with all of his children.



Is Hugh Grant Gay? Unraveling His Romantic Pursuits

English actor Hugh Grant‘s eldest daughter, Tabitha Grant, was rumored to have Down syndrome for an extended period.

The rumor surrounding Tabitha’s alleged Down syndrome began circulating after certain tabloid publications released unauthorized photos of her as an infant, insinuating that her appearance differed from that of typical babies.

However, these images were captured without her parents’ consent and were manipulated by paparazzi. Despite widespread speculation about the actor’s daughter potentially having Down syndrome, Hugh has neither confirmed nor refuted the rumor.

Hugh Grant’s eldest daughter, Tabitha Grant, was rumored to have Down Syndrome. (Source: Abtc)

Instead, he has expressed his profound gratitude for his first child. In numerous interviews, Grant has openly expressed his adoration for Tabitha, emphasizing how much he values their bond.

For instance, in a 2012 interview with The Daily Telegraph, he gushed, “I like my daughter very much. [She’s] fantastic.”

Just like Hugh’s elder daughter, he has four other children from different women whom he loves dearly. Keep reading to discover more about all five of his children.

Hugh Grant’s eldest daughter, Tabitha Grant

Hugh’s oldest child, Tabitha, was born from a brief relationship between the actor and a Chinese woman named Tinglan Hong. Tabitha’s Chinese name is Tabitha Xaio Xi.”

Reflecting on the actor’s daughter’s unexpected arrival, he shared with Ellen DeGeneres, “I can’t pretend it wasn’t a little bit of a surprise, but it’s a very nice surprise.”

He continued, “It’s surprising that everyone was right all these years saying, ‘Hugh, why don’t you have some children? It changes your life.’ And you’re thinking, ‘Oh, shut up!’ Now that I have, I have to say it is quite life-changing.”

Hugh Grant shares a close bond with his eldest daughter, Tabitha Grant. (Source: The Times)

Moreover, when it came to fatherhood, Grant stated he was deliberate in instilling specific values in his daughter. He expresses his commitment to enforcing strict standards in three particular areas, “Good manners and not being selfish. It’s just unattractive in a child, I don’t like it. And discipline — I do think discipline’s important.”

The actor attributes his perspective on discipline to his upbringing, stating, “I’m very glad that I had quite a strict mother who was big on discipline.”

Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of Tabitha learning to earn her way, highlighting the issue of entitlement as something he has personally encountered.

Hugh Grant’s second child, John Mungo Grant

One year after the birth of Tabitha, Hugh embraced fatherhood once again as he welcomed a son, John Mungo Grant, in September 2012 with Swedish TV producer Anna Eberstein.

Despite typically keeping details about his son out of the public eye, Grant candidly shared a glimpse into his family life during an interview on The View.

Hugh Grant has kept the identity of his second child, John Mungo Grant, private. (Source: Hollywoodlife)

Grant humorously added, “If I hear music, I’ll dance. My children beg me to stop. ‘Please, Daddy, you’re embarrassing.” This anecdote offers a charming insight into the actor’s playful and endearing relationship with his children.

Hugh Grant’s third child, Felix Chang Hong Grant

During the early stages of Anna’s pregnancy with John, Hugh unexpectedly reunited with Tinglan, resulting in her pregnancy as well. Consequently, he found himself expecting two children simultaneously.

After three months of welcoming John, Tinglan gave birth to another son named Felix Chang Hong Grant. The actor announced Felix’s birth on Twitter, stating, “I am thrilled my daughter now has a brother. Adore them both to an uncool degree. They have a fab mum.”

Later, in an interview with People, he shared his sentiments about parenthood, describing it as a source of immense love and enchantment. He expressed how it feels to love someone more than oneself and to be reciprocated with love from his children, a feeling he found both surprising and delightful.

Hugh Grant kept his fourth child’s name private

Hugh and Eberstein expanded their family with the birth of their second child, a daughter, on December 16, 2015. However, the duo decided to keep the identity of their daughter out of the public eye.

After welcoming their fourth child, Hugh reflected on his marriage to Eberstein in 2018, expressing gratitude and acknowledging that he should have tied the knot sooner. He also credited his luck to having a great wife and kids, showing how happy they were at home.

Likewise, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the actor discovered a new skill while spending time at home with his family. He humorously recounted how his daughter’s Barbie dolls became the starting point for his newfound talent in hairdressing.

Hugh humorously explained how he began cutting hair after practicing on his daughter’s Barbie dolls. He then jokingly shared how he started giving haircuts to his children, whether they asked for them or not, by strapping them to a chair and cutting their hair.

Hugh Grant’s youngest child is also a daughter

Hugh and Anna celebrated the arrival of their fifth child, a daughter, in March 2018; however, they chose not to disclose her name publicly. This time, Anna announced the birth during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

She humorously mentioned, “Well, he had another last week… He has five.” She added, “He was over 50 when he spawned them all,” indicating Hugh’s age at the time of each child’s birth.

