Paola Nunez’s Ex Rodolfo Valdes Talks about Her Relationship with Boyfriend Benjamin Nathan-Serio

Paola Nunez’s Ex Rodolfo Valdes Talks about Her Relationship with Boyfriend Benjamin Nathan-Serio

Paola Nunez’s ex stated that he would go to her wedding if he got invited.

Paola Nunez’s Ex Rodolfo Valdes Talks about Her Relationship with Boyfriend Benjamin Nathan-Serio

Paola Nunez’s ex Rodolfo Valdes wishes the best to Nunez in her ongoing relationship.

Nunez is a successful Mexican actress who almost married Valdes, but their relationship headed south when the actress went to the United States for work purposes in 2014.

Nonetheless, it didn’t take much time for Nunez to find love again. There, she began dating her present boyfriend, actor Benjamin Nathan-Serio, circa 2018.

Paola Nunez’s ex Rodolfo talks about her boyfriend Benjamin

Nunez’s ex Valdes congratulated Nunez on her relationship with her boyfriend, Benjamin. During a 2019 interview [via tvnotas], he said, “I wish Paola many congratulations. It is good that she succeeds and it is good that she is very happy.”

He further explained how he loved the fact that she was happy and the love he had for her had changed — but somehow managed to rescue the friendship and ended things in a healthy way.

Valdes, who is also an actor, even gave her an engagement ring; however, in 2014, things started to fall off when she went to the United States, and distance came between them. 

Nunez was the one who ended about 5 years of relationship with Valdes. She said, “We are best friends, we realized we were best friends and so that is why we decided to break up.”

In addition, she also told Quien that it was her longest relationship and he was the ideal man. But she realized that their love was becoming another kind of love — friendship.

On the other hand, he stated that he would absolutely go to his ex’s wedding if he got invited. 

Paola Nunez’s dating history

Nunez’s dating history goes way back to 2013, when she was dating Valdes. It was around that time that she even got engaged to him and was planning to become a mom, too. Nonetheless, they got separated after 4 years in 2016.

It is unsure if there was someone before Valdes, but it is absolutely sure that there is someone after Valdes. Currently, she is in a romantic relationship with a BFA award recipient, Nathan-Serio.

There are no specific details of how the two of them met, but they can be seen on each other’s different social media accounts.

Who is Paola Nunez’s boyfriend, Benjamin Nathan-Serio?

The Resident Evil actress has moved on and currently has a boyfriend named Benjamin, who is also an actor. Serio has worked across different performance disciplines, including theater, cinema, television, radio, and also in casting and production.

Around 2018, Nunez shared a picture of Serio on her Instagram account, so it might be around that time when the two of them started dating each other.

Nunez often shared pictures with him on her official Instagram account, being all romantic and so much in love. The last time she posted a picture with him was on August 23, 2021, when the couple welcomed a new addition, Ezequiel, a cute dog, to their life.

Paola Nunez’s early life and career

Nunez was born in Baja, California, Mexico on April 8, 1978 to her parents Hector Manuel Nunez Castillo and Silvia Rivas Teran. She was into acting from a very young age.

Around 12, she was already acting in theater, and just at the age of 16, she began her full-time career as an actress. Nunez came to the limelight after portraying the role of Barbara Bazterrica in Amor en custodia.

Nunez eventually graduated from the acting school CEFAC TV Azteca — and her latest work includes Netflix’s series Resident Evil which was released on July 14, 2022.

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