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Nikola Valenti and our Top 8 Monthly Jewelry Subscription Box Services

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Nikola Valenti and our Top 8 Monthly Jewelry Subscription Box Services

Imagine a little box of sparkle arriving at your doorstep each month. I’m diving into the world of jewelry subscription services, exploring top providers like Nikola Valenti, Switch, Rocks Box and Glamour Box.

Whether you’re new to this concept or just need help finding the perfect fit, I’ve got you covered. Let’s uncover affordable luxury and redefine our style with these dazzling monthly treats!

Understanding Jewelry Subscription Box Services

You’re about to dive into the world of jewelry subscription box services, understanding what sets each one apart and what they’ve got to offer. Let’s start with popular jewelry trends in these boxes. From minimalist pieces to statement earrings, there’s something for everyone. It’s like becoming a fashion-forward stylist overnight!

Now, how do you style this sparkly bounty? Well, that’s another fun part! I’ve seen some subscribers layer delicate necklaces or stack rings from their boxes for an on-trend look. It’s all about experimenting and finding your unique aesthetic.
One massive benefit is being able to try different styles without breaking the bank. Be it boho chic or vintage glamour, you can dip your toes in various styles until you find your perfect fit.

So, how do you pick the right box for your style? Research is key here – read reviews, compare prices and carefully scan the type of jewelry offered by each service.
Don’t forget that these boxes are a treasure trove for discovering new brands! They often partner with emerging designers giving you exclusive access to unique pieces not found elsewhere. There’s an exciting world waiting in those little boxes!

Breaking Down the Benefits of Subscription Boxes

It’s worth noting the convenience and excitement that these recurring packages can bring to your doorstep. With the rise of jewelry subscription boxes in the fashion industry, accessorizing is being revolutionized. I’ve found myself experimenting with styles I’d never have considered before; it’s one of the real benefits of trying out different styles with jewelry subscription boxes.

I know how daunting it can be to step out of your comfort zone, but trust me, having new pieces delivered every month makes it easier than ever.

It’s like Christmas morning arriving twelve times a year! Plus, you’re always sure to stay on trend without even trying.

Each box offers something different and unique; whether you’re into delicate minimalism or edgy statements, there’s a service for everyone. And let’s not forget about the sheer thrill when that package lands on your doorstep!

Top Pick: Nikola Valenti

Nikola Valenti has carved a unique niche in the jewelry market with its subscription-based offering that allows potential buyers to truly experience the jewelry before committing to a purchase. Subscribers are offered an introductory piece of jewelry, such as a necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings, to evaluate over a set period.

Each of these introductory items comes with intricate detailing and is made from high-quality materials, such as gold or sterling silver, often accented with precious or semi-precious stones.

The “Try Before You Buy” model eliminates the online shopping guesswork, permitting you to physically wear and appreciate the jewelry in various settings—be it a casual day out or a formal event.

After the trial period, customers have the option to either purchase the piece at a competitive price or return it at no extra cost, allowing for a risk-free shopping experience.
One of the standout features of Nikola Valenti’s service is its focus on craftsmanship.

The pieces are thoughtfully designed to incorporate both modern fashion trends and timeless elements, making them versatile for various occasions and outfits. 

The subscription service is flexible, catering to different budgets and tastes. You’re not locked into long-term commitments and have the liberty to cancel or change your subscription preferences at any time. Furthermore, the company offers various payment options and plans to accommodate a wide range of financial situations.

Customer service is a high priority for Nikola Valenti. From the moment you subscribe, you receive personalized attention to ensure your experience is as seamless as possible. Easy returns, quick customer service response times, and a straightforward website interface add to the convenience of the whole shopping experience.

Switch: The Luxury Jewelry Rental

Diving right into Switch, you’ll find they’re redefining the game with their luxury jewelry rental concept. This innovative service offers a myriad of membership options to cater for every fashion savvy audience. If you’re like me, always wanting to explore unique jewelry options without breaking the bank, then renting luxury jewelry might be your best bet.

Switch’s membership options are flexible and budget-friendly. I can change my style on a whim and keep pace with the latest trends while maintaining an air of exclusivity. Renting luxury jewelry has never been easier or more enjoyable! The pieces range from iconic classics to daring designs straight off the runway.

The benefits of renting jewelry go beyond just saving money; it also allows me to try before committing to an expensive purchase. Plus, there’s something exciting about expecting that little box each month filled with shiny new pieces!

