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‘One Piece’ Star Mackenyu is Married With a Wife–A Look at His Dating History

He is keeping his personal life private!



Mackenyu Maeda is a Japanese actor, sometimes known as Mackenyu Arata or just Mackenyu. 

He is the son of martial artist and actor Sonny Chiba. He rose to prominence in 2016 after playing Arata Wataya in the Chihayafuru live-action trilogy, for which he received the 40th Japan Academy Newcomers of the Year Award in 2017. 

Since then, he has played characters in several other manga adaptations, including JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable Chapter I, Tokyo Ghoul S, the villain Yukishiro Enishi in Rurouni Kenshin: The Final, the protagonist Pegasus Seiya in Knights of the Zodiac, and Roronoa Zoro in the Netflix series One Piece.

Mackenyu has garnered a massive fanbase, not only in Japan but all over the world. This is mostly because of the live-action adaptations of Mangas he has done to date.

His fanbase has always been curious about his personal life, especially his love life. They want to know everything about him — from his girlfriend and dating history to his wife and marriage.

Here is all we know about the Japanese actor.

Mackenyu’s marriage with wife

Mackenyu is a very private person. To date, he has not revealed anything regarding his love life, including his girlfriend, dating history, and relationships.

However, recently, it was revealed that he is married to his wife. He announced the news alongside his brother, Maeda Gordon. 

The announcement happened on the birthday of their late father, Chiba. Chiba died on August 19, 2021, after being affected by the COVID-19 Delta variant.

He had not been vaccinated and developed pneumonia. He was cremated on August 20, 2021. While revealing his marriage, Mackenyu mentioned that his father was looking forward to his marriage.

Mackenyu had introduced his partner to his father before his death. Since Chiba was looking forward to his children’s wedding, he decided to reveal the news to the public on the occasion of his father’s birthday.

He said, “During his lifetime, my father was looking forward to our marriage more than anyone else, so I’m very happy that I was able to announce this to everyone today, on his birthday.”

Talking about his wife, he did not reveal the identity of his partner. However, it was mentioned that she is not a celebrity and is not involved in the entertainment business.

She is older than him and met him via work. However, she is supportive of her spouse’s career and accompanied him when they stayed overseas for filming.

Other than this, nothing is known about his wife. Talking about their dating history, it is unknown when they started dating.

However, since it has been mentioned that Mackenyu introduced his girlfriend to his father before his death, it seems like they were together for at least two years before tying the knot.

Mackenyu asked for the support of his fans and followers regarding his partner and their marriage. He said, “From now on, we will continue to support each other while spending precious time together.”

“It would make me happy if you would watch over us warmly,” he continued.

It is reported that Mackenyu and his partner recently welcomed a baby, but there has been no official confirmation about it.

Mackenyu’s girlfriend, dating rumors, and relationships

As said before, Mackenyu is very secretive about his relationships and dating history. However, his relationships to date have been a little murky and dark.

In May 2020, Mackenyu came under fire for vacationing during the COVID-19 lockdown. He was also exposed for having a girlfriend.

He was seen with his partner holding hands and eating at a restaurant. However, the identity of his girlfriend was never exposed.

In 2021, he was rumored to be dating Natsuki Okamoto, a retired actress. The gossip publications did not name her, but they did reveal that she is a former child performer in her early 30s who is now retired.  

Fans and followers of the Japanese actor connected the dots and speculated that his partner might be Okamoto. Her final acting job was in 2011, and she is now officially retired. 

They reportedly met in the autumn of 2018 at a photoshoot where Okamoto accompanied her husband. Okamoto divorced her husband shortly after, and Mackenyu and Okamoto allegedly started dating not long after. 

However, it has never been confirmed by either Mackenyu or Okamoto. Regardless, netizens strongly believe that Okamoto was the girl Mackenyu was vacationing with during the lockdown.

