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Has Anyone Rickrolled Rick Astley? Top Three Queries About the English Singer

Find out if anyone has rickrolled Rick Astley!



Has Anyone Rickrolled Rick Astley? Top Three Queries About the English Singer
Has Anyone Rickrolled Rick Astley? Top Three Queries About the English Singer

“Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down.” If you’ve heard these famous lines, you have certainly been rickrolled once in your life, or maybe just now.

Jokes apart, these famous lines are from a worldwide phenomenon song belonging to English singer-songwriter Rick Astley – his birth name is Richard Paul Astley. Some of his well-known songs are ‘Together Forever’ and ‘Whenever You Need Somebody.’

He was already beaming up to fame but gained major success when his song ‘Never Gonna Give You Up,’ aka the Rickroll song, became an internet phenomenon in 2007 as a part of Rickrolling meme.

All of it boosted his popularity like never before. With the popularity came curious fans who wanted to know more about him. Here are three such queries that fans have about Rick Astley!


Has anyone rickrolled Rick Astley?

Among many things that Astley’s fans are eager to learn, one is if the creator plus master of the Rickroll has ever been rickrolled.

If you have been wondering if that’s even possible, then you might be shocked to hear that Astley has actually been rickrolled. The impossible was done by a YouTuber named TheTekkitRealm in March 2021.

The YouTuber was doing a members-only Minecraft Livestream where one of his subscribers told him that he is a close friend of Astley and the latter was online on Facebook at the time. So the YouTuber stopped whatever he was doing and messaged him with a fake account.


Fortunately, Astley responded to his message; however, he figured out that it was the YouTuber – who had made a Guinness World Record by Rickrolling people. And the YouTuber’s feat was known to Astley as well.

All of that stuff was still being live-streamed, and another one of his subscribers asked the YouTuber to ask Astley to join his stream so that he could rickroll Astley. The YouTuber liked the idea.

So, he typed, “Hey, I’m streaming right now. It would be amazing if you could join and say a quick hello if you could!” He then attached a link to his live stream. “Really crazy timing. My viewers would die to see you lol,” he added.


Following that, he played Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ on loop and went to get himself a Monster energy drink. Sometime after returning, Astley messaged him saying, “Well, now I guess you can count me on that list! Haha.” 

That confirmed that Astley joined the YouTuber’s live stream and got rickrolled. But that’s not the end, as Astley had a backup plan and ultimately rickrolled the YouTuber. Amazing, isn’t it?

When asked how Astley did that, the singer replied, “That’s the art. Never reveal the secret to it. Have fun with your live stream. Keep up your work!”


Well, if you are going to rickroll the master of rickrolling, surely there will be retaliation.

Is Rick Astley still alive? Or dead?

One of the highly searched queries of Astley is if he is still alive or dead. The straightforward answer to this question is: Astley is still alive and lives a healthy life.

However, several years back, there were huge rumors of the 56-year-old Englishman being dead. This rumor first started in June 2009, when a hoax about his death was spread. At the time, several hoaxes about celebrities’ death were being spread online.


And it wasn’t the first time, as the hoax has been spread multiple times over the years. The most recent time it happened was in April 2022. Nonetheless, it has since been confirmed that it was just a hoax and Astley is alive and well.

Reports suggest that a genuine-looking Facebook page named “R.I.P. Rick Astley” spread the news by writing, “At about 11 a.m. ET on Friday (April 01, 2022), our beloved singer Rick Astley passed away. Rick Astley was born on February 6, 1966, in Newton-le-Willows.”

The fake news continued, “He will be missed but not forgotten. Please show your sympathy and condolences by commenting on and liking this page.”


The news was confirmed as fake by Astley’s reps on April 2. They said, “He joins the long list of celebrities who have been victimized by this hoax. He’s still alive and well, stop believing what you see on the Internet.”

Is Rick Astley gay?

Like Astley’s death hoaxes, the rumors about him being gay aren’t true. There have been no reports of him coming out as gay.

The topic of him being gay spread fast when the fictional character of Brian Griffin – from the world-renowned comedy show Family Guy – said, “Here’s a song by a gay guy.” It happened before Griffin played Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ on the show’s season 5, episode 18.


The topic also gained some discussions on Reddit, where several Redditors denied Astley being gay. Some also said, “Neither Rick Astley nor any of the three songwriters have come out as gay.”

That being said, Astley is straight. Additionally, he has been married to his longtime wife, Lene Bausager. The married couple met in 1987 while Bausager was working in marketing at Astley’s Denmark-based record label.

He told The Sydney Morning Herald, “I fell in love with her the day I met her. I did get to see her briefly again a few weeks later in London, then a year after that over a cup of tea while on tour in Denmark. We started writing to each other and I’d rack up some big phone bills calling her from all over the world.”


They finally started dating in the spring of 1989 after Astley returned from his Japan tour. Years later, in 1992, they welcomed their first and only child, a daughter named Emilie Astley. Their daughter is grown-up now and has a master’s degree in fine art.

