Who Is Chiara Aurelia Dating? Know Her Age, Parents, Height, and More

Who Is Chiara Aurelia Dating? Know Her Age, Parents, Height, and More

All about Chiara Aurelia!

Who Is Chiara Aurelia Dating? Know Her Age, Parents, Height, and More

Chiara Aurelia is an actress from the United States who started her career as a child actress in Gerald’s Game and Back Roads

But recently, she has been part of many hit projects. In the Freeform teen drama series Cruel Summer, she plays Jeanette Turner. 

She played the role of Rose Lord in the thriller Tell Me Your Secrets and portrayed young Tiffani, aka young Ani, in the 2022 Netflix movie Luckiest Girl Alive. Slowly, she is becoming a household name.

As a result, people are curious to know about her life. This includes everything like her age, parents, filmography, and questions like how old are Chiara Aurelia? who is Chiara Aurelia dating? And is Chiara Aurelia Hispanic?

Here is everything we know about Aurelia. 

How old is Chiara Aurelia? — age and birthday

Aurelia celebrates her birthday every year on September 13. She was born in 2002 in New Mexico, making her age 20 as of 2022.

Her zodiac sign is Virgo. Aurelia traveled coast-to-coast in her childhood before moving to Los Angeles in 2014.

Chiara Aurelia’s measurements —  height and weight

It is unknown what Aurelia’s exact height and weight are. Various sites have reported different information about it. 

Her height in feed is allegedly 5 feet and 2 inches, whereas her height in centimeters is 157cm. Similarly, her weight in pounds is 119lbs whereas her weight in kilograms is 53kgs. 

Her body measurements in inches are 34-24-33 and 86-60-83 in centimeters. 

Is Chiara Aurelia Hispanic?

Aurelia is not Hispanic, but instead, her ethnicity is mixed. This is because of her parents’ roots and ethnicity.

Chiara Aurelia has a mixed ethnicity

Chiara Aurelia has a mixed ethnicity (Photo: Instagram)

According to IMDb, her father was born in Leuven, Belgium. He had Flemish and Walloon roots and was the great-nephew of Édouard Empain.

Her mother, on the other hand, is American. However, she is of Russian and Polish Jewish descent. Therefore, Chiara Aurelia is not Hispanic. 

Chiara Aurelia’s parents, family, and childhood

Aurelia was born to her father, Frederic de Braconier d’Alphen, and her mother, Claudia Kleefeld, in Taos, New Mexico. Aurelia’s father, De Braconier d’Alphen, died when she was three years old. 

As a result, she was raised by her single mother. Kleefeld is the granddaughter of builder Mark Taper, of the Mark Taper Forum, and the daughter of singer and actor Tony Travis/Kleefeld and author and poet Carolyn Mary Kleefeld.

So, acting and being a part of the entertainment industry ran in Aurelia’s family. She was raised in Albuquerque, where she began working in school plays and local drama classes when she was five. 

She moved between Albuquerque and Los Angeles to pursue her career when she was 11 years old and went to the Lee Strasberg Institute. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Aurelia’s mother was hesitant about her becoming an actress. 

However, she eventually agreed, and now, Aurelia is becoming on her way to being one of the most prominent actresses in the Hollywood industry.

Who is Chiara Aurelia dating?

Aurelia has never opened up about her love life. Looking at her Instagram at @chiraaurelia, there are no hints if she has a boyfriend or partner.

Therefore, it is unknown if she has a boyfriend. 

Chiara Aurelia’s career and net worth explored

As said before, Aurelia began her career as a child actress, appearing in short films such as Dead Celebrity and small movies and TV shows. 

She received the Young Entertainer Awards for her roles in the 2017 film adaptation of Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game as a younger Carla Gugino and as Misty Altmyer in Alex Pettyfer’s 2018 directorial debut Back Roads.

Aurelia began starring as Jeanette Turner in the Freeform series Cruel Summer, for which she received HCA and Critics’ Choice Award nominations.

She appeared as Rose Lord in the TNT series Tell Me Your Secrets in 2021 and Fear Street Part II: 1978 in the same year. Her latest project was Luckiest Girl Alive which was released in 2022. 

Her net worth has not been released yet. However, considering her career in the entertainment industry, it could be said that she has accumulated a healthy net worth of around $1 million – $2 million.

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