Jason Bateman Went To Great Lengths To Achieve Weight Loss

Jason Bateman Went To Great Lengths To Achieve Weight Loss

Know the story behind Jason Bateman’s tremendous weight loss journey.

Jason Bateman Went To Great Lengths To Achieve Weight Loss

Jason Bateman, an American dynamic who works as a director, producer, and actor, has reached heights of success with his accomplishments. The Gift, Horrible Bosses, and Juno are recorded as few of his most successful movies so far.

The Ozark actor is immensely dedicated when it comes to his work. The tall, dark, and handsome personality stands five feet and nine inches tall. Alongside an immensely successful lifestyle, he is blessed with a mesmerizing personality packed with charm.

Jason Bateman started acting from a young age

Bateman began acting from the tender age of 12. His versatility has stepped into different genres of movies including melodramas, comedies, and a lot more.

The actor is immensely selective when it comes to choosing his scripts, and that is also one of the reasons for his success in movies.

In one of the interviews with the Guardian [via Express] in 2014, when asked about what and how he reflects his script, he made a statement saying, “I just look for who’s involved. It’s not about the script: it’s about who the director is and who the other people in the cast are.”

“Because you can look at a great script and execute it in a very sophomoric way, and you can look at an OK script and you can execute it in a very sophisticated way and come out with something really good.” 

Apart from inspiring movies through his on-screen contributions, his off-screen life is equally inspirational. Bateman underwent a huge weight loss journey that stunned his audience back then.

Jason Bateman’s weight loss journey

Success comes with great struggle, they say. Bateman is a living example of such a statement.

Circa 2010, while marking his presence on Ellen DeGeneres Show, he made a revelation about how he had gained 13 kilos weight. However, he did not overlook his obesity and started working on it immediately.

He then shared that he used to run six miles every single day. He also lifted weights and planned a strict diet, along with other tough exercises to get back into shape. 

The actor reportedly ate three meals a day. For lunch, he had a cup of oatmeal with another cup of berries. Also, he nourished his meal with a cup of low-fat milk.

For dinner, he served himself a sandwich with deli ham alongside mustard and tomato-cucumber salad. Moreover, whenever he felt like binge eating, he would resist it and would erase his hunger while having a protein bar or a handful of healthy nuts.

The actor was immensely dedicated and consistent with his schedule and diet. No matter how hectic his work was, he ensured to take a proper eight hours of sleep and try erasing stress as much.

To this date, he apparently sticks up to his routine, regulates gym, exercising, and retains a qualitative yet nourishing meal. That has, therefore, helped him achieve weight loss, as well as stay fit.

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