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Who Is Martha Raddatz Married to in 2023? Know Her Spouse and Kids

Martha Raddatz married her 3rd husband in 1997 and is married for more than 20 years.



Is Martha Raddatz Married In 2023? Know Her Spouse And Kids

Martha Raddatz is an American reporter and journalist working with ABC News. She is the network’s Chief Global Affairs Correspondent and contributes to ABC’s World News Tonight with David Muir, Nightline, and other shows. 

Raddatz has written for The New Republic and appeared on PBS’s Washington Week in addition to her work for ABC News. On This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Raddatz serves as co-host and fill-in anchor.

A household name in America, Raddaatz has earned herself quite a fame. Her daily viewers are interested in knowing the life of the news anchor.


Here are the answers to your questions about Raddatz’s marriage, husband, ex-husband, children, and more. 

Martha Raddatz is married for the third time

In 1997, Raddatz married her current/third husband, Tom Gjelten, a religion and belief correspondent for National Public Radio. Since 1982, when he started working for NPR as a labor and education correspondent, Gjelten has been a member of the organization. 

He has more recently reported on international relations and national security concerns while working out of NPR’s Washington, D.C., headquarters. They both met in the office of NPR and became friends. 


Raddatz was given her first combat zone assignment to travel to Sarajevo, Bosnia, at the same time when Gjelten was covering the fighting in that country.

During an interview with ELLE, Gjelten discussed how he planned his bus trip. However, the journey went differently than anticipated, causing Raddatz to cross through the front lines of the conflict zone. 

Martha Raddatz reporting from the field (Source: Instagram)

Martha Raddatz reporting from the field (Source: Instagram)

Nevertheless, in Gjelten’s words in the interview, Raddatz entered the city and “totally chewed him out.” The pair eventually resolved their differences, were married, and have been together for more than 20 years.


“When I met and married Martha and she became a foreign correspondent, I made a really deliberate decision to move into a support role. It’s been a struggle for me. I’m a guy! And she has a guy’s role! But I’ve picked up some slack around the house. I probably had a bigger role with Jake when she was traveling,” Gjelten said, talking about their marriage.

Martha Raddatz’s first husband is a Pulitzer prize winner 

Raddatz has been married three times. In 1979, her first marriage was to Ben Bradlee Jr, the editor of the Boston Globe’s investigative team at the time. 

Ben is the son of former Washington Post executive editor Benjamin C. Bradlee, and he is a Pulitzer Prize-winning editor for The Boston Globe. The Pulitzer Prize is an achievement award in newspapers, magazines, internet journalism, literature, and musical composition.


The pair have a daughter together named Greta Bradlee. However, their marriage couldn’t last, and the couple divorced in 1991 after a ten-year marriage. 

Raddatz later married Julius Genachowski. Genachowski is a lawyer and businessman from the United States. On June 29, 2009, he was appointed Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, a position he left in 2013. 

The pair married in 1991 when President Barack Obama attended their wedding when Obama and Genachowski were classmates at Harvard Law School.


The couple shares a son named Jake Genachowski. Unfortunately, their marriage did not last long either. According to Married Biography, after a six-year marriage, the couple divorced in 1997, after which she married her current husband, Gjelten. 

Martha Raddatz’s daughter is an attorney 

The reporter doesn’t have any children with her present husband. However, they have good ties with their son and daughter with her ex-husbands. In the interview with ELLE, Raddatz mentioned that she would take her children to work in extremely dangerous war zones. 

She took her then 16-year-old daughter, Greta, to Bosnia over spring break in 1997, “The extreme version of Take Your Daughter to Work Day,” Raddatz humorously said. 


“For several years,” her daughter added, “she also took my brother Jake and me to visit soldiers at Walter Reed, the national military medical center.”

Greta is now a lawyer, while her brother Jake is a softball coach in school and a video marketer, as per The Whois Bio. The news reporter lives with her husband, Gjelten, in their chic home in Arlington, Virginia.


Just a girl trying to figure out life in an artistic way. Presently, she writes for Glamour Buff and GB Issue.


Who Is Lizzy Musi’s Sister? Inside the Musi Family

All about Lizzy Musi’s parents and sister.



Who Is Lizzy Musi’s Sister? Inside The Musi Family

A second-generation drag racer, Lizzy Musi’s family is well-known for their racing abilities.

