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Does Dominick Reyes Have a Wife or Girlfriend? Inside His Personal Life

Everything you need to know about Dominick Reyes’ dating life.



Does Dominick Reyes Have A Wife Or Girlfriend?
Does Dominick Reyes Have A Wife Or Girlfriend?

Dominick Reyes is an American professional mixed martial artist and former collegiate football player.

Reyes amassed a 6-0 professional record before joining the UFC, including a victory against Jordan Powell, who appeared to be showboating before getting knocked out by a head kick.

He began working as an IT Technical Support Specialist at Oak Hills High School in Oak Hills, California, in 2017 but left after two years to devote himself entirely to UFC.

The professional MMA made his professional debut in the championship on UFC Fight Night 112 on June 25, 2017, against Joachim Christensen. 

He currently competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) Light Heavyweight category. 

The UFC player is ranked #12 among light heavyweights in the UFC as of November 14, 2022. He is famously known as ‘The Devastator’ due to his disastrous kicks.

His MMA records show that among 16 matches so far, he has won seven games by knockout, two by submission, and three by decision.

Besides MMA, he enjoys snowboarding, wakeboarding, mountain bike riding, dirt bike riding, and watching TV documentaries.

Dominick Reyes is not married

Reyes is not married but is in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Brenda Lupian. He doesn’t think twice about giving his Instagram followers a peek into his personal life with his girlfriend.

The couple celebrated their union on August 11, 2022, when Reyes uploaded a number of photos with his girlfriend on his Instagram alongside a sweet message.

Dominick Reyes and Brenda Lupian celebrated their union.

Dominick Reyes and Brenda Lupian celebrated their union. (Source: domreyes24/Instagram)

The caption read, “Another year with my amazing woman by my side.” Lupian commented on the post, saying, “so grateful, I love you.”

The compilation of posted pictures showed a glimpse of their candlelit meal, beautifully decorated bed, and celebratory cake.

However, nothing is known about the couple, including how they met and their first date.

Who is Dominick Reyes’ girlfriend, Brenda Lupian?

Reyes’ girlfriend, Lupian, has kept her Instagram private, but her LinkedIn profile does contain some information about her training and work history.

Hailing from Hesperia, California, Lupian graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas on May 2022. 

Lupian has operated as an administrative assistant at her institution since the year she entered, which was 2017, for over two years. She then began working as a fraud specialist for Bank of America. 

As per her LinkedIn, currently, she is open to working as a psychology research assistant, psychology extern, or school psychology intern.

Dominick Reyes was previously linked with Lauren Margeret Pena

Lauren Margaret Pena was frequently spotted with Reyes in public and on social media and was rumored to be his girlfriend.

After Pena began to show up in his post and with him, she attracted the media’s attention. They frequently went to various gatherings and events, and many thought they were dating.

Unfortunately, Pena is no longer visible on his profile, but the earlier posts remain. Many people believed the two to be a match made in heaven, but this may no longer be the case because Reyes is now dating someone else.

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Eduardo Noriega Has Been Married to His Wife Trinidad Oteros for 13 Years

They live their life out of the spotlight.




Eduardo Noriega Has Been Married To His Wife For 13 Years

Eduardo Noriega is a Spanish actor who rose to prominence in Spain with his performance in Thesis (1996), which was followed by appearances in Open Your Eyes (1997) and The Wolf (2004).

In the United States, Noriega is most recognized for his performance as Enrique in the political thriller Vantage Point (2008). While Noriega is well-celebrated for his professional career, not much is known about his personal life.

It is reported that he is married to his wife, but there is little to no information about the couple. Here is all we know about it.

Eduardo Noriega and his wife

Noriega and his wife Trinidad Oteros met each other for the first time at the Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez airport in 2005. Both of their planes were late, so the two struck up a conversation.

Since then, they linked up and soon started dating. With time, their relationship got stronger, and six years after meeting each other, they tied the knot.