In 2022, Mackenyu was rumored to be dating a girlfriend and even asking Yakuza to kill his girlfriend’s friend. Mackenyu and his girlfriend began dating soon after being introduced by Taka of ONE OK ROCK, but he didn’t notify Higashitani Yoshikazu or Taka. 

According to Arama Japan, Taka went fishing with some pals and decided to bring his female acquaintance, thinking nothing of it. He had no idea she was dating Mackenyu at the time. 

Mackenyu was enraged when she informed him about the trip. He contacted Yoshikazu at 4 a.m., and his first words were, “May I kill Taka?” He informed Yoshikazu that he was going to pick up his girlfriend and ignored whatever Yoshikazu said.

The gossip site also revealed that Mackenyu was probed for narcotics possession because of his ties to Sawajiri Erika. Erika was arrested for narcotics after the two had a one-night stand. 

The tabloid also claimed that Mackenyu was toxic in his relationships. Women are allegedly mistreated by Mackenyu quite often. 

He had been associated with a number of women, some of whom he cheated on and others who were married while dating him. One instance of this poor behavior is a dancer he dated. 

They lived together until he allegedly became bored with her. He then had someone pose as his manager in order to break up with her and kick her out.

None of these rumors have been proven to be true. Similarly, Mackenyu has not addressed any of the relationship rumors to date.

Mackenyu in ‘One Piece’

One Piece is a Netflix fantasy adventure streaming television series created by Matt Owens and Steven Maeda.

The series is a live-action version of Eiichiro Oda’s continuing 1997 Japanese manga series of the same name, for which he worked as a significant creative adviser. 

As the first five members of the Straw Hat Pirates, the series has an ensemble cast that includes Iaki Godoy, Emily Rudd, Mackenyu, Jacob Romero Gibson, and Taz Skylar.

Mackenyu played the role of Roronoa Zoro in the Netflix show.

Zoro is confident, although he frequently acts in a humorous manner. A recurrent comedy is that he has a bad sense of direction, which he is very uncomfortable about since he never acknowledges when he gets lost. 

When the crew is at sea, Zoro is generally seen resting or practicing to become the world’s finest swordsman. He and Sanji have a fierce rivalry, frequently fighting, both verbally and physically, over little to major topics. 

Though not a samurai, he looks to have some bushido and is frequently mistaken for one. Unlike Monkey D. Luffy and most of the other Straw Hat Pirates, Zoro has been known to kill his opponents in cold blood if necessary. 

It is demonstrated that Zoro appreciates battling a powerful opponent, he is normally left to face the second-strongest villain in each arc, while Luffy fights the strongest. When facing a worthy opponent, Zoro maintains a maniacal smile and a stern look.

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Rachel Matthews Stays Mum about Having a Boyfriend — Explore Her Dating History

Inside Rachel Matthews’s dating life.



Rachel Matthews Stays Mum about Having a Boyfriend — Explore Her Dating History

American actress Rachel Matthews has garnered significant attention for her role in the black comedy slasher film, Happy Death Day.

Matthews’s fans not only praised her performance in the movie but also expressed growing curiosity about her relationship status, wondering if she is single or in a committed relationship.

Does Rachel Matthews have a boyfriend?

As of now, Matthews does not appear to be dating, as she has intentionally kept her personal life private and has not shared any details about it on any public platform.

However, some speculation about her relationship status has arisen from a few photos she has shared on Instagram. For instance, on June 29, 2020, she posted a picture with Camila Mendes, where Matthews was seen carrying Mendes while wearing blue and pink wigs respectively.

Alongside the post, she wrote, “Happy birthday to the love of my life. can’t wait to grow old with you.” This caption led many of her followers to speculate about the nature of their relationship, with some questioning their sexuality and whether they were dating.

One person commented, “Are you a lesbian?” while another said, “Wait wait they’re dating? Cause if they are cute,” with a few red heart emojis.

Despite the widespread speculation, Matthews and Mendes are simply best friends and not a couple. This distinction was further emphasized when Mendes took to Instagram on December 25, 2023, to commemorate Matthews’ birthday with a series of heartfelt photos.