In essence, Switch is not just a subscription service; it’s a personal stylist who understands my taste in accessories better than anyone else could. By providing high-end pieces at affordable rates, Switch is truly revolutionizing how we experience luxury.

Rocks Box: Unlimited Designer Jewelry

Next on the list, let’s delve into Rocks Box, where you’ll find unlimited access to an array of designer pieces. The variety of brands offered is impressive, catering to all tastes and styles. Now, regarding Rocks Box pricing – is it worth the cost? I’d say yes. For such a reasonable monthly fee, you get access to high-end jewelry that would otherwise be quite expensive. 

How do you personalize your Rocks Box subscription? It’s pretty simple! You fill out a style quiz and add items to your wish list. Then their stylists will curate boxes just for you. Want something new? No problem! Returning and exchanging jewelry with Rocks Box couldn’t be easier with their pre-paid return envelope.

But don’t take my word for it – what are people saying about Rocks Box? Customer reviews reveal users love the ease of use, diverse selection and superb customer service. So if you’re looking for a way to constantly refresh your jewelry collection without breaking the bank, give Rocks Box a shot! You might fall in love just like many others have before you.

Glamour Box: Unique Jewelry Every Month

Switching gears, let’s take a look at Glamour Box, which offers uniquely stunning pieces each month. Unveiling the glamour of this subscription box service is like opening a treasure chest every time.

The allure of unique jewelry always keeps me coming back for more.
The joy of surprises is what I find most appealing about their service. It’s not just the affordable elegance they offer but rather how each item elevates my style in an unexpected way.

Their monthly curation never fails to impress and inspire. 

To give you an idea of what Glamour Box offers, here’s a simple breakdown:

VarietyA mix of stylish necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings
QualityHigh-quality materials and craftsmanship that ensure durability
PriceReasonable prices that make luxury accessible

Glamour Box truly encapsulates the essence of discovering monthly jewelry subscriptions: it’s all about anticipation, revelation, and delight in every parcel. They’ve mastered the art of blending affordability with chic design to create something remarkable – something that makes you feel special every month.

Vivrelle: Access to Luxury Jewelry and Accessories

Now, we’re moving on to discuss Vivrelle, a service that’s known for providing access to luxury jewelry and accessories. We’re delving into the realm of opulence here but let’s not forget about the prices. Luxury versus affordability: Is Vivrelle worth it? I believe it is. The perks of a Vivrelle subscription are numerous which sets it apart from its competitors.

Accessorizing with Vivrelle offers an exciting opportunity to showcase your unique style through their extensive range of luxury items. From statement pieces that scream glamour to everyday wear for a touch of elegance, you can change up your look effortlessly.

As someone who loves variety in my wardrobe, I adore the diversity they offer. But what truly stands out is the convenience factor; how it simplifies my shopping experience. Gone are the days of tirelessly searching for that perfect accessory! With Vivrelle, I simply browse their online catalog, select what catches my eye, and voila! It arrives at my doorstep ready to be flaunted.

Emma & Chloé: French Designer Jewelry Delivered

After exploring Vivrelle’s luxury offerings, let’s jet off to Paris with our next jewelry subscription service. Emma & Chloé brings the charm of French designer jewelry right to your doorstep. This monthly subscription is like a personal love letter from Paris, offering unique pieces that mirror the fashion-forward spirit of the city.

Imagine wearing a piece of art every month – that’s what Emma & Chloé offers. They collaborate with independent, up-and-coming French designers who pour their heart and soul into crafting these special pieces. Each month, you’re treated to gorgeous earrings, bracelets or necklaces designed exclusively for subscribers.

What I adore about this service is that it doesn’t just deliver a piece of jewelry; it tells a story. The curated collections are inspired by current trends in Parisian fashion but always carry an essence of classic French elegance.

And if you’re worried about not liking a particular design – don’t be! The folks at Emma & Chloé understand style is subjective so they’ve got options for customization. With them, you’re not just getting an accessory; you’re getting an experience, one steeped in culture and sophistication.

Hang Squad: Earring Subscription for Every Style

If you’re an earring enthusiast, you’ll love Hang Squad’s tailored approach to their packages. This subscription service offers a variety of diverse earring styles that cater to every fashionista’s unique taste. For someone like me who values individuality and creativity in my accessories, it’s a dream come true!

