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Fan Edited Picture Reveals Omar Apollo Got Grindr on His Phone

Omar Apollo has been going viral lately.



Fan Edited Picture Reveals Omar Apollo Got Grindr on His Phone

Omar Apollo recently went viral for three different reasons —  having Grindr on his phone, his new single ‘3 Boys’, and rumors of him dating Shawn Mendes.

As a result, Apollo has secured his name on the trending list on Twitter. People have been trying to connect these three dots and have been speculating a lot about Apollo’s dating life.

Fans and followers are questioning why he has Grindr on his phone if he is dating Mendes. Similarly, they want to know what the ‘3 Boys’ is about.

Here is everything we know about it.

Omar Apollo and Grindr

On February 7, 2023, a photo of Apollo inside a bus when viral. He seems to be shaking the hand of a person sitting behind him, whereas his other hand is holding his phone.

His phone is unlocked, giving people a clear view of the apps he has downloaded —  one of them being Grindr. Grindr is a dating app, designed specifically for gay men.

It is a geo-located hook-up app that allows guys to meet other men depending on their proximity. When you establish an account, you may upload one photo and a brief bio about yourself, but this is usually used for sexual preferences rather than hobbies or interests.

Users may share photographs and arrange to meet if they both feel comfortable. Apollo is an openly gay artist who has embraced his sexuality.

So, when people found out that the singer had Grindr on his phone, people started making memes out of it. Moreover, they started questioning why he had the app if he was dating Mendes.

Mendes has never revealed if he is gay or bisexual to date. Regardless, he has been linked with a lot of men, especially Apollo.

Omar Apollo recently went viral for allegedly downloading Grindr on his phone.

Omar Apollo recently went viral for allegedly downloading Grindr on his phone. (Source: Instagram)

The dating rumors of the two started in late 2022 after they were seen getting cozy at Apollo’s Los Angeles concert. The two were also photographed with a staff member at the concert.

Moreover, there are rumors that the two went to a gay nightclub as well. So naturally, people believed that the two were dating.

Many even congratulated Mendes regardless of his not coming out as gay or bisexual. Coming back to Apollo having Grindr on his phone, the singer has not addressed anything about it.

However, many claimed that the image was photoshopped. They pointed out that the logo of Grindr was a little brighter than other apps and said it was like that because it was photoshopped.

Omar Apollo’s ‘3 Boys’

‘3 Guys’ is a song by Apollo that was released by Warner Records on February 16, 2023. It talks romantically about the protagonist accepting his partner’s proposal of a ménage à trois only to discover that it would not work out, characterizing polyamory as resentments waiting to arise. 

‘3 Boys’ was Apollo’s first song of 2023, following the release of his debut studio album, Ivory, the previous year. Apollo shared a preview of the song on social media a week before its release, along with the cover and title.

He explained that this single was something different from what he usually wrote. He often wrote songs related to unrequited love, but ‘3 Boys’ was his attempt at writing about something other than monogamy.

He said, “When I first started writing songs I would often write about unrequited love. Eventually, I wrote songs about the complexities that come with a relationship. ‘3 Boys’ was my first time writing about something non-monogamous.”

He wrote the song with his friend, Dylan Wiggins, during a rainy day in London. Once he performed it for Wiggins, he had his friend Mustafa help him with a couple of lines.

To date, Apollo has not revealed who the inspiration was for his single. 

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Unraveling Aleta Diane Ray’s Death Case That Was Witnessed by Her Infant Daughter

All about the murder of Aleta Diane Ray.




Unraveling Aleta Diane Ray’s Death Case That Was Witnessed by Her Infant Daughter

Evil Lives Here is an American documentary television series started on January 17, 2016, on Investigation Discovery. In every episode of this 60-minute true crime program, a family member related to the case is interviewed.

The documentary has a wide array of cases that they discuss. However, one of the most chilling cases is the murder of Aleta Diane Ray.

Ray was discovered dead inside her Twin Falls County, Idaho, home in September 1999. At first, the death was ruled natural, but the authorities quickly discovered methamphetamine and insulin traces inside of her, which strongly suggested that it was murder. 

