Things Internet Is Saying about Kara Hayward’s Jaw and Face

Things Internet Is Saying about Kara Hayward’s Jaw and Face

Kara Hayward’s fans adore her asymmetrical face.

Things Internet Is Saying about Kara Hayward’s Jaw and Face

Kara Hayward is an American actress best known for her lead role as Suzy Bishop in the Moonrise Kingdom. She has also received a Young Artist Award nomination for Best Leading Young Actress in a Feature Film.

Hayward has appeared on other television shows, including Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, White Collar, Haters Back Off, The Shadow Diaries, and Roar.

While her acting ability has captivated thousands, many have also taken notice of her facial structure, jaw, and eyes. Here’s what people on the internet are saying about her jaw and face.

1. Kara Hayward has an asymmetrical face

The first thing fans noticed about her physical structure was her asymmetrical face. 

Kara Hayward's followers talked about her asymmetrical face.

Kara Hayward’s followers talked about her asymmetrical face. (Source: Moviechat)

Some believe she has some form of prognathism in her chin. They also think it is less severe in girls because their skeletal growth is less significant than in boys, so it is unlikely to worsen over time.

2. Kara Hayward fans can relate to her 

One of Hayward’s fans mentioned that she has been self-conscious about it in the past, and it’s nice to see an example that defies the notion that symmetry equals beauty.

Moreover, on the re-edit, one person asked, “Is it possible to be successful as an actor with an asymmetrical face?” Following the post, OctoberGeese commented, “Kara Hayward from Moonrise Kingdom has an asymmetrical face which make her beautiful.”

3. One fan thinks Kara Hayward has a unique face 

Although many of Hayward’s fans have noticed that she has an asymmetrical facial structure, one user with the handle Malaysia tweeted, “Hayward is so cute and has a unique face idek man but she’s perfect.”

Similarly, AlexLorz stated, “Hayward’s face is slightly asymmetrical, and her jaw is slightly crooked, like Tyler Posey, but nothing works against her in my opinion. Depending on the camera angle, it is only visible in a few photos.”

Therefore, despite her facial structure, the actress is stunning and talented.

4. Kara Hayward’s face is attractive 

On re-edit, one of the usernames, Auktum, stated that he likes a slightly asymmetrical face. He also wrote, “I noticed something a while ago: I’m drawn to imperfect faces, but I’m not sure why. This makes no sense to me because symmetry is essential for an attractive face.” 

Furthermore, the person mentioned Hayward, who has an asymmetrical face and thinks she is attractive.

5. Kara Hayward has Asymmetrical eyes

Most people have asymmetrical features, and studies show that some degree of facial asymmetry is both expected and desirable.

Likewise, with Hayward’s Asymmetrical face, people also notice that her right eye is slightly higher than her left eye. 

6. Kara Hayward’s followers noticed her crooked jaw

Being in the entertainment industry is difficult because everyone notices everything about you. In the same way, people also noticed that the actress had a crooked jaw.

The username @mitdasein has tweeted, “Was Kara Hayward’s jaw always asymmetrical, or did Wes Anderson force her to undergo unnecessary maxillofacial surgery?”

On the other hand, another person said, “Her jaw is definitely a little to the left. Someone must have given her a left hook when she was younger, and she was never corrected.”

7. Kara Hayward has not talked about her face 

Despite numerous positive and negative comments about her facial structure, she has not responded.

Hayward might focus on herself rather than listening to other people’s opinions. She is beautiful in her way and is thriving in her career as an actress. 

8. Kara Hayward proves talent matters more than appearance 

As previously stated, Hayward has an asymmetrical face, eyes, and crooked jaw, but she has never given up on her dream.

Kara Hayward's picture was captured by prncesscool.

Kara Hayward’s picture was captured by prncesscool. (Source: Instagram)

The actress is the best example of why talent should always precede physical appearance. Hayward has appeared in several films, including Quitters, Isle of Dogs, The Social Dilemma, and many others, because of her exceptional acting abilities.

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