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How Christian Slater and Wife Brittany Lopez Met

All about Christian Slater and his wife Brittany Lopez!



How Christian Slater And Wife Brittany Lopez Met
How Christian Slater And Wife Brittany Lopez Met

Christian Slater is an American actor and film producer who gained fame for his role as Jason “J.D.” Dean, a sociopathic high school student, in the satire Heathers. Likewise, he received critical acclaim for his title role in the USA Network television series Mr. Robot.

For his role as Mr. Robot, he received the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in 2016, with further nominations in 2017 and 2018.

Slater has also appeared in movies like King Cobra, Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, and We Can be Heroes.

Coming to his personal life, the actor is presently married to his wife, Brittany Lopez. The couple has been married to each other for nearly a decade.

According to Bustle, their relationship, interestingly, began with a significant misunderstanding.

How did Christian Slater and his wife Brittany Lopez meet?

Slater met Lopez while on vacation on Little Palm Island, Florida, in 2009. At the time, the actor was 39 years old, while his wife was just 21 years old.

During a 2013 interview with Jimmy Fallon, he recalled their amusing encounter. He said he had oatmeal in a “very, very nice” location that was “known” for proposals.

He then describes how his current wife got on one knee and proposed to an older lady.

“I thought I’d just witnessed a nice lesbian engagement, so I was coming over to say congratulations,” he added. But in reality, he poorly misread the situation as Lopez was only snapping pictures of her aunt.

He pointed out, “The next thing I knew, we were hanging out in the Everglades.”

He also once admitted that his decision to give her a taxidermied raccoon as a gift rather than the live animal she requested backfired.

He described the crazy incident, saying, “She opened the item and all she saw was two dead eyes staring up at her and she literally screamed for 45 minutes into her mother’s bosom.”

“It was awful,” he added.

Fortunately, their bond wasn’t damaged by the raccoon event. The pair dated for three years and tied the knot on December 2, 2013, in the Miami, FL courthouse. According to People, they unexpectedly decided to get married there and then, despite only planning to obtain their marriage certificate.

After about three years of marriage, they welcomed a daughter named Lena on August 16, 2019.

Who is Christain Slater’s ex-wife?

Slater’s ex-wife is Ryan Haddon, the daughter of model Dayle Haddon and Glenn Souham. Around 1998, Haddon started dating Slater and got married on February 12, 2000.

Together they have two children, a son Jaden Christopher who was born in 1999, and a daughter, Eliana Sophia, who stepped into the world in 2001.

Christian Slater and Ryan Haddon at Club Ivar in Hollywood, California, United States.

Christian Slater and Ryan Haddon at Club Ivar in Hollywood, California, United States. (Source: Getty Images)

Haddon was arrested for throwing a glass at Slater in 2003 during an argument at a Hard Rock Cafe while on vacation in Las Vegas. Slater’s neck was cut and needed 20 stitches. She was charged with domestic battery and was freed after posting a bond.

Over Christmas in 2004, they made a separation announcement. The couple officially separated in 2005 and divorced in 2007.

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Did Asia Monet Ray’s Parents Divorce or Are They Still Together?

Asia Monet Ray’s parents aren’t divorced!



Did Asia Monet Ray’s Parents Divorce Or Still Together?

Asia Monet Ray’s parents, Shawn Ray and Kristie Ray got married in the early 2000s and have been together for over two decades now.

Asia is a famous dancer who made history by becoming the youngest StarPower National Championship winner at the age of 5. 

However, in recent days, Asia’s parents have been attracting attention, and fans are questioning if her parents, Shawn and Kristie, are divorced.

Did Asia Monet Ray’s parents’ divorce?

Asia Monet Ray’s parents, Shawn and Kristie, have been in a committed relationship since their marriage in 2003. 

The couple welcomed their first daughter, Asia, on August 10, 2005, and later expanded their family with the arrival of their second daughter, Bella Blu. 

Asia Monet Ray’s parents, Shawn Ray and Kristie Ray at her graduation.

Asia Monet Ray’s parents, Shawn Ray and Kristie Ray, at her graduation. (Source: asiamonetray/Instagram)

As of the available information and online sources, there is no evidence or news suggesting that Shawn and Kristie have divorced. 