Hang Squad provides affordable options without compromising on quality or style. Their fashion forward designs keep me up-to-date with the latest trends while maintaining my personal aesthetic. I get two pairs of earrings every month, carefully selected based on my style profile. These monthly surprises keep the excitement alive and make unboxing a joyous event.

One of the things I appreciate most about Hang Squad is their customization options. It isn’t just about receiving beautiful earrings; it’s about receiving beautiful earrings that feel like they were made just for me! I can select from categories such as “classic,” “trendy,” “simple & sleek,” or even “total surprise.” This level of personalization makes each delivery special and truly enhances the overall experience.

Hang Squad has redefined what it means to be an earring lover, offering an intimate journey into style exploration that keeps me thrilled month after month.

Penny + Grace: Minimalist Jewelry Box Service

For those who’re into minimalist aesthetics, Penny + Grace offers a refreshing angle to accessorizing. I’m mesmerized by their unique jewelry styles that can be customized according to your preference. It’s like they’ve found the perfect balance between simplicity and style.
Their pricing options are quite reasonable too.

For just $19.99 a month, you get three pieces of jewelry, all wrapped nicely in a beautiful packaging that is simply a treat to unbox.

Pricing OptionsCustomization Options
$19.99 per monthYes
Flat rate shippingJewelry choice

I’ve seen numerous positive customer reviews praising not only the quality and design of the jewelry but also the packaging and presentation which adds an extra charm to the whole experience.

That being said, if you’re seeking for something subtle yet stylish in your daily wear, Penny + Grace could be your go-to option. Their service is more than just providing accessories; it’s about delivering happiness in small packages — literally!

Comparing and Contrasting: How to Choose the Right Service for You

With so many subscription box services, how do you pick just one?

Pricing comparison is an excellent starting point. As someone who loves a good deal, I recommend comparing the monthly costs. Some services might seem more expensive at first glance but remember to factor in any customization options available.

Speaking of which, don’t underestimate customization! It’s invaluable being able to personalize your pieces to match your unique style.

Quality of jewelry is another crucial aspect. You want something that will last and continue looking stunning over time. Don’t be shy about investigating the materials used and craftsmanship involved.

Some products are a lot higher quality than others, but the subscriptions are actually very similar in their scope.

Return and exchange policies can also make or break a decision for me. A company willing to accommodate changes reflects their commitment to customer satisfaction.

There’s nothing like hearing from people who’ve already taken this journey! Customer reviews offer insights into real experiences with the service, helping you gauge overall satisfaction levels.

In terms of scale, and customer satisfaction, the Nikola Valenti line has over 100k+ 5-star reviews, which is lightyears ahead of its competition.

After considering everything, Nikola Valenti is still our top pick, compared to the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do These Jewelry Subscription Services Handle Repairs or Damages to the Items?

If I’ve damaged a piece, it’s typically my responsibility to assess the damage and reach out. Most have insurance coverage and return policies with a repair process in place, but it varies by service.

Can Customers Request Specific Pieces or Types of Jewelry From These Subscription Services?

Sure, many of these services allow customers to call the shots. They offer personalized selections based on jewelry preferences and a customization process for style requests, giving a sense of piece exclusivity.

How Do These Subscription Services Ensure the Authenticity of the Designer Jewelry They Offer?

I ensure the authenticity of the designer jewelry I offer through a meticulous authentication process, quality checks, and direct designer partnerships. It’s all about counterfeit mitigation and authenticity verification in my line of work.

Can Pieces From the Subscription Boxes Be Purchased, or Are They Only for Rental?

Yes, many subscription boxes do offer the option to purchase pieces you love. It’s a great way to build my collection affordably and sustainably, with flexible cancellation and customization options. Reselling policies vary by service. However, some of them are generally advertised as “rental” services. So, be sure to read the terms, carefully, before making any kind of commitment. 

Do These Subscription Services Offer Gift Options or Special Packages for Occasions Like Birthdays or Anniversaries?

Yes, many of these services offer gift personalization and occasion-based packages. They’ve got holiday specials, subscription gifting options, and customized gifts perfect for birthdays or anniversaries. It’s a fantastic way to give something unique!

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The Glamorous Outfits People Will See at the Kentucky Derby



The Glamorous Outfits People Will See at the Kentucky Derby

From the crowd singing ‘My Old Kentucky Home’ to the blanket of red roses being presented to the winning horse, Kentucky Derby Day is one of the great traditional events in the American sporting year.