Hugh Grant and Anna Eberstein have chosen not to show their child publicly. (Source: Hollywoodlife)

Despite the jest, she praised the actor’s parenting, describing him as “an enchanting dad” who has undergone a positive transformation since becoming a father.

Likewise, reflecting on the experience, Hugh himself acknowledged the profound impact of fatherhood, stating, “It’s improved him. He’s gone up the scale.”

In a subsequent interview with Radio Times in October 2020, he shared his insights into parenthood, remarking that while the day-to-day challenges of raising young children can be overwhelming, the joy and happiness they bring make it all worthwhile.

He humorously described the experience as “simultaneously the worst time in your life and the best,” emphasizing the contrasting emotions that come with parenting.

Nonetheless, he acknowledged the profound happiness and fulfillment that parenthood has brought him, especially when reminiscing over cherished memories captured in family photographs.

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Is Thabang Molaba Gay? About His Relationship with Ama Qamata

Thabang Molaba is a South African actor rumored to be dating a lot but has unconfirmed relationships.



Is Thabang Molaba Gay? His Relationship with Ama Qamata

Thabang Molaba gained massive popularity after he appeared in the famous Netflix series Blood & Water. He plays the lead role of Karabo “KB” Molapo in the renowned South African teen crime drama television series Blood & Water.

The South African actor and model has appeared in the entertainment industry since 2016. Although his filmography list is short, he has been gaining fame internationally due to his association with famous projects.

He is also known for his role in the Love: The Web Series and The Queen. Interested in acting since a young age, the actor attended several classes to hone his skills.

As Molaba gained massive popularity in South Africa and worldwide, many have been curious about his personal life, including dating. There has also been curiosity about his sexual orientation, so let’s find out about his dating life and orientation in detail.

Is Thabang Molaba gay?

There have been rumors about Molaba being gay circulating on social media. However, those are all rumors without solid proof, and he is straight.

However, the actor has a terrible reputation when it comes to the topic of sexuality. In 2018, he was nominated for the title of Hunk of the Year by the reputed Feather Awards and was immediately hit with negative comments.

As per fans’ comments, Molaba is prejudiced against gay people. A person even brought receipts to prove he is homophobic and demanded he be removed from the list.

Back in 2015, the actor was suspected of posting a rather homophobic tweet stating, “Gay nikkas that rock up yo IG and like 58 of yo posts. And yo notifications full’a dick. Like… Nikka I’m straight tf?!”

However, Molaba refuted those claims, stating he works with gay gents all the time and has many homosexual friends. He also firmly stated that if they feel he should be removed from the nominees, he is okay with it.

The Feather Awards community saw this tweet causing concerns to the public and, therefore, decided to withdraw him from the nomination. They released a statement stating, “As an event dedicated to fighting homophobia & discrimination against sexual minorities, the Feather Awards has a zero-tolerance attitude to such prejudice.”

Who is Thabang Molaba dating?

There have been multiple speculations about Molaba’s dating life. He has also been rumored to be with different women over the years but has yet to provide confirmed news.

The actor seems to be away from the dating scene and focusing more on his career. However, there have been unverified rumors about him currently dating in private.

Molaba has a huge fan following in South Africa and is often surrounded by the public eye. Anybody associated with the actor also falls under the paparazzi’s radar which could be why he has decided to hide his relationship from the public.

What is Ama Qamata and Thabang Molaba’s relationship?

Qamata and Molaba are co-stars in the popular South African Netflix series Blood & Water. In the series, Malaba plays the role of Karabo “KB” Molabo, the ex-boyfriend of Qamata’s character Puleng Khumalo.

Thabang Molaba

As the pair has shown good chemistry in the series, they have been often linked in real life as well. Apart from appearing together in the show, they have also done photoshoots together, showing their amazing chemistry.

With such an excellent bond with each other, fans are guessing they are acquainted in real life. Some news media have also reported that Molaba has been Qamata’s boyfriend since 2018.

Although there have been many rumors about the couple in public, neither has posted anything to prove they are indeed dating. It seems both the actors are currently single, so the shipping game is also strong.

Did Thabang Molaba have a girlfriend in the past?

Molaba’s current dating scene seems vague as he hasn’t let us in on his personal life. The case looks pretty similar to his dating history as well.

Although Molaba kept his relationship details private, he told everyone that he was in a relationship in 2020 through a cryptic tweet that is no longer available. In the tweet, he accused an unknown man of offering his girlfriend despite having a himself.

He said this man followed his girlfriend on social media and flirted with her despite him knowing she was in a relationship. The actor also said this man was doing it intentionally and pitied his girlfriend as he was just using her.

Although he mentioned how this man tried to flirt with his girl, he didn’t say who the lady in question was. This tweet has now been deleted, probably because things have ended between the girl.