Noriega and his wife got married in a private wedding ceremony surrounded by friends and family on February 8, 2011. They tied the knot at the Municipal Council of Moncloa-Aravaca in Madrid with a short and intimate ceremony.

The actor has always kept his relationship with his wife private. However, at times, he has talked about her, and during those times, he has nothing but the best to say about him.

While talking about his 2015 movie, Los miércoles no existen, Noriega mentioned his wife and said, “In her, I find something that fills me and gives me peace of mind.”

Eduardo Noriega has never shared a photo with his wife or daughter.

Eduardo Noriega has never shared a photo with his wife or daughter. (Source: Instagram)

Noriega and his wife Oteros have a daughter together. They welcomed their daughter a couple of years after their marriage.

Like their relationship, they are raising their daughter out of the spotlight. To date, the couple has not revealed the identity of their child, including her name.

Noriega and Oteros had a romance away from the spotlight since the actor seldom attends social parties, except for premieres, and she, who is not in the performing or entertainment industry, wants to remain in the background.

There is no information known about Oteros. It is unknown what she does and where she lived or studied.

Noriega has occasionally said that she is a very basic and natural woman, and she is not generally impressed when she is presented to great actors and filmmakers from all over the world. All in all, it looks like Noriega and his wife prefer to live their life out of the public eye, without bringing the spotlight to the public eye.

Eduardo Noriega’s bio and career

Noriega, born on August 1, 1973, in Santander, Spain, to a Mexican-born father and a Spanish mother, emerged as the sole actor among seven siblings. 

Immersed in music, he began piano lessons and flourished at the Santander Music Conservatory, where his instructors recognized his exceptional talent. However, the rigor of endless practice sessions led him to abandon formal training.

Eduardo Noriega.

Eduardo Noriega. (Source: Instagram)

After completing high school, he embarked on a path towards law, enrolling at the esteemed University of Santander. Yet, fate intervened when he accompanied a friend to an acting class, igniting a passion that would alter his course. 

At just 19, he ventured to Madrid to pursue formal drama training at the R.E.S.A.D. Amidst attempts to juggle law studies at the U.N.E.D., the demands of acting ultimately led him to bid farewell to his legal aspirations, unable to balance the two pursuits effectively.

His journey in the entertainment industry began with roles in short films by acclaimed directors like Amenábar, Mateo Gil, and Carlos Montero, followed by a brief appearance in the renowned Spanish film Stories from the Kronen. However, it was his breakthrough role in Tesis that catapulted him to prominence, marking a significant milestone in Spanish cinema history.

Despite initial reservations, Amenábar cast Noriega in Tesis, eventually forging a close friendship and collaboration. They worked together on various projects, including Open Your Eyes

Notably, he showcased his talent in Argentine cinema with Plata Quemada, directed by Marcelo Piñeyro, and later reunited with Piñeyro for The Method, alongside Pablo Echarri. His versatility shone through in Guillermo del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone, portraying Jacinto, and in the French film Novo, where he fearlessly bared it all. 

The independent film Che Guevara, directed by Josh Evans, saw Noriega in the titular role in 2005. Further expanding his repertoire, he portrayed the Conde de Guadalmedina in Alatriste in 2006, directed by Agustín Díaz Yanes. 

He gained attention for his portrayal of twin brothers with contrasting personalities in Vicente Aranda’s Lolita’s Club in 2007. In Hollywood, he showcased his talent in Vantage Point as Enrique, a Spanish police officer embroiled in the investigation of the American president’s assassination. 

He also portrayed an escaped drug lord in The Last Stand, sharing the screen with Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2013. The same year, he played the role of Félix in Presentimientos and Miguel in Sweet Vengeance

In 2014, he portrayed Perducas in La Belle et la Bête and Pablo in the 2015 movie, Los miércoles no existen. In 2016, he appeared in Nuestros Amantes as Carlos, in 2017 he potrayed Eduardo in Perfect Strangers, in 2018, he played the role of Javier in Les traducteurs and in 2023, he appeared as Nicolás Márquez in In the Fire.

