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Aya Tanjali’s Friend CJ Exposed Alabama Barker for Allegedly Culture Appropriating

Alabama Barker exposed once again.



Aya Tanjali Friend CJ Exposed Alabama Barker For Culture Appropriating

Alabama Barker has been under fire for quite some time.

It all started in May 2023, after she announced that she was going to be a rapper by playing a snippet of her music on TikTok and Instagram. Soon, people noted that she was black-fishing and using African American Vernacular English (AAVE) language.

Recently, on June 5, 2023, she was called out by fellow influencers for cultural appropriation and black-fishing once again. Aya Tanjali is a TikToker best known for short comedic, dancing, and lipsyncing videos.

She has a friend named CJ, who went off on Barker. He called her out for various reasons that range from holding someone at gunpoint to cultural appropriation.

CJ complained that Barker was still addressing him after he stopped doing so. While doing so, he revealed that the rapper held someone at gunpoint to post her.

CJ accused Alabama Barker of holding her boyfriend at gunpoint.

CJ accused Alabama Barker of holding her boyfriend at gunpoint. (Source: @thepharoahcj_’s IG Stories)

As soon as CJ uploaded his stories, people wanted to know who Barker was holding at gunpoint. Then it was revealed that Barker was allegedly holding her boyfriend, Notti World (@ddosama), at gunpoint to get a shoutout from him. 

Soon after, Notti World took to Instagram to post a video of the pair on his IG Stories. He confessed that he did not want to break up with Barker and that nobody could take him away from his girl. 

Aya Tanjali’s IG Story in response to Notti World’s.

Aya Tanjali’s IG Story in response to Notti World’s. (Source: @ayaatanjali’s IG Stories)

Then, Tanjali jumped in and claimed she was not trying to break up Notti World and Barker. She stated that she did not want to be associated with the couple.

She then exposed Barker, addressing that she was the one who was spreading rumors about Notti World. Hence, she told Notti World and Barker not to spread false information about her.

CJ accused Alabama Barker of cultural appropriation.

CJ accused Alabama Barker of cultural appropriation. (Source: @thepharoahcj_’s IG Stories)

CJ then uploaded screenshots of Barker appropriating Native Indians by wearing their outfits and hairstyle when she was young. The pictures were posted by her mother, Shanna Moakler, on her Instagram with the caption, “My little Indian.”

CJ then showed another screenshot which showed that Barker had texted him. She said, “My brother would rock you,” with a crying emoji, referring to her older brother Langdon.

Alabama Barker’s text message to CJ.

Alabama Barker’s text message to CJ. (Source: @thepharoahcj_’s IG Stories)

CJ did not take the threat seriously and made fun of Barker and Langdon. 

After that, CJ pointed out that Barker was black fishing. The latter had uploaded a video on TikTok lipsyncing to ‘Put It On Da Floor Again’ by Latto and Cardi B.

She sang, “Рut а rіbbоn оn mе, І bееn асtіn’ brаnd nеw // І аіn’t ѕmоkіn’ оn nеw ѕіdеѕ, [expletive], І’m ѕmоkіn’ оn уоu // Рut уоur bеѕtіе іn а расk аnd nоw І’m ѕmоkіn’ hеr tоо // І bееn bаwlіn’ ѕо dаmn hаrd, соuld’vе wеnt tо LЅU, huh.”

CJ accused Alabama Barker of black-fishing.

CJ accused Alabama Barker of black-fishing. (Source: @thepharoahcj_’s IG Stories)

Cardi B even reposted Barker on her IG Stories, but CJ was not having any of it. He posted the video on his stories and joked about Barker taking the lyrics seriously.

He also called her “Snow White,” presumably pointing out that she was Caucasian. He then posted a story saying, “You go low, imma go to hell EVERYTIME. That’s js how I work.”

Barker has not addressed the allegation of cultural appropriation or black-fishing by CJ at the time of writing.

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Bella Podaras Dating New Boyfriend Tyler Zwiep After Split With Garrett Wareing

Bella Podaras has a new man!




Bella Podaras Dating New Boyfriend Tyler After Break Up

It looks like Bella Podaras has a new boyfriend!

She recently uploaded a series of photos and a video of herself at the Arctic Monkeys’ concert with her friends with the caption, “Totally yes I love you.” The first picture is of her kissing someone, but the photo is blurred.

