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What Is Kyle Martino Doing Now? Life after NBC and Divorce

Former professional soccer player Kyle Martino has been quite active with numerous projects since he retired.



What Is Kyle Martino Doing Now? Life after NBC and Divorce
What Is Kyle Martino Doing Now? Life after NBC and Divorce

Kyle Martino is an American former professional soccer player who spent seven seasons with the Columbus Crew and Los Angeles Galaxy in Major League Soccer as a midfielder.

On February 19, 2008, Martino retired from professional soccer since doctors informed him that it would be in his best interest to retire as the injuries he endured throughout his career were so serious.

The former soccer player worked as a studio analyst and color commentator for NBC Sports’ coverage of the English Premier League up to the start of the 2020–21 season.

Prior to this, he worked as a color analyst for MLS on the ESPN family of networks. In addition to commentating, he hosted television shows like NBC’s Spartan Race and the Travel Channel’s 36 Hours. 

What is Kyle Martino doing now? 

Since calling it quits on his seven-year career as an NBC Premier League analyst and terminating his eight-year marriage to Eva Amurri in February 2020, retired MLS midfielder Kyle Martino has “never been happier.”

“I know the decision Eva and I made to be a ‘different’ type of family, and me once again stepping away from a ‘dream job’ to pursue other passions, evokes confusion or even criticism,” Martino wrote in an Instagram post. 

Kyle Martino with his ex-wife and children.

Kyle Martino with his ex-wife and children. (Source: kylemartino/Instagram)

After his divorce, he kept himself busy renovating his new apartment in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood, where he let his daughter Marlowe Mae and son Major James decorate their rooms.  

Currently, the father of three has been quite active with numerous projects ever since he retired. Martino is the builder of @streetfc with the goal of making it the largest football club in the world. 

He also filed a patent application for Goalpher’s retractable sports goal with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Similarly, the retired MLS midfielder is the founder of Over Under Initiative (OUI), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and wellness of kids by increasing access to sports in urban neighborhoods. 

By converting basketball courts and other blacktops to multi-sport spaces, OUI provides more significant play opportunities for children most needing these proven benefits.

At the moment, Martino is busy bringing back NYC’s iconic Football Cafe established in 2015 just in time for the world’s greatest sporting event.

Martino made the decision to leave NBC’s Premier League coverage prior to the 2020–21 season, which he announced on Instagram on August 18, 2020.

He quit his dream job in 2018 in order to run for president of the U.S. Soccer Federation, the official governing body of American soccer.

The men’s national team’s shocking failure to reach the 2018 World Cup prompted the incumbent federation president to decide against running for reelection.

Beyond the qualifying failure, Martino was also dissatisfied with the federation’s lack of accountability and hermetic leadership, which he felt changed the face of American soccer without meaningful input from its members, the state associations in charge of local soccer.

The ex-soccer player ultimately lost the election, despite the fact that his idea was popular with federation voters.

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Kiyan Anthony Has a Close Relationship With His Famous Parents

Dotting son to dotting parents!




Kiyan Anthony is Very Close to His Famous Parents

Carmelo Anthony and Alani “La La” Vazquez are no longer together. Even though they are no longer together, their relationship was blessed with their son, Kiyan Anthony.

They got engaged in 2004 and married on July 10, 2010. However, they separated in 2016, only to reconcile in December 2018.

Unfortunately, they parted ways for good in 2021, and La La filed for divorce in June 2021.

Kiyan is very close to his mom and dad. Despite his parents being separated, he spends time equally with his mom and dad.

His parents are also very proud of him and do not leave an opportunity to gush about their one and only son.

Kiyan Anthony’s relationship with his parents 

Kiyan has always been close to his parents, being the only child of Carmelo and La La. However, the pandemic’s lockdown brought him closer to his mother.

La La told People in November 2020 that she was spending time with her son and getting even more connected to his world and what’s happening with him. She said she wanted to be “in tune with his experience.”

She said, “So just trying to stay on point with my son, and make sure he’s good and checking with him. But our bond — I feel like now we’re closer than ever,” 

Kiyan is also very close to his dad and supports his career. La La claimed that Kiyan was his dad’s biggest fan and supported him even though he could not live together with him.

Kiyan Anthony shares a close bond with his parents.

Kiyan Anthony shares a close bond with his parents. (Source: Instagram)

In November 2019, La La posted a photo of Kiyan standing beside his dad, clutching a basketball, upon signing with the Portland Trail Blazers. She wrote, “He is his dad’s #1 fan & super excited for this new opportunity…but when it’s all said and done, he’s still a 12yr old that is going to miss his dad. Portland you got a great one.”

