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How Can Ellacor Micro Core Treatment Improve The Appearance Of Wrinkles And Sagging Skin On Your Face

According to the Ellacor manufacturer, “recovery time can range from several days to weeks, depending on patient and treatment settings.”



How Can Ellacor Micro Core Treatment Improve The Appearance Of Wrinkles And Sagging Skin On Your Face

Want smoother, supple, more youthful-looking skin? You may want to look into Ellacor, an interesting new nonsurgical treatment that Dr. Adam J. Rubinstein is among the first plastic surgeons to add into his practice.

Dr. Adam J. Rubinstein, MD, FACS, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon known for his attention to patient safety and education, announces that his clinic is one of the first to provide Ellacor Micro-coring therapy. The first and only FDA-approved micro-coring device for removing sagging skin. There are no incisions or stitches with Ellacor.

Ellacor stimulates collagen and elastin formation, minimizing the appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles and tightening sagging skin. Ellacor is comparable to microneedling in that both procedures pierce the skin; however, Ellacor eliminates the skin’s microcores for more effective outcomes.

Ellacor distinguishes itself with its innovative approach to skin renewal. Unlike many other modern thermal energy therapies, Ellacor’s brilliance lies in its accuracy. The method uses hollow needles smaller than 0.5mm in diameter to carefully remove skin micro-cores. This careful procedure drastically improves the look of moderate to severe wrinkles, particularly in the mid to lower facial areas, while leaving no visible scars.

What to Expect from Dr Rubinstein Ellacor Treatment

To make you comfortable throughout the procedure, the doctor will apply a local anesthetic. To begin, they will glide the device over the treatment region to remove small skin particles (approximately 5% of skin). The therapy lasts around 30 minutes, and most patients can resume their normal routines and jobs 3 to 5 days afterward.

The concept behind this unique treatment is no energy is utilized. When you use radio frequency microneedling or an ablative fractional device, you are creating thermal damage in the skin using an energy-based source. Ellacor requires no energy at all. It employs stainless steel micro-needles to remove skin cores. There is no heat, electricity, laser, radio frequency, or ultrasound during treatment.

Punch biopsies are used to screen for skin malignancies and inflammatory disorders. This uses the same idea but on a much smaller size. There is no scar left behind, and we don’t just mean a visible scar; there is no scar even under a microscope.

This surgery is comparable to a facelift when you have skin laxity when the skin is hanging over and there is extra skin. While the effectiveness is not the same and the techniques are significantly different, the concept is the same. It involves removing a particular quantity of skin to improve wrinkles and tightness.

They are not medically removing a large piece of skin; instead, millions of small micro cores less than 500 m in size are removed, tightening the skin and straightening the wrinkles.

Which areas in your body will improve with the Ellacor treatment

Ellacor is often used to treat moderate to severe wrinkles and skin laxity in the mid and lower face, including the following areas:

  • Jawline
  • The region under the chin (the submental area)
  • the area around the mouth and top lip
  • lower cheekbones

This is an excellent alternative for those who wish to rejuvenate their faces but do not want to undergo surgery. Based on your skin issues, your physician can tell you whether you are a suitable fit for Ellacor.

How long does recovery take

According to the Ellacor manufacturer, “recovery time can range from several days to weeks, depending on patient and treatment settings.” During your appointment, when you discuss the specifics of your treatment plan, your physician should be able to present you with their best estimate. Everyone recovers differently, so you may discover that you recover faster or slower than you expected.

The healing process is critical to a successful outcome, so carefully follow your provider’s recommendations.  After the treatment, you will be instructed to apply an occlusive dressing, such as petroleum jelly, on the treated area for 24-48 hours. 

You’ll also be advised to avoid wearing makeup (which may transport germs and raise your risk of infection) for at least a week after the holes have fully closed up.  Use a mild cleanser during the first week and avoid skin care products containing irritating active ingredients, such as retinol or acids. 

Sun exposure should be avoided throughout the first week of recovery. Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 50 while you’re out in the sun after your skin has healed can help extend your results.

How soon will you see results after the treatment?

According to Dr. Rubenstein, improvement may be evident within a few weeks after your first treatment. 

Most individuals need 2 to 3 treatment sessions for best outcomes, and complete benefits take 3 to 6 months after your last treatment.

How long will the results last

Ellacor benefits are long-lasting, but since skin aging is continuous, you’ll need to return for maintenance sessions regularly. The timing of your maintenance treatment will be determined by your age, skin quality, and lifestyle variables such as your skincare routine, how well you keep out of the sun, and whether or not you smoke.