The race has been held since 1875 – and this year will be the 150th year of what some call the “the most exciting two minutes in sport.” 

This year the famous Red Roses Race is held at its traditional venue Churchill Downs, in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday May 4 at 6.45pm.  

It’s the finale of a fortnight’s festival of racing at the track. The big day itself has become a major social event, attracting huge crowds of more than 150,000 people.

What do racegoers wear?

Whether you’re carefully studying the Kentucky Derby odds or just there for the chance to dress up, press images of the 2023 Kentucky Derby revealed that the vast majority were in formal or period outfits – but there were some spectacular exceptions.

The wackiest outfits on display included full animal costumes, weird colour combinations or ridiculous homemade hats. 

One enthusiast was there dressed in a full Fred Flintstone fancy dress costume. Another wore a blue furry hat with horns protruding.

Another pair of men wandered around dressed in strange purple and pink tinged suits while wearing horses heads on their own heads. 

Is there a dress code?

In certain up-scale areas like the Grandstand, Clubhouse and other premium seating sections there is a formal expectation on Derby Day. Both male and female outfits are expected to be very smart and sophisticated. 

Overall though, in the mild Kentucky spring sunshine many visitors opt for spring dresses and suits. Others stick with traditional Derby attire such as colorful hats and fascinators for ladies and bow ties and straw hats for gentlemen. 

While there’s no strict enforcement of any specific dress code – it’s generally expected that attendees stick to the traditional Derby fashion norms. 

What do most people wear?

Racegoers at Churchill Downs typically dress in high quality formal clothes that adhere to traditional Derby fashion norms. It’s all about maintaining and immersing yourself in the classic atmosphere.

For men, the outfit often includes suits in light colors such as seersucker or linen. This is paired with dress shirts and using the option of colorful ties as a way of expressing a flash of individuality. 

Colourful bow ties are a popular choice. It’s a classic way of adding a touch of Southern charm to the ensemble. 

Many men also wear traditional Derby hats, such as fedoras or straw boaters. It can be sunny so a hat has a practical value too.

For women, Derby Day fashion is usually about spring dresses in vibrant colors and floral patterns. Dresses are often knee-length or longer, with styles ranging from classic to trendy. 

Hats are a must-have accessory for most women. The most elaborate, wide-brimmed hats are considered a hallmark of Derby fashion. 

Fascinators, smaller period headpieces adorned with feathers, flowers, or other embellishments, are also popular.

Overall, race-goers at the Kentucky Derby are trying to embrace the elegance and style of the day.

How to plan a Derby Day outfit

When planning what to wear for a day at Churchill Downs, here are some top fashion tips:

  • Embrace tradition with standard Derby fashion that includes light-colored suits for men and vibrant spring dresses for women. To play safe, stick to classic styles with a flash of Southern charm.
  • Choosing the right hat could be the key to the day. A hat is an essential accessory for Derby day. 

For women, a wide hat or a fancy fascinator adorned with feathers or flowers is considered a fun accessory. For men, opt for classic period style, like a fedora or straw boater for the ultimate finishing touch.

  • Check the weather forecast and plan any outfit accordingly. Lightweight fabrics like linen or seersucker are ideal for a bright Kentucky spring day – but a light jacket or shawl can provide warmth if it turns cooler.
  • Dress for comfort – style is important but so is comfort when you’ll be spending a long day at the race track. Choose outfits and shoes that you can comfortably wear for hours.
  • Pay attention to details because the smallest accessories can elevate your outfit. It’s easy to add a flash of color with a statement tie or scarf.
    And don’t forget to coordinate your shoes or boots with your outfit.

Most of all however, don’t worry too much. Have fun with dressing up. The Kentucky Derby is a festive event so don’t be afraid to be bolder than normal with your outfit for the day.

The event is a chance to experiment with bold colors, patterns and accessories to create a special personal style and to fully enjoy the spirit of the Derby.

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Understanding 4Cs: A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Diamond Ring



Understanding 4Cs: A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Diamond Ring

When searching for the perfect diamond ring, there’s more to assess than just the sparkle and shine. You should also consider the 4Cs – cut, clarity, carat weight, and color – which are the acceptable standards for evaluating the value and quality of a diamond ring. Understanding these crucial characteristics is essential in making an informed decision and ensuring you get the most brilliant and breathtaking ring within your budget.

