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Is Jeffree Star’s Mystery Boyfriend NFL Player Carl Nassib?

Jeffree Star and Carl Nassib are rumored to be dating.



Is Jeffree Star’s Mystery Boyfriend NFL Player Carl Nassib?

American makeup artist and YouTuber Jeffree Star sparked speculation after posting a photo of himself on a private jet with his NFL boyfriend. 

Star has been giving a sneak peek of his NFL boyfriend on social media for some time now. On January 28, 2023, he shared a picture of himself holding hands with a man in Vans sneakers on a private jet with the caption, “Goodbye LA, time to spend time with my #NFL boo in Wyoming.”

Jeffree Star with his NFL boyfriend on a private jet.

Jeffree Star is dating a mystery man. (Source: Twitter)

The post has sparked a frenzy on the internet, with thousands of people attempting to figure out who the mystery man is. From the picture, many people noticed the scar on his hand, which resembled a mole, freckle, or mark from an intravenous drip and could indicate he had recently undergone surgery. 


Similarly, on January 29, 2023, the makeup artist shared another photo of his supposed partner, wearing a Louis Vuitton co-ord with his back to the camera.

Star took the photo in the bathroom mirror while holding what appeared to be a pistol near the sink. He captioned the photo, “His team didn’t make it to the #SuperBowl, but he’s 6’6 and plays perfect in the bedroom.”

One of the fans who was trying to guess the person in the picture said, “He plays in the NFC South, wears red, and is taller than Jeffree, so he must be a member of the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, or Tampa Bay Buccaneers.” On the other hand, many people speculated that it could be Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Carl Nassib.


Is Carl Nassib Jeffree Star’s boyfriend?

Following the photo of Star with his NFL mystery man, many speculated that the mysterious man was none other than American footballer Nassib. One Tiktok user noticed that Nassib had deleted all of his photos with his boyfriend, Dahl. Some even pointed out that the vein in Nassib’s hand matched the one in the airplane photo.


Replying to @kiwannabrown Now I’m hoping it’s #carlnassib so I can stop my mind from 🕵🏻 #jeffreestar #jeffreestarnflboyfriend #jeffreestarboyfriend #detective ♬ original sound – Mariah B

Similarly, one person came up with her explanation in TikTok, saying, “I wonder if Carl and his boyfriend recently broke up, and Star has been posting this to be like cryptic because his boyfriend will recognize the ex and Star will say, Yeah, I got your man.” 

Following the video, one viewer commented, “Mystery man and Carl both have attached earlobes, just sayinn.” While many people assumed Star’s mysterious love interest was Nassib, others do not. “Nah the hair doesn’t match,” one person wrote.


However, Deuxmoi recently debunked the makeup artist and Nassib’s relationship rumors. “Carl Nassib (openly gay nfl player) watching the Philly 49ers playfoff game at down the hatch West Village,” Deuxmoi wrote. According to the post, Nassib was in New York watching a football game, not in Wyoming with Star.

Deuxmoi debunked the rumored romance between Jeffree Star and Carl Nassib.

Deuxmoi debunked the rumored romance between Jeffree Star and Carl Nassib. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, Dahl posted the story with the football player on February 1, 2023, and has not deleted the photo with him on his Instagram feed. Dahl has also posted a picture with Nassib and wrote, “Kicking off 2023 with my man and a trip to the playoffs.” Therefore, Nassib and Dahl might still be romantically involved.

However, Nassib has remained silent about the rumors, so it is unclear whether the person in the Star photo is Nassib.


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Insiders Share Updates on Chace Crawford’s Dating Life in 2023

Chace was reportedly on a dinner date.




Insiders Share Updates On Chace Crawford’s Dating Life In 2023

Chace Crawford’s ever-rising career in the entertainment industry has led him to garner fans from around the world. And fans have been more than intrigued to learn about his dating life.

And to speak about his love life in 2023, the American actor had previously done an excellent job keeping his romance hidden from the limelight. However, an insider recently revealed some new updates regarding his dating life.

A tipster recently came forward with some exciting details about Crawford’s love life to DeuxMoi, a pseudonymous Instagram handle that publishes celebrity gossip. Crawford’s romantic life had been in the darkness for a while, so it was a big update for his fans.


The insider had mentioned “Gossip Girl” in the pseudonyms column and “how very not Nate Archibault” in the subject column, referring to one of Crawford’s biggest television roles as Nate Archibald in Gossip Girl.

