Is Richard Armitage Married to a Wife? All You Need to Know

Is Richard Armitage Married to a Wife? All You Need to Know

Richard Armitage has been mum about his love life for a while now.

Is Richard Armitage Married to a Wife? All You Need to Know

English actor Richard Armitage is best known for his roles as Thorin in The Hobbit films and Gary in Into The Storm. He also appeared as Adam Price in The Stranger, a Netflix mini-series.

Coming over to his personal life, the actor has maintained privacy regarding his relationship status. As of 2022, Armitage isn’t a married man. However, while he has kept his dating life private, it’s no secret that he was engaged to his girlfriend, Samantha Colley.

The couple met on the set of the theater play The Crucible in 2014. Colley played Abigail Williams, and Richard played John Proctor. In the film, the fellow actors played each other’s love interests, and their chemistry was incredible.

People shipped and loved them from the film, and their dreams became a reality after the two announced they were also dating in real life.

As time passed, Armitage and Colley moved quickly in their relationship, getting engaged in June 2016, only a few months after they began dating. And it didn’t take long for them to become everyone’s favorite until news of their split surfaced.

Richard Armitage and Samantha Colley co-starred in 'The Crucible.'

Richard Armitage and Samantha Colley co-starred in ‘The Crucible.’ (Source: Twitter)

Colley and Armitage’s relationship lasted nearly two years, and it’s even more heartbreaking that Samantha moved on so quickly. In December 2018, the actress posted her wedding photos on Instagram with the caption “Jingle Wedding Bells,” implying that she was getting married.

As for Armitage and Colley’s break up, the two did not reveal the reason for their split, but some media speculated that it was not amicable. Richard hasn’t dated anyone since his failed engagement with Colley and is currently focusing on his career.

Richard Armitage was thinking about starting a family with Annabel Capper

Before getting engaged to Colley, the actor was in a relationship with Annabel Capper. The now-former couple was only together for a year but had already maintained a serious relationship.

According to Who’s Dated Who, the two were quite smitten between January and October 2013, and they frequently discussed starting a family together.

In terms of Capper’s career, she has appeared in minor productions such as the Canadian TV series Sensitive Skin, the documentary Operation Mincemeat, and the short film Macbeth No More.

Capper didn’t appear to have a new relationship after her relationship with Richard. She also became more private about her love life.

Fans believe Richard Armitage is gay, despite his previous relationships

People became more convinced of Richard’s sexuality after he posted a rainbow flag supporting the LGBTQ+ community with the caption, “Be grateful for love. Be grateful that you can feel it for whomever it is. It’s a brief existence. Live it with love.” 

He posted that to let his audience know that it’s okay to love whoever they want and that there’s no shame in doing so. But in the comment section, his followers believe that he is gay. One person wrote, “All beautiful women are married, and all most attractive men are gay. Why?” 

Furthermore, the actor’s relationship with The Hobbit co-star Lee Pace became contentious. However, some media outlets reported that the two were seen attending red-carpet events together. Likewise, in April 2014, they were spotted in Washington Square Park on several occasions.

Not only that but the two were seen eating dinner with their families together. Since neither of them seemed to care to address the rumors, people never actually learned the truth behind them. Instead, they continued living their regular lives as if nothing had happened.

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