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Exploring Samantha Mathis’ Husband, Dating History, and Family Life

Samantha Mathis has had a few high-profile relationships!



Exploring Samantha Mathis’ Husband, Dating History, and Family Life

Samantha Mathis is a well-acclaimed American actress who has won the hearts of millions through her acting skills. In addition, she gained popularity when she served as the former Vice President of Actors/Performers of SAG-AFTRA from 2015 to 2019.

Returning to her acting career, she is a veteran actress with 85 acting credits on her IMDb profile, including her one upcoming project: a movie titled The Georgetown Project, where she will portray the role of Jennifer Simon.

Similarly, some of her popular movies and TV shows include Super Mario Bros., Little Women, American Psycho, The Punisher, Aaron’s Way, Believe in Me, Grey’s Anatomy, The Strain, Being Frank, and The Clovehitch Killer.

Speaking of her recent acting credits, she portrayed the role of Taylor Mason Capital COO Sara Hammon in the TV show Billions, Val Jane in the movie 12 Desperate Hours, and Kathy Crandall in the movie Pet Sematary: Bloodlines.

To conclude, Mathis’ career in the entertainment industry has given her immense fame and millions of fans from all over the world. And those fans are eager to dive deep into different aspects of the actress’ life, especially her love life. So, let’s dig in!

Is Samantha Mathis married to a husband?

As of this writing, there are no reports that reveal Mathis is married to a husband. She has always been tight-lipped about her personal life and never talked about it on any public forums, including her interviews.

Her Instagram handle and other social media handles also don’t give out anything about her love life. Her social media handles are filled with pictures and clips of her professional life, supporting fundraisers, and supporting the SAG-AFTRA strike.

So, it’s best to say that she is unmarried and has no spouse. But what about a boyfriend? Is she dating a partner? The answer to these questions is also the same as above, as she doesn’t seem to be dating anyone at the moment.

That said, it might be possible that she is secretly dating someone and keeping that aspect of her life hidden from the outside world. But nothing can be said with full confidence until Mathis confirms or announces her relationship in public.

Until then, it’s best to assume that her present relationship status is single. To conclude, Mathis doesn’t seem to have a husband or a boyfriend, and currently, she might be focused on her professional life rather than finding a spouse.

Samantha Mathis’ relationship with River Phoenix

While Mathis’ relationship status might be single at the moment, she was in a couple of relationships in the past. And among her former relationships, her romance with the late actor River Phoenix is probably the most high-profile.

Mathis and Phoenix reportedly began dating in 1992 after they met each other while working together in the movie The Thing Called Love. After dating, they usually accompanied each other to numerous public events and occasionally took vacations.

Samantha Mathis with her boyfriend, River Phoenix, in ‘The Thing Called Love’

Samantha Mathis with her boyfriend, River Phoenix, in ‘The Thing Called Love’ (Photo: Twitter)

The couple’s relationship ended after Phoenix unfortunately died at the age of 23 due to acute multiple drug intoxication. He died at 1:51 a.m. PST on October 31, 1993, after performing at The Viper Room, where Mathis was also present.

Apart from that, there aren’t many details about the couple’s relationship as they always prefer to keep things hidden from the media. However, the actress did open up a little about Phoenix and their relationship during her exclusive interview with The Guardian in 2018, almost 25 years after Phoenix’s death.

First, she explained why she chose to open up about her late boyfriend’s death after such a long time. She stated that she had buried all the things that happened with/alongside Phoenix for decades and didn’t talk about it publicly out of respect for his loved ones.

She also mentioned that she was traumatized by his death, but now, she felt the universe wanted her to talk about her late boyfriend. She recalled her first meeting with Phoenix when they were teenagers and how she felt she knew she would be together with him someday.

Samantha Mathis with her late boyfriend River Phoenix

Samantha Mathis with her late boyfriend River Phoenix (Photo: Twitter)

She stated, “We met when we were both 19, and he bummed a cigarette off me in an LA club. This sounds incredibly cheesy, but I knew I would be with him one day. It just felt fated between us, and there was such chemistry.”

