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Brazilian Footballer Alisson Becker Is Raising Three Children with his Wife Natália Loew

Alisson Becker welcomed his third child with wife Natália Loew in 2019.



Alisson Becker Raising Three Children With Wife Natália Loew

Alisson Ramsés Becker, also known as Alisson Becker or just Alisson, is a Brazilian professional football goalkeeper who plays for the Premier League club Liverpool and the Brazil national team.

Becker was born on October 2, 1992. Becker’s paternal family is of German descent. In addition to his native Portuguese, Becker also speaks Italian and English.

He was also appointed a goodwill ambassador by the World Health Organization in May 2019. Due to his distribution and one-on-one skills, he is recognized as one of the top goalkeepers in the world.

Alisson Becker, who is married to Brazilian doctor Natália Loewe is now a father of three.

Alisson Becker, who is married to Brazilian doctor Natália Loewe is now a father of three. (Source: Instagram)

Becker joined Roma in July 2016, won the Series A Goalkeeper of the Year awards in 2017–18, and became the most expensive goalkeeper ever when Liverpool signed him in July 2018. 

Becker won the Premier League, FA Cup, EFL Cup, UEFA Champions League, and FIFA Club World Cup while playing for Liverpool. He received the inaugural Yashin Trophy in 2019 and was named the best FIFA goalkeeper. 

Before making his senior international debut in 2015, Becker had previously represented Brazil at several youth levels. He represented the country at the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups, the Copa América in 2016, and the 2019 tournament, which he won, while also being awarded the best goalkeeper.

Alisson Becker married life

Becker married Brazilian doctor Natália Loewe in 2015. The two had been dating since 2012, and they finally got married in 2015. 

Becker’s wife is a well-known medical professional. Loewe received her degree and graduated from college; she has been working as a doctor ever since. 

However, she did not become well-known due to her degree or line of work; instead, she is renowned for being Alisson Becker’s wife. She has a considerable online following, is highly active on the site, and frequently posts images of her family, which are well-received by the couple’s followers.

Alisson Becker and his wife have three children

The couple also has three children—two sons and a daughter. The couple’s first child, a daughter they called Helena Becker, was born in April 2017. The couple’s most recent child was born in May 2021, and they also have a son named Matteo, who was born in 2019.

Becker took to Instagram to reveal that he and his wife welcomed their third child into the world back in 2021.

The Liverpool goalkeeper posted a picture with a caption from his Instagram account, confirming the news. He wrote (translated): “Welcome my son! Now the warrior has his quiver full.”

Lowe shared an adorable picture of her family on Instagram with a caption (translated): “What a beautiful and special party we had yesterday! How good to be able to celebrate Matteo’s life with our loved ones here in Brazil! Grateful to God for the family He has given me! Grateful to everyone involved with the organization and making this party happen… to all who went and made us happy with their presence! I’m slowly thanking you here!” while celebrating her secondborn’s birthday.


Getting to Know Wayne Gretzky’s Parents, Siblings, Girlfriend, and More

By the time Gretzky had retired from the NHL, he held a whopping 61 NHL records.



Getting to Know Wayne Gretzky’s Parents, Siblings, Girlfriend, and More

Whereas in sports like the NFL and NBA there are many different players who could be worth GOAT like consideration, when it comes to the NHL, there is only one name that stands alone, and that is Wayne Gretzky.

To NHL fans, he is still affectionately known as the ‘Great One’. Regarded as the best ice hockey player to have ever played the game, he topped the NHL scoring charts eleven times, won eight consecutive league MVP’s and helped the Edmonton Oilers to four Stanley Cup titles.

In this article, we will look at the people that helped make Gretzky. We will explore his career, family background, siblings, wife, and even sneak a peek into his dating history.

Wayne Gretzky – career in numbers

Gretzky was active in the NHL between 1979 – 1999. During that time, he played for four NHL clubs;

  • Edmonton Oilers (1979 – 1988)
  • Los Angeles Kings (1988 – 1996)
  • St Louis Blues (1996)
  • New York Rangers (1996 – 1999)

Stanley Cups

He won the Stanley Cup on four different occasions, all with the Edmonton Oilers.

League MVP

Gretzky won the NHL’s MVP nine times – including eight in consecutive years.

