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Is Pauly Shore Gay? Or Is He Married to a Wife? His Dating Life Explored

Pauly Shore announced him as gay through a social media post but fans thought it was a joke.



Paul Montgomery Shore, popularly known as Pauly Shore, is an American actor, comedian, and filmmaker who gained popularity for his roles in comedy films during the 1990s.

He started his career as a stand-up comedian at the young age of 17 and later became an MTV VJ in 1989. His stint as a VJ led to a prominent role in the comedy film Encino Man in 1992, which achieved success.

He then went on to star in other leading roles in films such as Son in Law and Bio-Dome. Additionally, Shore lent his voice to the character of Robert “Bobby” Zimuruski in A Goofy Movie and its direct-to-video sequel, An Extremely Goofy Movie

He created speculation about his sexuality when he posted about being gay on his Facebook and Twitter accounts. Since then, many fans thought that the comedian was gay.

What led to Pauly Shore’s gay rumors?

Shore’s announcement about being gay in 2017 was a surprising turn of events since there had never been any doubts about his sexuality before that, as mentioned by Skinny Scoop

Unlike many celebrities, his association with gay rumors didn’t stem from visible relationships or connections. As a seasoned comedian, his fans were initially unsure whether to take his social media post seriously or consider it part of his comedic persona. 

Given that his career was not as prominent as it once was, some speculated that it could be a publicity stunt to regain attention for himself and his work. This wouldn’t be the first time Shore employed such tactics to draw attention, as he previously staged his death in the movie Pauly Shore Is Dead in 2003 to revive his fading career.

Since he has not introduced a gay partner since the announcement, it seems plausible to assume that his intent was simply to generate some publicity. Nevertheless, based on his past relationships, there is no indication that he is genuinely gay. 

Was Pauly Shore married to a wife?

According to information provided by Model Fact, Shore has never been married or engaged, which made it easy for some people to accept his claim of being gay. Since the comedian has never been married, there are no details about a wife. 

However, the source also claimed that he is currently in a relationship with Alex Noble. Reports indicate that they began dating in 2014 and were seen publicly displaying affection on a Miami beach in 2015. 

Not much is known about Noble’s profession or how they met publicly. Before dating her, Shore is rumored to have dated nearly twelve different women. While the specifics of how they met, the duration of their relationship, and the reason for their breakup are unknown, Shore is said to have dated Jill in the 1990s.

Young Pauly Shore with Brendan Fraser (Source: Instagram)

Young Pauly Shore with Brendan Fraser (Source: Instagram)

One notable past relationship in the public eye was with Shannon Wilsey, a well-known actress also known as Savannah, who appeared in over 100 films. When Shannon passed away in 1994, the details of their relationship, including how they met and how long they dated, remained private.

Does Pauly Shore have kids? 

No, Shore doesn’t have kids, but he once was planning to become a dad via surrogacy. 

According to the US Weekly, he once said, “ Six months ago I was seriously looking into surrogacy and becoming a dad.” He does have a niece and nephew, Lola and Caleb.

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Is Hugh Grant Gay? Know All about His Romantic Pursuits

Hugh Grant tied the knot to his beautiful wife Anna Erbestein at 57.



Is Hugh Grant Gay? Unraveling His Romantic Pursuits

The charming English actor Hugh Grant has captured hearts worldwide with his iconic romantic roles and impeccable comic timing. 

However, his ability to seamlessly transition between romantic and dramatic characters has blurred the lines between reel and real, leaving audiences wondering about his offscreen romantic pursuits.

His portrayal of gay characters in films like Maurice has sparked curiosity among fans – is the leading man gay in real life? Today, we explore his love life, shedding light on the speculations and uncovering the realities beneath the surface. 

Hugh Grant is not gay

Despite portraying gay characters on screen, Grant has consistently identified as a heterosexual man. While lauded for their authenticity, his performances do not reflect his offscreen romantic preferences. 

Over the years, his personal life has been a subject of intense media scrutiny, fueling speculations about his sexuality. However, the actor’s high-profile relationships with women have restated these rumors. 

Hugh Grant with his wife Anna Eberstein

Hugh Grant with his wife Anna Eberstein (Source: PEOPLE)

He has been involved in several well-documented romantic entanglements, leaving little doubt about his attraction to the opposite sex. 