In 2016, Noriega dipped his toes in television. To date, he has appeared in three series — in 2016, he played the role of Rafael Figueroa in La Sonata del Silencio; from 2019 to 2021, he portrayed Alejandro Vinuesa in Hache; and in 2020, he played the role of Pedro de Valdivia in Inés del alma mía (Inés of My Soul).

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Alice Wetterlund’s Partner Is a Talented Bass Player and Loves Jazz

Alice Wetterlund and her partner found common liking of Jazz music.



Alice Wetterlund’s Partner Is a Talented Bass Player and Loves Jazz

Alice Wetterlund is a famous American actress, podcast host, and stand-up comedian. She was born on 16th May 1981 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. 

She started acting in 2010 and has been in the industry for 14 years. Some of her notable roles in movies and TV series are Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Resident Alien, People of Earth, Close to You, The Interview, Girl Code, Silicon Valley, and many more.

Despite her notable appearance, she has only received a nomination and has failed to win any awards. Due to her success in the entertainment industry, she grew a reputation for playing many characters, which was the reason for her growing fame.

Her substantial following has made her personal life a topic of interest for the media, paparazzi, and fans. One of the main things they are interested in is her partner, husband, and dating status.

Alice Wetterlund’s partner, boyfriend, and husband

Based on her social media activity and interviews, Wetterland’s partner is American musician Garret Lang. However, she has chosen to maintain privacy regarding their relationship, as she has not publicly disclosed when they started dating or provided further details about their relationship.

Alice Wetterlund with her partner Garrett Lang.

Alice Wetterlund with her partner Garrett Lang. (Credit: Instagram)

Garret first appeared on her Instagram on 15th Feb 2018, where she posted a photo of them kissing, accompanied by a red heart in the caption. This suggests they had already started dating by this point, leading us to assume that they began their relationship in 2018.

She would sometimes post regarding his accomplishments on social media; however, the posts would mostly be regarding wishing him a happy birthday. On October 18, 2020, she surprised her fans by writing a caption, “My husband playing with Matt Beringer on CBC This Morning,” revealing that they were indeed married.

In an interview, she jokingly said that baldness used to be a deal breaker for her before meeting Garret. However, she humorously suggests that the real issue might be that he plays jazz bass, poking fun at the unexpected factors that can influence attraction and compatibility in relationships.

Alice Wetterlund’s dating history may surprise some fans

Wetterlund was in a marital relationship before dating Garret Lang. She was previously married to comedian Andy Haynes on September 20, 2011; however, the marriage did not last long, and they went through a divorce in 2013.

Alice Wetterlund has not revealed her dating history.

Alice Wetterlund has not revealed her dating history. (Credit: Instagram)

They did not have any children during their relationship. Despite her public persona, the actress keeps her personal life private, refraining from disclosing details about her past relationships.

Who are Alice Wetterlund’s parents?

Alice’s father’s name is Alan Wetterlund, whereas her mother’s name is Kristi Alice Peick. Apart from their names, she has kept their private life out of the limelight to avoid breaching their privacy.

As a result, he has not disclosed any information about her parent’s profession or whereabouts. There is no information about her siblings; thus, it is unclear whether she is a single child.

She has also not revealed which ethnicity she belongs to. However, many sources claim that she is of mixed ethnicity, including German, Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish. However, with concrete evidence and official statements regarding his complete familial history, it becomes easier to determine the full extent of his genetic legacy.

Alice Wetterlund’s career success

Wetterlund’s career started in the late 2000s as a standup comedian. She used to perform at several pubs and clubs at the start of her career. In 2008, she was part of the improv group Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, where she performed stand-ups and portrayed various characters. 

Her movie debut came in 2010 with a short movie, Mad Men Jumps the Shark. She played the role of Joan Holloway in the film. The following year, she was seen as an extra in the short movie The Math as Michelle Sellers and in the romantic comedy Close to You.