Lizzy’s father, Pat Musi, owns racing Engines in Mooresville, North Carolina, and her mother, Elizabeth Agneta Musi, is also a car racing enthusiast. 

The racer’s mother is frequently seen on the racetrack cheering on her daughters. Lizzy also stated that her mother is tough as nails and is always there for her in good and bad times.


Similarly, Lizzy has one sister named Patricia Musi. She also followed in the footsteps of her family and became a successful car racer. As young girls, the sisters would frequently go on the road together while their father raced pro street. They would bond and share their love of singer Stevie Nicks during their trips.

Patricia looks up to her sister as an inspiration. She told Dragzine, “My sister is my biggest inspiration and go-to girl if I ever need any answers. She’s my number one. I love her to death.”

Patricia Musi races like her older sibling 

Patricia, Lizzy’s sister, is a drag racer. She competed in Top Sportsman racing in 2015, but she was unable to compete because a sponsor dropped her midway through the season.


Later, Patricia was listed in 2019 as the 30 Under 30. She also won the NMCA Nitrous Pro Street championship in 2019 while racing in her father Pat’s legendary ’99 Trans Am.

“I love drag racing and everything about it,” she said after winning the championship. “It’s the only thing I know. I try to push myself hard. It feels great. To win the championship this year in my dad’s old car that he won championships in, it’s seriously a dream come true. I just want to keep going up.”

She also added, “I was always in my dad’s or my sister’s shadow and it was really hard for me to get out of that shadow. I wanted to go and prove myself to everybody so they could see what I was made of. I definitely want more.”


Aside from racing, Patricia sells street racing t-shirts on her website. She is also raising funds to write drag racing-themed children’s books.

Lizzy Musi has a close relationship with her parents

Lizzy has always been close to her parents and regards them as the foundation of her professional success. The racer has shared photos of her father and mother on several special occasions.

Lizzy Musi's father played a pivotal role in her successful racing career.

Lizzy Musi’s father played a pivotal role in her successful racing career. (Source: Instagram)

On January 20, 2021, Lizzy shared a picture of herself with her mother on Instagram and wished her a happy birthday. According to the caption, she considers her mother to be her best friend and considers herself lucky to be born as the child of such an incredible mother. Following the post, many people commented that she resembled her mother.


Furthermore, on June 20, 2022, the racer posted a photo of her father in which she was hugging him. She captioned the photo, “Happy Father’s Day Dad! You inspired me to become the woman I am today. Thank you for all the things you do! I love you!”

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Has Georgina Rodriguez had Plastic Surgery? Before and After Picture

All about Georgina Rodriguez’s plastic surgery rumors!



Has Georgina Rodriguez Had Plastic Surgery?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, was rumored to have had plastic surgery after comparing before and after photos.

When Rodriguez first entered the modeling industry, her body was thin, which made it apparent that her chest was smaller than they are now.

Rodriguez’s followers were shocked by the difference in the shape of her body after her before-and-after photos went viral on social media. Fans also speculated that she had filler injected into her face, had her nose made smaller, and had Botox used to fill in her lips.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s ex-girlfriend criticized Georgina Rodriguez over cosmetic surgery

Ronaldo’s ex-girlfriend Nereida Gallardo accused Rodriguez of plastic surgery and compared her to American media personality Kim Kardashian.

Earlier in January 2023, Gallardo posted a side-by-side video of Rodriguez and Kardashian, claiming that the resemblance is due to surgery. She also showed the transformation both have had over the years. The caption read, “Kim Kardashian becoming more and more like Georgina Rodriguez what do you think? Amazing transformation from both!”

Gallardo also used red arrows in the post to highlight the differences in Rodriguez’s nose. Along with Rodriguez, there were photos of Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian. She also believed Ronaldo’s current girlfriend had had a nose job too.


Following the post, one person commented, “You’re awful!!” with several laughing emojis, while another person said, “I thought the same thing! What’s more, now they even comb their hair the same! But Geogina’s curves are not the Kardashian’s.” However, Rodriguez has yet to respond to these allegations.

How old is Georgina Rodriguez? Spanish Model’s age 

Rodriguez was born on January 27, 1994, making her 29 years old in 2023. Despite being in her late twenties, the model kept her body in good shape.

