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Who Is the Guy That Looks Like Benedict Cumberbatch?

Benedict Cumberbatch’s fans have frequently misidentified him as someone else.



Who Is The Guy That Looks Like Benedict Cumberbatch?

There is a saying that everyone in the world has a twin — someone who looks exactly like you but isn’t related by blood — but what if your twin was one of the world’s most recognizable famous faces, with one of the most devoted fanbases?

Like many others, Benedict Cumberbatch, best known as Dr. Strange in Marvel films, has few people who look like him. Fans of Cumberbatch have frequently mistaken him for someone else. Meet a few Cumberbatch look-alikes in the world.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s look-alike, Tyler Michell, has become an internet sensation

Michell has received a lot of attention after people noticed how much he resembles Cumberbatch. Since then, he has gained a large number of Instagram followers.

Tyler Michell and Benedict Cumberbatch have similar appearances.

Tyler Michell and Benedict Cumberbatch have similar appearances. (Source: Twitter)

He told The Telegraph, “It started as a joke — my close friends and family would tease me and say I looked like Benedict Cumberbatch. I guess I look like him a little — but I didn’t take it seriously.” 

Michell continued, “Now people are messaging me and saying I should have won the Oscar. I get girls from Brazil saying they want to meet me in the U.K., which is crazy as I’m just a teenage boy sitting at home.”

Does Dr. Strange have a doppelgänger?

Cumberbatch met his doppelgänger, Cosplayer Cumbermatch, for the first time at the Doctor Strange premiere. Marvel Studios invited him to attend the Hollywood premiere. 

Benedict Cumberbatch meets his doppelgänger at the Doctor Strange premiere.

Benedict Cumberbatch meets his doppelgänger at the Doctor Strange premiere. (Source: Instagram)

Later, when asked about his experience meeting Benedict Cumberbatch in a Cosplay Central interview, Cumberbatch said, “I have a new respect for the actor and the work involved in movie promotion. I saw Benedict three times a week doing different promotions. He has always whisked away to other engagements afterward.” Cumbermatch also stated that Cumberbatch was surprised to see him.

Ethan Hawke reveals he was almost cast as Doctor Strange

Hawke is one of many people who have a similar appearance to Cumberbatch. According to one Reddit user, “Ethan Hawke looks like the child of Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Cruise,” and many people agreed.

Similarly, Hawke resembles Cumberbatch so much that he was almost cast in the role of Doctor Strange. In the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Hawke mentioned that he came “as close as anybody could” to landing the role of Dr. Strange. 

Ethan Hawke was about to be cast as Doctor Strange due to his resemblance to Benedict Cumberbatch.

Ethan Hawke was about to be cast as Doctor Strange due to his resemblance to Benedict Cumberbatch. (Source: Reddit)

However, at the time, Hawke wasn’t quite prepared to devote the necessary amount of time to the movie, the role, and the marketing that the Marvel-inhabitants verses’ are expected to do.

In the podcast, he explained, “There’s a tremendous amount of salesmanship that’s now really important to a studio like that. It’s a tremendous amount of time in your life where you’re working, and you’re not acting.”

Does Benedict Cumberbatch have a brother? 

No, Cumberbatch does not have a brother, but he does have a half-sister named Tracy Peacock-Tabernacle. According to IMDb, Tracy was born during her mother’s first marriage to James Tabernacle.


As an older sibling usually does, Tracy used to babysit her brother. Cumberbatch told British GQ that his sister wasn’t the best babysitter, but she tried. He claimed he first escaped death when his sister left him crying on a roof. She thought it would help him relax, but then she forgot about him.

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Who Is Sebastian Stan’s Mother? Inside His Early Life

All about Sebastian Stan’s family.



Who Is Sebastian Stan’s Mother? Inside His Early Life

Romanian and American actor Sebastian Stan has a close relationship with his mother. 

Stan was born in the Romanian city of Constanța. He was only two years old when his parents divorced. Later, Stan and his mother, Georgeta Orlovschi, relocated to Vienna, Austria, where she worked as a pianist.

After four years, they again relocated to Rockland County, New York, when his mother married the headmaster of a school. The actor spent the majority of his childhood with his mother. 


Sebastian Stan’s mother is his biggest supporter 

Stan’s mother has always been there for him throughout his life. In one of the interviews, he recalled how his mother used to keep a constant eye on him and take care of him as a child. 

He said, “When I was a kid I got hurt a lot, I used to fall all the time. Once I was spinning around, dancing and I rolled into the mirror, which almost fell on me.”

