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Abbie Herbert Gives Birth to Second Baby, Welcomes Baby Boy with Husband

Congratulations to the Herberts!



Abbie Herbert Welcomes Second Baby With Husband Josh Herbert

After months of taking us through her pregnancy journey, Abbie Herbert has finally given birth to their second baby.

Abbie took to Instagram and YouTube, alongside her husband, Josh Herbert, to announce that the pair had welcomed their baby boy on March 13, 2023. 

Before giving birth to her baby, Abbie shared an Instagram Story of her showing off her glam and hairstyle, saying, “Here is today’s look before giving birth.”


She also shared a story of herself in a hospital bed, wearing a gown, with a wide grin on her face. She captioned the picture, “Meeting Baby J soon.”

Then, she and her husband uploaded a video titled, “HE IS HERE! Baby #2!” where the pair took us on a journey of them welcoming their second baby.

The eight-minute video also showed Abbie’s trip to the hospital for her cesarean surgery or C-section, as well as the first time she met her baby. The influencer and Josh did not name their unborn kid, despite their referring to him as “Baby J” throughout Abbie’s pregnancy.

Abbie Herbert welcomed her second baby with her husband, Josh Herbert.

Abbie Herbert welcomed her second baby with her husband, Josh Herbert. (Source: Abbie Herbert’s Instagram Stories)

They revealed that their son was taken to the neonatal critical care unit owing to low oxygen levels, but he was doing amazing and was being watched.

They also confirmed that Abbie was doing good, and she could not wait to meet her baby. Soon, the TikToker was able to meet her son in the NICU and shared the moment she met him on Instagram.

Abbie opted for a C-section to give birth. She had done the same when she welcomed her daughter, Poppy, but during her first pregnancy, it was unplanned. 


In her YouTube video titled, ‘Why I am choosing to have a C-section…,’ she explained how her experience while pregnant with Poppy was amazing. She said, “I had an amazing C-section experience. I mean obviously, I had the body shakes and a little out of it but I really cannot complain. But it’s also the only thing I know, I don’t know what it is to experience a vaginal birth.”

She consulted her doctor, husband, and family before opting for a C-section. And soon, she made the decision to do the surgery to welcome her son.

At the time of writing, the Herberts have not revealed baby picture or baby name. However, the name of their second baby will start with a ‘J.’


The two confirmed the initial in a YouTube video that captured the lovely moment they learned the gender of their baby on the way during a gender reveal party.

Josh and Abbie announced the news by opening the doors of a free-standing wardrobe, revealing a closet full of blue garments and accessories. The closet’s open doors also said, “It’s a boy!”

“We are so excited to meet our little boy,” the couple wrote at the end of the video, before hinting at the initial of his name. “Can’t wait to meet you…J__ Herbert,” they added.


Currently, it seems like the two are in no rush to announce baby name or reveal baby picture. Baby J is in the NICU, and the Herberts are busy taking care of him.

But since both Abbie and her husband share each and every moment of their lives with their fans and followers on YouTube and TikTok, they will surely share their journey as parents again on social media. 


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Mathew Fraser and Fiancee Sammy Moniz Announce They’re Pregnant with a Baby Girl

Mathew Fraser is going to be a dad for the first time!




Mathew Fraser And Fiancee Sammy Moniz Pregnant With A Baby

Congratulations are in order for Mathew Fraser, aka Mat Fraser, and his fiancee, Sammy Moniz, who have announced that they are expecting their first child together.

The engaged couple took to their Instagram handle to share the good news on Thursday, March 30, 2023. They made a joint Instagram post by sharing a picture in which Fraser’s hands were on Moniz’s baby bump, and Moniz held a sonogram image.

The life partners also revealed the baby’s gender and due date in the caption. They announced that their first child will be a girl, and the due date is August 2023. “It is a girl. We are obsessed with her already and can’t wait to meet her in August,” Moniz wrote.


Fans and fellow athletes were quick to congratulate the couple, with many expressing their excitement for the future arrival of Baby Fraser-Moniz. For instance, one friend of the duo wrote, “BABY FRASER. Oh my heart, I am so happy & excited for you.”

“I’m not crying, you’re crying!!! I’m so happy for you both. You’re gonna make awesome parents!!!” commented another friend.

Mathew Fraser and his fiancee Sammy Moniz's pregnancy announcement

Mathew Fraser and his fiancee Sammy Moniz’s pregnancy announcement (Photo: Instagram)

Furthermore, one Instagram user wrote, “Fittest baby on the way,” referring to the fact that Fraser and Moniz take great care of their health and work out regularly.


