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Exclusive: Swimsuit Model Tayler Mercier Shares Plans about Expanding Her Media Empire and Helping Brands Tell Intriguing Stories



Swimsuit Model Tayler Mercier Shares Plans about Expanding Her Media Empire and Helping Brands Tell Intriguing Stories
Swimsuit Model Tayler Mercier Shares Plans about Expanding Her Media Empire and Helping Brands Tell Intriguing Stories

Photo credit: Tayler Mercier

When she is the face of a brand, she wants to make an impactful impression, tell interesting stories, and connect with people around the world. And even though being in the spotlight as a model can often be overwhelming and intimidating at times, Tayler Mercier is always focused on stepping out of her comfort zone when working on modeling campaigns or influencer brand collabs.

It’s her mission to help brands tell unique stories and reach the masses while other days her work inspires other female influencers to follow in her modeling footsteps.

Mercier started modeling as a teenager and is one of the world’s renowned swimsuit models. She has been featured in glossy top men’s magazines and has been featured in FHM and Playboy.

She is also an entrepreneur, who constantly looks to grow her media empire. With that motivation, she plans to launch a new media company called Mercier Media. The company, set to start in early 2022, will see her working with a variety of photographers, brands, and social media influencers like herself.

In an exclusive interview with GLAMOUR BUFF, the internationally published model talks about her journey as a model, experiences in the fashion world, growing her media empire, and how she is helping lifestyle and fashion brands tell intriguing stories.

GB: You recently celebrated your birthday. Firstly, happy birthday to you. So, have you made any fashion resolutions on this birthday?

TM: I would really like to step out of my comfort zone and try new looks that I haven’t tried before. I feel like when I do this, I end up finding something that I had no idea that I liked. The goal is to find clothes that make me feel good in my own skin, while also expanding my fashion creativity.

Photo credit: Tayler Mercier

GB: You have been active in the modeling scene since your early 20s and acquired a large social media following over the years. But very few are aware of your beginning. Can you tell us about the early days of your start in the entertainment/modeling industry?

TM: I grew up in a small town and was taught small-town values. I wanted to travel and see the world from an early age. I knew there was so much more that I wanted to see, which is why I pursued modeling. I got my start in the industry when a Houston photographer reached out to me to see if I wanted to come in for a photoshoot. I remember being nervous, but something told me to go. Needless to say. I’m glad I went with my gut feeling because that turned into magazine publications.

GB: Did you always plan to be a model from a young age? If yes, how did your parents see that aspiration? Were they supportive?

TM: I always knew I wanted to be a model. I remember at an early age my friends were asking each other what they wanted to be when they grew up and they all had different answers. I remember telling them that I was going to be a model. My parents were both supportive, especially my mom, who has always been supportive of anything that makes me happy.

GB: Childhood, schooling, and modeling. That must be the timeline, right? So, tell us something about your transition from being a schoolgirl to getting in front of the camera for the first time.

TM: It was exciting and intimidating all at the same time. I was so excited about the possibilities that could come from modeling professionally, but I was also so nervous because I was unsure of myself and I wanted to do a great job. As I grew up and matured and go more experience in the industry, I have really mastered being a professional model.

Photo credit: Tayler Mercier

Keeping a positive mindset when you are pursuing something new is essential and I would encourage everyone to remain positive and do things that scare you sometimes — On the other side of fear is greatness!

GB: Do you have any memories from your first modeling gig?

TM: I remember feeling excited that the spotlight was on me, but intimidated at the same time. I actually remember once I get to a photoshoot and get in the zone, I feel empowered, relaxed, and focus on having fun. Great direction and communication with the professionals on set and the photographer also help make my job as a model easier to handle.

GB: Now, you are established and have thousands of followers on Instagram and even on OnlyFans. How have you managed to keep such a loyal fanbase? And what are your plans to grow your media empire?

TM: Sharing my perspective on a regular basis is something that many people in my fanbase appreciate and are interested in. Talking on social media and being authentic, honest and kind is the key to gaining a loyal fanbase. As an entrepreneur, I have a set schedule when I do content creation for social media and OF and that helps keep me organized when it comes to managing and growing my social media presence.

Now that I have so much experience in the modeling and social media fields, I am launching a new media company called Mercier Media– I am working with a variety of photographers, brands, and social media influencers like myself to deliver compelling and interesting content to audiences on behalf of brands around the world. It’s exciting and our official launch will be in early 2022.

GB: Do you also interact with your followers?

TM: Yes, I try to respond to all comments and establish great communication with them– it helps keep my niche social media community engaged.

GB: The other important aspect of your professional modeling career is to work with and help brands tell their stories – How do you approach brands? Is it challenging?