Three years later, they were cast together in The Thing Called Love, and they eventually began dating. As Mathis continued, she said, “I think we recognised something in each other.”

“We came from very different families, but perhaps there were some broken parts in each other we recognized. We found a safe harbour,” she added. She then reminisced about the days when she stayed with Phoenix and his family in Costa Rica and Florida, where they had fun doing different activities.

“We just hung out with his siblings and got to be kids. He was so good at hanging out,” she mentioned while shedding tears. Likewise, Mathis stated how much Phoenix took care of his family.

“River said to me in that last year: ‘I just have to make one more movie to put away enough money so my youngest sister can go to college,'” she recalled what Phoenix told her. To summarize, Mathis and Phoenix’s relationship was filled with love and affection.

However, their togetherness was cut short due to Phoenix’s unfortunate death. After Phoenix’s death, the actress dated a few people within the entertainment industry, but those relationships didn’t last long.

Samantha Mathis’ dating history before River Phoenix

As mentioned earlier, Mathis dated a few people after Phoenix’s death, and she was also in a few relationships before falling in love with Phoenix. One of her first relationships was with fellow actor Christian Slater, whom she began dating in 1989.

They reportedly met while working together on a movie and were inseparable during their relationship. But their togetherness didn’t last long as they parted ways in 1990 due to hectic work schedules.

Samantha Mathis with her ex-boyfriend Christian Slater

Samantha Mathis with her ex-boyfriend Christian Slater (Photo: Facebook)

After her break up with Slater, she began dating John Leguizamo in 1991. As per reports, they first met at a New York social event and eventually started dating. They often attended different public events; however, they always remained tight-lipped about their romance.

Mathis and Leguizamo’s relationship was short-lived as they broke up around a year later in 1992. But despite their split, they remained close friends. Mathis then dated Phoenix, which sadly ended after the latter died in 1993.

Following that, she dated Christian Bale in 1994, reportedly for around six months, after which she started a romantic relationship with Noah Wyle in 1995. And like her previous relationships, this also lasted for about a year as they split in 1996.

Mathis then briefly dated Adam Duritz – from 2004 to 2005 – and Colin Hanks in 2009. To sum up, the actress’s love life hasn’t always been a successful one, which might be one of the reasons why she has chosen to remain single at the time.

A brief look into Samantha Mathis’ family life

Born in 1970, Mathis celebrates her birthday every year on May 12. As of this writing, she is 53 years of age. Likewise, she was born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, but was primarily raised in Los Angeles.

Speaking of her parents, her father’s name is Donald Mathis, and her mother’s name is Bibi Besch. Her mother is a well-known Austrian-born actress, a reason why Samantha also took up a career in the entertainment industry.

Samantha’s parents divorced due to known reasons when she was only a 2-year-toddler. After her parents’ divorce, she primarily lived with her mother, who raised her as a single mother. At the age of five, she and her mother relocated to Los Angeles.

Likewise, Samantha’s mother never wanted her to be an actress. However, Samantha was already hooked up with acting, and growing up in places known for acting only boosted her passion. At the age of 12, she ultimately decided to become an actress.

Besides this, there aren’t many details known about her family life, as she has marinated privacy over it. Furthermore, she also seems to be an only child of her parents.

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Jason Scott Lee Has Been Married to Wife Diana Chan since 2008 — Inside Their Married Life

15 years and more.



Jason Scott Lee Has Been Married to Wife Diana Chan since 2008 — Inside Their Married Life

Jason Scott Lee has been happily married to Diana Chan since 2008. The pair first crossed paths during one of Lee’s work trips to Singapore.

It was during the visit that their connection developed, and a mutual affinity swiftly blossomed. After a few years of dating, the duo got married in an intimate wedding ceremony surrounded by close friends and family.

Jason Scott Lee and his wife Diana Chan at the Oscars Party in 2020.

Jason Scott Lee and his wife Diana Chan at the Oscars Party in 2020. (Source: Instagram)

Chan, the better half of Lee, hails from Singapore and works in public relations. Despite the attention that often comes with celebrity relationships, the couple has chosen to remain tight-lipped about their married life.