This article provides the essentials of selecting the perfect diamond ring that aligns with your preferences and budget. Read on! 

Understand The 4Cs 

The path to finding the perfect diamond ring begins with grasping the fundamental factors that govern a diamond’s value and allure: the 4Cs – carat, cut, color, and clarity. Here’s a breakdown of each aspect:

  • Carat weight: The carat weight determines the diamond’s physical size, but the size isn’t the only consideration. You’d want a harmonious balance between visual impact and financial sensibility, especially for engagement rings featuring lab-grown diamonds.

Lav-grown diamonds offer a more extensive and affordable option, allowing you to find the perfect balance between visual presence and your budget. However, you should note that diamond prices tend to increase exponentially depending on the carat weights, usually at half and whole-carat weights. 

  • Cut quality: The cut quality determines how light interacts with the diamond, directly impacting its brilliance and fire. Cut grades range from Excellent, the highest standard, to Poor, with each level affecting the diamond’s overall optical performance. 

With an Excellent or Ideal cut, you can expect a mesmerizing display of light. Experts craft these diamonds to maximize the light that enters and reflects within, resulting in a vibrant, lively sparkle that dances across the surface. In contrast, a diamond with a Poor cut may appear dull and lifeless, failing to capture and disperse light effectively. 

However, the diamond’s shape is also crucial in its overall appeal and light performance. While the classic round brilliant cut is renowned for its exceptional fire and scintillation, you may find yourself drawn to the elongated elegance of a marquise or the curvaceous allure of a pear shape, allowing you to express your unique style. 

  • Color: The industry’s color grading scale begins at D, representing the rarest and most coveted colorless diamonds, and descends to Z, where warm tones are noticeable. Colorless diamonds, prized for their ability to transmit light with unparalleled brilliance, command the highest values. 

However, the choice of color depends on your preference, allowing you to embrace nature’s subtle artistry. The icy perfection of a D-colored diamond may draw your attention, while others may find the warm, golden undertones of a near-colorless stone more alluring. 

  • Clarity: Clarity measures a diamond’s internal and external flaws or inclusions and blemishes, respectively. The scale ranges from Flawless to Included. In Flawless, no imperfections are visible under 10x magnification, whereas flaws are visible to the naked eye in Included. 

Higher clarity grades command higher prices, but many inclusions are microscopic and don’t detract from the diamond’s beauty when viewed without magnification. For example, a diamond with a VS1 (Very Slightly Included) clarity grade may have tiny crystals or clouds inside, but these are barely perceptible to the unaided eye.

Closeup photo of a beautiful female hands with elegant manicure and diamond rings. Holidays and celebration concept.

Closeup photo of a beautiful female hands with elegant manicure and diamond rings. Holidays and celebration concept.

Essentially, the 4Cs provide a comprehensive framework for evaluating a diamond’s quality and characteristics. This enables you to choose the perfect diamond ring that aligns with your desired style, budget, and personal preferences. 

Balance The 4Cs 

When selecting the ring, the secret is striking a balance between clarity, carat, cut, and color. Instead of focusing on a single factor, consider how each aspect contributes to the diamond’s overall appearance and value.  

For instance, you may choose to prioritize an excellent cut quality over a larger carat weight, ensuring the diamond sparkles brilliantly despite its size. This can be particularly essential for low-profile engagement rings, where the cut plays a significant role in maximizing brilliance. Alternatively, you could opt for a slightly lower color grade, allowing you to invest in a diamond with superior clarity and fewer visible inclusions. 

Weigh your priorities to make a wise decision that maximizes the diamond’s beauty and aligns with your desired style and budget constraints. This ensures you buy a stunning ring that resonates with you or your partner. 

Observe Ethical Sourcing And Certification 

When purchasing a diamond, ethical considerations are paramount. You’ll want to ensure your diamond is certified conflict-free, guaranteeing it was responsibly mined and traded. Reputable certifications from organizations like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grade the diamond based on the 4Cs and ensure its ethical sourcing. 

Beyond the diamond itself, consider the impact of the metal used for the ring’s band. Opt for recycled gold or platinum to reduce environmental harm from mining. Many jewelers offer ethical collections crafted from responsibly sourced and traced materials. By making conscious choices, your diamond ring can symbolize your values and love, free from concerns over its ethical background. 

Consider The Ring Design And Personal Style 

As mentioned, your ring should reflect your style and the significance of the occasion it represents. The ring’s design plays a crucial role in showcasing the diamond’s beauty and creating a cohesive aesthetic. 