TM: It’s all about personal relationships, communication, hard work, consistency, and connecting with other humans to fulfill a bigger task. Being kind and honest is important with any business dealings, especially in the modeling/entertainment industry.

GB: What specific things do you do consciously to help lifestyle and fashion brands tell intriguing stories?

TM: I work with lots of brands to help develop and create intriguing social media content that fans will care about and engage with. I am the negotiator and connector of different influencers and brands that align in the lifestyle and entertainment industries.

GB: Post pandemic, how have you planned to move forward in your career? What is the next goal you want to achieve in your life?

TM: I am focused on continuing to launch/grow and scale Mercier Media into a top global agency that brings together align influencers and brands for major campaigns. I want to help models and influencers around the world build a career working with awesome brands, telling interesting stories.

GB: Anything you would like to tell to aspiring models, who look up to you for inspiration.

TM: Yes, I absolutely do. The most important thing to know is that when you are in the spotlight, people may try to prematurely judge you or tear you down. Don’t pay it any attention — It says more about them than you.

I encourage other models and women in entertainment to never compare themselves to others and to recognize and own their self-worth. There are people out there that feel like just because you’re in the spotlight that they have the right to pick you apart and that is not OK or true. Just focus on working hard, being consistent, loving yourself, and keeping a positive mindset.

This interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity. If you have any inquiries, email us at

Currently serving as Managing Editor at Glamour Buff and GB ISSUE, Arun specializes in covering stories happening on and off the camera. He began as an entertainment writer in June 2019, and since then, he has gradually established himself in the entertainment industry. Connect with me:


Keep Warm & Stylish With These 10 Fashion Hacks For Winter 2023



Keep Warm & Stylish With These 10 Fashion Hacks For Winter 2023

As winter rolls in, there’s this cool excitement in the air, and it’s not just the chilly breeze. It’s about gearing up, wrapping yourself in layers, and embracing the cozy vibe. With Christmas just around the corner, the festive spirit adds an extra dash of magic to your winter wardrobe adventures.

Keeping warm doesn’t have to mean looking like a hobo y’know! On the contrary, winter can be one of the best seasons to let your inner fashionista out. But, it’s also good to point out that looking stylish needs investment of imagination …and a bit of moolah. That’s where we come in to help! 

To add that little creativity and pizazz to your wardrobe be sure to grab a pen and paper to start jotting down the below points. As for the moolah part, the first step is to check what staples you have, want or need, and the ‘nice-to-haves’ which you can possibly do without. It’d also be a wise move to start putting some money aside, rather than shock your bank account with a major shopping spree. Besides, you needn’t buy all items you have your heart set on in one go. However, if you’re feeling a bit lucky, you might want to sign up to a casino through FreeSpinsTracker, a site specializing in free spins bonuses, many of which don’t require a deposit!

From innovative layering techniques to clever accessory choices, discover how to navigate the winter fashion landscape with flair and comfort. Stay warm, stay stylish – let’s make this winter your most fashionable yet.

1. Add Thermal Layers

First things first, you need to master the art of layering to ensure none of your body heat escapes, keeping you warm throughout the winter. Begin with thermal fabrics specifically designed for optimal warmth without adding bulk, like leggings, vests, and long-sleeved tops. Uniqlo offers an excellent and affordable selection that utilizes their Heat Tech technology.

Next, introduce a loose middle layer, such as a cozy flannel shirt, and top it off with the thickest jumper you can find. This strategic layering not only efficiently retains heat but also guarantees comfort and style on colder days.

2. Double Up Your Socks

This might seem simple enough, but many people tend to overlook the fact that our feet often feel the most pronounced effects during a sudden drop in temperature, especially when rain or snow is involved. Moreover, the body naturally prioritizes keeping our core and vital organs warm, rather than focusing on our extremities. Therefore, it’s essential to take matters into our own hands and put on an extra pair of socks to ensure there’s no gap at the ankle for cold air to creep in.

3. Tights Under Jeans

Cold weather doesn’t require you to abandon your favorite summer jeans for a warmer alternative. Simply slip on a pair of opaque tights underneath for an additional shield against the cold. This trick not only guarantees warmth but also adds a stylish flair to your winter ensemble.

4. Gloves with Touchscreen Functionality

There’s nothing worse than having to remove your gloves to use your phone, exposing your hands to the freezing cold weather. Whether you’re trying to reply to a text, order an Uber, or look up directions, you need to be able to use your device without suffering from harsh weather conditions. That’s why we recommend investing in gloves with touchscreen-friendly tips – a practical and modern solution for the tech-savvy fashionista.

