Why Did Kristen Tuff Scott Have Breast Surgery? Her Mastectomy and Girlfriend Details

Why Did Kristen Tuff Scott Have Breast Surgery? Her Mastectomy and Girlfriend Details

Why Did Kristen Tuff Scott Have Breast Surgery? Her Mastectomy and Girlfriend Details

Popular social media influencer Kristen Tuff Scott has had a fair share of fame, thanks to her uprising singing career. But what really brought her to the limelight was her appearance in the fifth season of Redneck Island.

Although a well-known internet personality now, her situation wasn’t the same some years ago. She was having a hard time, dealing with a lot of stuff, and even had to go through mastectomy/breast surgery.

Kristen Battled Cancer

The Piggott, Arkansas native had to undergo mastectomy, as she was diagnosed with breast cancer during the mid-2010s.

As per Wikipedia, “Mastectomy is the medical term for the surgical removal of one or both breasts, partially or completely. A mastectomy is usually carried out to treat breast cancer.”

The surgery was successful and she had defeated cancer. On October 16, 2016, Kristen took to her Instagram handle for the first time after her surgery to give an update on her condition. She bravely shared a picture that showed her chest following the removal of her breast.

Likewise, she also wrote a caption that read, “I’ve debated on post this photo but I decided to. Don’t wait till tomorrow folks…it may not come! I may lose followers but it’s ok and well worth it if I save one person. #breastcancerawareness #reality.”

Afterward, she continued to raise her voice and aware people of cancer.

Considered Trans after Surgery

Following the removal of her breasts in order to battle breast cancer, many people who were unaware of her journey began to wonder and show concern about her breasts’ disappearance.

This led some to start a talk, questioning if Kristen changed her gender and became a transgender person. After the speculations didn’t stop to end, the ‘Grandpa’ singer decided to address the topic.

In a Facebook video of December 2017, she cleared everyone’s queries as she explained that she went through a mastectomy and had to remove her breasts due to breast cancer.

Kristen Tuff Scott performing on a stage
Kristen Tuff Scott performing on a stage (Source: Kristen’s Instagram)

In addition to that, she also addressed how people thought that she might be trans. But as she spoke, she dismissed all of the trans rumors.

Personal Life: Is She Dating Anyone?

Although it is cleared that Kristen isn’t trans, it is also very known that she is an openly bisexual person, as she often identifies herself on social media. As a result of her openness, she has been linked to both men and women.

As per eCelebrityMirror, the American comedian was reported to be in a relationship with a lady named Missy, as of 2020. However, as the identity of Kristen’s alleged partner is yet to be disclosed, her love life with Missy remains a mystery.

But an amazing twist came when a remarkable number of sources claimed to see the rumored duo together in the public. However, without any official confirmation and concrete proof, Kristen’s love life with Missy is just another rumor.

Kristen Tuff Scott enjoying her time in the nature.
Kristen Tuff Scott enjoying her time in nature (Source: Kristen’s Instagram)

Speaking of rumors, the country singer has been linked to quite a few people before the talks of her relationship with Missy began. It is believed that she was in a romantic relationship with a woman named Marissa.

The two reportedly dated for almost 3 years. However, much like Missy, the details of Marissa are also unknown and no public eyes have seen her either in a picture or in real. Going by that, it surely seems Kristen knows how to keep her personal life a secret.

Other than Missy and Marissa, it was speculated that Kristen was dating a man named Hunter McCarroll. Unlike her other rumored relationships, she had shared pictures with Hunter through her Instagram handle.

But, as she stopped sharing pictures with her, people believed that they had parted ways. Furthermore, the pictures she had shared with her were also gone.

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