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Is Warwick Davis’ Wife Still Alive? Behind Her Deadly Illness

Warwick Davis thought he had lost his soulmate.



Is Warwick Davis’ Wife Still Alive? Behind Her Deadly Illness
Is Warwick Davis’ Wife Still Alive? Behind Her Deadly Illness

English actor Warwick Davis has been through many ups and downs in his life but being beside his longtime wife, Samantha Davis’ bed, as she battled a deadly illness was probably the worst experience.

In 2019, the Davis family went through a lot of trouble and sadness after Samantha’s (aka Sam) health drastically dropped before their family caravan holiday. Despite her conditions, she over-exerted herself and began preparing for the trip until she couldn’t anymore.

She began to experience symptoms like exhaustion and itchiness, and one thing after another led to her being unable to stand. After those series of events, Warwick immediately rang a doctor. Recalling those moments, the actor told The Sun;

“By now, Sam was feeling absolutely terrible. She was becoming drowsy, weak and hadn’t been to the toilet in over 24 hours. Fortunately for us, our doctor recognized Sam’s symptoms and told us to head to A&E immediately with a suspected case of sepsis.”

As per NHS, Sepsis is a “life-threatening reaction to an infection. It happens when your immune system overreacts to an infection and starts to damage your body’s own tissues and organs. Sepsis is sometimes called septicaemia or blood poisoning.”

Returning to Samantha, Warwick took his life partner to the hospital, where the medical staff became worried about a scar on Samantha’s back. The scar resulted from her recent spinal surgery, which was “inflamed with fluid, red, and hot to touch.”

The doctors took samples of the fluid, and when the results arrived, they found deadly A Streptococcus bacteria and meningitis infection. After getting such results, emergency personnel told the Davis family that Samantha could die if her infection wasn’t treated immediately.

As for what they did after hearing the devastating news, Warwick told The Sun, “Our family gathered by her bedside; although optimistic, we were sort of saying goodbye in case Sam didn’t survive.”

“The next few hours were the longest of my life as I waited on the ward with our children in the empty space left by Sam’s hospital bed. I hoped it would not symbolize a future for us without her,” he added.

Is Warwick Davis’ wife still alive?

For those of you wondering if Samantha is still alive, the answer is yes, she is still alive and currently doing well. However, she still has post-traumatic stress disorder, aka PTSD.

As for the events that happened, doctors took Samantha to the operation theatre and successfully performed the surgery. Despite the successful surgery, Samantha still had to be placed in intensive care for multiple hours as it was necessary to continue giving her strong antibiotics.

Warwick told the same outlet, “It’s so hard to see someone you love more than anything in the world fighting to stay alive without the strength to even roll over in bed. Doctors told me the infection had ravaged every cell in her body causing depletion to vital vitamin and mineral levels.”

As Samantha eventually pulled, the prayers from friends, family, and well-wishers were answered. But the Davis family knows that if it weren’t for the immediate and swift actions of the medical team, Samantha could have lost toes, fingers, or even limbs.

Later, after Samantha was discharged from the hospital, Warwick became his wife’s personal doctor for the next three months. He used to mix different vials of antibiotics, load them into syringes, and carefully feed them into Samantha’s heart through a drip.

Warwick Davis with his wife, Samantha Davis, and their children in 2022

Warwick Davis with his wife, Samantha Davis, and their children in 2022 (Photo: Instagram)

And although Samantha was slowly recovering, Warwick often used to break down every night and think about the deadly illness that caught his soulmate out of nowhere and might take her away from him.

As the actor continued telling more to The Sun, he revealed that his wife, Samantha, occasionally feels some effects of sepsis and experiences PTSD.

“If I’m completely honest, I do too. We never take life for granted now, living each day as if it were our last. I appreciate and cherish every moment that Sam and I spend together,” he added.

After Samantha’s health improved, her husband tried to spread awareness about Sepsis. He teamed up with The UK Sepsis Trust on the company’s 10th anniversary of collaboration with Green Flag.