It seems that they are still together, maintaining a strong and enduring partnership. Moreover, the pair attended Asia’s high school graduation on June 8, 2023, to express their love and support toward her.

Who is Asia Monet Ray’s mother, Kristie Ray?

Asia’s mother, Kristie, was born on August 3, 1971, and gained recognition through her appearances on popular reality television shows Dance Moms and Raising Asia

Before her television stardom, Kristie showcased her talent on the first season of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.

Asia Monet Ray with her mother Kristie Ray.

Asia Monet Ray with her mother, Kristie Ray. (Source: asiamonetray/Instagram)

Before venturing into the world of entertainment, Kristie was a gymnast as a child and has performed in fitness competitions.

Additionally, Kristie was a fitness competitor and a model. She is also a paramedical esthetician and the owner of a skincare salon.

Who is Asia Monet Ray’s father, Shawn Ray?

Asia’s father, Shawn, born on September 9, 1965, in Placentia, California, U.S., is a former professional bodybuilder and author. 

He drew inspiration from bodybuilders Chris Dickerson, Bob Paris, and Francis Benfatto, which motivated him to pursue bodybuilding. 

Throughout his career, he consistently ranked among the top five competitors in over 30 major bodybuilding competitions.

Asia Monet Ray and her father Shawn Ray at her graduation.

Asia Monet Ray and her father, Shawn Ray, at her graduation. (Source: shawnrayifbbpro/Instagram)

Shawn signed his first professional bodybuilding sponsorship contract in 1988 and appeared in several video documentaries such as Lifestyles of the Fit & Famous Final Countdown, To The Extreme, Best of Shawn Ray, and many more.

His expertise and knowledge in the field led him to write a book titled The Shawn Ray Way, a guide to becoming a bodybuilder. 

Additionally, he has made appearances on magazine covers, including Flexible Magazine, and as a co-host and commentator for ESPN’s Flex Magazine Workout and bodybuilding competitions.

Shawn also has actively engaged in charitable activities. He organized the annual Vyo Tech Nutritionals presents Shawn Ray’s CHOC Hospital Golf Invitational, a charity fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. 

While he faced controversy when he became the first professional bodybuilder to fail a drug test at the Arnold Classic in 1990, he bounced back to win the title again in 1991. 

After retiring from competitive bodybuilding in 2001, Shawn worked with various companies, including FasciaBlaster, Mr. Tortilla, Old School Bodybuilding Clothing, and Mutant Nutrition. 

The 57-year-old former bodybuilder currently works as a feature writer and editor-in-chief for Digital Muscle Media and hosts Mr. Olympia PPV

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TikToker Jeenie Weenie Has Been Married to Her Husband Johnny Ung for Almost Seven Years

Jeenie Weenie and her husband are relationship goals!




Inside Jeenie Weenie's Relationship With Her Husband Johnny

For Sandra Jeenie Kwon, her husband, Johnny Ung, is the love of her life.

Best known as Jeenie Weenie (@jeenie.weenie on TikTok and Instagram), Kwon is a TikToker who posts funny videos and skits on her social media. She collaborates with many people, but the one person she collaborates with the most is her spouse.

Kwon has been making videos for a long time, for it has been only a couple of years since her husband started appearing on them. Even though Kwon and Ung are active on social media, not much is known about them.

But one thing is for sure — Kwon loves her husband a lot. She often posts photos with him on Instagram, referring to him as the love of her life.

Here is all we know about the couple.

Sandra Jeenie Kwon and her husband, Johnny Ung

As said before, not much is known about Kwon and her husband. It is unknown when they started dating.

It seems like it was love at first sight for Kwon. She once posted a video indicating that she fell for Ung the first time she saw him.

That being said, the two were together before 2016. The first photo she has with Ung on Instagram is on May 6, 2016, during their engagement photoshoot

It was a selfie of the two inside their car with the caption, “That’s a wrap! Was so much fun!!” with the hashtags “#couldntgetoneseriousphoto #goofingaround #engagementshoot #photos #wedding #beachday #mylove.”

After that, Kwon posted pictures of her engagement shoot and bridal shower. Four months later, the pair married, surrounded by their friends and family, on September 11, 2016.

As of 2023, the two have been married for almost seven years. Since their wedding, the pair have traveled to various countries like Greece, Canada, Dubai, and Maldives, among others.