While he has been an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, including supporting same-sex marriage, he has made it clear that he does not identify as gay. 

In interviews and public appearances, the actor has spoken candidly about his personal life, dispelling any lingering doubts about his sexual orientation.

Hugh Grant has played a few gay characters, receiving acclaim

Grant built his early career playing charming leading men in romantic comedies; he has also earned critical acclaim for his nuanced portrayal of gay characters in several films. 

One of his most celebrated performances as a gay character came in the 1987 film Maurice, based on the E.M. Forster novel of the same name. 

In the film, he played Clive, a young man grappling with his homosexuality in the repressive social climate of Edwardian-era England. 

His performance was widely praised for its insight and intelligence, with The New York Times critic Janet Maslin hailing him as “so good” and noting that he “embodies all the conservatism and complacency, not to mention all the hidden desire, that Forster saw as most repressive in the English society of his day.”

In the 2018 BBC television series A Very English Scandal, he took on the challenge of portraying the bisexual British politician Jeremy Thorpe, who was embroiled in a scandal involving his former lover, Norman Scott. 

His nuanced performance captured Thorpe’s internal turmoil and the societal pressures he faced as a public figure navigating his sexuality in the 1960s and 1970s.

More recently, he made a memorable cameo appearance in Rian Johnson’s murder mystery sequel Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, where he played the partner of Daniel Craig’s character, the detective Benoit Blanc. 

Hugh Grant’s relationship history

Grant’s love life has been a subject of intense public interest and speculation over the years. 

One of his most high-profile relationships was with actress Elizabeth Hurley, with whom he co-starred in the 1987 film Remando Al Viento.

Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant at the 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' premiere in 1994

Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant at the ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ premiere in 1994 (Source: The Independent)

Their romance blossomed offscreen, and they quickly became one of the most celebrated couples in England. 

However, they ultimately called it quits in 2000 after 13 years together. After his split from Hurley, his romantic life took several unexpected turns. 

In 2011, he unexpectedly found himself drawn to Tinglan Hong, a woman he met at a Chelsea wine bar. However, their relationship was short-lived. 

Around the same time, rumors swirled about a potential romance between Grant and his Music and Lyrics co-star Drew Barrymore, fueled by their undeniable on-screen chemistry. 

While the two never officially confirmed or denied the speculations, their close friendship has endured.

His love life continued to make headlines with his relationship with Jemima Khan in 2004. The couple seemed headed towards marriage, with him reportedly considering proposing. 

However, their romance ultimately fizzled out, and they amicably parted ways in 2007, remaining on good terms.

Hugh Grant is a father of 5 children

Grant surprised many when he embarked on an unexpected journey into fatherhood in the mid-2000s. 

In a whirlwind of events, he welcomed not one but three children in quick succession with two different women, raising eyebrows and capturing the attention of the media and his fans alike.

His first foray into parenthood came in the fall of 2011 when he welcomed his daughter Tabitha with his then-ex-girlfriend Tinglan Hong. 

Just a year later, his family grew once again as he and his current wife, Anna Eberstein, became parents to their son John.

Hugh Grant with his two son

Hugh Grant with his two sons (Source: Pinterest)

But the surprises didn’t stop there – a mere few months after John’s arrival, Grant and Hong added another member to their unique family dynamic with the birth of their son Felix in February 2013.

While the unconventional circumstances surrounding his entry into fatherhood raised questions and garnered media attention, the actor has embraced his role as a father with open arms.

In a candid interview, the Notting Hill star admitted that his free time is primarily occupied by his five children, joking that he’s “swamped in children” and “too old for them” at 63.

Despite the challenges of juggling a career and a large family, he has spoken fondly of fatherhood, describing it as “the nicest thing that’s ever happened” to him. 

Hugh Grant got married in 2018

For years, Grant was known as one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors, seemingly content to remain unattached. 

However, in 2018, the iconic actor surprised fans and the media by finally taking the plunge and tying the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Eberstein.

At 57, he admitted that he should have gotten married much sooner, acknowledging the joy and fulfillment of committing to a lifelong partner. 

The Love, Actually star couldn’t help but poke fun at himself, joking about his decision to become a newlywed after years of bachelorhood.

His decision to marry Eberstein, the mother of three of his children, was a testament to the deep love and connection they had cultivated over their six-year relationship. 