However, people believe this girlfriend in question to be actress Kefilwe Maboto. The rumors about their dating started circulating when Maboto posted pictures on her Instagram with Molaba.

Although many have been guessing they were in a relationship, reports suggest they just met for work, and there is no dating scene between them.

Thalaba Molaba grew up in Harrismith

Mobala’s real name is Thabang Kamogelo Molaba, named after his parents, Lisbeth and Richard. He was born on December 18, 1994, in Harrismith, Free State, South Africa, to parents who worked as teachers.

Through his parent’s descent, the actor belongs to the Zulu and Sotho ethnic groups. Although his parents were from an educational background, he has wanted to be involved in the acting business since he was young.

Thabang Molaba

Aspiring to become an actor, Molaba took several acting classes and was involved with a drama club named Tshiame Youth Club. However, he completed his education first and graduated with a degree in logistics from Tshwane University of Technology.

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Is Natalie Liconti Gay? Find about Her Sexuality and Wikipedia

Natalie Liconti gained fame after playing Sterling in ‘In the Dark’



Is Natalie Liconti Gay? Find about Her Sexuality, Wikipedia

Natalie Liconti is a Canadian actor gaining widespread fame due to their role in the Netflix series In the Dark. Not just that, this actor is also known for appearing in some other vital projects like The Expanse and Blood Quantum.

Liconti has a unique charm and has gained massive popularity, although it hasn’t been long since they started acting. Their sexuality has also been an added point to their fame.

This article provides insights into Liconti’s sexuality, partner, and more. Also, get information on her life and family.

Is Natalie Liconti gay?

Liconti is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, but they are not gay. They identify as a non-binary member of the community and use the pronouns they/them.

They have always been vocal about her sexual identity and also clarify this on their official Instagram account. The American actor has also been portraying characters who are members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Natalie Liconti

Although they are open about their sexual orientation, they haven’t mentioned anything about how they transitioned or when. However, there is no reason to try and fish information about that since it is a private matter.

Does Natalie Liconti have a partner?

Liconti has been appearing in more and more projects over the years, getting more recognition among the public. However, they have been keeping her personal life completely under wraps.

They have not revealed anything about having a partner at the moment. In an age where people reveal everything on social media, there seems to be no information about a possible partner for Liconti.

There is a possibility they have been keeping their private life public and maintaining secrecy. However, with no rumors or reports surrounding their relationship, reports conclude they are single.

Currently, Liconti seems to keep dating at the bottom of their list and prioritizing careers instead. However, there is also a possibility they have been keeping their secret entirely away from the public eye to avoid judgment.

However, they might reveal about the partner they love anytime in the future. Until then, the public must wait for them to announce it themselves.

Did Natalie Liconti date before?

Details about their past relationship status also remain private at the moment. They have not stated anything about their dating history before.

However, Liconti is 29, and reports are stating they might have dated before. There is no room for verification since no media has posted confirmed news.

Natalie Liconti has had partners before

Although Liconti has not revealed anything about their partner in real life, they have been paired with different people in on-screen romances. In the series In The Dark, they played the role of Sterling, who has a romantic relationship with Jess, portrayed by Brooke Markham.

They also shared a kiss in the series and were seen as very intimate. However, they do not have a romantic relationship in real life.

Not only that, they have also performed a play titled A Dyke’s Guide to Fair Play alongside Sarah Culkin. The play focuses on the dynamics of consent within the Queer community.

Natalie Liconti Wikipedia

Liconti was born on December 11, as per their IMDb profile. Similarly, reports reveal they were born in 1995, making their age 27 as of 2024.

The actor is a Canadian by nationality, and their ethnicity has not been revealed to the public. They belong to the Sagittarius zodiac sign, and there is no report about her religion.

They were born in Toronto, Canada, to Canadian parents. However, details about their parents are entirely unknown to the public.

Liconti is very private, so getting insights into their family is nearly impossible. Therefore, there have been no reports about their family upbringing and relationship with siblings.

IMDb reports that they are an educated individual who completed their study at McGill University and the University of Glasgow. They might have a degree related to arts and film studies as they are interested in acting and filmmaking.

What is Natalie Liconti’s net worth?

Liconti has an estimated net worth of $1 million, as per reports. Most of their reports come from their career as an actor.

The actor has appeared in trendy projects like The Expanse, In the Dark, and more. This has improved their portfolio, meaning more impressive future projects, resulting in higher net worth and income.

Apart from acting, Liconti also earns from various endorsement and modeling shoots.

Natalie Liconti has a fit body type

Liconti regularly hits the gym and has achieved a slim body type. They have a height of 5 feet and 4 inches to match and a weight of 56 kilograms.

The actor is also a fashionable personality, and the way they present themselves is always bold. They have short, wavy brown hair and a pair of light green eyes, perfectly complementing the slim and long faces they have.

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