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Taylor Swift Fans Now Boycotting Her Music after Launching Campaign against Matty Healy

For how long Taylor Swift will remain silent?



Taylor Swift Fans Boycott Her Music After Campaign Launch

Ever since Taylor Swift broke up with her boyfriend of six years, Joe Alwyn, her love life has been a subject of interest. 

While Swift has not confirmed her new boyfriend, she has been spotted with The 1975’s Matty Healy. Healy and Swift have been photographed hanging out together.

Moreover, Healy has been going to Swift’s Era tour concerts and her apartment as well. Many netizens have taken this as a confirmation of their relationship and are not happy with it.

This is mainly because Healy has been the subject of various controversies and scandals. He has made offensive and racist remarks and jokes that netizens have not taken well.

As a result, Swifties all over the world are ready to boycott their idol for dating a racist person. They have launched a campaign called Speak Up Now, using the hashtag #SpeakUpNow, urging Swift to talk about her alleged racist boyfriend.

Swifties are boycotting Taylor Swift with #SpeakUpNow

Users on social media are already circulating an open letter to Swift with the hashtag “#SpeakUpNow” in an attempt to urge her to refute the supposed relationship with Healy. The letter accuses Healy of “actions that contribute to the perpetuation of hatred, stereotypes, and objectification” and asks Swift to reply to Healy’s controversies publicly.

While people have the freedom to make their own decisions and develop partnerships, those who signed the letter are effectively saying that those in the public spotlight must take a stand against prejudice and hold themselves and their colleagues accountable.

They wrote, “Your voice holds tremendous power and right now your silence is palpable. This silence sends a message of indifference, particularly to the fans who have supported you.”

Swift is requested for “more than a mere apology” in the letter. She is asked to utilize her position responsibly and with meaning. 

Similarly, Swifties have asked her to encourage empathy and comprehension while advocating for inclusivity and celebrating diversity while inspiring people to join you in making the world a more just and equitable place by opposing destructive concepts.

The news about boycotting Swift’s music was also addressed by DeuxMoi. They took to Instagram Stories to reveal that Swifties were serious about the boycott.

Taylor Swift’s fans are boycotting her with the #SpeakUpNow campaign.

Taylor Swift’s fans are boycotting her with the #SpeakUpNow campaign. (Source: DeuxMoi’s IG Stories)

DeuxMoi reported that a source close to Swift defended the singer, claiming she was not reading anything online about her. She is simply focusing on her tour and enjoying it while shutting out news and reports surrounding her.

Swift has not addressed anything regarding her relationship after her break-up with Alwyn. Therefore, if what DeuxMoi said is true, she will not be responding about Healy and his racist behavior anytime soon.

Matty Healy’s racist past

Healy has a long history of controversy, including claims of racism and misogyny. Before 2023, some fans sought to defend the singer, claiming his outlandish conduct was satire.

Such justifications, however, were impossible to make after Healy’s appearance on The Adam Friedland Show in February 2023. Because the episode was extremely offensive, Apple and Spotify removed it from their services. 

However, clips from the program continue to circulate on social media, including ones in which Healy can be heard insulting Ice Spice. Ice Spice’s singing career and inspirations were discussed in the podcast by Healy, Mike Mullen, and Adam Friedland. 

They then embarked into a racist discussion in which they speculated about the singer’s origin, attempted to mimic her accent, and made other nasty remarks about her race and physique, including referring to her as “one of the Inuit Spice Girls” and a “chubby Chinese lady.” 

Healy was also heard giggling and encouraging the host to imitate Japanese accents. Healy apologized to Ice Spice during one of the 1975’s April gigs. 

He denied any accountability, stating his statements were misconstrued and apologizing solely because he didn’t want Ice Spice to believe he was mean. Meanwhile, in another segment of the podcast, Healy’s statements got much more unsettling. 

He casually mentioned that he was watching pornography from a hardcore site renowned for uploading images of white males sexually demeaning and shaming people of color while relating an event where a buddy walked in on him masturbating after a party. 