The couple had already built a family together, welcoming a daughter in 2012, a son named John Mungo in 2013, and a third child whose name was not revealed, born in the spring of 2018.

In the months following their intimate nuptials, he spoke candidly about the joys of married life, admitting that it was “really nice” and expressing gratitude for having found a “great wife” he loves deeply.

The once-confirmed bachelor fully embraced the domestic bliss of having a lifelong partner and a growing family.

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Matthias Schoenaerts Molded by Parents Despite Own Doubts

Matthias Schoenaerts grew up in a creative environment with his parents.



Matthias Schoenaerts Molded by Parents Despite Own Doubts

Matthias Schoenaerts, the acclaimed Belgian actor, has carved out an impressive career in film despite facing self-doubt early on. Born in 1977, he made a remarkable debut at just 12 years old in the Oscar-nominated movie Daens. 

However, his path to success was shaped by his parents’ unwavering support and guidance. Despite his uncertainties, his parents recognized his talent and encouraged him to follow his path. 

This article delves into his parents’ pivotal role in molding him into the acclaimed performer he is today, overcoming personal doubts through their belief in his abilities. 

Who are Matthias Schoenaerts’ parents?

Schoenaerts’ father was Julien Schoenaerts (1925-2006), a renowned Flemish actor widely regarded as one of the greatest post-war actors in Flanders and the Netherlands. His impressive acting career spanned theatre, film, and television. 

Some of Julien’s notable theatre roles included Kaspar by Peter Handke, Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett, and works by Sophocles and Plato.

His film/TV credits include Daens and De Leeuw van Vlaanderen. He struggled with bipolar disorder later in life.

Matthias Schoenaerts with his parents

Matthias Schoenaerts with his parents (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, Schoenaerts’ mother is Dominique Wiche (1953-2016), a costume designer, translator and French teacher. She hailed from the French-speaking Wallonia region of Belgium.

So Schoenaerts was born into a family with solid theatrical roots from his acclaimed actor father while also having exposure to the French language and culture from his mother’s side. 

Matthias Schoenarts appeared on stage with his father at the age of nine

Schoenaerts was born into a family with deep theatrical roots, so it’s no surprise he caught the acting bug early.

At just nine years old in 1987, he made his stage debut alongside his father Julien in a production of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s classic novella The Little Prince

It was a family affair with Julien directing and Schoenaerts’ mother, Wiche, designing the costumes. This must have been an incredibly formative experience for young Schoenaerts, sharing the stage with his renowned actor father.

Though he downplays the role now, calling it essentially a “wallpaper part,” he went on to act with his father again just a few years later at age 12 in the 1992 film Daens

Matthias Schoenaerts refused to do what his parents did as a teenager

Despite his early exposure to acting by performing alongside his father at ages 9 and 12, Schoenaerts went through a rebellious phase in his youth where he wanted to forge his path away from his father’s legendary shadow.

He was terrified of never being able to live up to his father Julien’s towering talent and reputation, describing Julien as “a mix of Marlon Brando and Klaus Kinski” with an intense, volatile personality.

Their relationship became strained, with Schoenaerts recounting how they “fought like dogs” and even came to physical blows when he was around 13 years old.

Instead of acting, the teenage Schoenaerts immersed himself in the hip-hop culture – graffiti artistry under the tag “Zenith,” turntables, and breakdancing. 

He embraced this countercultural lifestyle as a rebellion against following his parents into the theatrical world he had come to resent as a youth.

Even today, Schoenaerts still practices artistic outlets like large mural paintings to find peace and calm himself, perhaps connecting to those graffiti roots.

Matthias Schoenaerts’ father’s influence on him

Schoenaerts admits there was a point as a reckless 21-year-old when his life was veering down a dangerous path — he had been expelled from school. He was involved in graffiti and vandalism with a questionable crowd of friends. 

However, a traumatic event involving his estranged father, Julien, proved to be the wake-up call that dramatically altered Schoenaerts’ trajectory. 

He received the devastating news that Julien had suffered a psychotic episode and lay comatose, with only 24 hours to live, according to doctors. Despite their strained relationship over the years, he was overwhelmed with emotion at his father’s bedside, regretting they may never reconcile their issues. 