Rick Astley with his wife Lene Bausager

Rick Astley with his wife Lene Bausager (Photo: Getty Images)

She is reportedly working as a garden designer and lives in Denmark. As for the duo, they got married in 2003 in a secret ceremony after their daughter encouraged them to share the wedding vows.

He told The Sun, “I have been with the same woman for 27 years but we only got married recently. It was very, very casual. We had been engaged for 15 years but we were both very busy. We just didn’t find a date in the diary.”


“Our daughter was visiting because she lives in Copenhagen and the three of us were in the living room. She said, ‘Are you going to get married or what?’ And we went, ‘OK, let’s do it!’ So we just got married in the register office. We just thought, ‘Well, she is only home for a few weeks so let’s do it.’”

“We didn’t tell anybody,” the singer added. As of now, the married couple resides in Surrey, Molesey.


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Everything to Know About Kailyn Lowry’s Plastic Surgery and Weight Loss

Inside Kailyn Lowry’s plastic surgery and weight loss journey.



All About Kailyn Lowry’s Plastic Surgery And Weight Loss

Kailyn Lowry, a popular reality TV star from Teen Mom 2, has been open about her plastic surgery journey and weight loss transformation over the years. 

From gum reduction surgery to Brazilian butt lifts, Lowry has undergone several cosmetic procedures to enhance her appearance. 

Additionally, she has been open about her struggles with weight loss, discussing her journey with diet and exercise on social media. 


Kailyn Lowry’s plastic surgery over the years

Lowry has been open about her plastic surgery over the years. From a gum reduction surgery in 2014 to liposuction, a tummy tuck, and a Brazilian butt lift in 2016, Lowry has undergone several procedures to enhance her appearance. 

In the earlier days of her reality TV career, Lowry’s Instagram photos showed a more natural look before any work had been done. 

However, after gaining fame and success from the show, she began to explore cosmetic enhancements. 

Kailyn Lowry before and after plastic surgery.

Kailyn Lowry before and after plastic surgery. (Source: Twitter)

In 2014, Lowry underwent gum reduction surgery to create a fuller smile, and the results were noticeable. 

Despite denying rumors of lip fillers in 2015, she received them in 2016, showing off her plumped lips on a Teen Mom 2 reunion special. 

Although her then-husband, Javi Marroquin, supported her decision, the TV star has also been honest about her regrets regarding lip fillers due to a reaction to Botox. 


In 2018, Lowry made a conscious decision to put a halt on her plastic surgery journey, citing that she would instead focus on hiring a nutritionist and getting back into working out. 

Kailyn Lowry announced her plans to have a breast reduction.

Kailyn Lowry announced her plans to have a breast reduction. (Source: kaillowry/Instagram)

However, recently, the mom of four children announced her plans to have a breast reduction after shedding some weight. She wrote, “Once this weight comes off just know I’m getting a breast reduction.”

Despite the controversy surrounding her plastic surgery, Lowry remains an influential figure in the reality TV world, showing that there is no shame in enhancing one’s appearance.


Kailyn Lowry proudly shows off her weight loss

Teen Mom star Lowry has been proudly showing off her weight loss progress on social media. She recently shared a video of herself wearing a white crop top and black leggings, posing in front of a mirror.

Lowry has been very open about her weight loss journey, documenting her progress throughout, and even joked about wearing her leggings high up on her waist. 

Kailyn Lowry showing off her body.

Kailyn Lowry showing off her body. (Source: kaillowry/Instagram)

The host also previously flaunted her trim body via Instagram Story. She videotaped herself while donning a body-hugging gray long-sleeve top and black leggings.


She wrote, “I hate wearing color but I took the leap. How are we feeling about this top from Athleta?” adding a yes/no poll for her fans.

Kailyn Lowry flaunting her trim body.

Kailyn Lowry flaunting her trim body. (Source: kaillowry/Instagram)

Her weight loss journey has not been without drama, as she has been feuding with fellow Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus, who previously body-shamed her. 

Lowry’s visible change came after her feud with DeJesus, who got her an exercise machine for Christmas. She thanked DeJesus for the present but later stated that it was an intentional attempt to “body shame” her.


However, her decision to lose weight was not just for cosmetic reasons. She has been struggling to drop the pounds following her four pregnancies and PCOS diagnosis, which she has openly discussed on her podcast. 

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Does Sadie Sink Smoke In Real Life? Know The Truth

Find out if Sadie Sink smokes in real life.



Does Sadie Sink Smoke In Real Life?

Fans of American actress Sadie Sink were curious if she smokes in real life after seeing her smoking in a few movies. 

In one scene of the American psychological drama The Whale, Sink was seen smoking. Many of her fans were shocked to see her smoke in the film at such a young age.

On February 6, 2022, a Twitter user shared a black-and-white image of Sink smoking. Many people were perplexed after seeing the post and wondered if she smoked in real life. “Is this real or an edit or a fake?” one person wondered, while another asked, “What is she smoking?”