Currently, the couple and their children are doing well, and Samantha’s health also seems better in 2022. Recently, in November 2022, the Davis family attended the premiere of Warwick’s new Disney+ series Willow, where he portrays the titular character of Willow Ufgood.

At the premiere, held at Los Angeles’ Regency Villa Theatre, the married couple and their two adult children looked dapper as Warwick cozied up to his wife and their kids showed support to their father.

Warwick Davis and Samantha Davis’ relationship briefed

Warwick and Samantha first met each other while working together in the 1988 movie Willow, where the actor played a major role, whereas Samantha appeared as an extra. They clicked and began dating.

After dating for four years, they shared their wedding vows on June 29, 1991. Since then, they have always been together and supported each other through every difficult part of their lives. Likewise, as years passed, the duo welcomed multiple bundles of joy, i.e., kids.

Warwick Davis with his wife, Samantha Davis, and their children in 2017

Warwick Davis with his wife, Samantha Davis, and their children in 2017 (Photo: Instagram)

Altogether, Warwick and Samantha welcomed four children; Lloyd Davis, George Davis, Annabelle Davis, and Harrison Davis. Unfortunately, they lost Lloyd nine days after birth, and George died when he was stillborn.

Warwick was born with a rare genetic form of dwarfism called Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita (SED), and his wife was born with the most common form of dwarfism called achondroplasia.

When Lloyd and George were born, they inherited both forms of dwarfism from their parents, and it became fatal for the infants, leading to their death. The actor talked a bit about this heartfelt moment during his appearance on Bear’s Mission with Warwick Davis with Bear Grylls.

He said, “Prior to Annabelle and Harrison we had a baby boy, Lloyd, who inherited both our conditions and that is something that proves fatal. It’s something that a baby won’t survive. But Lloyd he lived for survived for nine days.”

“But yeah he was beautiful… but it was a tough time. And yeah, we had a stillborn too. That kind of stuff it just makes you stronger [as a couple].”

Similarly, in 2014, Samantha told DailyMail, “We found out later that Lloyd was the first in the world to survive at all. The doctors actually learned a lot from him, hopefully that will help other people. But it hit us like a train. It was heartbreaking.”

Samantha later had another miscarriage and her pregnancy with her daughter, Annabelle, was terrible. But nothing unfortunate happened the following two times as the duo welcomed two children; daughter Annabelle and son Harrison.

As for if Annabelle and Harrison have or haven’t inherited their parent’s conditions, yes, they have inherited their father’s condition. However, it doesn’t seem to bother them as Warwick’s two children also work in the entertainment industry.

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Howard Thompson’s Wikipedia — His Age, Family Background, Married Life, and More

All about Howard Thompson!



Howard Thompson’s Wikipedia — His Age, Family Background, Married Life, and More

American voice actor Howard Thompson has gained recognition for his portrayal in the docudrama television series Moonshiners.

Thompson made his debut appearance in the television series Moonshiners in 2019. This series follows a diverse group of individuals who honor a 200-year-old legacy passed down through generations, showcasing their skill in crafting moonshine.

It was first premiered on December 6, 2011, and since then, it has garnered increasing popularity over the years, leading up to its twelfth season launch on November 9, 2022, preceded by a special episode on November 2, 2022.

In addition to his role in Moonshiners, Thompson ventured into Moonshiners: Master Distiller in 2020, where he took on new challenges focused on crafting various spirits, such as American whiskey, rum, gin, mountain brandy, and mezcal.

The series provided a platform for distillers to showcase their expertise in creating unique and high-quality liquors. Furthermore, the actor showcased his talent in the Master Distiller Tournament of Champions, a thrilling competition that pitted top distillers against each other in a grand elimination tournament.

Expanding his repertoire, Thompson also stars in Moonshiners: American Spirit, embarking on a journey across the United States to rediscover legendary liquors and explore the rich history behind each spirit.