Following an excellent skincare program, including regular usage of SPF 30 plus sunscreen, can assist in extending the advantages.

Is the treatment safe?

When conducted by a skilled physician like Dr. Adam J. Rubinstein on people with fair to light brown skin tones, Ellacor therapy is deemed safe. 

However, your physician should be open and honest about any possible adverse effects. According to the manufacturer, potential negative effects include:

  • Mild pain or discomfort during treatment 
  • Bruising 
  • Swelling
  • Rough skin
  • Peeling 
  • Circular marks on the skin from the needles
  • Numbness 
  • Tightness 
  • Dryness

However, all the above symptoms should resolve on their own

Committed to keeping patients informed, Dr. Rubinstein continually educates the public about the nuances of the cosmetic surgery realm, allowing them to make the best choices for their individual needs.

For those considering a skin-rejuvenation treatment that combines efficiency, minimal invasiveness, and no visible scarring, the Ellacor Micro-Coring procedure offered by Dr. Rubinstein offers a promising solution.

To learn more about this groundbreaking treatment or to schedule a consultation, visit Stay updated on the latest in aesthetic medicine by connecting with Dr. Rubinstein at on his social media channels: Instagram @drrubinstein and @plasticsurgerytruths, Snapchat @drrubinstein, and Facebook @MiamiPlasticSurgeon

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Is There a Supplement for That? Products Beyond the Basic Vitamin



Is There a Supplement for That? Products Beyond the Basic Vitamin

The supplement aisle can be a bewildering place. Shelves overflow with bottles and tubs emblazoned with enticing promises: effortless weight loss, boundless energy, and superhuman athletic performance. It’s easy to feel a mix of skepticism and a glimmer of “what if?” The truth is that most supplements claiming to transform your health overnight are likely peddling overblown hype.

However, it’s important not to dismiss all supplements as useless. While they’re no substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle, some products are supported by smaller-scale scientific research. These studies might not make headlines, but they suggest potential benefits worth exploring.

Importantly, supplements shouldn’t be considered the exclusive domain of hardcore athletes and bodybuilders. If you’re someone who strives to eat well, get enough sleep, and squeeze in some regular physical activity, there may be supplements that offer a modest boost to your overall wellness goals.

Oxygenation Supplements

You’ve likely seen ads for oxygenation supplements claiming to supercharge your energy levels and enhance athletic performance. The basic premise is that by increasing the amount of oxygen your blood can carry, you’ll have more fuel for your muscles and feel less fatigued during workouts. These supplements come in various forms, from pills and capsules to liquid drops you add to water.

It’s important to manage your expectations when it comes to these products. While it’s true that oxygen plays a crucial role in energy production, for most healthy individuals, simply taking a supplement won’t magically boost your oxygen levels beyond normal. Any performance improvements, if they occur, are likely to be subtle. Additionally, it’s vital to remember that oxygenation supplements aren’t subject to the same rigorous safety and efficacy testing as prescription or over-the-counter medications.

There are certain populations who might discuss oxygenation supplements with their doctor. Those with medical conditions like anemia, where red blood cell count is low, or chronic respiratory issues may potentially see some benefit. However, for the average person looking for a workout edge, these supplements likely won’t offer the dramatic results often advertised.

Night Protein

The concept of night protein might seem like something only serious bodybuilders would care about, but its benefits extend far beyond building bulging biceps. Our bodies naturally break down muscle tissue overnight as part of normal metabolic processes. Consuming a slow-digesting protein before bed provides your body with a steady supply of amino acids, which helps minimize this muscle breakdown. Preserving muscle mass is beneficial for everyone, as it supports a healthy metabolism and makes daily activities easier.

The connection between sleep and weight management is becoming increasingly well-understood. When we’re sleep-deprived, our levels of appetite-regulating hormones get thrown out of balance, making us more likely to crave junk food and overeat. Improved sleep quality, which can be supported by consuming night protein, helps keep our hunger cues in check, aiding in weight loss or weight maintenance efforts.

When choosing a night protein powder, look for those that specifically list casein protein as the primary ingredient. Casein digests very slowly, providing that sustained release of amino acids throughout the night. Micellar casein is often the preferred form. Be wary of protein powders that contain high amounts of added sugars, as these will negate any metabolic benefits.

Meal Replacements for the Real World

When most people think of meal replacement supplements, images of giant tubs of protein powder aimed at bodybuilders likely come to mind. However, the concept has evolved in recent years to cater to a wider audience. There are now formulas designed to provide a more balanced source of nutrition for those who simply don’t have time to prepare a healthy meal.