Ring settings may influence the overall look and feel of the piece significantly. Classic solitaire settings allow a single diamond to take center stage, while intricate halo designs surround the center stone with a sparkling frame of smaller diamonds for added brilliance.  Conversely, three-stone rings, with a central diamond flanked by two smaller ones, symbolize the past, present, and future – a meaningful choice for engagement rings. 

The ring metal choice of the band also affects the ring’s style. For instance, traditional options like yellow, white, or rose gold offer distinct warmth and hues, while platinum provides a prestigious, enduringly white backdrop for the diamond. On the contrary, vintage-inspired designs or more contemporary, minimalist styles allow you to personalize the ring to your taste further. You should choose one that balances the diamond’s quality with a setting that complements the stone. 


Selecting the perfect diamond ring is a meaningful endeavor that blends the tangible aspects of the 4Cs with intangible elements of style, emotion, and ethical considerations.

By approaching this process with knowledge, mindfulness, and a clear understanding of your desires, you can find a ring that dazzles and holds profound significance. Remember, the perfect diamond ring should align with personal tastes, carry the intended symbolism, and stand the test of time in style and durability.

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Kimberley Anne Woltemas Wore Dior on Her Wedding Day

Kimberley Anne Woltemas looked stunning in Dior!




Kimberley Anne Woltemas Wore Dior on Her Wedding Day

Kimberley Anne Woltemas is a Thai/German actress and model. 

She made her acting debut when she portrayed Nam in the series 4 Huajai Haeng Koon Kao (4 Hearts of the Mountains). She is the Thai ambassador for several luxury companies, including Dior, Cartier, and Hourglass. 

Woltemas is often seen wearing Dior, and she even donned a wedding dress made by the brand on her wedding ceremony to her husband, Prin Suparat.

Six months after her wedding, the model shared behind-the-scene pictures of her dress at the atelier.

Kimberley Anne Woltemas and her wedding dress

On March 14, 2024, Woltemas took to Instagram to share throwback pictures from the final moments of her wedding dress being ready. She shared ten pictures that showed the designs of the dress, her trying it on, her walking on it, and the reaction of the team at the atelier.

Dior prepared two dresses for her. The first one was a white gown made of exquisite floral guipure and had a body-fitted bodice with a mock collar and full sleeves, which flowed down to produce a flowy hem with a train. 

The second one, which the model wore for her reception dinner, was a white silk gown with drape details. The sleeveless outfit had a sweetheart neckline and big pockets on both sides.

Kimberley Anne Woltemas and her wedding dress.

Kimberley Anne Woltemas and her wedding dress. (Source: Instagram)

All in all, Dior made her look like the most beautiful bride to exist. They shared a video in September 2023, around the time of Woltemas’s wedding ceremony. 

Woltemas approached them to make her wedding gown a year before the ceremony. She initially wanted a simple gown, but when she saw the designs for the floral guipure, she fell in love with it. 

It took around 600 hours of work to make the dress and was made by hand. The dress was accompanied by a floral headpiece. The dress was designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri and the finishing touches were made by expert seamstresses in the Dior Ateliers. 

Woltemas could not stop gushing about the dress and how happy she was that she could wear such a dress on a special occasion. She donned the dress at her wedding ceremony, which happened on September 14, 2023, at Villa Bonomi, Lake Como, Italy. 

Kimberley Anne Woltemas and her husband

Woltemas tied the knot with her husband, Suparat, after dating for nine years. Their relationship began in 2010 when they met while working on a variety of projects. 

However, it wasn’t until 2013 that their relationship developed into a full-fledged romance. The couple’s on-screen connection translated smoothly into their real-life relationship, and they quickly became viewers’ favorite. 

After nearly nine years of dating, Woltemas and Suparat decided to take the next step in their relationship. On April 21, 2022, they turned to Instagram to announce their engagement by posting beautiful photos with the heartfelt comment, “We’ve decided on forever. Yes sir I am ready and we are @kimmy_kimberley.”

Woltemas happily showed off her large engagement ring on her ring finger in the first shot, while the pair cuddled up in each other’s arms in the second.

Since then, they have shared every detail of their wedding planning with their fans and followers. From printing their invitation card to preparing their wedding menu, the duo shared it all.

All in all, the couple was very happy to finally tie the knot and take the next step in their relationship. 

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