My mom was always worried about me, that something will happen. “Sebastian, be careful! “Don’t do it!” she used to say all the time.

Sebastian Stan's childhood picture with his mother.

Sebastian Stan’s childhood picture with his mother. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, even though the actor was raised in the United States, his mother taught him Romanian and told him that he should speak Romanian with her.


Stan considers his mother to be his greatest inspiration. When he began doing Romanian movies, he realized what his mother had gone through when she decided to emigrate so far away.

In an interview with Stirile Protv, he said, “I experienced something in the past 5 to 10 years. I had a better understanding of my mother now. I was extremely lucky to have her in my life.” He also has a tattoo of his mother’s face on his bisect.

Stan frequently posts about his mother on social media. On Mother’s Day 2021, he shared a throwback photo with his mother. Along with the picture, he captioned, “Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who gave me everything!”


“Even when we had nothing, she encouraged me to believe in myself, to follow my dream, and to be honest with myself…I love you, mom! I owe you everything.”

Sebastian Stan’s early life

Stan was initially raised in the Romanian Orthodox Church by his mother. Growing up, he was always interested in acting.

During his time at Rockland school, Stan appeared in productions such as Harvey, Cyrano de Bergerac, Little Shop of Horrors, Over Here!, and West Side Story.


Stan also attended Stagedoor Manor summer camp, where he was cast in several camp productions. He then decided to pursue acting professionally and began applying to acting programs at various universities.

Later, the actor studied acting at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, England, while attending Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of the Arts. He received his bachelor’s degree from Rutgers in 2005. He also became a citizen of the United States in 2002.

Stan’s acting career began with a role in Law & Order in 2003. Following this, he appeared in several films, including Tony and Tina’s Wedding, The Architect, and many others.


The actor asked in one of the talks shows how difficult it was for him to achieve success in Hollywood. “It was very difficult,” he said. “I consider myself very fortunate. What would I have done if it hadn’t been for my mother?”

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Who Are Corey Mylchreest’s Parents? All about ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ Actor

Corey Mylchreest is getting popular for his upcoming role in the Netflix spinoff of Bridgerton.



Who Are Corey Mylchreest’s Parents? All about ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ Actor

Corey Mylchreest has gained recognition for his roles in The Sandman, Elevator Pitch, and the upcoming Netflix series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, supposedly airing on May 4th.

As mentioned in Independent Talent, Mylchreest did a BA in acting from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art from 2017-2020. He graduated in 2020 and works with the talent company agent Sally Long-Innes, Independent Talent Group since then. 

There is not much information available about the actor on the internet. However, here are some details about the emerging actor. 


Corey Mylchreest has kept his personal life private 

Mylchreest is new in the Hollywood business and still growing toward his fame. The actor has not shared much about his family, parents, siblings, or other personal details. Hence, there is no information regarding who his parents are or from what ethnicity the actor belongs.

However, TV Insider mentioned that the actor was born in the UK. He is playing the role of young king George in the upcoming spin-off of Netflix’s Bridgerton.

The young actor has not revealed any of his personal information, like his age, date of birth, and other details either. So his actual date of birth is unknown. However, Information Cradle mentioned him to be between 20-24 years of age. 


Corey Mylchreest worked in many plays during his drama school 

The student and graduate profile from his college, Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, shows that the actor is 6’ ft tall and has brown hair and brown eyes. 

During his time at RADA, Mylchreest worked on several productions, including Henry in The Unravelling (a short film) directed by Anne Musisi, Bloody Captain in Seyton in Macbeth directed by Annie Tyson, Auberon in Tales from the Vienna Woods directed by Caroline Steinbeis, Earth in Mysterious Bruises directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair. 

Similarly, he played Octavius/Decius Brutus in Julius Caesar (Shakespeare for Young Audiences), directed by Hal Chambers, Claudius in Hamlet (Course Project), directed by John Gillett, and Herald in The Oresteia (Course Project), directed by Jonathan Humphreys. 


Mylchreest also played Lord Foppington in The Relapse (Course Project), directed by Giles Havergal. Before his work at RADA, Mylchreest had experience playing Romeo in Romeo and Juliet and Woyzeck in Woyzeck, both directed by Alisdair Middleton. 

He was also a member of the Junior Guildhall School of Music and Drama, the Junior Central School of Speech and Drama, and the National Youth Theatre.