Brands like SNAC Supplements offer a range of meal replacement options that go beyond just protein. Their products often include healthy fats, fiber, and a spectrum of vitamins and minerals. This makes them a far better alternative to grabbing fast food or a bag of chips out of desperation when life gets hectic.

Let’s be real – sometimes there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. Between long commutes, demanding work schedules, and unexpected hiccups, preparing a nutritious meal from scratch can fall to the bottom of the priority list. In these moments, having a meal replacement supplement on hand can prevent you from making unhealthy choices driven by hunger and lack of options.

Travel is another scenario where meal replacements shine. Airport food is notoriously overpriced and often lacking in nutrition, and finding healthy options on road trips can be a challenge. Tucking a few individually packaged meal replacement shakes or bars in your bag provides a safety net when your ideal food choices aren’t available.

However, it’s crucial to remember that even the most well-formulated meal replacement supplements shouldn’t become the mainstay of your diet. Whole foods offer an array of phytonutrients and other beneficial compounds that are difficult to replicate in a powdered form. Think of meal replacements as a useful tool in your wellness toolbox, but don’t try to build your entire nutritional house with them.


It’s important to view supplements for what they are – tools that may offer a modest boost when combined with a foundation of healthy habits. If your diet is full of processed foods and sugary snacks, and you’re chronically sleep-deprived, no supplement on the market will magically transform your health.

Doing your research is essential before investing in any supplement. Look beyond flashy marketing claims and seek out smaller-scale studies, which may sometimes be cited on a brand’s website. Be wary of relying solely on personal testimonials, as individual experiences can vary widely.

When you have questions or feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options, don’t hesitate to seek out unbiased guidance. Your pharmacist or a registered dietician can provide insights into the potential benefits and risks of specific supplements based on your individual health needs and any medications you’re currently taking. They can be an invaluable resource as you navigate the world of supplements.

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How Psychic Readings Can Help You Unlock Your Highest Potential



How Psychic Readings Can Help You Unlock Your Highest Potential

Whether you’re interested in love & relationship psychic readings live or looking for some career advice, psychic readings can help you unlock your potential. Readings are tools that help you examine your life choices, goals, and desires.

With the help of a psychic, you can gain necessary insights into your decision-making process or perspective and how it affects opportunities and experiences. There are many benefits of psychic readings, but the chance for self-discovery surpasses them all.

Uncover Hidden Talents

Despite commonly held beliefs, you do not have to believe in psychic insights to benefit from them. Readings often inspire self-reflection, offer new perspectives, and boost confidence.

Through questions and suggestions, a psychic can encourage you to think about your life and interests in new ways, potentially leading you to discover untapped skills or passions. Sometimes, visiting a psychic gives a person permission to entertain talents and desires long forgotten.

Psychic readings can also suggest talents based on your energy or other factors. Even if you don’t believe in a psychic’s abilities, their suggestions might open your mind to trying new things, resulting in the discovery of hidden abilities or skills. 

 Finally, when a psychic identifies potential talents, it can boost your confidence. Recognition from someone other than family and friends is often uplifting and beneficial. An outsider’s encouragement can often be a catalyst for positive change.

Guides You on Your Soul’s Purpose

As with any spiritual practice or belief, a psychic reading is a leap of faith. When you embrace the possibility of extrasensory perception (ESP) and spiritual insights, it is easier to open your mind to the possibility of psychic visions and readings. Accepting the possibility allows you to be guided, encouraged, and gently steered.

From real, live soul & past life psychics online to clairvoyant readings, psychics have been helping people define their journeys for centuries. A psychic offers an outsider’s opinion, which is often beneficial. They can pinpoint your strengths, weaknesses, and passions, helping you define potential career paths, life choices, and personal growth opportunities. Often, these suggestions align with your inner desires, what some might refer to as your soul’s purpose.

Psychics might explain their insights as suggestions from spirit guides or influences from past lives. The how and why don’t really matter if the suggestions ring true to you. Attending a psychic reading is about letting go and embracing the unknown.

When you open yourself up to the possibilities of universal influence and spiritual paths, you open your mind to suggestion and self-reflection. Most of the time, psychics tap into your existing intuitions, highlighting what you know or need encouragement with. 

By attending psychic readings, whether in-person or online, you can find a purpose and path for your life. The key is to remain open to the possibilities while embracing the details that ring most true to you.

Are you ready to unlock your hidden potential? Contact a local psychic or psychic network to schedule your first reading. Remember, the effectiveness of a reading depends on your openness to it.