She has tagged two people on the photo — Tyler Zwiep, or @a_manual_override, on Instagram, and Ariana, or @a.riana.t, on Instagram. Ariana is a photographer and close friend of Podaras who often clicks photos of the actress.

Bella Podaras with her new boyfriend, Tyler Zwiep.

Bella Podaras with her new boyfriend, Tyler Zwiep. (Source: Instagram)

However, there is no information on Zwiep. His Instagram does not have any posts, but Podaras, along with some of her friends, have followed him.

Other than this, there is no information on Podaras’ new boyfriend. It is unknown when they started dating or how they met.

Before Zwiep, Podaras was dating her former boyfriend, Garrett Wareing. Wareing is an American actor best known for his roles as Stetson Tate in the 2014 film Boychoir, Zach in Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, and TJ Morrison in seasons 2 and 4 of Manifest.

It is unknown since when Podaras and Wareing started dating since the duo were fairly private with their relationship. But the duo were in a committed relationship and often gushed about each other on their social media.

Based on their public appearances and social media, it appeared that the couple had been dating for a long time. They clearly adored each other and never hesitated to share public shows of devotion on multiple media. 

Despite a hectic workload, Podaras and her boyfriend maintained their romantic life lively. Podaras was often referred to by Wareing as his “future ex-wife.” 

He did so in captions when raving about how much he adored and supported her career. He always promoted her initiatives, encouraging their friends and followers to see Podaras’ shows and films. 

Neither Podaras nor Wareing have confirmed their break up. The only sign of break up is that both Podaras and Wareing removed most of the photos of one another from their Instagram.

At the time of writing, Podaras has two posts with her former, whilst Wareing has only one. They do, however, continue to follow each other on Instagram. 

Many still believe the duo are dating but keep their relationship low-key. However, now that Podaras has moved on with her new boyfriend, it looks like her relationship with Wareing has come to an end forever.

Podaras, who was born in Houston, Texas, began taking Broadway and Theatre courses when she was three years old. Her passion for singing, dancing, and performing grew over the following six years. 

She resolved to pursue a career in cinema and television when she was nine years old. She came to Los Angeles at the age of 12 to follow her passion.

She rose to prominence after appearing in the Netflix series The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia in 2020. According to IMDb, she has six acting credits, including Barry, Game On! A Comedy Crossover Event, and Family Reunion.

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Photoshopper Reveals Olivia Rodrigo’s Comment on Lil Huddy Was Fake

“83 thousand ppl think IM funny”




Photoshopper Reveals Olivia Rodrigo’s Comment on Lil Huddy Was Fake

It looks like Olivia Rodrigo never shaded Lil Huddy and the comment was fake!

When Rodrigo released her new song, ‘Vampire’ on June 30, 2023, the internet went into a frenzy mode. They loved her new style and many could relate to the song’s lyrics. 

Rodrigo was critically acclaimed for it, and ‘Vampire’ was trending for a few weeks. However, some people could not help but realize that ‘Vampire’ sounded very much like Chase Hudson, aka Lil Huddy’s ‘All the Things I Hate About You.’

Especially the part that goes, “You’re a showstopper, A bad liar, homie hopper, drama starter,” from Lil Huddy’s song sounded similar to Rodrigo’s, “Bloodsucker, dream crusher, Bleedin’ me dry like a damn vampire.”

Soon, many started comparing the two songs. Many people blamed Rodrigo for ripping Lil Huddy, who released his song in July 2022, a year ago from when the Grammy-winning artist did hers.

The comparisons went viral on TikTok with many influencers reacting to it. One such was Bryce Hall

In the video, he listened to a small snippet from ‘Vampire,’ and said the lyrics were very similar to Lil Huddy’s  ‘All The Things I Hate About You.’ He captioned it, “Lil Huddy listening to Olivia Rodrigo copy his song,” and called himself a Drama Starter.

The TikTok went viral, especially after Rodrigo allegedly commented, “What the [expletive] is a lil huddy?,” two months after Hall made the TikTok. Netizens were convinced that Rodrigo was the one who wrote the comment and then deleted it.

However, screenshots of the comment had started floating around. Rodrigo did not address the situation, and hence, many believed that the singer actually wrote the comment.

Olivia Rodrigo’s fake comment on Bryce Hall’s TikTok.