Preferring to keep their personal life shielded from the glare of the media, they maintain a low profile, allowing their relationship to flourish in private.

Does Jason Scott Lee have any children?

As of the available information and online sources, it appears that Lee does not have any children. 

Despite a prolific career in the entertainment industry, including notable roles such as Mowgli in The Jungle Book and Bruce Lee in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, details about his personal life, particularly regarding children, remain scarce. 

A thorough search of various internet platforms yields no concrete evidence or information suggesting that Lee has children. 

Furthermore, a look at his Instagram account, often a window into his personal life, does not provide any hints or indications of him having children.

Jason Scott Lee has been active in the acting world since 1987

Lee’s career acting career began with small appearances in the 1987 comedy film Born in East L.A. and the 1989 science fiction movie Back to the Future Part II

In 1992, he took on his first major role in the romantic drama Map of the Human Heart. A significant breakthrough came in 1993 when he portrayed the legendary Bruce Lee in the biopic Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

In 1994, Lee appeared in the Kevin Reynolds’ movie Rapa-Nui and as Mowgli in the live-action adaptation of The Jungle Book. The following year originally considered for the role of Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat, he opted out, allowing Robin Shou to step in. 

Lee appeared in various projects, including the miniseries Arabian Nights (2000) and voice-over work for Disney’s animated film Lilo & Stitch (2002). 

In 2007, the actor played Eddie in the sports comedy film Balls of Fury and appeared in as The King of Siam in the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The King and I at the London Palladium in 2000. 

Additionally, he ventured into opera, making his debut in Hawaii Opera Theatre’s production of Mozart’s Abduction from the Seraglio in 2009. However, he faced an injury preventing him from performing in the 2014 Opera Australia production of The King and I

In 2020, Lee took on the role of the villain Böri Khan in Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan. He recently played the main role of Benny Kameāloha in the 2021 Disney+ series Doogie Kameāloha, M.D.

Jason Scott Lee’s net worth revealed

Lee, the accomplished American actor, has accumulated a net worth of $6 million, primarily attributed to his successful career in the acting world. 

Renowned for his dynamic roles, Lee achieved widespread recognition for his portrayal of the legendary Bruce Lee in the 1993 film Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story and his compelling performance as Mowgli in the 1994 adaptation of The Jungle Book

Beyond these iconic roles, Lee has left an indelible mark on cinema with a diverse filmography, including notable appearances in Born in East L.A., Back to the Future Part II, Murder in Mind, Tale of the Mummy, Soldier, Lilo & Stitch, Nomad, Balls of Fury, Seventh Son, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, Burn Your Maps, and more.

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Kris Marshall and His Wife Hannah Dodkins Have Been Married for over a Decade

Kris Marshall remains mum when talking about his wife.



Kris Marshall and His Wife Hannah Dodkins Have Been Married for over a Decade

Kris Marshall, a renowned English actor, and his wife, Hannah Dodkins, got married in February 2012 in the actor’s hometown of Wells, Somerset.

Marshall and Dodkins’ journey together spans over 13 years, starting from the beginning of their relationship in early 2010, as per Daily Mail

The Beyond Paradise actor proposed to Dodkins in November 2011, 18 months into their romance. Despite his on-screen exposure, Marshall rarely mentions his wife in interviews and avoids having any known social media presence.

Kris Marshall and his wife Hannah Dodkins.

Kris Marshall and his wife Hannah Dodkins. (Source: Getty Images)

The couple, maintaining a low-key lifestyle, expressed their desire for a small wedding. Marshall, who played Adam in a wedding scene in a BT advert, expressed his dislike of grand weddings, saying that he felt ill even from the set’s mock weddings. 

The couple’s wedding ceremony took place at the Swan Hotel on a snowy day, with around 30 guests witnessing the civil ceremony conducted by a registrar in the hotel’s garden room.

Kris Marshall and his wife Hannah Dodkin share two children

Marshall, known for his roles in shows like Death in Paradise, shares two children with his wife, Dodkin, a nine-year-old daughter Elsie, and a six-year-old son Thomas. 