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Rare Carat: Diamond Discount Store



Rare Carat: Diamond Discount Store

Without a doubt, Rare Carat is the best place to buy diamond engagement rings in America. Customers looking for the ideal symbol of affection and loyalty have come to trust Rare Carat because of their constant candor and commitment to providing unbiased direction. 

Let’s explore the Rare Carat, which contains Rare Carat – lab grown diamonds and their conforming outlays. For every event, Rare Carat delivers a wide collection of diamond jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Thus, go through this article on its complete to study everything there is to know about Rare Carat. 

To transform the diamond market, Rare Carat provides customers with access to a large database of diamonds from reliable vendors. Through the use of state-of-the-art technology and professional advice, Rare Carat assures that clients may make decisions with security. 

How Rare Carat Operates 

Users of Rare Carat’s platform can compare over a million lab-grown and natural diamonds that are purchased from trustworthy suppliers. Customers may simply navigate the complex world of diamonds by using smart search criteria and thorough data, ultimately locating an ideal diamond for their specific requirements and price range. 

Locating the Ideal Diamond with Unique Carat 

With the use of powerful tools from Rare Carat, users may assess diamonds based on several factors, such as cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. It allows clients to order the most important components, ensuring they locate a diamond that exceeds their expectations. 

Professional Opinion and Direction 

Apart from its extensive search features, Rare Carat gives users access to expert gemologists who offer specific guidance and insights. The experts at Rare Carat provide practical guidance to all clients, regardless of experience level, during the whole buying procedure. 

The Rare Carat Advantage

  • Competitive Pricing

By utilizing its vast network of sellers, Rare Carat can provide diamonds at cheap prices. Through the removal of brokers and the offer of direct access to diamonds, Rare Carat ensures that clients receive optimal returns on their investments.

  • Unwavering Quality 

At Rare Carat, we place a high value on quality, and each diamond is put through an extensive testing process to make sure it satisfies our strict requirements. Customers can be sure they are getting a diamond of extraordinary quality and beauty when they purchase GIA-certified diamonds and professional advice. 

  • Outstanding Client Care 

At each stage of the buying process, Rare Carat takes great pride in offering outstanding customer service. A superior shopping experience is what Rare Carat’s driven staff strives to deliver, from tailored advice to timely assistance. There is a great experience with rare carat. You can check the reviews of the clients they are completely satisfied with the Rare Carat.

Finding Diamonds with High Carat 

  • Examining Diamonds Grown in Labs 

A cost-effective and sustainable option for real diamonds, Rare Carat – lab grown diamonds can be bought at Rare Carat in a wide array. Customers have a guilt-free option with lab-grown diamonds since they have the same light and beauty as real diamonds. 

  • Natural Diamond Choice 

Rare Carat offers a wide range of natural diamonds from trustworthy sellers for anyone in search of the classic charm of these gemstones. To ensure its purity and reliability, every natural diamond is hand-picked, giving customers the peace of mind they deserve. 

  • Realizing the Four Cs 

Customers can learn about the four Cs of diamond buying from Rare Carat, offering a thorough buying guide that covers cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Customers may select a diamond that fits their preferences and needs by being conscious of these important requirements.


What distinguishes Rare Carat from other online diamond sellers? 

Rare Carat sets itself apart with a commitment to openness, cost-effectiveness, and first-rate customer support. Rare Carat provides consumers with impartial advice and thorough comparisons so they can make decisions with confidence. 

How is the quality of the diamonds that Rare Carat sells guaranteed? 

A group of expert gemologists at Rare Carat performs free examinations on diamonds with GIA certification. Furthermore, Rare Carat analyzes diamonds from reliable sellers to guarantee that only the best stones can be seen on its website. 

Are the prices listed on reliable? 

Indeed, transparent pricing information and competitive rates are given by Rare Carat assures that customers gain fair and accurate pricing for their purchases by comparing diamonds from reliable sellers. 

Is the customer service at Rare Carat trustworthy? 

Rare Carat is devoted to offering top-notch customer support. The skilled staff at Rare Carat is here to help you with any questions you may have about picking a diamond or the buying method. 


Within the diamond industry, Rare Carat stands out as an icon of trust and reliability in a world full of choices. Rare Carat gives customers the power to make clear, informed choices through low costs, outstanding customer service, and an unwavering commitment to transparency. Rare Carat, the leading online store for gemstone wedding bands in America, kindly welcomes you to explore the splendor and elegance that lie await at

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