Her performance in the improv group led to an audition for MTV’s Girl Code. She successfully landed a role in a reality show and was part of the series from 2013 to Throughout the show, she appeared in approximately 76 episodes, garnering significant fame and recognition for her contributions.

She appeared in several commercials following her success in the MTV series like BMW, Lenscrafters, Scotch Brite, and Southwest Airlines. The audience also praised her work in the TV series Silicon Valley in 2015. She appeared in the role of Carla Walton and appeared for only 6 episodes. Her next notable role came in an American sitcom, People of Earth, as Kelly Grady in 2017. 

In 2021, she appeared in the main role of D’Arcy Bloom in the American science fiction Resident Alien. This show is still active, and a new season is set to be released in 2024. 

Brief information on Alice Wetterlund’s other ventures

Apart from TV series, Wetterlund has also appeared in several Podcast Series, including Naughty, The Neighborhood Listen, and others. She is also the host of some of the series like Treks and the City, Maisel Goys, and Gilmore Guys.

Treks and the City podcast is about Star Trek: The Next Generation, and she co-hosts with Veronica Osorio. She hosts the podcast series Maisel Boys with Kevin Porter about Amazon Prime’s television series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. 

She has also garnered some experience in the voice-acting role of Melponar Triplets from Star Trek: Lower Decks. She also wrote the TV Special Alice Wetterlund: My Mama Is a Human and So Am I and the short movie Close to You.

Alice Wetterlund’s awards and accolades

Throughout her career, Wetterlund has not won any awards; however, she received a nomination in the Hollywood Critics Association Television Awards in the category of “Best Supporting Actress in a Broadcast Network or Cable Series, Comedy” for her role in the TV series Resident Alien.

Fans are still excited for her future work and hope she receives the award she deserves sooner rather than later.

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Renee Lim’s Bio – Her Husband, Dating History, and More

Renee Lim is a uniquely multifaceted entertainer who keeps her private life away from the spotlight.



The Life of Renee Lim From Husband and Dating to Her Career

Renee Lim is an accomplished Australian actress, presenter, and doctor who has taken on roles in major TV shows like East West 101 and The Secret Daughter.

Though much is known about her acting credits over the years, she keeps a low personal profile outside of her work. While she is rather private about her dating life, we will cover rumors of a husband or any romantic relationships she has had off-screen.

This article will also summarize her bio from her interests in acting and medicine to training, as well as provide an overview of her most noteworthy acting roles on shows like Please Like Me.

Does Renee Lim have a husband?

Despite her familiar face on Australian television screens for over a decade, Lim keeps her personal life intensely private. The talented actress and doctor has never spoken publicly about her current relationship status or past romantic entanglements. 

This intense secrecy leaves fans wondering — does she have a husband? As of 2024, there are no records of her ever having been married. 

The press has scoured every detail of her background yet uncovered no evidence of a husband, fiancé, or even a boyfriend at any point. 

While many performers use their real-life relationships to boost their publicity, she goes to great lengths to deflect any discussion of her personal life. She rarely grants interviews, and when she does, she steadfastly steers every conversation toward her latest projects.

It seems she has no interest in making her dating life public. It is an unusual stance in show business, where celebrities’ relationship dramas often eclipse their professional work. 

Yet Lim manages to keep the focus entirely on her craft. This dedication has made her shining acting talent the headline rather than idle gossip.

Renee Lim did have an on-screen love interest in ‘Please Like Me’

In the Australian comedy-drama series Please Like Me, Lim plays the role of Mae – the girlfriend and eventual fiancée of the main character Josh’s divorced father, Alan. As a main character, Mae is frequently featured across several seasons. 

When we first meet Mae in Season 1, she is introduced as Alan’s girlfriend, whom he met on an airplane. Despite their significant age difference, they have a largely positive relationship. 