In an August 2022 interview with the Daily Mail, he shared insights into how his children have played a pivotal role in addressing his impatience. 

Recounting an experience at his son’s sports day, the actor revealed, “I was at my son’s sports day the other day and it was very hot. I started to get a bit antsy, so I went over and sat with him and had the most enlightening conversation.” 

Further, he stated that under normal circumstances, he would have likely walked away or retreated to his car during his son’s sports day. However, he engaged in a heartfelt conversation with his son. 

The Somerset native emphasized the significance of seizing such moments, acknowledging that impatience has the potential to deprive individuals of these precious interactions. 

In 2020, he candidly revealed leaving Death in Paradise to prioritize his son’s education, recognizing the need for a more structured environment. 

Although he expressed occasional doubts about this decision while on a film set in Dagenham, Marshall appreciated opportunities like Beyond Paradise, a show filmed in his native West Country. 

Kris Marshall experienced a horrible accident in 2008

In 2008, Marshall, famed for his role in My Family and BT television commercials, faced a life-threatening accident that took place near Bristol’s Hippodrome nightclub. 

The actor, returning home after a night out, was struck by a vehicle, resulting in severe head injuries that initially cast doubt on his survival. 

Witnesses reported seeing Marshall splayed out in the middle of the road, motionless, raising concerns about the seriousness of the situation. 

The incident triggered a rapid response from paramedics, who treated him on-site before rushing him to Bristol Royal Infirmary.

Kris Marshall attended the Redroofs Theatre School 

Born on 1 April 1973 in Bath, Somerset, Marshall’s father was a Royal Air Force navigator, reaching the rank of squadron leader with notable postings, including the Queen’s Flight. 

Later, they traveled to Hong Kong and Canada before returning to England. Marshall went to the Wells Cathedral School as a boarding pupil but faced challenges.

The 50-year-old actor initially encountered setbacks in his A-levels during the first year of sixth form. However, he redirected his focus and enrolled at the Redroofs Theatre School in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

A look at Kris Marshall’s career

Marshall made an early appearance on The Bill; however, his breakthrough came in 2000 with the role of Nick Harper in the BBC sitcom My Family

Additionally, the actor portrayed Colin Frissell in the beloved film Love Actually in 2003, and DS Luke Stone in the police drama series Murder City in 2004. 

From 2005 to 2011, he became a familiar face in BT Retail adverts, playing the character Adam alongside Esther Hall. Moreover, he briefly joined the cast of the BBC comedy series Citizen Khan in 2012. 

Following his departure from My Family, Marshall made guest appearances on the show and took on various projects, including Neil LaBute’s play Fat Pig in 2008 and the series Traffic Light in 2011. 

He appeared as DI Humphrey Goodman in the BBC drama Death in Paradise in 2014, and he left the series in 2017, citing family pressures. 

In 2023, he reprised the role of DI Humphrey Goodman in the BBC spin-off Beyond Paradise, set in South Devon.

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Tracy Scoggins and Her Ex-Husband, John Connelly, Were Together for Six Years

Tracy Scoggins is content with a life of singledom.



Tracy Scoggins and Her Ex-Husband, John Connelly, Were Together for Six Years

American actress Tracy Scoggins tied the knot with John Connelly four decades ago, but their marriage was short-lived.

Scoggins has not disclosed the specifics of when and how she met Connelly, but it is known that they exchanged vows in 1982, surrounded by their close friends and family. 

Throughout their time together, the duo maintained a relatively private relationship, abstaining from making any public appearances together.

However, after nearly six years of being in a marital relationship, the actress and her then-husband encountered problems and eventually parted ways in 1988.

In the year of her divorce from Connelly, Scoggins embarked on another relationship with Jason Gedrick, as reported by WhoDatedWho. Much like her previous relationship, she chose to keep this relationship private, shielding it from public scrutiny. 

Moreover, the details of their separation remain undisclosed. There is also no publicly known dating history for Scoggins beyond these two relationships. 

Tracy Scoggins’s current relationship status 

As of now, Scoggins does not appear to be in a relationship. She has maintained a private stance on her dating life, refraining from disclosing any details. 