To make matters worse, her murder was witnessed by her infant daughter, Jade Scotton. Here is all we know about it.

Background of the case

As said before, Ray was murdered by forceful injection of methamphetamine and insulin. She was killed by her partner Verne Jesen’s former wife, Vicki.

However, before diving into the case of Ray’s murder, a back story is required. 

When Jensen was twenty years old and pursuing his respiratory therapy degree, he became acquainted with a registered nurse at the hospital where he worked. Jensen was married but separated from his first wife.

Vicki, a divorced mother of a four-year-old boy, and Jensen worked together for a while before the latter made the decision to take her out on a few casual dates. 

He admitted that he found her funny and that she was “extremely friendly.”

He said, “When she knew I was separated from my wife, she handed me a note asking if I wanted to meet up for drinks and talk. We hung out. But she became very possessive right off the bat. It was very clear she wanted something much more.”

However, Jensen didn’t think their relationship was serious. So, he was taken aback when, following an extended weekend spent with friends, Vicki was able to get on the phone and talk to his mother. 

Afterward, she acknowledged that she had called every Jensen listed in the phone book until she found the correct home. She announced her relationship with Jensen shortly after.

Unsure of how to respond to the circumstances, Jensen lost himself in his job. He was able to secure a full-time job in Twin Falls, which is over two hours distant from Boise. 

Vicki had stated she would accompany him, he said. Vicki also declared that the two would be married when his first marriage ended in 1991, and they actually did.

Soon after, Vicki started abusing him, both physically and verbally. She even tried to kill Jensen’s first wife. 

“The one thing that truly made me realize there was something wrong with her was when she brought insulin home to try to kill my first wife, my kids’ mother, because she had raised my child support a couple of years after she found out I’d gotten a different job,” Jensen claimed. 

Vicki said, “I’m gonna kill that witch,” but Jensen did not take it seriously. This was because he thought that it was just a phrase, not a serious statement.

But one day, he saw the insulin and questioned Vicki. She said that she was going to take care of it.

Soon, Jensen got worried, grabbed the insulin and syringes, and threw them in a dumpster somewhere. He tried to convince himself that she was simply overreacting.

“I thought I could control this, I could handle this. I told her if she tried this again, I would call the police, and I wasn’t screwing around here. I thought about going to the police anyway, but I said to myself, ‘What could they really do?” he thought.

But at that time, Vicki had not committed any crime. However, she was physically and verbally abusive to Jensen, and the latter was afraid of her.

According to him, she would punch him, hit him, and throw things at me. Jensen never retaliated, and soon, it started getting worse. 

He finally moved out and started working additional jobs to help pay for a divorce attorney, even though he didn’t call the police. Around that time, he started dating Ray, a nurse’s assistant. 

He was infatuated with how kind and caring Ray was to her patients. Jensen gushed about her, “She never got short with anyone or impatient, even if someone was being really ugly towards her. She always had a smile on her face. I fell in love with her smile. She had a very soothing voice. She put others before herself. It was such a breath of fresh air.”

They had a natural connection, and Jensen soon fell for her. In 1999, Ray and Jensen moved into an apartment together with Ray’s daughter as their love grew. 

Vicki learned the truth quite quickly. Jensen said that he and Ray had made arrangements to move away and start over in a distant place when Vicki started following them.

Soon, they started seeing Vicki following them around. Jensen wanted to send Ray “somewhere 200 miles away so she could feel safe.”

Unfortunately, he was too late for it.

The murder of Aleta Diane Ray

After Jensen left for work on September 9, 1999, Vicki and her two accomplices, who were dressed in disguise, tricked Ray into allowing them entry into her home. It was there that Vicki fatally injected the 33-year-old with methamphetamine and insulin while holding a pistol to her head. 

Prosecutors claim that Vicki watched Ray suffer for over one hour after ignoring her cries for forgiveness. Ray’s 3-year-old daughter, who was left alone with her dying mother, saw the crime.

Reports state that Vicki enlisted the assistance of her 14-year-old niece Autumn Pauls and her 17-year-old ex-boyfriend Matthew W. Pearson to carry out the murder. 

