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Look at Tony Beets and Wife Minnie Beets Children and Overall Family Life

Discover the intimate family life of Tony Beets and wife Minnie, including their children and grandkids.



Look at Tony Beets and Wife Minnie Beets Children and Overall Family Life

Tony Beets, the reality TV personality and seasoned gold miner, has made a name for himself in the mining industry. He rose to prominence as a cast member on the Discovery Channel’s hit show Gold Rush, which previously featured other notable personalities like Toff Hoffman and Jimmy Dorsey.

In the series, Beets goes head-to-head with Parker Schnabel and his team in an intense gold mining rivalry. The show, which first aired on the Discovery Channel in 2010, follows various family-run mining operations as they search for placer gold.

Beets is the proud owner of the Tamarack mine in Canada’s Klondike region and the Paradise Hill claim. He is known for his commanding personality and ability to lead his family in successful mining endeavors.


Aside from his reality TV fame and mining expertise, the Dutch-born Beets is a family man at heart. He is happily married and has children, including a grandson, by his side.

This article will answer frequently asked questions about Beets’ personal life, including “Who are the members of Tony Beets’ family?” and “How many kids does Tony Beets have?”

Meet Tony Beets’ wife and lifelong companion, Minnie Beets

Tony Beets has been married to his wife, Minnie Beets, for more than four decades. The couple’s love story started when they were just children living next door to each other in Burgwerd, Friesland. Tony was seven, and Minnie was six when they first met.


After being friends for many years, they turned their friendship into a romantic relationship when Minnie was 20 years old.

After 18 months of dating, Tony decided to leave for Canada in search of better employment opportunities. Minnie, who wanted to be by his side, accompanied him, and the couple got married and migrated to Canada in 1980.

Minnie has played a crucial role in Tony’s success as a gold miner. When they first arrived in Canada, Tony worked on a dairy farm near Salmon Arm, while Minnie worked in various jobs such as retail, home healthcare, and the Dawson hamburger joint. However, after a few months, Tony left his farm job and started working as a gold miner, and Minnie has been a massive contributor to his success ever since.


She currently manages the company’s paperwork and accounting and takes care of their children.

So it won’t be wrong to say that Minnie is not just Tony’s wife but also his childhood friend, companion, and business partner. She has been by his side through thick and thin and has played a crucial role in his success as a gold miner.

The couple’s love story is a testament to the power of friendship and love, and it is evident that they are still madly in love after four decades of marriage.


Tony Beets’ children and grandchildren in the mining world

Beets, the star of the hit reality show Gold Rush, is a proud father of five children. He and his wife Minnie have raised a family of five, including Bianca, Kelvin, Mike (Michael), Monica, and Jasmine.

The exact birthdate of Bianca is private, while Kelvin was born on June 10, 1988, and Mike was born in 1990. Monica was born on November 7, 1993, and Jasmine was born on December 15, 1992.

Tony’s children have shown a strong interest in following in their father’s footsteps in the gold mining industry. Kelvin works as a mechanic, while Mike is a supervisor at the Paradise Hill Mine. Monica, who first appeared on the show at the age of 10 or 11, has also been featured in Gold Rush.


While the three siblings have been in the spotlight on the show, Bianca has chosen to stay away from the limelight and keep her personal life private. In 2016, Monica revealed on Twitter that her sister preferred privacy and didn’t want to be filmed.

Monica, who married Taylor Myles in 2018, has also revealed that she is pregnant with a daughter during Season 11 of Gold Rush.

Tony is also a proud grandfather to Eagan, the son of Bianca, and Jasmine, the daughter of Monica. In one episode of Gold Rush in February 2021, Tony was seen with his grandson Eagan at the gold mining site, showing him the ropes and imparting his wisdom.


The Beets family is close-knit, and it’s clear they cherish each other’s company.

Tony Beets’ daughter Jasmine: A tragic loss

Tony experienced a devastating loss with the passing of his youngest daughter, Jasmine. Despite her short life, Jasmine left a lasting impact on those who knew her and on her father.

She was born on a date that is now forever ingrained in Tony’s memory and passed away just three months later, on March 1, 1993.


Tony has always been open about his love for his family, and his daughter’s passing left a deep wound in his heart. To commemorate Jasmine’s life and to keep her memory alive, Tony got a tattoo of a jasmine flower on his hands.