The actress is also notably absent from any social media platforms, further fueling curiosity among her fans about the details of her personal life.

Tracy Scoggins has been single for a significant period of time.

Tracy Scoggins has been single for a significant period of time. (Source: Wikifeet)

Furthermore, despite portraying numerous romantic scenes on screen, Scoggins has not been romantically linked with any of her co-stars, nor has she been rumored to be in any relationship. She intentionally maintains a clear boundary between her personal and professional life. 

Still, at 70 years old, the actress remains focused on her acting career rather than her personal life. She appears to be content with her single life, but if she were to find the love of her life at this stage, she would be open and ready for it.

Know if Tracy Scoggins has any children 

At seventy years old, Scoggins has chosen not to become a mother. Throughout her public life, she has not publicly shared her thoughts or preferences regarding parenthood. 

Additionally, there is no available information suggesting that the actress has adopted children. The details of her family life, particularly about children, have been kept out of the public eye, adding to the overall privacy she maintains regarding her personal affairs. 

Tracy Scoggins was the sole child of her parents 

Tracy was born in Galveston County, Texas, as the only child of John Scott Scoggins and Lou Cille (née Crump) Scoggins. Her father, John, pursued a career as a trial lawyer, while her mother, Lou, not only graduated from law school but also distinguished herself as a tennis champion. 

During her formative years, the actress demonstrated athleticism by excelling in various sports, including cheerleading, gymnastics, and diving. 

At the young age of nine, she secured a diving championship, and by the time she reached 13, she had already amassed a collection of swimming medals. 

Talking about her education, Scoggins graduated from Dickinson High School in 1970 before continuing her academic journey at Southwest Texas State University. 

Remarkably, during her time at the university, she not only pursued her studies but also showcased her athletic prowess as a student-athlete on the varsity gymnastics team. She came close to earning a spot on the 1980 Olympic diving team. 

Following her notable achievements both academically and athletically, Scoggins successfully graduated, earning a bachelor’s degree in physical education. This period of her life showcases her well-rounded pursuits during her university years. 

Brief on Tracy Scoggins’ career 

After completing her bachelor’s degree in physical education, Scoggins briefly ventured into teaching the subject before a pivotal turning point in her career. It was then that John Casablancas of the Elite Model Management agency recognized her potential and recruited her. 

Elite promptly dispatched Scoggins to New York, where she spent a year working in the competitive realm of modeling. Her assignments extended to the European fashion circuit, encompassing influential markets in Italy, Germany, and France.

Upon returning to the United States, Scoggins decided to shift her focus to acting. Eager to hone her craft, she enrolled at the Herbert Berghof Studio and the Wynn Hanmann Studio. 

She then made her acting debut as a fake deputy sheriff in a 1981 episode of the fourth season of The Dukes of Hazzard titled ‘New Deputy in Town.’ Following this, she appeared in the TV movie Twirl and secured a regular role in the short-lived 1983 ABC series The Renegades

The subsequent year proved significant as she landed another regular role in the 1984 ABC television series Hawaiian Heat, which, unfortunately, lasted for just 11 episodes.

Following her television ventures, Scoggins transitioned to the big screen with her professional debut in the 1984 action film Toy Soldiers. However, it was in the 1988 crime thriller In Dangerous Company that she secured her first leading role, marking a significant milestone in her film career. 

The momentum continued as she took on another leading role in the 1990 action comedy The Gumshoe Kid, alongside Jay Underwood. That same year, she starred in the Michael Schultz-directed made-for-television comedy-satire Jury Duty: The Comedy

She also expanded her filmography with notable roles in the horror film Watchers II and its sequel Demonic Toys. Additionally, she took on the detective genre with the film Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective’ and explored legal thriller territory in Ultimate Desires

After years of acting, Scoggins took a hiatus in 2008. However, she made a notable comeback in 2013 with a role as Cat Power in the short film Julie Richman. Demonstrating her enduring passion for the craft, she continues to be active in the industry, securing a role in the upcoming film Alien Vacation, which is set to release in 2024.

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