Kiyan Anthony’s bio 

Kiyan was born on March 7, 2007, making his age 16 as of 2023. He was born in Denver, Colorado, since his dad was playing for the Denver Nuggets at the time.

Carmelo was traded to the New York Knicks in 2011, and the family relocated to New York City. Carmelo went on to play for numerous more clubs, including the Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets, and Portland Trail Blazers, while his family remained in New York City.

Even though he is still a teenager, Kiyan is very tall. It is reported that he is 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 165 pounds. 

Kiyan has been interested in basketball since he was a kid. So, he played the sport in high school as well. 

He attended Christ the King High School in New York, where he began his career in basketball by following in his dad’s footsteps. But now, he has transferred to  Long Island Lutheran as a sophomore.

According to 247Sports, Kiyan got offers from 11 Division I programs, with five of those arriving in April 2023. According to the website, the most recent programs to offer Kiyan are Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, and Seton Hall. Providence, UMass, Manhattan, Memphis, Bryant, George Mason, and, most significantly, Syracuse. 

However, Kiyan chose  Long Island Lutheran in Brookville, New York, and is ranked No. 62 in the Class of 2025. According to the aggregate rankings, he ranks 14th in his position among the 2025 class and is the No. 2 recruit in New York, trailing Archbishop Stepinac shooting guard Danny Carbuccia.

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Scott Boland Embraced His Family Background in 2017 — About His Ethnicity and Nationality

Scott Boland is proud of his indigenous background.




Inside Scott Boland's Family, Ethnicity, and Nationality

Scott Boland’s career in cricket is widely known. He is a right-arm fast-medium bowler who also plays for Victoria and the Hobart Hurricanes in Australia. 

He is one of only a few Indigenous Australians to have been picked to play for Australia at the international level, and he is only the second male Aboriginal player to have played Test cricket for Australia, after Jason Gillespie.

However, Boland was not aware of his heritage and ethnicity. He only came to know that his family was Aboriginal in 2017.

Since then, he has embraced his ethnicity, and his family is proud to be Aboriginals. Here is all we know about it.

What is Scott Boland’s nationality and ethnicity?

Boland was on April 11, 1989, in Mordialloc, Victoria, Australia. Therefore, his nationality is Australian.

In the past, Boland and his family did not know his ethnicity. This was because Boland’s maternal grandfather, John Edwards, was adopted, so it was a mystery where he came from.

After wondering a lot about their ethnicity, Boland’s uncle, Peter, took it upon himself to figure it out. He started investigating and found out that Edwards was Aboriginal.

He was a member of the Gulidjan tribe from the Colac area. The Gulidjan people, also known as the Kolakngat or Colac tribe, are an Aboriginal Australian tribe whose traditional grounds encompass the Lake Colac region of Victoria, Australia. 

They lived east of Lake Corangamite, west of the Barwon River, and north of the Otway Ranges in the grasslands, woods, volcanic plains, and lakes area. Their domain was bounded to the north by the Wathaurong, to the west by the Djargurd Wurrung, to the southwest by the Girai Wurrung, and to the southeast by the Gadubanud.

Boland was in his 20s when he came to know about his heritage. At first, he did not know what to think about his indigenous background

Scott Boland posing for a picture with his grandmother and cousins.

Scott Boland posing for a picture with his grandmother and cousins. (Source: Instagram)

But later, he and his family grew proud of their ethnicity and history. He said, “Since then, I think our family is pretty proud of it. We’ve still got a lot to learn about our heritage. The more knowledge we gain, the better we are to talk about it together.”

Boland and his family wanted to embrace their ethnicity without being disrespectful. They continued to find information about their background after finding out that they were Aboriginals.

Boland is doing the same in his own way —  via cricket. Paul Stewart, Cricket Australia’s Indigenous engagement expert, has been assisting him in this endeavor.

“I think almost the best thing is we’re role models for the Indigenous community. Anything we can do to help and hopefully help the next Indigenous Australian cricketer, we’re obviously happy to do,” Boland said.

Boland was chosen for the Aboriginal XI that toured England in 2018 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the 1868 Aboriginal squad that visited England. His brother Nick was also a member of the 13th squad. 

The 1868 trip was the first time an Australian sports team represented the country outside of Australia. Boland was a tour standout, with some critics describing him as “unplayable” at times.

He got five wickets at an average of 28.40 in six games and was named Taverners Australia Indigenous Cricketer of the Year.

Scott Boland’s parents and siblings

There is not much known about Boland’s parents and siblings. The cricketer is very secretive about his personal life and has not brought his parents and siblings to the limelight.