Corey Mylchreest will be seen as Young King George in the upcoming Netflix series 

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is an upcoming limited historical drama series produced for Netflix by Shonda Rhimes. It is a spin-off prequel to the popular Netflix series Bridgerton and will explore the early life of Queen Charlotte as she climbs the ranks of power and influence. 


The series, which is composed of six episodes, is set to premiere on May 4, 2023. Netflix mentioned, “Young Queen Charlotte’s marriage to King George of England sparks an epic love story and transforms high society in this ‘Bridgerton’ universe prequel.”

Mylchreest has been cast to play King George as a young adult, while Michelle Fairley will star as his mother, the Dowager Princess Augusta. The upcoming prequel limited series will feature India Amarteifio and Arsema Thomas playing younger versions of Queen Charlotte and Lady Danbury, respectively.  

The specifics of these new characters have not yet been revealed, but they are expected to play important roles in the story of Queen Charlotte’s rise to power.


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‘Squid Game’ Actor Lee Jung-jae’s Net Worth Revealed

How rich is the ‘Squid Game’ Actor Lee Jung-jae?



‘Squid Game’ Actor Lee Jung-jae’s Net Worth Revealed

Lee Jung-jae is a prominent South Korean actor who gained international recognition for his role in the Netflix series Squid Game

The show’s immense success has made Jung-jae one of the most sought-after actors in the industry, with fans curious about his net worth after the show. 

Lee Jung-jae’s net worth increased after appearing in ‘Squid Game’ 

Jung-jae is quickly becoming one of the highest-paid actors in the industry. 


According to reports, he has an estimated net worth of around 12 million dollars. It is speculated that he earned approximately S$3.1 million for his appearance in the Squid Game’s first season.

Lee Jung-jae with fellow actor Oh Yeong-su in Squid Game.

Lee Jung-jae with fellow actor Oh Yeong-su in Squid Game. (Source: from_jjlee/Instagram)

For season 2 of Squid Game, Jung-jae’s pay is estimated at an incredible 1 billion KRW per episode, which translates to roughly USD 700,000, according to All Kpop.

With the new season rumored to have 9 episodes, he could potentially earn up to 9 billion KRW, roughly USD 6.3 million, for his appearance. 


Fans are eagerly awaiting the return of the beloved show, and it’s safe to say that the actor’s impressive earnings only add to the excitement surrounding the upcoming season.

Lee Jung-jae’s early life and career

Jung-jae is a South Korean actor born on December 15, 1972, in Seoul, South Korea. He attended Dongguk University and earned his master’s degree in Theater & Film Art from the Graduate School of Cultural Arts in 2008. 

His acting career began in the theater when he played the lead role in Hamlet in Water in December 2008. 


Before acting, he worked as a fashion model after being discovered by designer Ha Yong-soo while working at a café in Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam. 

Jung-jae’s acting debut was in the 1993 TV drama Dinosaur Teacher, and he quickly became a star and was usually cast in lead roles. 

He received favorable reviews for his first big screen role in Bae Chang-ho’s The Young Man in 1994, but it was the 1994 hit campus drama Feelings that made him a household name. 


His breakout role came in late 1998 in the award-winning film An Affair, followed by City of the Rising Sun in 1999, for which he won various accolades. 

In 2003, he starred in Oh! Brothers and the film was a box office success, and he remained popular in film and television throughout the early 2000s. 

In 2010, he starred in the high-profile erotic thriller The Housemaid and won the Best Actor award at the Fantasporto Director’s Week. 


He continued his success with the 2012 heist film The Thieves, which became the second all-time highest-grossing movie in Korean cinema history. 

Jung-jae also appeared in the 2019 occult film Svaha: The Sixth Finger and the 2020 action film Deliver Us from Evil

However, his most famous role to date is that of Seong Gi-hun, the main protagonist of Netflix’s hit survival drama Squid Game in 2021.


Jung-jae recently made his directorial debut in the spy action film Hunt in 2022, showcasing his diverse talents as both an actor and a director.

Lee Jung-jae’s business ventures

Jung-jae has also made a name for himself in the business world. He has launched a successful chain of upscale Italian restaurants in Seoul, which he named after his film Il Mare

His business ventures also extend to the real estate industry. In 2008, he founded the real estate development company Seorim C&D. 


Additionally, the 50-year-old actor, with his close friend and fellow actor Jung Woo-sung, owns several businesses together. 

In 2016, the two established their entertainment label, the Artist Company, where they serve as CEOs. 

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