The website is said to be a virulently racist, violent, and misogynistic website that despises women and minorities.

Mullen and Friedland, the other two guys on the show, acted as if nothing was amiss with Healy’s statements, laughing along with him as he narrated the story, which netizens found disturbing to watch.

In January 2023, Healy and 1975 performed at the First Direct Arena in Leeds as part of the At Their Very Best tour. Things took an unpleasant turn when Healy stole the podium and launched into a racist diatribe. 

“I don’t think it’s a racist thing to say…,” Healy stated before his bandmates interrupted him by starting the following song. Many netizens assumed that the singer was about to say something offensive, so his bandmates did not let him speak.

Shortly after this event, Healy was recorded making the Nazi salute onstage at another concert. He performed the motion as he marched onto the stage, saying, “Thank you, Kanye, very cool.” 

The lyrics are from the 1975 song ‘Love It If We Made It,’ and they are meant to ridicule Donald Trump, who once tweeted the same lines to Kanye West, who has made repeated anti-Semitic slurs. 

Fans supported Healy’s salute, saying it was part of his satire of Trump and Kanye. He did not, however, explain the gesture, making it impossible to grasp his motivations. 

Racist charges initially came against Healy in 2020 when he sent an offensive tweet about Black Lives Matter. Just days after George Floyd’s murder, Healy turned to Twitter to express his thoughts, stating, “If you truly believe that ‘ALL LIVES MATTER’ you need to stop facilitating the end of black ones.”

His decision to add a link to The 1975 song ‘Love It if We Made It’ in the tweet received criticism. Twitter users soon pointed out how improper it was for him to utilize the Black Lives Matter movement to sell one of his songs. 

After receiving criticism, Healy removed the tweet and replaced it with another, stating that he only included the song because the lyrics discuss racism and other issues in the world. There have been several other instances of Healy being offensive and racist.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Swifites are mad at their idol for hanging out with Healy and ignoring his behavior.

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DJ Diplo Gets Accused of Giving a Fan STDs amid AIDS Controversy

DJ Diplo has faced multiple accusations of transmitting STDs and AIDS.



DJ Diplo Gets Accused of Giving a Fan STDs amid AIDS Controversy

American DJ Diplo has recently come under scrutiny as he faces accusations of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) to a fan amidst an ongoing AIDS controversy.

During a recent episode of the Let’s Get Into It Podcast, Sloan Hooks interviewed a fan who shared a shocking revelation about her experience with Diplo. The interviewee disclosed she contracted STDs from the DJ.

She explained that Diplo had consistently emphasized his rigorous STD testing regimen, comparing it to that of a star, which led her to believe he was free of infections and subsequently led them to engage in intimate activities without using contraceptives.

Later, when the host inquired how she could be sure that DJ was the one who transmitted the STDs, she explained that he was the only sexual partner with whom she had been intimate without using contraception.

The woman went on to elaborate, revealing that in the beginning, she hesitated to attribute the source of the infection to Diplo because she was apprehensive about his reactions every time she brought up the topic of STDs.

She also shared the details of how she discovered she had chlamydia. She explained that after her first intimate encounter with DJ, she developed a rash on her body and experienced discomfort. It was at that point that she decided to get tested, which led to the diagnosis of an STD.

After the shocking revelation, TheTeaTalk’s official page promptly shared a particular segment of the podcast video.

The caption accompanying the post reads, “Uh gross?! DJ #diplo is allegedly out here taking V cards and giving fans STDs #sloanhooks interviewed a not-so-lucky fan on his #letsgetintoit podcast who details her horrific experience with the famous DJ!”

Upon seeing TheTeaTalk’s post, fans and followers swiftly expressed their opinions in the comment section. One individual remarked, ”I believe her, to be honest.”

Similarly, another commenter shared, “Diplo is well-known in the industry for allegedly targeting young Black women and exerting pressure on them to engage in activities for the sake of their career, often funded by him or for financial gain.”