Matthias Schoenaerts with his father

Matthias Schoenaerts with his father (Source: X)

Miraculously, Julien defied the odds and awoke after 72 hours, but in a vegetative state that medical experts warned may never improve. This started an eight-month journey where he and his mother became Julien’s tireless advocates and caregivers. 

Through sheer love, dedication, and stubbornness, they rehabilitated Julien, teaching him to speak, eat, and walk in what doctors called “a miracle.” For Schoenaerts, it was a transformative experience that compelled him to overhaul his lifestyle and find purpose.

Even today, he speaks reverently of his parents as the people he loved most, with whom he shared his life’s most important moments and beautiful memories. Their losses have made life excruciatingly difficult. 

But that brush with nearly losing his father too soon solidified Julien’s lasting impact. It motivated him to find the artistic path his parents had modeled while channeling their relentless determination and depth of love into his craft.

Father always encouraged him to choose his path

Despite coming from an acclaimed acting family, there was surprisingly little pressure on young Schoenaerts to follow those footsteps into the profession. 

His father, Julien, took an extremely open-minded approach, wanting his son to discover his natural talents and callings organically.  

As he reminisces, “My father was very free-spirited…He was like, ‘Let’s see where this kid ends up by nature. Let’s not try to navigate him into whatever we think might be good for him.'”

And for a long stretch, an acting career seemed an unlikely destination for Schoenaerts. He initially enrolled in film school but was expelled due to truancy and apathy, admitting, “I was lazy then.”

It wasn’t until age 21 that Schoenaerts was slowly drawn to the family business, enrolling in drama school around the same time he started booking minor acting roles on Belgian TV and films. 

Even then, his father didn’t push him toward that path. As he recognizes, “I ended up doing something I thought I never would” in terms of acting.

Despite being difficult, Matthias still finds comfort in memories

Despite the often difficult circumstances of his childhood, Schoenaerts still finds profound comfort and meaning in memories connected to his hometown of Antwerp and those he loved most. 

He vividly recounts getting his beloved chow chow puppy Brando from his mother. “My dogs were my great loves. The home situation was often difficult, and with my dogs I found security,” he reflects wistfully. 

His parents, too, manifest in his subconscious when he slumbers. “I often dream about my parents too: that reunion is so intensely beautiful and warm…Those dreams are true to life, and the awakening is rock-hard,” he says, the emptiness of waking to find them gone again piercing his heart. 

This city is his “zero,” his home, the one place he longs to plant roots in the transient life of a global film career. When his mother was ill, he treasured any moments he could spend with her here. 

Now, his new permanent apartment offers respite — inspiration on the roof terrace admiring sunsets, quiet pockets of beauty to be slowly savored as David Lynch advised.

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Phil Rosenthal’s Kids Follow His Footsteps With a Love of Food

Phil Rosenthal is a proud father of his two children.



Phil Rosenthal’s Kids Follow His Footsteps With a Love of Food

Phil Rosenthal, the creator of the hit sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, has gained recent fame for his food and travel documentaries I’ll Have What Phil’s Having and Somebody Feed Phil. 

He has a loving marriage with his wife, Monica Horan, and they have two children. While Rosenthal has given fans a glimpse into his personal life through his shows, little is known about his children as he keeps details private. 

This article will explore what is known about his children and how they follow in their famous father’s footsteps while enjoying cuisine worldwide.

Meet Phil Rosenthal’s two children

Rosenthal likes to keep his family life private, but a few details about his son Ben and daughter Lily are unknown. Ben’s exact birth year is unclear, but because he celebrates his birthday every August 1st, he is likely the older sibling. 

His sister Lily was born on August 3rd, 1997, making her 26 years old as of August 2023. While Rosenthal doesn’t share many specifics, he has said that his kids have inherited his passion for food and travel. 

Phil Rosenthal's two children Ben and Lily Rosenthal

Phil Rosenthal’s two children, Ben and Lily Rosenthal (Source: Instagram)

Lily, in particular, seems to share her father’s adventurous spirit when trying new dishes. When she was younger, Rosenthal brought back smelly durian fruit for her to taste. According to him, she loved Southeast Asian fruit and acquired taste.

As they’ve grown older, Rosenthal’s son Ben and daughter Lily have gotten to experience some of their dad’s culinary adventures firsthand. While Rosenthal likes to give his kids a normal, private upbringing, it’s clear his passion for food and travel has rubbed off on the next generation.