It is reported that his father’s name is Mick. However, details about his life and career are not known.

Similarly, there is no information known about her mother, except that she is also an Aboriginal. It is unknown how many siblings Boland has.

He has one known brother named Nick. Nick is also a cricketer who was born on August 27, 1991, in Mordialloc, Victoria.

He played for Victoria Under-23s and was a part of several matches in 2018 alongside his brother.

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What It Takes to Win the Heisman Trophy

Athletes looking to win the Heisman Trophy must also set themself apart from their competitors.



What It Takes to Win the Heisman Trophy

Taking home the Heisman Trophy is a distinction in collegiate football. Every year, athletes from across the nation strive for this honor to join the exclusive group of sportsmen who have won it. It would be best to put forth work, dedication, and talent to reap the reward. 

Looking at some prior winners and their journeys can help you understand what it takes to take home the Heisman Trophy. One needs to be tenacious and willing to take unprecedented steps to achieve. 

Men put in endless hours during both practice and competition to put themselves in the best possible position to become legendary. The following list of the criteria for receiving the Heisman Trophy:

An Elite Skill Set 

A player must be physically and technically strong to succeed in college football. A player must demonstrate exceptional skill on the field to be eligible for the Heisman Trophy. It refers to the ability to make plays, read defenses, and score. In addition, these athletes have an advantage over others because of their natural gifts of power and speed, which also makes them popular in sports betting events.

Heisman Trophy competitors must not only meet the physical qualifications but also possess the mental aptitude and awareness to win. On the field, players must be able to think quickly, identify plays as they develop, and make snap judgments. This intelligence helps the 2023 Heisman Trophy Winner stand out from the competition.

Stand-out Statistics

Of course, having the stats is crucial to taking home the Heisman Trophy. For an athlete to be considered one of the finest college football players, they must have remarkable stats. It entails continuously making tackles, gaining yards through passes, and scoring touchdowns. Anyone who routinely performs it will be a Heisman Trophy contender.

Athletes competing for the Heisman Trophy must put up remarkable numbers and contribute to their team’s success. If an athlete helps his or her team win, they will have a decent chance of winning the prize. Winning is crucial to take home this valuable award.

A Unique Personality 

Athletes looking to win the Heisman Trophy must also set themself apart from their competitors. They must display an aura of class, confidence, and charisma that makes them stand out. It means having a unique personality that fans can relate to on and off the field.

A likable character will capture the hearts of voters and make it easier for athletes to clinch the award. Players should be team-oriented, dedicated, and passionate about football to show they are worthy candidates for this honor.

Stellar Leadership Qualities 

Leadership is also an essential requirement for taking home the Heisman Trophy. Athletes need to be able to encourage and motivate those around them. It means having an unwavering commitment and drive to win, no matter what odds they face. A leader will always prioritize their team and strive for victory, even when it looks impossible.

In addition to motivating their teammates, Heisman trophy runners should also be capable of leading by example. A coach or team captain can have all the leadership qualities in the world but will not win the award if they are not setting a positive example on the field. Players must show strength and determination during games to prove they are worthy of the Heisman Trophy.

An Impressive Resume 

As with any award, a strong resume must be considered for the Heisman Trophy. Players must have achieved incredible feats in college football, such as setting records or receiving accolades like All-American status. It will show voters that one has the credentials and history to win this honor.

In addition to impressive stats, an athlete must have a solid academic record. Players should strive to be excellent students passionate about football and academics. It shows voters that one can achieve both on and off the field, which will help them take home the Heisman Trophy.

High-Quality Teammates 

The best teammates are essential for athletes. They must have teammates who assist them and improve their performance and that of the team. It entails having a team of players committed to working hard and going above and beyond to secure victories.

Excellent instructors and supporters are also helpful. Athletes need their teams to support them if they want to win the Heisman Trophy. It will demonstrate to voters that one is a member of an effective program and also assist them in gaining greater exposure, which is essential for winning this award.

An Unforgettable Performance

Finally, an athlete must be able to deliver unforgettable performances. They should strive to perform their best every game and make plays that will leave a lasting impression on voters. It could include making the game-winning touchdown or having the most tackles in the match.

They must have consistency throughout the season regarding their performance. Voters will be looking for an athlete that can consistently deliver, week in and week out.

Final Thoughts

Being awarded the Heisman Trophy is a great honor and calls for skill, hard work, and discipline. Athletes must motivate their teammates, lead by example, have an impressive resume, high-quality teammates, and the right college culture, and deliver unforgettable performances to become a worthy contender for this award. 

The next Heisman should start preparing now to be the best college football player they can be and make their mark on history by taking home this prestigious award.

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