5. DIY Leg Warmers

Staying warm doesn’t have to break the bank. One economical way to add an extra layer to your outfit is to repurpose old sweaters into trendy leg warmers—simply cut the sleeves and slide them over your boots for a cozy and fashionable accessory.

6. Add A Gilet

Gilets go great with different clothes – throw them on with sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, or even under a coat for that extra cozy feel. No sleeves mean your arms move freely while your core stays warm. It’s the perfect choice for layering when the weather can’t make up its mind.

7. Heated Hand Warmers

Sometimes, even tucking your hands into your pockets isn’t enough to stop your fingertips from freezing, especially when you’re heading outside. Add some warmth by throwing a couple of hand warmers in your pockets – go for reusable gel packs or rechargeable electric warmers for a more eco-friendly option.

8. Make Your Dress Warmer

Throwing a turtleneck under your dress is an excellent trick to keep both your neck and arms toasty. You might even ditch the scarf, and it gives your dresses more mileage.

9. Warm Up Your Clothes

There’s a certain cruelty in having to slip into a chilly sweater or t-shirt during the winter. Who wouldn’t prefer something nice and warm enveloping them? I sure do! Simply toss your clothes in the dryer for a few minutes, or grab your hairdryer to warm them up before putting them on. This trick makes braving early mornings in cold weather a bit more bearable.

10. Faux Fur Collar Upgrade

Upgrade the look of your coat with the addition of a faux fur collar. This straightforward touch instantly injects a hint of glamour and warmth into your winter outerwear.

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Where Are Carrera Sunglasses Made? Unveiling Their Origin



Where Are Carrera Sunglasses Made? Unveiling Their Origin

The world of eyewear is vast, brimming with brands each boasting its unique blend of style and function. Yet, amidst this ocean of options, Carrera sunglasses stand out—a beacon of sophistication and purposeful design.

Not just a mere accessory, Carrera sunglasses represent a legacy, echoing decades of fashion trends, technological advancements, and an undying commitment to quality.

The Origin of Carrera

Diving into the annals of eyewear history, Carrera’s story begins in 1956. Founded by Wilhelm Anger, the brand was named after the perilous Carrera Panamericana road race. This association wasn’t just a random choice but a reflection of the brand’s passion for speed, design, and innovation. Over the years, as it navigated the shifting landscapes of fashion and function, Carrera cemented its place as an eyewear icon, adored by aficionados and the general public alike.

Italian Craftsmanship

At the heart of Italian craftsmanship lies the pulse of Carrera sunglasses. Italy—a land renowned for its artisanal prowess, where every stitch, cut, and mold is a testament to years of tradition fused with contemporary innovation. This craftsmanship, an intricate dance of hands and tools, plays a pivotal role in shaping the brand’s identity. Italy’s reputation for unparalleled quality and unmatched style is imbibed deeply into every pair of Carrera sunglasses, making each a masterpiece of Italian design.

Carrera’s Manufacturing Facilities

Now, when one poses the question—where are Carrera sunglasses made?—the answer is a bit layered. While the brand’s spiritual and design roots are deeply anchored in Italy, the wings of globalization have extended Carrera’s manufacturing prowess beyond these borders. Today, these sunglasses are crafted in a number of facilities worldwide.

However, each facility, regardless of its geographic location, resonates with the ethos of Italian craftsmanship, ensuring that every pair embodies the brand’s foundational principles.

Materials and Design

“Carrera sunglasses” is not just a name; it’s an assurance of quality. The materials chosen for each pair are meticulously selected to ensure durability, comfort, and of course, style. From high-grade acetate to premium metals, the raw materials undergo rigorous testing.

The brand’s designs, often characterized by their distinctive shapes and iconic stripes, are more than just fashion statements—they are a nod to Carrera’s racing heritage, each echoing the thrill and dynamism of the sport.

Production Process

From an abstract design concept to a tangible pair of sunglasses, Carrera’s production process is a journey of precision. Initial designs, often birthed from moments of inspiration, are sketched and then transformed into digital models.

These are then brought to life using prototypes. Once approved, the designs enter mass production where materials are cut, shaped, and assembled. Lenses, tinted to perfection, are then meticulously placed, completing the transformation from a vision to a wearable work of art.

Quality Control

With a brand as esteemed as Carrera, there’s no room for compromise. Every pair of sunglasses undergoes a stringent quality control process. This involves multiple checks at various stages of production—from material selection to assembly. It’s this unwavering commitment to quality that ensures each pair is not just a product but a promise of excellence.

Global Reach

From its humble Italian beginnings, Carrera has now spread its wings across the globe. Its presence in international markets is not just a testament to its superior quality but also its adaptability.