This is not the first time DJ has faced controversy related to sexual health. Recently, TikTok influencer Shelly Auguste accused the DJ of engaging in unprotected intimacy with multiple girls, including herself, and alleged that he might have transmitted HIV/AIDS to many of them.

Auguste detailed her experiences with Diplo in a viral video of 4 minutes and 19 seconds. She mentioned that about 1 or 2 years ago, she came across the story of a girl who had come forward about being diagnosed with AIDS.

To her dismay, she also recognized that this was the same girl to whom DJ had sent an intimate video. Auguste then speculated that the girl’s AIDS diagnosis might have been a result of her intimate involvement with DJ.

Furthermore, in an October 2020 complaint submitted to the Los Angeles Police Department, a 25-year-old woman accused Diplo of surreptitiously recording sexually explicit videos of her without her consent.

DJ Diplo defended himself, asserting that he never forced anyone into intimate encounters.

DJ Diplo defended himself, asserting that he never forced anyone into intimate encounters. (Source: DailyMail)

The complaint also made the serious allegation that he intentionally transmitted a sexually transmitted infection to another person.

Back then, Diplo disagreed with the accusations and posted a lengthy message in his defense. However, now he hasn’t addressed the issue of him transmitting STDs to the women.

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Are Erin Moriarty and Antony Starr Dating? Rumors Suggest They Are More than Friends

Deuxmoi noted, “They hook up/ have hooked up.”



Are Erin Moriarty And Antony Starr Dating? Here's The Truth

Erin Moriarty and Antony Starr have been a topic of dating speculation, fueled by a recent sighting that has set the celebrity gossip mill abuzz. 

A fan claimed that the pair were spotted sharing lunch at Superba in Hollywood, stating, “erin moriarity and antony starr out to lunch sunday at superba in hollywood.”

In response, the celebrity gossip page Deuxmoi revealed that the duo are more than friends saying, “They hook up/ have hooked up.”

Deuxmoi suggests Erin Moriarty and Antony Starr are more than friends.

Deuxmoi suggests Erin Moriarty and Antony Starr are more than friends. (Source: deuxmoi/Instagram)

Moriarty and Starr’s dating rumors have been swirling for a few years. Since their joint appearance on the popular superhero series The Boys, fans have wondered whether their on-screen chemistry transcended into a real-life romance. 

In 2021, Deuxmoi asserted that the co-stars deliberately kept their alleged relationship under wraps, perhaps to avoid the public eye.

Deuxmoi shared a series of emails that were sent by an anonymous source. The sender ambiguously referred to Starr as a key player on “the current biggest streaming show.”

Fans indicated that the email was about Erin Moriarty and Antony Starr.

Fans indicated that the email was about Erin Moriarty and Antony Starr. (Source: deuxmoi/Instagram)

One Instagram user undertook the role of decoder, indicating that the email was about Moriarty and Starr. Another Instagram user also revealed that the email’s subject, “diabolical gals,” referenced their shared work on The Boys

Deuxmoi again shared the screenshot of the second email, reportedly from the same anonymous sender. This time, the sender confidently stated that the rumored couple indeed consisted of Moriarty and Starr. 

However, the curtain of uncertainty still hangs, as both actors have yet to publicly address the rumors or provide any clarity on their relationship status.

Erin Moriarty’s dating history

Moriarty’s dating history, much like her guarded personal life, remains shrouded in mystery, largely due to her preference for maintaining privacy. 

Casting a glance back at 2013, curiosity swirled among fans as rumors circulated regarding a possible romance with fellow American actor Jacob Artist. 

The two first crossed paths in Indonesia while collaborating on the indie film After the Dark, also known as The Philosophers

As their time on set progressed, so did their closeness, sparking speculations about their potential relationship status. 

Adding fuel to the fire were Moriarty’s Instagram posts, where she shared numerous snapshots alongside Artist, further fueling romance rumors. However, the images gradually stopped coming after 2014, and it was believed they had parted ways.

In May 2017 that they were once again glimpsed together, suggesting an amicable relationship, yet the nature of their bond remained a mystery. 