Initially, the Ray’s death was said to be natural. Vicki was a major suspect in the murder, of course, given her past actions, and that’s why the police concentrated their investigation on her. 

Jensen was certain that his divorced wife was involved, but he had no evidence to show the authorities. Nevertheless, Pauls gave a friend at school the information that they could care for people without being discovered, which gave the authorities a significant lead.

When Pauls was questioned about Ray’s death, she broke down and admitted to everything. When Vicki was eventually taken into custody for her involvement in the murder in February 2000, everything finally came to light. 

Subsequently, the police said that on September 9, 1999, Ray was home alone when Vicki came up to her and asked to use her phone. Pauls and Pearson were also there, albeit disguised.

Vicki, then 39, entered a guilty plea to Ray’s 1999 murder, which has been described by judges and prosecutors as one of the most horrifying killings in Twin Falls County. She received a life sentence in jail. 

The judge referred to Vicki as the diabolical mastermind behind a heinous and perverted crime at the sentencing hearing. Pauls and Pearson were tried as adults as well for the murder of Ray.

According to recent prison records, Pauls was granted release in 2015 and has been residing in Idaho Falls ever since. However, Vicki is detained at the Pocatello Women’s Correctional Centre in Pocatello, Idaho, while Pearson is still housed at the Idaho State Correctional Institution in Ada County, Idaho.

The case discussed on Investigation Discovery

Evil Lives Here has featured Ray’s murder and death in two episodes —  Season 11’s ‘Divorce? Never. Murder? Maybe.’ and Season 3 of Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death’s ‘They Killed My Mom.’

Evil Lives Here’s premise tells the experiences of those who lived with a loved one who would turn into a killer—a parent, brother, member of the extended family, or even a child. Their perspective of the killer is provided by reenactments mixed with police film, family photos, videos, and interviews.

Though there are a handful where two persons are included, most episodes are done alone with only one close friend or relative of the suspect who did horrible deeds relaying the tale.  In each episode, the subject looks at photos of themselves or the suspect to remember specific events from their past, both happy and unhappy.

Jenson was featured in this episode, where he talked about his former wife, Vicki, and how terrified he was of her. 

In the show, he said, “It’s been 23 years since everything happened,” Jensen told Fox News Digital. “I truthfully didn’t know if I could revisit this or not. But I wanted to share my side of the story. Things have been said over the years – different things. So I just wanted people to finally understand what happened and how things went down.”

Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death primarily consists of interviews with the victims’ relatives and law enforcement personnel about how they were impacted by the perpetrator(s), if there were multiple culprits, as opposed to the parent program Evil Lives Here, which features an individual being interviewed about a family member who is a murderer and how the situation has affected them.

Ray’s daughter Scotton was featured on ‘They Killed My Mom’, where she talked about how she witnessed the murder and how it affected her. She also reconnected with Jensen at the end since the two had not seen each other since she was three years old.

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The Gamification of Marketing: Lessons from the Casino Industry



The Gamification of Marketing: Lessons from the Casino Industry

Gamification is one big facet of marketing. All industries use this strategy, and the Ice Casino Romania is one of the best examples of how gamification works in marketing. Today, we will talk about the best lessons we can learn from the casino industry as far as gamification is concerned.

What Is Gamification in Marketing?

Gamification in marketing refers to how the marketing campaign uses game elements to entice a person to participate and become a customer. Essentially, it is a two-way communication between the company and the target consumer where the target consumer gets “rewards.”

The main tenet is to make the person involved in the process. As a result, the participant gets rewarded for his time and effort. In the past, the usual advertising methodology was one way: the advertiser shows actors, or there is a script. As such, the viewer could do nothing but watch and listen. 

Now, with the internet, the target consumer can do things to become an active participant in the activity. To explain further, below are some examples:

  • Quizzes,
  • Leader boards,
  • Contests,
  • Digital puzzles,
  • Spin-the-wheel promotions,
  • Mini-games.

Any kind of campaign where the person watching the ad could do anything to interact with the ad is gamification. At this point, it does not matter if the viewer is a customer — what matters is that they interact with the ad. In time, this participant may eventually become a customer.