Other Gretzky records

By the time Gretzky had retired from the NHL, he held a whopping 61 NHL records. Four of these included most goals in a season (92), most goals in a career (1,093), most assists in a season (163) and most assists in a career (1,963).

With the new NHL season just week’s away, several of the league’s star players will be hoping to eat into some of Gretzky’s formidable records. 

In fact, Alex Ovechkin is 72 career goals shy of Gretzky’s all-time record. And most stats indicate that he should pass it over the next 2 seasons. Even the bookies such as BetMGM and FanDuel have –115 odds on Ovechkin scoring over 40.5 goals in the 2023/24 NHL season.

Ironically, Gretzky has been promoting those same bookies – Gretzky is brand ambassador for BetMGM and for the past few years has been promoting BetMGM products such as NHL hockey odds and the BetMGM Gift Card across various marketing channels including television and internet.

Meet Wayne Gretzky’s parents

Wayne Gretzky was born on the 26th of January 1961 to Walter and Phyllis Gretzky.

Walter was a keen ice hockey player himself, excelling as a high school player, but wasn’t quite good enough to take the next step.

Despite his own limitations, Walter’s love for the game never waned and he built a rink in the back garden of his home. It was on this rink that a young Wayne nurtured and developed his skills. 

Wayne’s mother Phyllis wasn’t particularly well known for her own sporting prowess but played a vital role in helping Wayne achieve his goals. She played a leading role as Wayne turned professional and was always pictured at his biggest games.

Meet Wayne Gretzky’s siblings

Wayne is the oldest of five children and has three brothers – Keith, Glen and Brent and has one sister, Kim.

Both Keith and Brent tried to follow in their famous brother’s shoes and went onto have solid hockey careers. 

Keith was drafted by the Buffalo Sabres in the 1985 NHL draft. Not quite good enough to make the Sabres starting roster, he had his most successful years in the OHL where he scored 113 goals and registered 222 assists for the Windsor Spitfires.

Brent did manage to make it to the NHL and played thirteen games for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Youngest brother Glen made a career for himself on the silver screen and even produced a documentary on his father, which was entitled ‘The Walter Gretzky Story.’

Kim didn’t quite catch the hockey bug but went onto become a personal support worker.

Wayne Gretzky’s dating history

Before Wayne Gretzky got married in 1988 to his current wife, Janet Jones, he dated Vicki Moss for seven years.

Moss is a Canadian singer who is best known for hits such as ‘Never Say Die’ and ‘Love at second sight’.

Meet Wayne Gretzky’s wife

Wayne Gretzky is married to American actress Janet Jones. The two first met in 1984 when Gretzky was a judge on the program ‘Dance Fever,’ but the two shared their first date after meeting up at an LA Lakers game in 1987. The two enjoyed a whirlwind romance, and in 1988 married at the St. Joseph’s Basilica in Edmonton.

Despite being best known as Gretzky’s wife, Jones has appeared in several famous films which include Police Academy 5, A League of Their Own and Alpha Dog.

Meet Wayne Gretzky’s children

During their 35 years of marriage, Gretzky and Jones had five children. Their oldest child is Paulina (35) who was then followed by Ty (32), Trevor (30), Tristan (22) and Emma (19).

Of the five, it’s Paulina who is best known.

A successful model, she shot to global fame after marrying former PGA Tour golfer Dustin Johnson. Johnson has won two Major championships, including the Masters which he won back in 2020.

Despite Dustin being worth millions, Paulina is believed to be worth at least $5 million dollars in her own right. The couple have two children, Tatum and River.

None of Gretzky’s other children followed in their famous father’s footsteps.

Despite a solid high school career, Ty’s interest in hockey ended in college. Trevor has enjoyed some success playing baseball, and at one point was signed with the Chicago Cubs.

Tristan turned his hand to golf and received a scholarship, whilst Emma is known to be a keen tennis player and actress. She has starred in the popular teen drama show Palo Alto.

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Joshua Al-Chamaa and Wife Amber Al-Chamaa Got Married in 2021 and Recently Welcomed a Baby

Joshua Al-Chamaa and wife Amber Al-Chamaa are now parents.