Tony Beets showing off his tattoo dedicated to his daughter. (Source: Facebook)

Tony Beets showing off his tattoo dedicated to his daughter. (Source: Facebook)

The tattoo is a powerful symbol of the love and devotion he has for his late daughter and serves as a daily reminder of the joy she brought into his life.

Inscribed on the tattoo are Jasmine’s birth and death dates, marking the brief but precious time she spent on this earth.


We offer our heartfelt condolences to Tony and his family as they continue to cope with their loss.

Tony Beets’ age and early life

Tony was born on December 15, 1959, in Wijdenes, Netherlands, to his parents, Klaus and Magda Beets. As of writing, he is 63 years old.

During his childhood, he spent his early years on a farm, where he learned the value of hard work and determination.


Unfortunately, Tony’s life took a challenging turn when his father suffered a debilitating injury when Tony was just 15 years old. This left him with the responsibility of managing the family farm at a young age.

Despite the difficulties he faced, Tony was determined to keep the farm running. He took on the role of milking cows and overseeing a team of men who were twice his age.

In addition to working on the family farm, Tony also spent a few years working in the pipeline construction business. However, he realized that he wanted more from his career and decided to relocate to Canada in search of better opportunities.


In Canada, Tony quickly rose through the ranks and became a foreman in a short amount of time.

“I became the boss at a very early age,” Tony told Mining & Energy in January 2015. “So I decided I had to become equal or better than the people who worked for me. My whole life, wherever I went, if I wasn’t a foreman within a week… well, I’ve always kept one step ahead of the rest of them.”

Tony’s determination and drive eventually led him to the Yukon Territory, where he discovered his passion for mining. It was in Dawson City in 1984 where Tony found his calling and began his journey as a gold miner.


Over the years, he has become one of the most successful gold miners in the industry, and his hard work and determination continue to inspire many.

Tony Beets’ net worth

The Beets family’s wealth has been estimated by several sources.

Tony, the patriarch of the family, has a net worth of $15 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. This is over 98% more than his son Michael’s net worth of $2 million and Tony’s older son Kevin’s net worth, also estimated at $2 million.


Additionally, Kevin’s younger sister Monica’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

Tony is considered the richest cast member of the show Gold Rush, outpacing fellow miners such as Todd Hoffman ($7 million) and Parker Schnabel ($8 million).

His net worth is the result of his life-long dedication to the mining industry, including the largest gold clean-up in the show’s history, with 16,261 ounces worth $28.9 million, according to Looper.


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What is Toosii’s real name? Learn more about the actor 

Toossi came from the singer’s childhood nickname ‘Toota.’



What Is Toosii’s Real Name? Learn More About The Rapper

Toosii is an American rapper and singer. He has gained recognition for his musical creations like ‘Love Is…’, ‘Favorite Song,’ ‘Red Lights,’ ‘Love Cycle,’ and ‘Sapiosexual.’ His first album, Poetic Pain, reached number 17 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Before becoming known as Toosii, sometimes as KingToosii, the rapper gained popularity on SoundCloud. In 2017, he released his album Label Me Diverse on Spinrilla after gaining attention for his singles ‘Lost’ and ‘Dreams.’ 

He has built a substantial following on social media, especially on Instagram. But, even though the singer is famous by the name Toosii, it is not his real name. His real name assigned at birth was Nau’Jour Lazier Grainger. 


Here is some more information about the famous singer and rapper about his life, career, and more. Read along for more details. 

Toosii picked up his stage name from his childhood 

The singer, whose real name is Nau’Jour Grainger, was born on January 9, 2000, in Syracuse, New York, and grew up there before moving to Raleigh, North Carolina, at the age of 17. 

His current age is 23. There are not many details about his family on the internet. However, according to Filmifeed, Toosii has both an older brother and a younger sister. 


He began seriously pursuing his music career in Raleigh, where he found solace from his struggles through rap. 

Toosii began recording music at 16 years old while balancing high school football and navigating his plans. He derived his stage name from his childhood nickname, “Toota,” which evolved into Toosii after his football teammates jokingly suggested it. 