While the designs carry the Italian legacy, they resonate with global aesthetics, making this brand a universally loved brand. With distributors and retailers dotting various continents, these sunglasses have indeed become a global fashion phenomenon.


In unraveling the story of where Carrera sunglasses are made, we’ve journeyed through time, across borders, and deep into the world of craftsmanship. Whether it’s the rich Italian heritage, the meticulous production process, or the brand’s global appeal, this brand stands as a symbol of dedication to quality and design.

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Your Style Guide to Green Ball Gowns

Green is the color of happiness, rebirth, and immortality.



woman wearing green gown near mountain

Ball gowns are stylish outfits that are sure to draw lots of attention. These dresses are characterized by their full skirt with a heavy emphasis on the waistline. They are mostly worn to formal events but have also found a place in proms and homecoming dances in recent years; for instance, Sherri Hill has become known for prom and homecoming ball gowns.

A ball gown can come in various colors, and green is a striking one. However, it can be difficult to find the right shade of green for your style and know what occasion calls for a green ball gown. 

Our article will guide you on everything you need to know about green ball gowns, including finding the right shade and when and where to wear a green ball gown.

Why Green?

Green is the color of happiness, rebirth, and immortality. It gives a sense of calm to your style, making you more approachable and introducing you as a trusted person. 

Although green dresses, including green ball gowns, aren’t as popular in recent years, it’s a color you can combine with virtually anything. Green goes well with both dark and light colors. You can easily match a green ball gown with yellow, purple, white, and many more colors. 

This adaptability means you’ll have an easier time picking suitable accessories for a green ball gown, whether the dress calls for a belt or you get an evening bag to match.

Which Shade of Green to Choose?

Lime green, mint green, olive green, forest green, sage green, emerald green – the shades of green in fashion go on and on. While it’s good to have this many options, it can become overwhelming to find the ideal tone that suits your style.

For formal events, a rich, darker shade of green, such as emerald or forest green, is more appropriate. These shades of green truly show the elegance and sophistication of the color, making it just right for the occasion. 

Brighter shades of green tend to be more fitting for casual events. These shades of green make the dress (and you) appear cheerful and young. The shades of green, like pastel, lime, and olive green, are great choices for daytime outings and less formal settings.

Knowing what shade of green goes best for different occasions is important. However, finding the ideal shade of green for your skin tone is critical. Since green can appear very bright or dark, it’s essential to find the right shade of green for your skin tone. 

Here are what shades of green suit perfectly to warm, cool, and neutral undertones.

  • Warm undertones: Warmer shades of green are a better choice if you have warm undertones. Pistachio green, khaki green, and chartreuse green ball gowns are perfect for people with warm undertones.
  • Cool undertones: Cooler shades of green tend to be a better fit for people with cool undertones. Consider picking a mint, sage, or emerald green ball gown.
  • Neutral undertones: If you have neutral undertones, you’re in luck – pretty much any shade of green will go well with your skin tone. This means you have more flexibility than someone with warmer or cooler undertones.

If you don’t know your skin undertone, you can easily determine it by looking at the veins in your neck and face.

  • You have warm undertones if your veins appear green.
  • You have cool undertones if your veins appear blue.
  • You have neutral undertones if your veins appear both green and blue.

When and Where to Wear a Green Ball Gown?

Green ball gowns are adaptable to different events at different times, thanks to green’s flexibility. As we’ve mentioned above, dark shades of green fit perfectly to formal occasions with their rich and elegant appearance. Emerald and sage green, in particular, are excellent picks for formal events. 

These shades of green are better fit for nighttime affairs. For daytime outings, lighter shades of green tend to look better. However, darker shades of green may look just as great in the autumn and spring.

Brighter shades of green are more fitting for casual and daytime events. Although ball gowns aren’t the best choice for casual outings, the light shades of green make them appear more relaxed. This makes these shades of green ball gowns ideal for casual events, whether meeting with friends at a restaurant or going shopping.

Is a Green Ball Gown For Me?

Now you know more about green ball gowns, from what shade of green is best for different occasions to when and where to wear one. 

Determining whether a ball gown is for you or not is up to you. Your body shape, fitting preferences, how comfortable you want to be in the dress, and whether ball gowns highlight your best features all have a say in determining if ball gowns are for you.

When it comes to choosing a specific color like green, you will need to consider where you’ll be wearing the ball gown, the dress code of the events and places you’re attending, and personal preferences. 

Green ball gowns can look elegant and stylish to bright and attention-grabbing. With the flexibility green boasts, it should be a fitting color – unless you don’t want to wear or dislike green. That said, green ball gowns are an appropriate choice for many with their adaptability, regardless of the occasion.

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