In the caption of her post, she wrote, “Happy dirty 30 to my bestie, producing partner, roomie of six years (until next week) @rachellynnmatthews if this is truffle when you leave the house for a few hours, idk how she’s going to cope when you move out. love you forever. Can we stop growing up now? this is too much change for one week.”

Actually, the actress’s best friend now has a boyfriend named Rudy Mancuso. However, Matthews remains primarily focused on advancing her professional career rather than actively seeking a romantic partner. It’s evident that she values her independence and is prioritizing her goals and aspirations at this point in her life.

When the time comes for her to find her soulmate, she will undoubtedly share her happiness with the world at the appropriate moment. Until then, we need to respect her privacy and allow her the space to navigate her personal life on her terms.

Rachel Matthews’ dating history

According to WhoDateWho, a reputable source for celebrity relationship information, there are no records of past relationships for Matthews.

This lack of public dating history suggests that while the actress might have had a romantic involvement with some men in the past, she has chosen to keep these details private.

Rachel Matthews prefers to maintain privacy regarding her personal life. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, despite Matthews’ longstanding presence in the entertainment industry spanning nearly a decade, she has managed to avoid any romantic entanglements with her co-stars. This remarkable feat highlights her professionalism and dedication to maintaining clear boundaries between her personal and professional spheres.

Rachel Matthews’ career

Matthews’s passion for acting blossomed at a young age, inspired by Shirley Temple movies. This interest led her to enroll in tap and voice classes, and at the age of 10, she joined a local theater program.

Later, during her college years, she forged friendships with fellow actress Camila Mendes and musician Maggie Rogers. Upon returning to Los Angeles, Mendes became her roommate, while Rogers later featured in Matthews’s music video ‘Give a Little.’

Her breakthrough in acting came in 2017 with her film debut in Happy Death Day, directed by her uncle Christopher Landon. In the movie, she portrayed the sorority house president Danielle Bouseman, a role she reprised in the 2019 sequel Happy Death Day 2U.

The same year, Matthews landed the role of the villainous thief Magpie in the TV series Batwoman and had a small part in the Hulu series Looking for Alaska. She also lent her voice to a character in Frozen II.

More recently, the actress starred in the romantic comedy film Upgraded, where she not only played the role of Suzette but also served as an executive producer. The movie centers around Ana, portrayed by Mendes, an ambitious intern navigating the art world while trying to impress her demanding boss, Claire.

When Ana is upgraded to first class on a work trip, she meets handsome Will, leading to a series of glamorous events and romantic opportunities, until Ana’s white lie threatens to unravel everything.

The film, released on February 9, 2024, received overwhelmingly positive reviews, with viewers praising its captivating romance and delightful humor.

Rachel Matthews portrayed Suzette in the film ‘Upgraded.’ (Source: Williamjacket)

One viewer remarked, “This film is truly remarkable. As a romance enthusiast, it captivated me entirely,” while another exclaimed, “Such a fun movie. It’s hilarious. I chuckled I laughed I had a good time. It’s the kind of movie that lifts my spirits and puts a smile on my face. Go see it, it’s sweet and cute.”

At present, the actress is poised at the burgeoning stage of her career, with ample opportunities awaiting her. Undoubtedly, she will grace the screens in numerous acclaimed movies and television series, while also exploring diverse avenues within the entertainment industry.

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Is Danielle Macdonald Married to a Husband? Explore Her Dating History

Danielle Macdonald kept her personal life private.



Is Danielle Macdonald Married to a Husband? Explore Her Dating History

As Australian actress Danielle Macdonald enters her early thirties, curiosity among her fans and followers about her relationship status has grown.

To address the curiosity of her fans, Macdonald has not tied the knot with a husband, nor is she currently involved in any romantic relationship.

Upon close examination of her Instagram, it becomes evident that the actress has opted not to share any photos that might suggest she is currently involved in a romantic relationship. Instead, her feed is filled with numerous snapshots showcasing her close bond with her parents, whom she holds in high regard.