Phil Rosenthal’s son is a food entrepreneur and actor

Rosenthal once proudly posted about his son Ben on social media, praising him as an entrepreneur for his new cookie company, Zaza’s. This specialty business, which Ben co-founded in 2021, aims to provide high-quality, gourmet cannabis-infused cookies. 

The concept for Zaza’s was born out of Ben’s dual interests in culinary arts and cannabis. He joined with partners Gabe and Otis to create a bake-at-home cookie mix that delivers potent yet flavorful edibles without a weed taste or smell. 

They use cutting-edge nanotechnology to maximize the bioavailability and potency of the THC in their products. As outlined on Zaza’s website, Ben leverages his background in the culinary world to develop edibles that are as delicious as they are effective. 

He felt unsatisfied with the quality and taste of other cannabis edibles on the market, so he launched his own company to show they can be both gourmet and potent.

Phil Rosenthal’s daughter credits him for her love of food

Lily is an accomplished actor, writer, and producer. Still, her passion for food and travel can be directly attributed to her famous father. As the creator and host of food and travel documentaries, her dad instilled a genuine excitement for cuisine in her from a very young age. 

One of Rosenthal’s rules for his kids growing up was to try at least any food they were served, no matter how unfamiliar. This gave Lily an adventurous palette and openness to dishes from around the globe, shaping her into a food lover like her dad. 

She credits him for exposing her to various flavors and cultures through their travels. As an adult, Lily has translated her love of food into creative pursuits and projects to support local restaurants. 

Phil Rosenthal with his daughter Lily Rosenthal

Phil Rosenthal with his daughter Lily Rosenthal (Source: Instagram)

In 2021, for example, when Asian hate crimes were spiking across America, Lily partnered with a friend to create a Jewish-Chinese fusion chicken sandwich. 

Its success inspired her nonprofit “Liv A Lil,” which facilitates colorful cross-cultural culinary collaborations between LA eateries. All proceeds from Liv A Lil events go to charities chosen by the participating chefs.

Lily has made her mark on LA’s dining scene through acting, influencing, and producing food-focused content. But she openly credits her father and the family’s travel adventures for instilling that initial intrigue and love for dishes from around the world. 

Phil and Lily Rosenthal published a book together

The famous father-daughter duo of Netflix personality Rosenthal and his daughter Lily have teamed up to write a hilarious children’s book based on their real-life experiences called “Just Try It.” 

The book, published in February 2024 by Simon & Schuster, is aimed at picky eaters and illustrated by acclaimed artist Luke Flowers.

The story follows food-loving Phil, modeled after Rosenthal himself, as he tries to get his reluctant daughter Lil, inspired by Lily, to expand her very narrow palate during a visit to a food truck festival. 

Despite Phil’s pleas, Lil refuses to venture beyond her safe foods of plain pasta and bread. But a lucky mustard mishap ultimately changes everything.  

Phil and Lily map out the perennial conflict between adventurous and picky eaters through this charming plot. 

They draw from their father-daughter dynamic, as Phil has made a name for himself, globe-trotting and tasting local cuisines. At the same time, Lily was considerably more selective during her early years. 

The Rosenthals indicate they wrote the book to help families everywhere cope with and gently expand the horizons of picky eaters. They hope Lil’s ultimate willingness to try something new will inspire more kids to find joy in culinary adventure.

Both Phil Rosenthal kids appear in ‘Somebody Feed Phil’

Rosenthal’s love of food and travel is a family affair. His popular Netflix show Somebody Feed Phil offers viewers a glimpse into his culinary adventures across the globe. 

Joining him on some of these food-filled escapes are his two grown children, Ben and Lily. In the Nashville episode of the latest season, Lily accompanies her dad to sample the city’s hot chicken joints, barbecue restaurants, and other Music City staples. 

During the outings, Rosenthal affectionately jokes with his daughter about the far cry these meals are from the bland buttered noodles she preferred as a picky eater kid. 

Lily also assists her dad in connecting with charitable initiatives in the places he visits on the show. For example, she joins him in serving food at a local community kitchen. 

Lily has followed her famous father’s footsteps into food philanthropy with her pop-up dining events that donate proceeds to charity.

While less screen time has been awarded to son Ben, he also makes cameo appearances with his dear old dad. Ben is yet another member of the Rosenthal crew who shares that distinct family passion for cuisine.

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