As for the tip, the anonymous tipster first mentioned that they spotted the original “GG [Gossip Girl] bad boy Chace Crawford” with a “cute brunette” at a Los Feliz-based celebrity hotspot. The name of the celebrity hotspot was either removed or hidden by DeuxMoi.

“Lots of laughing!! We were sitting near him, and he kept looking at her with a big smile. It felt like the early days. They were still there when I left. Maybe the bad boy is finally ready to settle down?” they added.

Chace Crawford's dating life update in 2023, as provided by a tipster

Chace Crawford’s dating life update in 2023, as provided by a tipster (Photo: Instagram)

Moreover, the same insider asked DeuxMoi if their followers knew anything about this. “Maybe your followers know?” they said. “He’s so hot!!” the tipster concluded.

DeuxMoi’s tips must be taken with a grain of salt as most of them are unverified; however, some have also turned out to be true. So, there is a 50/50 chance that Crawford is enjoying life with his new girlfriend, or he is single and was just on a regular date with no strings attached.

Chace Crawford’s dating history explored

Crawford – who stars as The Deep in The Boys – might or might not have a girlfriend at the moment, but he indeed had many in the past. He has had three confirmed public relationships and many more rumored relationships.


Let’s start with the details of his confirmed and public relationships. Firstly, he dated actress Carrie Underwood from the fall of 2007 to April 2008. Crawford used to spend a lot of time with her, but he was also the one to end the relationship.

His second confirmed relationship was with model Rachelle Goulding — they began dating in March 2013. When they started dating, Crawford was living in New York City, but he later had to settle in Los Angeles to give more focus to his acting career.

Their relationship became a long-distance one, and the distance played a significant factor, ultimately leading to their break up in 2014. The actor mentioned in his interview that their split was amicable, and they had fun together.


Crawford’s last confirmed relationship was with his co-star Rebecca Rittenhouse whom he met while working together in 2015 show Blood & Oil, where they played the roles of a couple. The on-screen romance eventually became an off-screen one.

However, little to no information is known to the public about their romance as they kept everything low-key. And much like their relationship, they kept their split private when they parted ways in 2018. Despite the breakup, they’re still good friends and occasionally hang out.

Now, let’s switch to Crawford’s rumored romances. The Inheritance actor has sparked romance rumors with Erin Andrews, Ashley Greene, Taylor Momsen, Lauren Conrad, and Rachel Bilson, among others.


Among all these dating speculations, only two of them have been denied. In 2008, when it was rumored that a then-23-year-old Crawford was dating his then-15-year-old Gossip Girl co-star, Momsen, Crawford’s reps immediately denied those speculations.

Furthermore, when it was rumored that Crawford was in a romantic relationship with actress Bilson, Bilson’s publicist swooped in and released a statement where they denied any possible romance between Crawford and Bilson.

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Did Nessa Barrett and Boyfriend Harley Solomon Break Up?

Nessa Barrett and Harley Solomon’s break up rumor.



Did Nessa Barrett And Boyfriend Harley Solomon Break Up?

Nessa Barrett was rumored to have broken up with her boyfriend, Harley Solomon, after she deleted a few pictures of them together from her social media.

Barrett’s fans were quick to notice that she had removed a few pictures with her boyfriend from Instagram and speculated that they had split their ways.

The TeaTok Talk posted the deleted picture of the singer and Solomon on March 19, 2023, and asked if they were calling it quits. “Nessa deleted two specific pictures from her Instagram feed, both of which included Harley!” reads the caption. “One of the photos was part of a collage with #oliverblank (picture on the right), and the other was part of a collage with just Nessa and Harley (picture on the left).” However, the official page of whore4tea noted Barrett still has her story highlights of Solomon. 


After a short while, The TeaTok Talk uploaded the post stating Solomon has also deleted his and the singer’s picture from his Instagram page. Following the post, many of the duo’s fans shared their thoughts on Barrett and Solomon’s possible break up.

Fans’ reaction to Nessa Barrett and Harley Solomon’s rumored break up

There was a mixed reaction from Barrett and Solomon’s followers after The TeaTok Talk broke the news that they had deleted some of their shared Instagram photos.

Some people speculate that the duo might have parted ways to focus on their respective careers. One person commented, “Maybe she’s deciding to officially focus on herself and her career and we can’t be max about that,” while another added, “I personally think they ended because she’s busy with a tour and he’s busy with starting in the music industry. They both still follow each other, she’s quick to do soft blocks on exes. So it was obviously on good terms.”

Fans have had a mixed reaction to the rumor of Nessa Barrett and Harley Solomon's breakup.

