Swimsuit Model Tayler Mercier Shares Plans about Expanding Her Media Empire and Helping Brands Tell Intriguing Stories

Exclusive: Swimsuit Model Tayler Mercier Shares Plans about Expanding Her Media Empire and Helping Brands Tell Intriguing Stories

Swimsuit Model Tayler Mercier Shares Plans about Expanding Her Media Empire and Helping Brands Tell Intriguing Stories

Photo credit: Tayler Mercier

When she is the face of a brand, she wants to make an impactful impression, tell interesting stories, and connect with people around the world. And even though being in the spotlight as a model can often be overwhelming and intimidating at times, Tayler Mercier is always focused on stepping out of her comfort zone when working on modeling campaigns or influencer brand collabs.

It’s her mission to help brands tell unique stories and reach the masses while other days her work inspires other female influencers to follow in her modeling footsteps.

Mercier started modeling as a teenager and is one of the world’s renowned swimsuit models. She has been featured in glossy top men’s magazines and has been featured in FHM and Playboy.


She is also an entrepreneur, who constantly looks to grow her media empire. With that motivation, she plans to launch a new media company called Mercier Media. The company, set to start in early 2022, will see her working with a variety of photographers, brands, and social media influencers like herself.

In an exclusive interview with GLAMOUR BUFF, the internationally published model talks about her journey as a model, experiences in the fashion world, growing her media empire, and how she is helping lifestyle and fashion brands tell intriguing stories.

GB: You recently celebrated your birthday. Firstly, happy birthday to you. So, have you made any fashion resolutions on this birthday?

TM: I would really like to step out of my comfort zone and try new looks that I haven’t tried before. I feel like when I do this, I end up finding something that I had no idea that I liked. The goal is to find clothes that make me feel good in my own skin, while also expanding my fashion creativity.

Photo credit: Tayler Mercier

GB: You have been active in the modeling scene since your early 20s and acquired a large social media following over the years. But very few are aware of your beginning. Can you tell us about the early days of your start in the entertainment/modeling industry?

TM: I grew up in a small town and was taught small-town values. I wanted to travel and see the world from an early age. I knew there was so much more that I wanted to see, which is why I pursued modeling. I got my start in the industry when a Houston photographer reached out to me to see if I wanted to come in for a photoshoot. I remember being nervous, but something told me to go. Needless to say. I’m glad I went with my gut feeling because that turned into magazine publications.

GB: Did you always plan to be a model from a young age? If yes, how did your parents see that aspiration? Were they supportive?

TM: I always knew I wanted to be a model. I remember at an early age my friends were asking each other what they wanted to be when they grew up and they all had different answers. I remember telling them that I was going to be a model. My parents were both supportive, especially my mom, who has always been supportive of anything that makes me happy.

GB: Childhood, schooling, and modeling. That must be the timeline, right? So, tell us something about your transition from being a schoolgirl to getting in front of the camera for the first time.

TM: It was exciting and intimidating all at the same time. I was so excited about the possibilities that could come from modeling professionally, but I was also so nervous because I was unsure of myself and I wanted to do a great job. As I grew up and matured and go more experience in the industry, I have really mastered being a professional model.

Photo credit: Tayler Mercier

Keeping a positive mindset when you are pursuing something new is essential and I would encourage everyone to remain positive and do things that scare you sometimes — On the other side of fear is greatness!

GB: Do you have any memories from your first modeling gig?

TM: I remember feeling excited that the spotlight was on me, but intimidated at the same time. I actually remember once I get to a photoshoot and get in the zone, I feel empowered, relaxed, and focus on having fun. Great direction and communication with the professionals on set and the photographer also help make my job as a model easier to handle.

GB: Now, you are established and have thousands of followers on Instagram and even on OnlyFans. How have you managed to keep such a loyal fanbase? And what are your plans to grow your media empire?

TM: Sharing my perspective on a regular basis is something that many people in my fanbase appreciate and are interested in. Talking on social media and being authentic, honest and kind is the key to gaining a loyal fanbase. As an entrepreneur, I have a set schedule when I do content creation for social media and OF and that helps keep me organized when it comes to managing and growing my social media presence.

Now that I have so much experience in the modeling and social media fields, I am launching a new media company called Mercier Media– I am working with a variety of photographers, brands, and social media influencers like myself to deliver compelling and interesting content to audiences on behalf of brands around the world. It’s exciting and our official launch will be in early 2022.

GB: Do you also interact with your followers?

TM: Yes, I try to respond to all comments and establish great communication with them– it helps keep my niche social media community engaged.

GB: The other important aspect of your professional modeling career is to work with and help brands tell their stories – How do you approach brands? Is it challenging?

TM: It’s all about personal relationships, communication, hard work, consistency, and connecting with other humans to fulfill a bigger task. Being kind and honest is important with any business dealings, especially in the modeling/entertainment industry.

GB: What specific things do you do consciously to help lifestyle and fashion brands tell intriguing stories?

TM: I work with lots of brands to help develop and create intriguing social media content that fans will care about and engage with. I am the negotiator and connector of different influencers and brands that align in the lifestyle and entertainment industries.


GB: Post pandemic, how have you planned to move forward in your career? What is the next goal you want to achieve in your life?

TM: I am focused on continuing to launch/grow and scale Mercier Media into a top global agency that brings together align influencers and brands for major campaigns. I want to help models and influencers around the world build a career working with awesome brands, telling interesting stories.

GB: Anything you would like to tell to aspiring models, who look up to you for inspiration.

TM: Yes, I absolutely do. The most important thing to know is that when you are in the spotlight, people may try to prematurely judge you or tear you down. Don’t pay it any attention — It says more about them than you.

I encourage other models and women in entertainment to never compare themselves to others and to recognize and own their self-worth. There are people out there that feel like just because you’re in the spotlight that they have the right to pick you apart and that is not OK or true. Just focus on working hard, being consistent, loving yourself, and keeping a positive mindset.

This interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity. If you have any inquiries, email us at glamourbuff@gmail.com.

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