Fraser and Moniz’s announcement comes as a surprise to many, as they have been relatively private about their relationship. But as the due date approaches, fans will undoubtedly receive some updates from the couple and their journey into parenthood.

That said, let’s have a brief look at the future parents’ relationship. After looking at Moniz’s Instagram handle, we found out that she and Fraser have been in a romantic relationship since 2015 — they officially began dating on July 27, 2015.

And on July 27, 2021, Moniz marked their sixth dating anniversary on Instagram with a short-yet-sweet caption. She posted a picture with her fiance and wrote, “6 years. wowwy wow I love this life by his side. Full of adventure, laughs, cribbage and a hell of a lot of hard work.”


Moniz recently took to her Instagram handle to wish Fraser on his 33rd birthday on January 25, 2023. In the caption, she mentioned that they have been celebrating birthdays together since they were 25 years of age, proving they have been together since 2015.

Since they began dating, the two have always been together and supported each other in every step of their lives. And after dating each other for years, they finally decided to take a big step in their relationship and got engaged.

But, it’s currently unknown when and how Fraser proposed to Moniz as those details have been kept hidden by the couple. But the engagement ring on Moniz’s ring finger – also visible on her pregnancy announcement post – proves that the duo is engaged.


Besides being engaged, there are also rumors of the couple being married. The rumors of them being married might have started when Amazon referred to Moniz as Fraser’s wife in the ‘About the Author’ section of her cookbook Feeding the Frasers.

The ‘About the Author’ section read, “she [Sammy Moniz] is also the wife of five time champion Mat Fraser.” However, neither Fraser nor Moniz confirmed they shared the wedding vows. So, it’s better to assume they are only engaged and not married.

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Blake Gray’s Brother Austin Gray Accused of Making Rape Threat to TikToker Ivy Wren

TikToker Ivy Wren alleges getting rape threats from Blake Gray



Austin Gray Accused Of Making Rape Threats To TikToker Ivy

TikTok influencer Ivy Wren has accused Austin Gray, the brother of fellow TikTok star Blake Gray, of making rape threats against her.

In a recent TikTok video posted on March 16, 2023, Ivy detailed that Austin allegedly made rape threats to her. She captioned the video, “This was in February 2022, and I have waited to make this because I wanted to protect his privacy but honestly people need to be aware.”

The TikTok star detailed her experience with Austin, claiming that they had been in a casual relationship and had gone out drinking with a group of friends.


According to Ivy, on the night, she and Austin were in an Uber with one of her girlfriends. She and her girlfriend were all having a casual conversation with the driver. “We were like oh your wife is such a lucky and being like friendly flirty with him,” she said.

Wren on her visit to Germany

Wren on her visit to Germany (Photo source: Instagram)

Ivy noted that when they all came out of the Uber, Austin slammed the door as hard as he could and began yelling at her for embarrassing him.

Austin allegedly screamed at Ivy in the parking lot of her apartment complex, saying, “Why the fuck did you say that, you are embarrassing me.”


Ivy tried to calm him down, but he continued to freak out, causing her friend to become terrified and hide in another room.

Ivy described how Austin was highly drunk and that she was concerned about his ability to drive home safely. She took his keys and hid them, which made him even angrier.

He stormed into her apartment and started breaking things. Ivy’s friend decided to leave, feeling uncomfortable with the situation, and things escalated from there.


This was in February 2022 and i have waited to make this because i wanted to protect his pricacy but honestly people need to be aware. #austingray #exposed pt. 2 coming ♬ original sound – ivy<3

Ivy revealed that she had confided in Austin about being a survivor of multiple sexual assaults, but he had turned it around and used it against her, saying that if she had let other people do that to her, she should let him do it too. He then allegedly threatened to rape her.

Her words on the TikTok video were, “I had opened up to him [Austin} being a survivor of multiple sexual assaults which he then turns around and throws up in my face and basically says, ‘Why would you let other people do that and won’t let me do that,’ and he fallout says that I am going to rape[whisper] you.”

Ivy played an audio clip in the TikTok video where Austin can be heard asking for his keys and her responding that he cannot drive drunk. his voice can then be heard saying, “I am gonna rape you.”


The video has since gone viral, with many users expressing their support for Ivy and calling for Austin to be held accountable for his actions. Some fans seem to support Austin too. Neither Austin nor Blake has commented publicly on the accusations. Austin has recently set his Instagram account to private.

