Is Gillian Jacobs Dating A Boyfriend? Look At Her Love Life

Is Gillian Jacobs Dating A Boyfriend? Look At Her Love Life

Gillian Jacobs’ 2000s were full of bad dating experiences and difficulty in finding a boyfriend.

Is Gillian Jacobs Dating A Boyfriend? Look At Her Love Life

Gillian Jacobs is a highly private person.

As a result, little is known about her personal life, including her dating history. She is well-known for keeping her private life hidden from the public eye.

Therefore, she has revealed nothing about having a boyfriend or if she is dating anyone.

Similarly, we have no information regarding her marital status. She hasn’t been forthcoming about her past or current relationships.

She reportedly said she had a “very creative partner” in 2017, but no information about her boyfriend has been provided.

But once in a while, Jacobs gives a glimpse into her love life. At times, she opens up about her past experiences and how hard it was for her to date when she was in college.

Gillian Jacobs struggled to have a boyfriend

When Jacobs was a child, she swore up all alcoholic beverages. To date, the only thing she drinks is Red Bull.

While not drinking might positively impact one’s health, it did no good to the Community star. At least, that was the situation when she was in acting school, attempting to manage many facets of her newly acquired adulthood.

Jacobs went to The Juilliard School in 2000 to be an actress. There, she had a hard time finding boyfriends or simply meeting respectable guys.

The dating scene in New York, at least for her, was highly reliant on being inebriated, and when she met males, she was always stone-cold sober.

In an interview with Vogue in 2018, the actress discussed her difficulty finding a partner. 

People used to meet in bars before there were dating apps. And you don’t go to bars very much if you don’t drink.

For months, she did nothing but smile at boys on trains until a friend offered to set her up with a guy. So, as part of her preparation, she dressed up as best she could and “chugged a full case of Red Bull” because she was eager and anxious to start dating the guy.

The date occurred in a well-known New York City nightclub called The Box. She put up with everything the venue offered because she believed she would “meet the love of [her] life” that night.

Despite her best efforts, she could not strike up a conversation with him. This was because he didn’t seem to care about her at all.

Gillian Jacobs struggled to find a boyfriend when she went to The Julliard School. (Source: Instagram)

When they went to a different bar, everything changed. A shift in the scene piqued his curiosity, and he began to pay attention to her.

But things took a dark turn when her pals began a fight, and the entire club became engaged in it. As a result, she and her friends were booted out of the pub.

At the end of the night, she and the gentleman parted as friends and did not date anymore.

Gillian Jacobs’ bad dating experience

Jacobs had a really bad dating experience when she was young. However, she dubbed one of her experiences her “worst date ever.”

She described the date in 2016 on the ‘My Worst Date’ segment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The date happened in New York, and her partner had pre-planned everything.

It started with having sushi, then they headed to Serendipity, a cheesy dessert shop that’s been there for decades. Both were a complete turn-off for her.

While getting there, they drove past a few strip clubs, where he made an offensive and questionable joke. Following an awkward period of wandering, they decided to return home.

She gave in since he persisted in dropping her off at her house, even though she was only trying to get rid of him.

At that time, he suggested they return to his place since he could not find her apartment. He also said his mother could prepare her breakfast if she returned to his house. She said no to the proposition.

They somehow made it back to her house, where he “pretended” he had forgotten how to go back to his own house from there. As a result, he showed up at her non-furnished apartment since she was broke.

Before she could get him out of her room, he played around with her belongings. But eventually, she managed to kick him out.

Even after weeks of interaction, he still believed that the two shared some kind of unique connection. But unfortunately, it was nothing but delusion on his part.

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