Ronaldo’s girlfriend stands 5 feet 5 inches (1.68 meters) tall and weighs around 56 kg. She kept her great physique by exercising and following a proper diet plan.


Georgina Rodriguez reveals her fitness secret

Rodriguez has revealed the secret to keeping her body in perfect shape. She explained that keeping up with Ronaldo was initially difficult due to the amount of work and effort he put into his body while training.

The model recalled the time she was embarrassed to train with the best athlete in the world. The 29-year-old claimed that ballet was the main factor in keeping a toned physique and staying in shape.

Georgina Rodriguez works out on a regular basis.

Georgina Rodriguez works out on a regular basis. (Source: Instagram)

Rodriguez discussed the discipline required for a ballet dancer, stating that the form of dance forces people to be in peak physical condition. She also stated that ballet helped her not only physically but also mentally. 


Furthermore, the model frequently posts images and videos of herself in the gym on her social media account. She usually avoids dumbbells and prefers stretching to weight training.

On May 29, 2020, Rodriguez posted a mirror selfie of her in the gym and captioned it, “The importance of being yourself lies in accepting and recognizing who we are, we all have gifts so we all have something to teach, share and learn. That’s what makes us unique and special,” in Portuguese. 

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Is YNW Melly Still in Prison? Updates on His Death Penalty

Everything you need to know about the YNW Melly murder case.



Is YNW Melly Still In Prison? Updates On His Death Penalty

American rapper and singer YNW Melly was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder in February 2019.

Melly and another rapper, YNW Bortlen, allegedly murdered two YNW crew members, Christopher ‘YNW Juvy’ Thomas Jr. and Anthony ‘YNW Sakchaser’ Williams.

Several key witnesses, including his ex-girlfriend Mariah Hamilton and her mother Felicia Holmes, provided statements to police in the early stages of the investigation. Initially, they told police that they received a call from Melly shortly after the shootings, in which he claimed to have been the victim of a drive-by shooting.


YNW Melly has been in prison for over three years. (Source: Twitter)

After numerous investigations, the rapper was imprisoned. The case has been a rollercoaster since Melly pleaded not guilty to the charges of two murders in March 2019. He was initially sentenced to death, but judge Andrew Siegel overruled the decision in July.

However, on November 9, 2019, the death penalty was reinstated as an option if Melly was found guilty during the trial. The rapper’s defense team persuaded Judge Siegel to drop the death penalty after arguing that the prosecution took too long to provide official notice.

YNW Melly accused of planning to escape from Jail

Melly, along with Nicholas Lewis and Jamell Demons, attempted to escape from the jail on April 11, 2022. They intended to elude capture by having Demons’ attorney bring in two handcuff keys to aid in their escape.


However, the jail officials later discovered a six-inch shank, two razor blades, two lighters, and rolling papers from them. Lewis was also in possession of Seroquel and Klonopin pills for which he didn’t have a prescription. Melly’s cell was searched, but nothing was discovered except commissary food and excessive jail-issued clothing.

Later, the Broward Sheriff’s Office revoked the rapper’s phone privileges due to repeated violations of the jail’s rules.

Is YNW Melly still in prison?

As of this writing, Melly is still in prison. However, he had stated that he would be released from jail several times. On April 20, 2022, the rapper took to his official Twitter to claim he would be released from prison. He posted a photo of himself in the Broward County Jail and wrote, “It’s about that time. You can uncross each other. This year, I’ll be staying at home.”


This was not the first time he hinted that he would be returning home soon. In February 2022, he wrote, “I’ll be home soon to give y’all all this new gas.” Likewise, Melly’s mother, Jamie King, and brother YNW Bslime claimed he would be home in May in the March 25th episode of the We In Miami podcast.

YNW Melly requested to be transferred to a different prison

Melly has spent years awaiting trial on first-degree murder charges. Following the news that YNW Melly could face the death penalty if convicted, the rapper shared the message in which he said he fears for his life.

He wrote alongside his mugshot, “As of this moment today I am officially in fear for my life. A new Captain named Hubert and XO Jenkins has taken over the jail for two weeks now and have handed out even harsher punishments for me than the previous ones in place.”


Similarly, in his second post, he expressed his desire to be transferred to a different jail while awaiting his trial on two counts of premeditated first-degree murder. Recently, the rapper also took the death penalty question to Florida supreme court.

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