Moriarty was also rumored to be dating Pedro Pascal. The basis for the dating speculations rested partly on the shared photos they shared on their Instagram profiles, some dating back to 2014. 

Among the posts was an image capturing Moriarty sitting next to Pascal in a living room, with a caption affectionately describing him as her “favorite person.” However, they didn’t publicly address the dating rumors.

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Bob Menery and Girlfriend Summer Sheekey Back Together despite Break up Drama

“Summer is flying in. She’s back,” Bob Menery announced.




Bob Menery And Girlfriend Summer Sheekey Are Back Together

It seems Bob Menery is hung up on one girl only — his longtime on-and-off girlfriend, Summer Sheekey.

The social media personality has now revealed that he is getting back together with his ex-girlfriend, despite previously claiming that she had cheated on him and made his life miserable.

On Sunday night, August 13, 2023, Menery took to his Instagram stories to share a video from a bar where he was with his friends. At the bottom of the video, he wrote, “Good night, heading home. Summer is flying in. She cut a check. We forgave her. She’s back.”

After that story, he posted a couple of other random stories. And then, he shared a screenshot of a message he received from either a friend or a fan, whose name is Gabe Anderson.

The message was a reply to the Instagram story, where he revealed he and Sheekey were dating again. Anderson had written, “That girl cheated on you, manipulated you, and tried to get lawyers involved in your business. What are you doing bro?”

Bob Menery reveals he and girlfriend, Summer Sheekey, are dating again

Bob Menery reveals he and his girlfriend, Summer Sheekey, are dating again (Photo: Instagram)

In reply, Menery wrote, “Damn u right.” Likewise, when he shared the screenshot of the message to his story, he added, “Gulp.” And he posted it on his feed as well, where he wrote, “Instagram story only. Forgive and forget? Or streets?”

The comment section of that post was turned off, and as Menery asked people to reply through Instagram stories, friends/fans did the same. Later, the Insta-famous personality shared two more screenshots of messages he received.

The first was from the username @pozpressedsend, who replied, “You have to be [explicit] kidding me. This is a joke, right Bob? You can’t possibly be serious. This person put you into psych rehab and detox. This is a bit. Good one, Bob!”

Menery then clarified this isn’t a joke or a bit, as said by the Instagrammer by writing, “Ain’t no bit. Raw life. But this is what I need to hear.” “You right. I ain’t smart in some areas,” he further added.

A fan reacts to Bob Menery revealing he got back together with his ex-girlfriend, Summer Sheekey

A fan reacts to Bob Menery revealing he got back together with his ex-girlfriend, Summer Sheekey (Photo: Instagram)

And to the above story, one Instagram user replied, “u just horny.” Menery texted back, “Yeeee I am.” And while sharing that screenshot, he added, “Agreed. I took a @RizzPharma too.” Rizz Pharma is a pharmaceutical company for men’s vitality and performance.

Before this, in May 2023, Menery revealed that he was in a legal battle with his ex-girlfriend. At the time, he often poured his frustration and talked about Sheekey’s adultery, despite his legal team advising him not to in fear of defamation.

Nonetheless, he often ignored the suggestions of his legal team and used to say that “truth is a defense.” Likewise, in March 2023, he announced that he would break down his two and a half years relationship with Sheekey.

While making the announcement via an Instagram post, he added that all his time with Sheekey was down the drain. “Don’t want to miss this one. I have a lot to get off my chest. Respect that,” Menery added in the caption.

Bob-Menery with his on-and-off girlfriend Summer Sheekey

Bob-Menery with his on-and-off girlfriend, Summer Sheekey (Photo: Instagram)

At the time of that announcement, Menery and Sheekey had recently split for the 17th time. The two began dating in mid-2019, and both believed they were the one for each other. But as time passed, their relationship formed cracks.

Cheating allegations spread across the internet, which led to their break up. However, their break up wouldn’t last long, as they would eventually get back together. And fast forward to now, Menery has again revealed he has forgiven her, and they’re dating again.

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