Joshua Al-Chamaa And His Wife Amber Got Married In 2021

Joshua Al-Chamaa, the rising CrossFit athlete, is happily married to his wife, Amber Al-Chamaa. The pair got married twice, once in 2021 and in 2022 for the next time.

While the details of their initial meeting remain a mystery, the pair have offered glimpses into their relationship via Instagram and revealed they welcomed a baby.

Joshua Al-Chamaa and wife Amber Al-Chamaa got married in 2021

Joshua and his wife Amber legally got married on October 8, 2021, and again got married on October 24, 2022, this time with family and friends able to attend.

Joshua announced the exciting news via Instagram on November 10, 2022, by sharing several pictures of the couple from their wedding day.

The pictures were accompanied by the caption, “October 8th, 2021 Legally I married the most beautiful woman on this earth. October 24th, 2022 We did it all over again this time with family and friends able to attend.”

Joshua Al-Chamaa and his wife Amber Al-chamaa.

Joshua Al-Chamaa and his wife Amber Al-Chamaa. (Source: Instagram

While it is unknown how the couple first met or how their love story began, Joshua often shows his love and support toward his wife on social media platforms.

For Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2023, the athlete wished his wife, writing, “Mr & Mrs Al-chamaa. Happy Valentine’s Day to my love, I’ve never needed a day to love you.”

He also expressed that he had never loved anyone or anything the way he loved his wife, referring to her as the most beautiful, caring, strong, and inspiring woman he had ever met.

Joshua Al-Chamaa and his wife, Amber Al-Chamaa, recently welcomed a baby

Joshua and his wife Amber recently welcomed a baby boy, David Al-Chamaa, and announced the happy news via an Instagram post on September 6, 2023.

The pair shared a lovely photo of their newborn baby and wrote, “David Al-chamaa, Welcome to the World.”

Joshua and his wife Amber revealed that they were pregnant in February 2023, as they shared a video of their sonogram.

Alongside the video, the pair wrote, “We are having a baby! Mr & Mrs Al-chamaa are becoming parents,” and expressed their excitement for the next step in their lives.

Joshua also mentioned that he had always felt like his purpose was greater than his, and maybe being a father was it. He also expressed that his wife would be an amazing mother.

Joshua Al-Chamaa’s net worth revealed

Joshua’s exact net worth is unknown, but as per several outlets, he has an estimated net worth that ranges between $5 million and $10 million. His LinkedIn account indicates that his professional trajectory reflects his variety of experiences and jobs. 

Joshua has made a name for himself as a top CrossFit athlete, competing on a global stage and being one of only two British men to have ever won a medal in the CrossFit Games. 

He has also held positions as a fitness coach and a community manager at WIT Fitness from October 2020 to January 2022.

He also has worked as a self-employed fitness coach with a variety of celebrities, and corporate executives. 

The CrossFit athlete has also held positions at Berluti as a Luxury Sales Consultant and Store CRM Coordinator at Berluti from April 2013 to October 2016.

Before that, he worked at LAMM Management as an A&R assistant / Scout from April 2010 to November 2013. 

He also worked as a Private Client Consultant at Burberry, as a Sales Consultant at Tom Ford, and as a Tom Ford Sales Consultant at Selfridges. 

Joshua Al-Chamaa’s CrossFit Career

Joshua’s professional journey in CrossFit began in 2020 and is marked by impressive achievements and notable rankings in various competitions. 

He is an Elite CrossFit Athlete with one Regionals experience, eight CrossFit Sanctional experiences, and one CrossFit Games 2022.

As per Nobull Crossfit Games, in 2023, he secured an impressive 43rd place worldwide, 11th place in the European region, and 3rd place in the United Kingdom, representing CrossFit Invictus. 

The previous year, in 2022, he achieved a ranking of 75th worldwide, 19th in Europe, and 3rd in the United Kingdom while still representing CrossFit Invictus.

His performance in 2021 was noteworthy, as he secured a remarkable 28th place worldwide, 6th in Europe, and 1st in the United Kingdom while representing CrossFit Alioth. However, in 2020, he was ranked 321st worldwide and 18th in the United Kingdom.

Additionally, Joshua was ranked 80th worldwide 28th in Europe in 2023, 42nd worldwide, and 8th in Europe in 2022 in the Individual Quarterfinals.