Fans have had a mixed reaction to the rumor of Nessa Barrett and Harley Solomon’s break up. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, few followers believed the two were attempting to be more private about their personal lives. On the other hand, people hoped that Barrett and Solomon’s separation was for a good reason.

One person stated, “I hope they didn’t split but if they did maybe they need to work on themselves or maybe they are focused on their career. I just hope this page with making up the rumor of him and the girl didn’t hurt Nessa cause her bpd and put doubts of her relationship in her head.” However, neither Barrett nor Solomon addressed the rumors of their break up.

Nessa Barrett and Harley Solomon’s relationship history 

Barrett teased her fans for a while by posting a photo with Solomon but did not reveal his identity. Later on November 29, 2022, the singer revealed on Instagram that Solomon was her new boyfriend. She posted three pictures with the caption, “oh heavens.”


Likewise, Barrett tagged Solomon’s Instagram, @tootonebooch – confirming that he was her new boyfriend and the pair were dating.

A few hours later, she shared an Instagram story of her and Solomon inside a car. In the picture, the singer appeared to be sitting on his lap. Since their relationship was revealed, the couple has shared numerous photos of them together online.

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Hailey Bieber’s Racist past and N-Word Scandal Resurfaces Amidst Selena Gomez Drama

Inside Hailey’s Racist past!



Behind Hailey Bieber’s Racist Past And N-word Scandal

Hailey Bieber‘s past involving racism has once again come to the forefront amidst the ongoing drama with Selena Gomez.

Fans have recently noticed that Hailey’s family members have deleted an old photo of her making fun of The Weeknd and a video of her saying the N-word.

The photo was posted in 2017 and has since been deleted, showed Justin Beiber’s wife in a bath with foam on her face and hair, styling her hair to look like The Weeknd’s locks.


Kahlea had originally captioned the photo “The Weekdy on FaceTime (actual tears)” while tagging Hailey’s account. In response to the post, she commented, “I hate myself sometimes.”

This resurfaced controversy comes after a TikToker accused Justin of trolling The Weeknd’s hair to taunt his then-girlfriend Gomez, just a week after the couple was seen packing on PDA in The Weeknd’s hometown.

Well, this is not the single time Hailey had the post deleted. She has allegedly asked her sister, Alaia Baldwin, to delete problematic racist posts involving her in the past, including a video of her saying the N-word.


Hailey Bieber had a homophobic and racist past

Hailey was frequently exposed to using the N-word in public on social media, and her racist behavior has not been well-received by her fans.

Hailey’s since-deleted Twitter account contained many racist, homophobic, sexist, and ethnocentric tweets.

One of her alleged past tweets read, “leaving to Florida white but coming back to NY a different Race.” accompanied by an emoji of a white blonde man and a darker-skinned man wearing a turban.


A racist tweet by Hailey Bieber (Image source: Twitter)

On January 21, 2012, she even wrote, ” Shut up before I smack to your own country!” Similarly, a post from 2011 read, “With @CodySimpson and that awkward moment when ur at a Chinese restaurant and your waiter isn’t Chinese….”

According to a report by Popfaction, Hailey left a group chat after being called out by her black fans. The media personality had created the chat to discuss black issues with her black fans, but it was intended to be a private conversation rather than a public one.

Before Hailey left the chat one of the black fans expressed disgust towards her, stating that they had always supported and defended her, but she continued to be ignorant and had never apologized for her racist past.


The fan accused her of only caring about Justin and not listening to her black fans’ concerns, even after asking to be educated on the matter. The fan ended the message by saying they regretted supporting Bieber for years.

It has been reported multiple times that Hailey has expressed dislike towards celebrities such as Taylor Swift and, of course, his husband’s ex, Gomez.

Hailey Bieber limits social media after continuous backlash

Hailey has decided to prioritize her mental health by deleting social media, according to reports. The 25-year-old spoke to psychiatrist Dr. Jessica Clemons over Zoom and discussed how cyberbullying has been affecting her.


Hailey admitted that when so many people are constantly criticizing you, it can start to mess with your mind and cause you to question yourself. She also revealed that she limits her use of Instagram to weekends and has changed her settings to receive comments only from people she follows.

As for Twitter, Hailey explained that the toxic environment caused her severe anxiety and that people can say whatever they want online, which often leads to false information going viral.

She said, “There was never really a time I would go on there that it didn’t feel like it was a very toxic environment. The thought of even opening the app gives me such bad anxiety that I feel like I’m going to throw up.”

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