Renee Lim is an accomplished actress

Renee Lim is an accomplished actress (Source: IMDb)

As the show progresses, her character Mae sticks by Alan’s side through major life events – even after he continues obsessing over his ex-wife’s emotional state. By Season 2, Mae gives birth to Alan’s daughter Grace – further cementing their commitment. 

Later, when Alan impulsively proposes during a hot air balloon ride, Mae turns him down, citing she has no intentions of ever getting married. Still, this rejection does not fracture the relationship. 

Mae casually tells Alan about a one-time fling she had with a man who had a pregnancy fetish while she was carrying Grace. So, while she is very much private about her off-screen romance, she does have an exclusive on-screen one.

Renee Lim has a multifaceted career

Lim is a uniquely multifaceted entertainer and medical professional. She first pursued her interest in medicine – graduating high school as a dux and moving from her hometown to Sydney at just 17. 

She completed medical school at the University of New South Wales in 2001 after co-directing a medical revue and co-authoring two academic papers.  

Dr. Lim balances locum work in various hospital departments while lecturing at the University of Sydney Medical School. She also runs communication programs for healthcare workers.

Yet Lim remarkably built an equally successful acting career in tandem. She landed a 10-episode arc as Suzi Lau on the medical drama All Saints in 2002, leveraging her real-world experience. 

This kicked off recurring TV roles, including playing Constable Jung Lim for several seasons on the acclaimed Australian crime drama East West 101. 

Her profile rose further as she secured main cast roles in multiple series — like playing Josh’s father’s Thai girlfriend Mae on the popular comedy Please Like Me. She also began presenting gigs on channels like ABC and SBS. 

While training at Sydney’s prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art, she continued acting in films and shows through the 2010s and into the 2020s.

Now, with dozens of credits under her belt, she has achieved rare success spanning both the medical and entertainment spheres.

Renee Lim also creates her content for Nay in the Life

In addition to her acting and medical work, Lim spearheads a passion project called Nay In The Life across multiple creative platforms. She founded it as a way to explore well-being, self-improvement, and new perspectives.

Nay In The Life combines several elements into what she calls “themes” – leveraging her experience as a performer and doctor. 

Each theme includes real-world footage following “How we LIVE with It;” an original fictional PLAY she writes and films; a TALK where Lim shares her thoughts; and finally, REFLECTIONS prompts to make viewers THINK.

The concept stems from her belief that all people perceive information differently based on inherent nature, life experiences, relationships, and more. She sees opening oneself to new interpretations as critical for growth and fulfillment. 

She heads production for the video and theatrical content, which she writes, directs, and stars in. She also writes written posts reflecting on both her own experiences and larger ideas. All pieces come together to encourage viewers to see from new vantage points.

Renee Lim plays Lia’s mother in the latest rom-com ‘Five Blind Dates’

Lim continues expanding her acting portfolio with a pivotal supporting role in 2023’s Five Blind Dates.

She plays Jing — the mother of the lead character Lia, portrayed by creator Shuang Hu. Lia runs an old-fashioned Chinese tea shop in Sydney, struggling for parental approval while hopelessly single. 

At her sister’s engagement party, a fortune teller insists Lia will meet her future husband in the next five dates before the wedding. What ensues is a string of mismatched suitors arranged by various family members. 

Renee Lim's character Jing with Lia and the fortune teller in 'Five Blind Dates'

Renee Lim’s character Jing with Lia and the fortune teller in ‘Five Blind Dates’ (Source: South China Morning Post)

One calamitous matchup even sees Jing herself sneak off with one of Lia’s potential beaus — her employee Ezra, played by Jon Prasida.

While mainly focused on Lia’s quest for love, the subplot of widowed mother Jing’s unconventional courtship provides great comic relief. 

Eventually, her character Jing plays peacemaker — comforting a dejected Lia after failed relationships and repairing their own slightly strained bond. 

Lim anchors these emotional moments with a warm, wise presence developed throughout the film. So, while not the top-billed lead, her standout performance as unpredictable matriarch Jing earned praise as a highlight of this light, diverse rom-com.

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