One of the fans showed concern for Ivy as she commented, “wow.. i’m sorry that happened.. drunk or not how do those words come out of your mouth”

While another fan supported Austin. He wrote, “I know this is not an excuse but he was drunk and probably would say anything at that point to get his keys.. she was trying to help him by refusing to give him his keys got it.. but why record someone when they are not in a right state of mind?”


“… just my POV and this is not me defending him, I don’t even know the dude.. I’m just saying before y’all jump on this bandwagon.. consider everything from all POV,” he added.

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Is Emma Chamberlain Charging $10K for an Instagram DM? Know the Truth

$10,000 for a DM?!




Is Emma Chamberlain Charging $10k For An Instagram DM?

Emma Chamberlain and her brand are under fire, and the influencer is facing massive backlash online.

It was recently revealed that Chamberlain was allegedly charging $10,000 for a personalized Instagram DM. This sent fans and followers of her into a frenzy mode, complaining that the whole ordeal was irrational.

They noted that Chamberlain was misusing her fans and that it was a scam to charge $10,000 for a simple personalized message on Instagram. After the influencer came to know about the backlash, she and her team shared a statement.


Here is everything we know about it.

Emma Chamberlain allegedly charged $10,000 for Instagram DM

On March 18, 2023, Layla Saliba posted a screenshot of Chamberlain’s site on Saturday with the opportunity to purchase a “Personal Thank You Note From Emma in Instagram DM!” for $10,000. The screenshot also revealed the store’s option for monthly payments, which offered a payment schedule of $902.58 for a year.

She questioned why Chamberlain was demanding 10K for an Instagram DM and noted that it was insane to do so. Soon, the tweet went viral and started spreading around like wildfire.


Since then, Chamberlain’s web store has been under development. Following the tweet, Chamberlain’s reps sent a statement to BuzzFeed News, calling the allegations that she was selling DMs for $10,000 “false and inaccurate.”

Chamberlain was unaware of the post, according to her reps, who claimed it may have been a test. Buzzfeed News also reached out to Saliba, who said she initially believed the $10,000 advertisement for the message on Chamberlain’s website was an error. 

She said, “Nothing against her [Chamberlain], but I’m a WOC working multiple jobs in grad school and I just got tired of someone who was very wealthy complain about how hard their life is,”


The response from Emma Chamberlain and her brand

Soon after the backlash, Chamberlain’s merchandise company, Cozak Inc, issued a statement on their website. They claimed that it was incorrect how the influencer was charging $10,000 for a personalized Instagram DM. 

Cozack was secretly testing a potential rewards program tied to her merch in 2018. In testing, they produced an extravagant reward level that was never activated and wasn’t meant to be. 

As they were only intended for internal testing and not for sale or reward, Chamberlain never implemented any of these reward ideas. They believed that material was activated and indexed by Google’s SEO indexing engine, then found by a person who started disseminating it online. 


Cozak asserted that this was never disclosed to the public, and it was never intended to be bought or sold. They defended Chamberlain and said she did not realize this was that the test program was never visible on the home page or product listing site. 

At last, they wrote, “With the internet’s tendency to create false narratives around sensationalized stories we wanted to provide you with the truth firsthand and from the source. The site is currently down for internal review.”

Chamberlain also gave a statement regarding the situation to E! News on March 21, 2023. She explained that when she got comments about selling DMs for $10,000, she believed it was a scam.

Emma Chamberlain faced backlash online for allegedly charging $10,000 for a personalized Instagram DM.

Emma Chamberlain was allegedly charging $10,000 for a personalized Instagram DM. (Source: Instagram)

She never offered to sell a DM, so she thought the claims were fake. She said, “People were saying this was for sale on my merch site, so I checked the site to see if it had been hacked and couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary.”

Regardless, she reached out to Cozack to look deeper into the matter. She said, “I immediately got in touch with my merch company Cozack who further investigated and put the site under construction while looking into the issue.”

Emma Chamberlain’s net worth

Chamberlain initially started with YouTube in 2017, after which her fame skyrocketed. Soon, her quirky yet fashionable style caught the eyes of designers and brands who endorsed her.


She then became the “it girl” for Vogue and many other brands. At just 21, Chamberlain has a massive influence in the fashion and makeup industry.

Similarly, she has her own brands as well. As of 2023, her estimated net worth is approximately $12 million. Her net worth includes endorsements, fashion brands, her company, podcast, writings, YouTube, and public appearances.

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