He added the two I’s to represent the vision one needs both eyes to see. Toosii was discovered by the South Coast Music Group, the same record label that represents fellow North Carolina rapper DaBaby, and signed with them in 2019.


Toosii draws on intimate details of his personal life in his songs 

According to All Music, Toosii stands out from other commercial rappers by infusing his music with unique experiences rather than relying on generic content. He writes introspective lyrics with a strong sense of melody and pop sensibility. 

He has released several projects, including his debut studio album in 2020, Poetic Pain, and mixtapes and EPs such as ‘Thank You for Believing’ in 2021 and ‘Boys Don’t Cry: Men Do’ in 2022. All of his releases have charted well.

Toosii has a son with his fiance Samaria Joyce Davis

He is engaged to Samaria Joyce Davis, who is popular on Instagram with the handle samariajdavis. On April 16th, 2022, the couple revealed that they were expecting their first child. In June of the same year, they happily announced the birth of their son.


As mentioned by Sports Keeda, the rapper confirmed that his girlfriend, Davis was pregnant in April 2022. His friends congratulated him on his now-deleted Instagram post, where he shared a picture while cuddling with Davis’ baby bump and wrote: “This is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

The couple announced the birth of their baby boy in June 2022 and have been enjoying their parental journey together. They share a bunch of pictures with their son.

Keep reading Glamour Buff for more exciting stories! 

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Raquel Leviss Was Adopted by Her Parents – Inside Her Family Life With Mom and Sister

All about Raquel Leviss’ family life!




Raquel Leviss Was Adopted By Her Parents And Her Family

Raquel Leviss joined Vanderpump Rules initially as James Kennedy’s girlfriend but is now striking out on her own. Raquel has provided fans with a more personal glimpse into her life and family since joining the cast as a series regular in Season 9.

The reality star is far more forthcoming about her family than ever before and has opened up about them in the show. She revealed that her parents adopted her and her dynamics with her siblings, especially her sister.

Leviss was getting ready for her marriage to Kennedy (which has since been called off) in the ninth season of the popular reality series on Bravo. She frequently discussed her family and her close bond with her parents during this time.


Raquel Leviss was adopted by her parents

Leviss is candid about her adoption story, especially in the Vanderpump Rules episode airing on October 19, 2021. She informed the audience that she was adopted in infancy, and her sister Kate was born first to her birth mother, Susan.

She explained that her birth mom Susan had an unplanned pregnancy while already having two kids —  Kate and David, Leviss’ siblings. At the same time, Susan’s sister and Leviss’ then-aunt, Laura, were attempting to be pregnant.

Unfortunately, getting pregnant with a child of her own was not in Laura’s cards. As a result, Susan gave Leviss to Laura, who then adopted the reality TV star as her own daughter.

Raquel Leviss was adopted by her parents when she was an infant.

Raquel Leviss was adopted by her parents when she was an infant. (Source: Instagram)

“My biological mom, Susan, gave birth to Kate before me. And then Susan accidentally got pregnant again right around the time my aunt, Laura, was trying to conceive. Susan was generous enough to offer to have me for my aunt,” Leviss explained in the show.

Leviss calls Laura her mom whereas she calls Susan by her name. She uploaded several pictures of herself with her loved ones on October 22, 2021, including both of her parents. 

She described her family history and background in the caption, expressing her deep thanks and admiration for her upbringing. Raquel captioned the photo, saying, “My mom Laura (pictured in slide 2) couldn’t conceive so when her younger sister Susan had an unplanned pregnancy with me, she offered to have me for my mom!”


She then gushed about how she was lucky to be raised by “such loving parents.” She wrote, “I thank my lucky stars I was raised by such loving parents. I know I have the best dad ever (pictured in slide 5) and my mom has been such a momma bear to me my whole life.”

She appreciated how her family pushed her to be the better version of herself. “When I was a teenager, my mom encouraged me to pursue modeling and to step out of my comfort zone through pageants. I love my family so much,” she gushed.

However, not much is known about Leviss’ parents. Laura, her adoptive mom, and her unidentified father appear to value their privacy. 


Even though Laura’s Instagram account is private, it is clear from her bio that she is a home stager, an individual who prepares a house for sale.