This spin-off series offers viewers a fascinating glimpse into the cultural significance and heritage of iconic American beverages, with Thompson leading the way in uncovering these hidden gems.

Seeing the actor’s captivating performances on screen, fans are not only drawn to his acting skills but also harbor a keen curiosity to explore more about his life, including his Wikipedia, age, family background, married life, and numerous other intriguing aspects.

Howard Thompson’s age

Thompson has chosen to keep his birthdate private, leaving his current age a mystery to the public. However, judging by his appearance, it is speculated that the voice actor is approximately in his early forties.

Howard Thompson appears to be in his early forties. (Source: Discovery)

Despite the lack of confirmation regarding his age, Thompson continues to maintain an active presence in the entertainment industry, showcasing his enduring passion and commitment to his craft.

Howard Thompson remains mum about his family

Even though Thompson has made numerous appearances in television series, he maintains a relatively low online profile. Consequently, he has never publicly discussed his parents, leaving their identities shrouded in mystery. It’s also unknown if he has any siblings.

Furthermore, his absence from social media platforms adds another layer of difficulty for fans seeking insight into his personal life. By choosing to remain offline, he not only limits access to information about his family but also contributes to the enigmatic nature of his public persona.

Into Howard Thompson’s married Life

As of now, there are no reports suggesting Thompson is married to a wife or dating a girlfriend. Like his family life, he prefers to keep his love life out of the limelight and maintains a strong level of privacy about it.

As previously highlighted, he has consciously chosen to abstain from social media platforms, thereby preserving the privacy of his personal life from prying eyes.

In consequence, the intricate details of the TV star’s private affairs remain concealed, inviting speculation and curiosity while maintaining an aura of enigma around his romantic relationship.

He might have already found the love of his life and embraced the journey of marriage with open arms, and even welcomed children. However, intriguingly, he has opted to maintain a veil of secrecy surrounding the specifics of his wife’s identity.

On the other hand, it’s also possible that Thompson is yet to get married to a wife or even dating a girlfriend. For now, not much can be said until he reveals anything. Until then, it’s best to assume his relationship status is single, and he isn’t married to a wife or dating anyone.

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Where Is Steven Ray Tickle Now? His Age and History of Multiple Arrests

Steven Ray Tickle has spent a significant amount of time in jail.



Where Is Steven Ray Tickle Now? His Age and History of Multiple Arrests

American television personality Steven Ray Tickle was in jail multiple times over the years, which left his fans to wonder where he might be right now. Questions like “Where is Steven Ray Tickle now?” are being asked.

As of now, it appears that Tickle is leading a more low-key lifestyle. His absence from public appearances has led some of his fans to wonder about his well-being, with questions arising about whether Tickle is dead or alive. 

However, to allay any concerns, it is confirmed that he is indeed alive. There have been no reports of the reality TV star’s health deteriorating or him being in any serious health condition. There are also no reports of his death.

The last picture he shared on his Instagram account dates back to April 17, 2019, where he is depicted posing in front of a jeep. Accompanying this image is a caption that reads, “The prohibition museum was so so great!” 

Similarly, just a few days before this post, the television star delightedly shared a picture featuring himself alongside his daughter. The caption expressed his joy, stating, “Cozumel with my daughter and mom was so much fun! Had a great time!” 

Steven Ray Tickle’s most recent Instagram photo. (Source: Instagram)

Upon seeing the post, one individual left a comment expressing their happiness, saying, “Glad you’ll have a great time,” while another commenter shared their own experience, remarking, “Beautiful place I have stood in the exact spot.” 

When discussing his professional endeavors, it’s notable that he is primarily recognized for his significant contributions to the Discovery Channel, mainly through his portrayal in the docudramas Moonshiners and Tickle.

Apart from these prominent roles, his on-screen appearances have been limited, primarily due to several encounters with the law resulting in multiple arrests. 