Olivia Rodrigo’s fake comment on Bryce Hall’s TikTok. (Source: Twitter)

Even Hall was persuaded the entire thing was real, and he was surprised that his video provoked a response from Rodrigo. However, it has been proven that everything was fake.

In fact, the individual who made the fake comment talked about the incident on Twitter, confessing that they were behind the entire affair. They wrote how she photoshopped her profile picture and made the comment, only for people to think she was funny.

She wrote [sic], “Everyone saying “shes so real/funny” “i love this response” but it’s actually my response that i photoshopped her pfp on so basically 83 thousand ppl think IM funny.”

People took the confession and were not offended by it. Instead, they found it funny since the individual was able to make the whole world believe in the fake comment.

A person wrote, “The ‘83 thousand people think IM FUNNY’ got it LMAOOO,” while another noted, “My dream is Olivia commenting exactly that under this post.”

Neither Hall nor Rodrigo have addressed the situation. Similarly, Rodrigo has not mentioned anything about Lil Huddy or getting inspiration for ‘Vampire’ from his song, ‘All The Things I Hate About You.’

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Darla Claire Confirms Break Up with Boyfriend Bryce Parker

Darla Claire had a difficult time moving on after her breakup with Bryce Parker.



Darla Claire Confirms Break Up with Boyfriend Bryce Parker

American social media personality Darla Claire recently confirmed that she broke up with her boyfriend Bryce Parker.

Claire officially confirmed her split from Parker during her recent TikTok live. She said, “I don’t know where Bryce is, I am not with him and I do not care where he is.”

After making this statement on her TikTok live, several fans and followers started to question her relationship with Parker. In response, the social media personality clearly said they were no longer together and added, “Sometimes, things just don’t last.”

She further explained that she is not sad about her breakup now, but she admitted she had tough days in the past when she had to really push herself to move on. Claire also revealed that she and Parker broke up about two to three weeks ago.

Shortly after the live, the official page of TheTeaTok reshared the clips of Claire’s live where she announced the news of her breakup.

Alongside the post was a caption that reads, “#darlaclaire revealed on live that she and #bryceparker officially broke up a couple of weeks ago. This explains all of the cryptic TikToks from Darla lately.”

Upon seeing the post, many of Claire and Parker’s fans and followers commented their opinion on their separation. One person stated, “I mean they both were hanging with their exes this was bound to happen,” while another observant follower remarked, “She looks like she wanted to cry thinking about it.”

Likewise, just a few hours after TheTeaTalk reshared Claire’s TikTok live, they again posted one of her TikTok. In the video, the social media personality was seen blowing a kiss and making a heart shape with her hand.

The video also included text that reads, “When you finally talk to the ‘other woman’ and turns out you both dealt with a pathological liar & become friends.”

Following the post, many people began to notice that the social media personality had been sharing these types of videos more often on her TikTok since her breakup with Parker.

Brief on Darla Claire and Bryce Parker’s relationship

Claire was first rumored to be dating Parker after they were spotted kissing on their TikTok live. The rumors gained more momentum after Parker posted the picture with the social media personality cuddling up on the sofa in the Instagram story and asked his followers, “Do you guys think we’re besties or dating?”

After many months of speculation, the former couple confirmed their relationship through YouTube. On March 1, 2023, shared a video titled, “Q&A WITH DARLA CLAIRE.. are we dating?”

In the video, the ex-couple openly shared details about their relationship. Parker revealed that he was the one who initially DM Claire on Snapchat, and that’s how their conversation began.

However, at that time, both of them were in a relationship with their respective exes, but they broke up with them to be together. Claire and Parker also reminisce about their first kiss, which happened on New Year when they were just friends.

Darla Claire and Bryce Parker were in a relationship for close to a year.

Darla Claire and Bryce Parker were in a relationship for close to a year. (Source: YouTube)

Throughout their relationship, the duo faced many ups and downs with continuous speculation about their break up.

On April 1, 2023, the social media personality posted the video on TikTok using some of her pictures and overlay text reading, “If I had to speak about love… it’s not real.”

Similarly, in another video, she playfully used the love meter, inputting “me” and “single” in the love meter box. The love meter stopped at 87%, fueling speculation that she might not be together with her boyfriend.

However, later Claire debunked the rumor via her TikTok video, making it clear that it was all just an April Fool’s Day prank.

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