Exclusive: Astrology Reader & Spiritual Entrepreneur Ashlee Richardson Talks Helping Others Find Clarity and Tap Into Their Passion

Exclusive: Astrology Reader and Spiritual Entrepreneur Ashlee Richardson Talks Helping Others Find Clarity and Tap Into Their Passion

Astrology Reader & Spiritual Entrepreneur Ashlee Richardson Talks Helping Others Find Clarity and Tap Into Their Passion

Credit: Ashlee Richardson

After dealing with a pandemic for nearly two years, many people around the world have made career changes — and that includes astrology reader and spiritual entrepreneur, Ashlee Richardson.

She is the owner of Not So Pr3tty, a digital virtual astrology reading company that offers astrology readings as well as love readings, tarot card readings, and life coaching sessions. 

Whether you are facing hard times in life or unsure about your life’s purpose, speaking with an astrology tarot card reader like Richardson can be helpful in helping you get in touch with your spiritual side.

When your inner world seems to be out of your control and you need someone to listen to you and offer clarity or insight, an astrology and tarot reader or spirituality clairvoyance can provide great comfort and guidance. 

GLAMOUR BUFF recently sat down with Richardson to discuss her new spiritual business and how she is helping find their passion and purpose in the process.

GB: How did you get into astrology?

AR: Before accepting my fate as someone with psychic abilities, I previously worked at a courthouse. I studied psychology in my undergraduate studies and always have been a god-fearing woman. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit where I started giving people readings and it kind of flourished organically from there. I started my own business, Not So Pr3tty, got a brand and website together, and grew my social media following organically. It all happened naturally over the past two years.

Credit: Ashlee Richardson

GB: How is your work in astrology satisfying?

AR: This work has become satisfying because I know that I am ultimately helping people tap into their full mental capacity and unlock the lives they truly desire while finding balance and happiness. I help people find clarity, balance, and understand themselves a little better. It makes me happy to bring any kind of positivity and clarity to a person’s life.

GB: What makes your company, Not So Pr3tty, stand out?

AR: It’s unique that I can provide people clarity and insight about people’s lives without knowing them — I feel blessed that God gifted me with this ability and it has always been my goal to use it for good to help others.

Being able to do tarot card readings and life coaching is quite fulfilling. I often talk to people about their zodiac sign and how it impacts their life and how they can become their best selves.

It’s always my goal to do good in the world and provide the best spiritual guidance possible — that’s what makes my astrology and coaching company unique. It’s rare for people to have this sixth sense ability and that is why I think it is so important to use it properly to help people understand themselves, their passions, and their ultimate life purpose.

Credit: Ashlee Richardson

GB: What are 3 tips you would offer other digital entrepreneurs?


  1. Have faith in yourself and your ability to succeed in your field.
  2. Push out and ignore negativity and outside opinions – even if you don’t have support from others. Trust yourself and your gut/instincts.
  3. Work hard and have patience.

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