Raquel Leviss on her sister and brother

Leviss’ parents and her half-siblings were also introduced to Vanderpump Rules for the first time in the ninth season. Susan gave birth to Leviss’ sister ten years before the reality TV show was conceived. 

Leviss did not grow up with her sister Kate and brother David. As a result, they were not always close. 


Leviss noted, “Kate and I weren’t always close. You know, we didn’t have a lot in common.” However, in recent years, Kate has stepped up and become a sister to her.

“But Kate has kind of stepped into my life a little bit more. She wants to be that big sister role to me,” she appreciated. 

Leviss provided an update on her relationship with her sister and advised the pair during her appearance with James on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.


“She’s good. It’s a sisterly love, you know,” Raquel pointed out. “She just wants the best for me, and she wants to know that James is treating me right.”

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Daisy True Ryan’s Bio — Everything about Meg Ryan’s Adopted Child

Meg Ryan’s bond with her daughter is adorable!




Daisy True Ryan's Bio: All About Meg Ryan's Adopted Daughter

Meg Ryan has two children —  a son, Jack Quaid, whom she shares with her former husband, Dennis Quaid, and her adopted child, Daisy True Ryan.

In 2006, Meg adopted Daisy True Ryan, a little girl from China who had been abandoned at an orphanage. Since then, Meg has been a committed and loving mother to her daughter and has used her platform to raise awareness about adoption.

The actress is a proud mother of two and often gushes about her kids wherever she can. Here is all we know about Meg and her daughter, including  Daisy True’s age and Daisy True bio.


Meg Ryan’s story of adopting her daughter

Daisy True was born in China in 2004 and was abandoned at an orphanage shortly after her birth. Meg first saw a picture of her daughter and was immediately drawn to her.

Meg did not technically find Daisy. She confessed that the adoption process in East Asian countries included a lottery system, and children were randomly assigned. 

The actress simply yearned for a baby and wanted to adopt an American child. But one thing led to another, and she even planned on going to India.

Meg Ryan with her adopted child, daughter Daisy True Ryan.

Meg Ryan with her adopted child, daughter Daisy True Ryan. (Source: Twitter)

However, on her way to India, she received a picture of Daisy True, and since then, she fell in love with her adopted child. Meg is convinced that there was nothing random about her daughter being assigned to her. Instead, they were meant to be together.

She knew that she wanted to adopt her and give her a loving home. The adoption process was kept private, and Meg announced the arrival of her new daughter through her representative. 

Meg was overwhelmed with emotion on the day she brought Daisy True home. “I never laughed harder or cried more…I was so nervous about the whole thing,” she said of the adoption process.


Meg Ryan and her adopted child, Daisy True Ryan

Since adopting Daisy True, Meg has been incredibly private about her daughter’s life. There are very few interviews or pictures of Daisy True out in the public sphere, and Meg has been committed to giving her daughter a sense of normalcy despite their celebrity status.

However, Meg has spoken candidly about her daughter in the past and has shared how much she has enriched her life. In an interview with Redbook (via People), Meg said, “Adopting my daughter – that’s just been the biggest joy of my life. She’s opened me up to a whole new world.”

Meg has also been a vocal advocate for adoption and has used her platform to raise awareness about the importance of giving children a loving home. In a 2010 interview with InStyle, Meg Ryan said, “If you have the time and the love, it’s a really fulfilling thing to do.”


Adoption has been a significant part of Meg’s life since she was a child. Her mother, Susan Jordan, was also adopted, and the actress has said that it has always been a part of her family’s story. 

She has described adoption as a “miracle,” and has encouraged others who are considering adoption to take the leap and make a difference in a child’s life.

In addition to being a dedicated mother to Daisy True, Meg has also been involved in various charitable organizations that support adoption. She has been a longtime supporter of the organization Half the Sky, which works to improve the lives of orphaned and abandoned children in China. 


She has also been involved with the Adopt-A-Classroom organization, which provides funds to teachers and classrooms in need. 

As said before, not much is known about Daisy True since her mother has kept her out of the public eye. However, as of 2023, Daisy True’s age is speculated to be 17.

She shares a good bond with her mother as well as her brother, Jack. Most of the time, the mother-daughter duo are photographed together while shopping, having lunch, or attending events.


Jack often posts pictures with her and calls Daisy True his “little sister.”

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