Gamification: What We Can Learn from the Casino Industry

The casino industry uses several gamification tactics to market its products. The most obvious way is to allow the participants to play the games for free. In this section, we will look at several ways by which casinos increase their sales and conversion by this method.

Demo Games

The most obvious gamification strategy of casinos is the availability of demo games. Many casinos today offer their games in demo mode, which means that target consumers can actually play the gambling games for free.

These demo games use the same rules as the real ones, making it more than just a simulation. People interested in learning how the games work can use these demo versions for testing.

Furthermore, there is a non-monetary reward for the player. Any person who plays these demo versions can learn something — like how the game works or what strategies to best use to improve the odds of winning.

Loyalty Programs

Almost all casinos have loyalty rewards. All land-based casinos have a rewards system. Online, most casinos offer a VIP program.

In this program, each player who spends money to wager gets an equivalent point. For example, a player gets one complimentary point for every wagered $10.

The player now has a goal to accumulate as many points as he can. Once he has enough, he can swap these points for some goods. For example, they can swap the points for cash. Then, they can either withdraw the cash or use that again to wager in games.

In essence, casinos earn money from the player as this player wagers more. On the other hand, the player also feels “fulfilled” if he ever meets his goals to get more rewards.

Tournaments and Rewards

One common activity in the casino industry is slot tournaments. In it, slot machine enthusiasts will have to pay an entry fee. Typically, all participants have an equal amount of money to spin the reels.

The players who win the most money from spinning slot machines emerge as winners in the tournament. Their prize is a share of the prize pool, which is significantly higher than the money they used to enter the tournament.

Many slot machine fans participate in this tournament even if they know that slots are games of chance. They are fully aware that they have no control over the results of their spins. Despite that, there is a thrill involved because they never really know who gets lucky and who does not.  

Bonuses and Promotions

Finally, casinos offer all sorts of promotions to entice would-be players. The most common is a welcome bonus that does not require a deposit.

In this gamification, the casino offers the player free cash free spins, or both. The player now can place real bets — wagers that involve real cash, even if they did not make a deposit. They could also win cash. In the end, this player is very likely to deposit if he ever likes the games they played.

Final Thoughts

Gamification is now pretty much what many companies strive for when developing marketing campaigns. The days of simple ads are going away as more and more people want to be involved in the things they see online.

Gamification does not only work in the casino industry. It works in any kind of niche. The one thing that matters is the involvement of the ad viewer or the target consumer. If they spend time with the ad and want to become a social group, then it is likely that they will become paying customers one day.

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Michael Fassbender Has an Impressive Net Worth — A Look at His Successful Career

Michael Fassbender has multi-million dollar net worth.



Michael Fassbender Has an Impressive Net Worth — A Look at His Successful Career

Michael Fassbender, the renowned actor with an impressive array of performances in the entertainment industry, has not only garnered critical acclaim but has also amassed a sizeable net worth.

Born in Germany and raised in Ireland, Fassbender’s breakout role came in 300 and garnered further stardom in films like Inglourious BasterdsX-Men, and Steve Jobs.

Beyond his on-screen success, the actor has also ventured into the realm of motorsport, showcasing his passion for racing. 

Revealing Michael Fassbender’s net worth

While the exact net worth of Fassbender remains undisclosed, Celebrity Net Worth estimates it to be $40 million, attributing this wealth to his successful acting career. 

His journey in the film industry began with his debut screen role as Pat Christenson in the award-winning television miniseries Band of Brothers

Michael Fassbender.

Michael Fassbender. (Source: Instagram)

He ventured into various projects, including the fantasy action film 300, and achieved critical acclaim for his portrayal of Bobby Sands in Hunger

Fassbender’s mainstream success continued with roles in films such as Inglourious BasterdsX-Men: First Class, and 12 Years a Slave, earning him several accolades and nominations. 

His other famous movie credits include the 2011 erotic psychological drama film Shame, the 2015 biographical film Steve Jobs, the epic historical film Macbeth, and more.

Michael Fassbender’s present works

In 2016, Fassbender reprised his role as Magneto in X-Men: Apocalypse and showcased his dramatic range in The Light Between Oceans, a film based on M. L. Stedman’s novel. 