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Joe Barry and Chris Marinelli Barry Are Happily Married — Get To Know Their Children

Look into the Barry family!



Joe Barry and Chris Marinelli Barry Are Happily Married — Get To Know Their Children

Joe Barry, the defensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League (NFL), is married to his wife, Chris Marinelli Barry.

Beyond the football field, Joe and Chris have a lovely family together. They are the proud parents of four kids, each of whom has grown up to be an outstanding individual.

Joe Barry is married to his wife Chris Marinelli Barry

Joe, the defensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers, is happily married to Chris, with whom he has been with from the early days of his life.

When it comes to his private life, especially his marriage to Chris, the 53-year-old coach is a quiet person, and they have chosen to keep the specifics of their relationship private.

Joe Barry and his wife Chris Marinelli Barry.

Joe Barry and his wife Chris Marinelli Barry. (Source: Instagram)

For instance, how the pair originally met and when they started dating is unknown to the public. Even the day of their wedding is a mystery.

Additionally, Joe extends this privacy to his online presence keeping his Instagram account private and staying away from the prying eyes of the general public. 

Joe Barry and his wife Chris Marinelli Barry share 4 children

Joe and his wife Chris have a family of six, including themselves and their four children. Camryn Barry and Lauren Barry are the couple’s two daughters, and Nick Barry and Sam Barry are their twin sons.

Unfortunately, these kids’ birthdates are still a secret. Joe’s reserved nature extends to his family as well, as he has chosen to keep details about his children out of the public eye.

That being said, their children maintain an online presence and are active on Instagram. The couple’s daughter, Lauren, recently graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder in June 2023.

She shared the news via an Instagram post, writing, “Best 4 years of my life. Beyond lucky to have met the most amazing humans and make the best memories<3 Okay I’m crying,” alongside several pictures.

Lauren currently resides in San Diego, working as an on-campus recruiting specialist at San Diego State Football.

Joe and Chris’ other daughter Camryn graduated from Pennsylvania State University and is a former Penn State swimmer, as per her Instagram bio.

On the other hand, Nick attended the University of Wisconsin, and the other twin Sam is a receiver for Miami RedHawks Football.

Joe Barry’s net worth and salary revealed

Joe’s actual net worth is unknown, however, according to various reports, he has an estimated net worth of $5 million range, and his salary is still under review.

His coaching career began in 1994 as a graduate assistant at his alma mater, the University of Southern California (USC).

Later, he served as the linebackers coach at Northern Arizona University from 1996 to 1998 before accepting the same position at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) in 1999.

In 2000, he was hired by the San Francisco 49ers to serve as their defensive quality control coach, which marked the beginning of his NFL coaching career.

He then became the linebackers coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2001, which led to the team’s Super Bowl triumph in 2002.

Joe joined the Detroit Lions in 2007 as their defensive coordinator, working under their father-in-law and head coach Rod Marinelli. However, a contentious press conference incident tainted his time in Detroit.

Despite this, he continued his coaching career with the Washington Commanders, USC, Jacksonville Jaguars, San Diego Chargers, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (second term).

Before being hired as the defensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers in February 2021, he served as the associate head coach and linebackers coach for the Los Angeles Rams from 2017 to 2021. 

The linebacker De’Vondre Campbell, whom he helped develop into a First-Team All-Pro, was one of his significant accomplishments in his first season with the Packers. 

He also guided the team to a top-10 NFL ranking for yards allowed. However, the Packers faced a heartbreaking playoff loss against the San Francisco 49ers. 

Joe Barry is the son of former coach Mike Barry

Joe is the son of the former coach Mike Barry and the name of his mother is still unknown. His father was an offensive line coach for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League.

Mike played at Nebraska from 1964 to 1966 and at Southern Illinois University from 1966 to 1969 while in college.

Before coaching the Detroit Lions, Joe’s father coached at the college football level for Iowa State in 1986 and the University of Colorado from 1987 to 1992.

He also coached at the University of Southern California from 1993 to 1997, the University of Tennessee from 1998 to 2002, and North Carolina State University from 2003 to 2005. However, not much is known about Joe’s mother.

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