Notably, on April 14, 2023, she shared a captivating throwback image commemorating her parents’ wedding day. Accompanying this heartfelt post was a touching caption expressing gratitude and admiration for her parents’ enduring love, humorously noting how they got engaged on just their second date.

This glimpse into her family life suggests that Macdonald deeply values her parents’ strong and lasting relationship, and she appears to be captivated by their love story.

Consequently, at this juncture, Macdonald seems to be more focused on her professional pursuits, choosing to prioritize her career ambitions over actively seeking out a romantic relationship.

This decision underscores her commitment to personal growth and fulfillment, as she remains open to the possibility of finding her soulmate when the time is right.

Danielle Macdonald’s dating history

In regards to Macdonald’s current relationship status, she has maintained a veil of secrecy surrounding her past dating life. However, according to sources such as WhoDatedWho, the actress was romantically linked with her Skin co-star, Rich Barnes, in 2016.

Intriguingly, during that same year, the actress publicly extended birthday wishes to her alleged boyfriend Barnes via Instagram, prompting him to reciprocate with a heartfelt declaration of love for her.

Danielle Macdonald was reportedly dating Rich Barnes. (Source: Married Biography)

Despite these affectionate exchanges, neither Macdonald nor Barnes officially confirmed or denied the existence of their relationship at the time, leaving fans in a state of speculation.

Furthermore, alongside her alleged involvement with Barnes, the actress found herself linked to yet another co-star, Luke Benward, renowned for his role as Bo in the progressive 2018 Netflix movie, Dumplin.

Despite the media attention surrounding their on-screen chemistry, Macdonald chose to remain tight-lipped about the nature of her relationship with Benward, leaving fans to ponder the extent of their connection.

Brief on Danielle Macdonald’s career

Macdonald relocated to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career at 18. Despite originally being cast for the role of Becca Huffstatter in the ABC drama series Huge, visa delays prevented her from fulfilling the role.

Nevertheless, she quickly made her mark in the film industry with her debut in The East, which premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

Subsequently, Macdonald showcased her versatility by portraying Alice Manning in the 2014 crime film Every Secret Thing. Her talent caught the eye of audiences, leading to a guest appearance in the season finale of American Horror Story: Roanoke in 2016.

In a career-defining role, the actress starred opposite Bridget Everett and Cathy Moriarty in the 2017 drama film Patti Cake$, portraying the titular aspiring rapper in New Jersey. She further expanded her repertoire with appearances in the Netflix comedy series Easy and the Academy Award-winning short drama film Skin.

Likewise, in 2019, Macdonald showcased her acting prowess in I Am Woman, portraying Lillian Roxon in the biopic of singer Helen Reddy. Her performance, complete with an authentic Australian accent, garnered critical acclaim.

Continuing her streak of compelling roles, she shared the screen with Michelle Pfeiffer in the 2021 film French Exit, captivating audiences with her captivating performance. In the same year, Macdonald ventured into the realm of romantic comedy with Falling for Figaro, directed by Ben Lewin.

Moreover, in 2022, she made her debut in the series The Tourist as the character of Helen Chambers, a diligent police officer assigned to investigate a man who has suffered from amnesia following a car crash.

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Daniella Perkins and Boyfriend Justin Robbins Dating for over Four Years

Daniella Perkins and her boyfriend frequently express their affection for each other.



Daniella Perkins and Boyfriend Justin Robbins Dating for over Four Years

American actress Daniella Perkins, aka Daniella Taylor, and her boyfriend, Justin Robbins, have nurtured their relationship with love and trust for over four years.

Perkins went public with her relationship with Robbins in New Year 2020 when she shared a picture with him on Instagram for the first time. Along with the post, she wrote, “Convinced this dude to bring in the new year with me. Happy New Year,” with black and firecracker emojis.

After seeing pictures of the then-new couple, one person commented, “You two are so cute together,” while another exclaimed, “OMG, so cute. I think I’m going to find one and convince him too.”

