5 Times Stephanie Sanzo Gave a Workout Plan On Instagram

5 Times Stephanie Sanzo Gave a Workout Plan On Instagram

5 Times Stephanie Sanzo Gave a Workout Plan On Instagram

Stephanie Sanzo, known among her fans as “Steph Fit Mum,” is an Australian fitness celebrity and a personal trainer. She has been receiving the limelight ever since she began her journey in the fitness world.

Thanks to that, she currently garners over 2.2 million followers on Instagram and has been receiving several brand endorsement deals, which has been helping her financially. Her popularity has also led her to become a Sweat trainer and have her own training program on the Sweat application.

As a personal trainer, Sanzo has been giving a lot of useful tips to her followers through her Instagram handle. She regularly posts clips of her workouts and gives workout plans in the caption for her followers to follow, if they are keen to keep themselves fit and healthy and attain a great physique.

Here are five times Stephanie Sanzo has given workout plans via her Instagram handle, ranging from the oldest to the newest.

5. Workout for ‘Quads and Hams’ (March 2021)

On March 10, 2021, Sanzo took to her Instagram handle to share a series of clips of her working out. In the caption, she gave a workout plan for her Instagram followers to follow to smash their Quads + Hips.

The first step was “Walking Lunge 4x10ea (20 steps),” followed by Seated Leg Curl 4×10 (or Prone Leg Curl). Then, she told to do “Hack Squats 4×15⁣ (or Leg Press), followed by “Romanian Deadlifts 4×15⁣.”

The last step was “Cable Squats 4×20⁣,” which was to be followed by “Cable Pull Throughs 4×20 .” Additionally, she mentioned that she was using a lot of machine-based movements during her workout session as her body felt really beat up and sore from a deadlift workout that she did earlier in the week.

In the end, she mentioned a good benefit of machine-based exercises which is “that they induce less overall stress on the body.”

4. Workout for ‘Glutes and Hamstrings’ (April 2021)

On April 22, 2021, Sanzo posted a total of seven clips of her workout on Glutes and Hamstrings. As usual, she went on to give some instructions for the fitness enthusiasts to follow.

She started off the caption by writing, “You’ll notice that the reps in this workout range between 10-20 reps throughout the entire session. I’ve found Higher Rep Ranges to be optimal particularly for the Glutes when the desired objective is to increase Hypertrophy / Muscle Mass.”

Then, she went on to mention the instructions. In the start, one had to do “Bulgarian Split Squats 20,15,12,10 (Pyramid).” Then, the second step was to do “Kneeling Leg Curl 20,15,12,10 (Pyramid).”

The third step was to do “Banded Hip Thrusts 4×10⁣,” followed by “Banded Hip Abductions 4×20⁣.” Afterward, one had to do “Cable Rope Pull Throughs 4×15⁣,” followed by “Machine Hip Abductions 4×15⁣.” The last step was to do “Cable Glute Kickbacks 4x20ea .”

3. Workout for ‘Back and Triceps’ (July 2021)

On July 8, 2021, Sanzo, age 34, followed her usual routine of giving helpful workout tips/instructions. This time, the workout was to target one’s Back as well as Triceps.

She started the caption by urging her followers to save this workout and try it for themselves. Then, the instructions were given. In the start, one had to do “DB 1 Arm Rows 4x8ea⁣⁣.” Secondly, a “Lat Pulldown 4×10⁣⁣.”

Those two steps were followed by “Supinated Single Arm High Row 3x12ea⁣⁣,” “Cable Straight Arm Pulldown 3×15⁣⁣,” and “Seated Dips 4×8-10⁣⁣.” In the end, one had to do “Tricep Pushdowns 3×12-15⁣⁣,” and “Close Grip Bench Push-Ups 3xMAX⁣⁣.”

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2. Workout for ‘Back and Biceps’ (August 2021)

On the 18th of August, Sanzo posted a series of her workout videos which was accompanied by the background music “People” by Lightmuzik. Through this post, she gave workout tips to target one’s Back as well as Biceps.

Just like above, in this one too, she urged her followers to save this workout and try it for themselves. The first tip was to do “Kroc Rows 4x8ea⁣.” In the second one, one had to do “Neutral Grip Chin Ups 4xMAX⁣.”

The two workout instructions were followed by five more which were “Seated Underhand Grip Rows 3×10⁣,” “Lat Pulldown 3×12⁣,” “Cable Straight Single Arm Pulldown 3x15ea⁣,” “Cable Single Arm Bicep Curl 4x10ea⁣,” and “Dual Cable Bicep Flex Curl 3×20⁣.”

1. Workout for ‘Shoulders and Biceps’ (September 2021)

Just a couple of days ago, on September 29, 2021, the Australian personal trainer posted clips of her workout in which she targeted her Shoulders as well as her Biceps. Like any other time, this time, too, she gave the tips she followed during that workout.

Sanzo, who stands at a height of 5 feet, wrote the first instruction, which is “Seated DB Press 4×10⁣.” Then, one had to do “EZ Bar (or DB) Single Arm Lateral Raise 4x12ea⁣,” which was to be followed up by “EZ Bar (or DB) Single Arm Press 4xMAX⁣.”

After that, the next thing to do was “Sir Charles Raise 4×15⁣,” which was to be followed up by “Cable Reverse Fly 4×15⁣.” In the end, one had to do “EZ Bar Bicep Curl 4×10⁣” and “Seated DB Hammer Curl 4×15⁣.”

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