Similarly, on January 7, 2023, one social media user tweeted, “I just smoked with a pipe because I saw Sadie Sink smoke with one in The Whale and now I’m high.” Following the tweet, one person commented, “That’s what I thought bc Sadie Sink is a smoke,” and another added, “Incidentally, the last person on god’s earth I’d want to smoke with is Sadie Sink in The Whale.”

Even though Sink smoked in movies, she has never been caught smoking in real life. The actress has also not posted any images of herself smoking on social media. 

Sadie Sink’s role in ‘The Whale’

Sink played the role of Ellie in The Whale. The movie was a huge hit and made over $10 million in the US.


The actress’ talent is evident in The Whale, where Ellie was able to elicit empathy and even a few laughs from the audience despite the film’s devastating subject matter, which includes grief, loneliness, religion, and shame. 

In an interview with Elle, she said, “It’s really difficult when you’re working with darker materials. There were days when it was so draining and felt so heavy because it requires you to fully shed every layer and be really vulnerable.”

Sadie Sink as Ellie in 'The Whale.'

Sadie Sink as Ellie in ‘The Whale.’ (Source: Twitter)

When asked if her character is “good or evil,” Sink responded to Collider, “I don’t know, I think when I was filming for the earlier scenes, I had moments like where I was, ‘Oh there’s some real, real darkness in her.’ You know there is, but I think it’s just developed over time coming from this great deal of pain that she’s in.”


Sink also believed that joining The Whale was the best choice she had made for her career and a stepping stone into the entertainment industry.

She said, “I’m excited about stepping into the film space more. Doing The Whale has provided so many moments that reminded me why I do what I do. Sometimes I still can’t believe I have the opportunity to continue to act and do what I love, and I’m grateful for it every single day.”

Sadie Sink has had a lifelong interest in acting

Sink did not formally train as an actor, but she knew it was her passion since she was a child. She began performing in Texas community theaters at seven. 


Later, she landed her first lead role in the Broadway production of Annie when she was ten years old. At the age of 14, she landed the role of Max in Netflix’s hit sci-fi television show Stranger Things.

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Who Is Colleen Ballinger? Know Everything About Her Parents And Siblings

Colleen Ballinger who is known as Miranda Sings has 3 siblings.



Who Is Colleen Ballinger? Know Her Parents And Siblings

Colleen Ballinger is an American entertainer who works in various fields, such as comedy, YouTube, acting, singing, and writing. She is a producer, actor as well as a writer. 

She is most famous for her portrayal of the character Miranda Sings, which she presents in videos on YouTube, performs as a one-woman comedy show in theaters worldwide, and features in a Netflix original series named Haters Back Off. 

The comical character created by Colleen is talentless, self-absorbed, and peculiar and was developed to mock the many YouTube videos of people singing poorly while attempting to become famous, yet unaware of their lack of ability.


Here is some more related information about the talented actress’ life, her parents, siblings, and more. Read along to find more details. 

Colleen Ballinger was born and raised in California 

Colleen was born on November 21, 1986, and is a native of Santa Barbara, California. Her parents are Tim Ballinger, who worked as a sales manager, and Gwen Ballinger, a homemaker. 

During her middle school years, she received homeschooling. For high school, she enrolled in San Marcos High School, and upon completion, she graduated from Azusa Pacific University in 2008 with a degree in vocal performance. 


She has three siblings, two older brothers, Christopher Ballinger and Trent Ballinger, and a younger sister, Rachel Ballinger. 

Collen Ballinger’s siblings are also writers and creative 

According to FamilyTron, with the assistance and encouragement of her elder brother, Colleen created her TV series for Netflix. He is a magician and a popular YouTuber who runs the YouTube channel ‘Ballinger Family’ with his wife Jessica and their four children, Bailey, Jacob, Parker, and Duncan.

Together with his famous sister, who is widely recognized as Miranda Sings, Chris co-wrote the book Selp-Helf.


Colleen mentioned in one of her videos that she had a close relationship with all of her siblings during their upbringing. However, Trent, the second son of their parents, tends to be more private than the rest.

Colleen refrained from featuring him in her vlogs for almost a decade, but eventually, she decided to create a separate video to showcase his story.

Trent was born with hearing loss, which he had to manage throughout his life. In 2014, he decided to undergo cochlear implant surgery, which helped him to hear better. Since then, he has been active on social media under the username ‘Implantedgamer.’


Rachel is the youngest person in the Ballinger family. She hosts a self-titled YouTube channel, which boasts 2.6 million subscribers. The girl enjoys a massive following on Instagram, too. Her social media nickname is MissRBaller.

Rachel lives in Santa Barbara, California. She was homeschooled. In 2012 she graduated from college with a degree in psychology. She has a boyfriend named Matt.

Rachel is the youngest member of the Ballinger family and has a significant online presence. She hosts her own YouTube channel, which has over 2.6 million subscribers, and she also enjoys a large following on Instagram under the username “MissRBaller.”


She went on to earn a degree in psychology from college in 2012. She is currently active in creating comedy videos, and in addition to that, she is also a writer. She has published a book titled 101 Things That Piss Me Off.

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