Steven Ray Tickle’s time in jail 

Tickle was first entangled with the legal system in 2013 when he found himself arrested for public intoxication. According to RTT News, this incident occurred in Virginia, where the reality star was discovered drinking alone while parked in a convenience store parking lot. 

Likewise, reports from the outlet suggest that when approached by law enforcement, Tickle emitted a “strong odor of alcohol,” coupled with typical indications of intoxication. Later, TMZ revealed that Tickle paid a nominal fine of $25.

This was not the end of the TV personality’s legal troubles. In 2015, Tickle faced yet another arrest, this time for possessing a sawed-off shotgun. According to the Star Tribune, the incident began when police initially pulled him over for a malfunctioning headlight on his vehicle. 

Upon further inspection, they discovered that Tickle’s license was suspended. It was then that officers noticed the sawed-off shotgun in his truck, which was visible in the front seat, measuring approximately 14 inches in barrel length.

During subsequent court proceedings, the television star’s attorney, Joe Garrett, contested the legality of the search, arguing that neither a search warrant nor consent was provided to search Tickle. 

Despite this defense, Tickle was released on a $2,500 bond. However, his legal troubles persisted, and within weeks, he received a three-year suspended sentence. 

Moreover, in September 2016, the television personality faced another significant legal setback when a Pennsylvania Circuit Court Judge handed down a verdict mandating him to serve five months in jail for the consumption of cocaine while on probation. 

As reported by the Star Tribune, this ruling came after Tickle had completed a previous stint of five months of active imprisonment. Following his release, he was placed on probation for 12 months and was instructed to maintain good behavior for five years.

During the court proceedings, his mother testified about her husband’s health scare in July, aiming to explain factors possibly contributing to Tickle’s drug relapse. His probation officer also noted that stress from his father’s declining health and limited life expectancy likely played a role in the relapse.

Later, after his release from incarceration, Tickle reflected on his experience and shared his impressions with Distractify. He expressed remorse, stating, “I have regrets. Everyone has regrets. But I’ll tell you what, you can get a lot of stuff back in your life, but one thing you cannot get back is time.” 

Continuing his introspection, he lamented the missed opportunities during his time behind bars, such as not being present for significant milestones in his daughter’s life, such as her transition to college. 

Steven Ray Tickle has been arrested multiple times (Source: Hollywoodzam)

He recounted, “I missed a whole lot of stuff while I’ve been in jail. My daughter going to college. I wasn’t there to take her and set her up in her dorm room and stuff. Being there for my mom, my dad died last year. These are things I found you can’t get back.” 

Steven Ray Tickle’s age 

Tickle was born on November 30, 1976, making him 47 years old as of the present date. According to his birthdate, his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. 

Like many Sagittarius individuals, Tickle has traits like a love of freedom and independence. As a Sagittarius man, he embodies the qualities of an eternal seeker, constantly pursuing truth and meaning in life. 

Steven Ray Tickle’s net worth 

According to Distractify, Tickle’s estimated net worth is $300,000, a testament to his success in the entertainment industry.

Steven Ray Tickle has not been involved in acting recently. (Source: Instagram)

As mentioned above, in addition to his roles as a master distiller and carpenter in the Appalachian region of the U.S., Tickle is widely recognized as a reality star featured in various programs within the Moonshiners world.

However, given Tickle’s reduced activity in the acting career and the legal issues he has faced, his net worth may have experienced a decline. Nevertheless, the television personality might have ventured into other low-key business endeavors to maintain stability in his net worth. 

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Archie Renaux Has Indian Ethnicity — A Look into His Family Background

Archie Renaux keeps his personal life private.



Archie Renaux Has Indian Ethnicity — A Look into His Family Background

Upgraded actor Archie Renaux holds British nationality, yet his cultural heritage is deeply rooted in his Indian background.

Renaux hails from Tolworth, a neighborhood nestled within Kingston upon Thames, a borough in Greater London, England. Delving into his family background, the actor’s maternal lineage boasts an Anglo-Indian heritage, signifying a captivating fusion of British and Indian ancestry.