The actor also appeared in the 2016 thriller Trespass Against Us, alongside Brendan Gleeson. Later, that year he appeared in the adaptation of the popular video game Assassin’s Creed, where he not only starred but also co-produced the film through his DMC Film banner. 

In 2017, he returned to the sci-fi realm, reprising his role as the android David in Alien: Covenant, and took on the complex character of Harry Hole in the adaptation of Jo Nesbø’s novel, The Snowman

After a hiatus, he made a strong comeback in 2023, starring in David Fincher’s action thriller The Killer, receiving praise for his portrayal of a yoga-loving assassin. 

Additionally, he was featured in Next Goal Wins, directed by Taika Waititi, based on the documentary of the same name.

Michael Fassbender’s upcoming works

Fassbender currently has a film in post-production where he shares the screen with legends Arnold Schwarzenegger and David Hasselhoff in the anticipated full-length sequel to the 2015 short film Kung Fury

Beyond his on-screen roles, Fassbender has ventured into production alongside screenwriter Ronan Bennett, forming Finn McCool Films. Together, they are developing a film centered around the Irish mythological hero Cú Chulainn. 

Moreover, Fassbender is set to make his mark as an executive producer for the Netflix dystopian drama titled The Kitchen, a project written by the talented duo Daniel Kaluuya and Joe Murtagh. 

In March 2023, Fassbender will appear in the upcoming Na Hong-jin’s anticipated thriller The Hope, alongside the talented Alicia Vikander and Taylor Russell.

Michael Fassbender’s real estate

Renowned actor Fassbender, celebrated for his performances in blockbuster films like X-Men, 12 Years a Slave, and Inglorious Basterds, made a notable real estate investment in 2017. 

Fassbender acquired a lavish holiday home situated in the upscale Alfama district of Lisbon, Portugal. The property, purchased for approximately $2.3 million, boasts a luxurious private garden terrace and a swimming pool. 

The apartment, positioned in a coveted hilltop locale, offers panoramic views of the scenic river Tagus.

Michael Fassbender decided that he wanted to be an actor at 17

Fassbender was born in Heidelberg, West Germany, on April 2, 1977, to an Irish mother, Adele, and a German father, Josef Fassbender. He also has an older sister named Catherine, who is a neuropsychologist at the MIND Institute in California.

Fassbender moved to Killarney, Ireland, where his parents operated a restaurant. Raised Catholic, he served as an altar boy and attended Fossa National School and St. Brendan’s College. 

The decision to pursue acting struck him at 17 when he was cast in a play, prompting him to leave home at 19 to study at the Drama Centre London. 

Although he dropped out in 1999, his determination led him to tour with the Oxford Stage Company, performing in the play Three Sisters

Before establishing himself as an actor, he undertook various jobs, including bartender, postman, manual laborer, market researcher for Royal Mail, and even a stint at Dell.

Michael Fassbender has a passion for motorsport

Fassbender’s passion for motorsport has been a lifelong pursuit, tracing back to his youth. In 2020, he revealed, “Even before I started acting, I had a big dream to go racing.” 

A devoted fan of Formula One and Scuderia Ferrari, Fassbender enrolled in the team’s Corso Pilota training course in 2016. His racing journey officially began in May 2017 when he entered the Ferrari Challenge’s Coppa Shell class, debuting at Mugello Circuit and finishing 15th. 

The 46-year-old actor secured a commendable sixth place in the Challenge’s North American division at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. In 2018, he participated in the full Ferrari Challenge North America schedule, clinching victory at the season opener at Daytona International Speedway and finishing fifth overall. 

Further, in 2019, he joined the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany with the German Porsche Racing Experience, documented in a Porsche-produced YouTube series titled Road to Le Mans

In 2020 he joined the Proton Competition for the entire European Le Mans Series, achieving notable results. Despite a challenging start in the Porsche Supercup, he continued racing with Proton Competition in the European Le Mans Series in 2021. 

He finished in fourth-place finishes at the Red Bull Ring and Spa-Francorchamps, culminating in a career-best second-place finish at Portimão. 

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