Whenever Kwon uploads photos with her husband, she refers to him as the love of her life. For instance, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2021, she posted an adorable picture of the pair and wrote, “Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life.”

She gushed about how Ung taught her what love was and thanked him for supporting her in everything she did. She wrote, “Thank you for protecting me when I’m most vulnerable. Thank you for loving my family and friends as much as I love them. Thank you for being you. I love you.”

Jeenie Weenie has been married to her husband for over six years.

Jeenie Weenie has been married to her husband for over six years. (Source: @jeenie.weenie/Instagram)

In the seven years of their marriage, Kwon and Ung tried to have kids. Finally, they succeeded and welcomed their baby girl in March 2023 —  turning their family of two into a family of three.

Who is Johnny Ung?

Ung is often recognized as the husband of “Jeenie Weenie.” However, he has an established career of his own.

According to his LinkedIn, he is the founder of AnimationTech: Technology Rentals for VFX Studios. They have been providing “quality technical support for the CG and VFX industry in the Los Angeles and New York City area” for over a decade. 

They provide hardware rentals like Macs, PCs, iMac, Wacom, 4K Displays, Render Farms, and Thunderbolt Display.

Ugh studied at UC Irvine, where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Economics from 2003 to 2006. He worked as Information Technology at Harbor UCLA Medical Center from 2000 to 2003 and as Lead Network Technician at Fortress Networks from 2004 to 2007.

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Is Jay Johnston Married to a Wife? He Was Previously Dating Paget Brewster

Jay Johnston has been tight-lipped about his dating life.



Is Jay Johnston Married To A Wife? Inside His Love Life

American actor Jay Johnston has been arrested and charged in California regarding his alleged involvement in the attack on the U.S. Capitol. 

On January 6, 2021, Johnston was arrested and charged with felony obstruction of officers during civil disorder, along with several misdemeanor offenses. 

According to court documents, the actor was caught on video entering the upper west tunnel of the Capitol during the Jattack, which was one of the most violent areas of the incident. 

Likewise, the documents stated that he actively participated by assisting at least three other rioters. Specifically, he was reported to have poured water on the faces of these individuals. 

Jay Johnston was arrested in connection with the attack on the United States Capitol.

Jay Johnston was arrested in connection with the attack on the United States Capitol. (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, Johnston seized a stolen Capitol Police shield and wielded it while engaging in clashes with law enforcement officers who were attempting to restore order during the riot.

Later in December 2021, the actor was reportedly banned from the popular series Bob’s Burgers due to his alleged involvement in the riots that occurred earlier that year.

Following the incident, the curiosity of many of his fans and followers was piqued, as they became more interested in learning additional details about Johnston, especially regarding his personal life

Is Jay Johnston married? 

Johnston is not married and is single. He is also not actively engaged in social media, making it difficult to glimpse his personal life.

Given his situation, the actor might not have been looking for romantic involvement at the moment. It can be presumed that he prioritized the redevelopment of his career and endeavored to shed the criminal tag associated with him. 

Jay Johnston’s dating history 

Johnston has not made his dating life much public. However, it has been reported that he was in a relationship with Paget Brewster, an actress known for her role in the TV series Criminal Minds.

In a later interview with the Av Club, Brewster was asked about her involvement in several short films alongside notable comedians. Specifically, she was asked about working with Johnston in the Agent 15 films and Brainwarp, as well as Paul F. Tompkins’ in Brainwarp and Kidney Thieves.

In response, Brewster shared that she and Johnston dated for a significant period and also lived together during that time. She further mentioned that Tompkins was Johnston’s writing partner. 

Jay Johnston once dated Paget Brewster.

Jay Johnston once dated Paget Brewster. (Source: Twitter)

However, when Brewster and the actor broke up, she humorously acknowledged that people tend to take sides in such situations and initially aligned himself with Johnston. 

Brewster then laughingly added, “And then I won him back! I won him back like a year later, and we’ve been very, very close ever since.” She also said, “And Paul still works with Jay.”

The Criminal Minds actress provided further details about the collaboration between Tompkins, Johnston, and herself. She mentioned their involvement in a project called With Bob And David, which consisted of four episodes on Netflix. 

Moreover, she explained that this series involved the same group of individuals who were originally part of the HBO show Mr. Show. H.

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