Despite the subtle hints of his Anglo-Indian roots, Renaux has maintained a level of privacy regarding his ethnic background, refraining from extensive public disclosure.

Moreover, the actor has refrained from publicly divulging details about any potential visits to India or his proficiency in understanding the Indian language.

This reticence regarding his cultural connections adds an intriguing layer to Renaux’s persona, leaving fans and audiences curious about his heritage and personal experiences.

Archie Renaux remains mum about his parents

Renaux was born to his father, James Beale, but he has chosen to keep the details about his mother undisclosed. He has also shielded his family from the spotlight, refraining from sharing personal anecdotes or images of them on his social media platforms.

Despite the actor’s penchant for privacy, Superfeatfilm uncovered intriguing details about his family connections. They revealed that Renaux’s grandfather is Ian Beale, and his paternal grandmother is Angela C. Josland.

On the maternal side, Renaux’s ancestry is traced back to his grandfather Raymond Duckworth and grandmother Daisy Elizabeth Renaux, providing insight into the diverse tapestry of his familial heritage.

Archie Renaux was raised alongside three siblings

According to famous birthdays, Renaux is reported to have two sisters and a brother. However, the identities of his siblings have not been disclosed. Similar to his approach with his parents, the actor has refrained from sharing any pictures of his siblings on his social media platforms.

Archie Renaux developed an interest in acting from a young age. (Source: Instagram)

In terms of his education, he attended Richard Challoner School before pursuing further training at the Unseen, a drama school located in London.

Making a pivotal career shift, Renaux decided to leave his job as an air conditioning engineer to pursue his passion for acting, departing from the conventional 9-to-5 work routine.

Archie Renaux’s age

Renaux was born on November 22, 1997, making him 26 years old as of this writing. According to his birth date, he falls under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Individuals born under this sign are often characterized as adventurous, optimistic, intellectual, independent, and generous, among other traits.

Archie Renaux is in his mid-twenties. (Source: Instagram)

Sagittarians are known for their love of freedom, exploration, and philosophical pursuits. They tend to be open-minded, enthusiastic, and inclined towards seeking new experiences and knowledge.

Brief on Archie Renaux’s career

Renaux embarked on his professional journey by delving into the world of modeling, securing coveted assignments with prominent brands such as Topman, Nasir Mazhar, Moss Bros, and Men’s Fashion Week.

Transitioning seamlessly into the realm of acting, he landed his inaugural major film role in 2017 with the dystopian feature Zero. Building upon this initial success, Renaux made his foray into television in 2019, making a memorable guest appearance on the Amazon Prime series Hanna.

Shortly thereafter, he clinched a main role as Leo Day in the BBC One miniseries Gold Digger, a significant milestone announced in 2018.

As his career gained traction, the actor transitioned between the big screen and television, demonstrating his versatility and talent. Notable roles followed, including appearances in the films Voyagers as Alex and Marvel’s Morbius as Bobby.

However, it was his captivating portrayal of Malyen in the fantasy streaming series Shadow and Bone in 2021 that truly catapulted him into the spotlight, earning him widespread acclaim and recognition.

Undeterred by his success, Renaux continued to diversify his portfolio with roles in various genres, showcasing his range as an actor. His subsequent appearances in projects such as the Amazon Prime medieval comedy film Catherine Called Birdy and the Apple TV+ biographical film The Greatest Beer Run Ever.

Looking ahead, the actor’s career trajectory shows no signs of slowing down. In 2023-24, he graced the silver screen with his presence in films like The Other Zoey and Upgraded, captivating audiences with his compelling performances.

Excitingly, Renaux’s upcoming projects include a role in the eagerly anticipated science fiction horror film Alien: Romulus, helmed by acclaimed director Fede Álvarez.

It was originally scheduled to be released on Hulu but was switched to a theatrical release by 20th Century Studios scheduled for August 16, 2024.

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