Since that day, the actress and her boyfriend have posted many pictures of themselves together. For instance, on November 24, 2021, Perkins posted a series of pictures with her boyfriend to commemorate his birthday.

She lovingly captioned her post, writing, “Bub turns 22. My best friend, my person, my everything! don’t know how we spend literally every day together and still have so much to say, always laughing, sometimes I’m crying but I have your shoulder to cry on. Love you so very much.”

Similarly, Robbins has sporadically graced his Instagram feed with endearing snapshots of himself and his girlfriend. For instance, on May 12, 2023, he marked their fourth dating anniversary by sharing a captivating series of images.

Alongside this collection, Robbins penned a tender caption that encapsulated their journey: “4 yrs, 1 wk & counting.” Following the post, his followers showered the post with affectionate comments.

One person wrote, “Wishing you both many joyous adventures ahead… eagerly awaiting to witness them,” while another admirer remarked, “Their bond radiates profound love… it’s genuinely heartening to behold,” punctuated with a heartfelt heart emoji.

Despite the multitude of pictures they’ve shared, the couple has chosen to keep their origin story – how they first crossed paths and embarked on their romantic journey – private and undisclosed.

Daniella Perkins’ dating history

According to reports, Perkins was in a couple of relationships before she began dating Robbins. Her first public relationship was with Zach Clayton in 2017. However, their romance hit a rough patch after a few months.

In September 2017, the actress and Zach made their breakup public, but Zach’s tweets hinted at the possibility of Perkins being involved in their split. Responding swiftly, Perkins took to her Instagram story to debunk the cheating rumors.

Likewise, in an exclusive conversation with J-14, the Suncoast actress expressed her belief in maintaining certain aspects of a relationship private to prevent unnecessary external involvement.

Daniella Perkins and Zach Clayton were together for only a few months. (Source: Justjaredjr)

She also emphasized her life motto of staying positive and true to oneself, highlighting the importance of self-awareness amidst any drama that might arise. “Everyone breaks up – like it’s a thing that happens in life,” she said.

Perkins added, “It’s not like a huge thing, but being [on] the internet – things are going to happen, of course, if you have a following or something, it’s expected – especially being a public relationship. Things happen, and I’m busy with work now.”

However, the drama didn’t stop there; shortly after, the actress found herself embroiled in dating rumors with her co-star, Jace Norman. Speaking about their dating rumor, Jace expressed his surprise at the sudden attention, admitting that he is typically a low-key individual and had never experienced such a surge of public interest.

He also acknowledged that the experience was quite intriguing for him. Reflecting on the incident, he remarked, “I saw the power of social media negatively. I tried to move on. I tried not to reply. I tried to just let it blow over. It’s all good.”

“I was more concerned about Daniella ’cause she was the one who was getting accused of a lot of things. I was more focused on her because, for me, Zach was just going after and trying to get some attention. I was just trying to stay low-key and protect Dani,” Jace concluded.

Brief on Daniella Perkins’ career

Perkins embarked on her social media journey around 2015, initially gaining traction on, now known as TikTok, where she has amassed over 1.8 million followers. Simultaneously, her YouTube channel has flourished, boasting a substantial following of over 800 thousand subscribers.

Later, she made a deliberate shift towards pursuing acting professionally during her early teenage years. Perkins first appeared in the 2014 short film Senior Slasher.

Soon after, she transitioned to television, making her debut with a guest appearance on Girl Meets World. Seizing opportunities with Nickelodeon, Perkins secured a recurring role as Sophie in the series Legendary Dudas in the same year.

Continuing her ascent, the actress landed the lead role of Ciara in the Nickelodeon series Knight Squad from 2018 to 2019, a character she reprised in a crossover episode of Henry Danger.

Expanding her repertoire, she lent her voice to the character Winnie in Middle School Moguls. Alongside her television endeavors, Perkins made guest appearances in various Nickelodeon series, participated in reality shows, and graced screens in the 2016 television film Blurt.

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