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Viola Davis and Her Sisters Sexually Abused by Their Brother

Viola Davis doesn’t hold anything back in her book ‘Finding Me: A Memoir.’



Viola Davis And Her Sisters Sexually Abused By Their Brother

Actress Viola Davis and her sisters were sexually abused by their brother when they were young. 

On April 26, 2022, Davis published the book Finding Me: A Memoir. In her book, she describes her traumatic childhood, which was filled with poverty, abuse, and heartbreak.

Davis revealed that she saw her father regularly abuse and cheat on her mother. She mentioned in the book that her father used to have multiple affairs that he did not attempt to conceal, and she vividly recalled meeting one of his mistresses, a large woman named Patricia.


After witnessing her father’s behavior toward her mother, she and her siblings hoped he would leave, but her mother refused. Just like her father, Davis’s brother also had an abusive personality.

Viola Davis talked about her brother’s sexual misbehavior toward her and her sisters

Davis revealed in the book that her brother used to abuse her when she was a child. She used to be left alone in the family apartment with her three older sisters, Deloris, Anita, and Dianne. At that time, their brother used to sexually abuse them.

The actress wrote, “He would chase us. We would lose. And eventually, other inappropriate behavior occurred that had a profound effect. I compartmentalized much of this at the time.”


She continued, “I stored it in a place in my psyche that felt safely hidden. By hiding it I could pretend it didn’t happen. But it did! Once again more secrets. Layers upon layers of deep, dark ones. Trauma, piss, and mortar mixed with memories that have been filtered, edited for survival, and entangled with generational secrets. Somewhere buried underneath all that waste lives me, me fighting to breathe, me wanting so badly to feel alive.”

Following her brother’s sexually abusive behavior towards her and her sister, they were not at ease. The actress used to believe that she was being made fun of, not the man who made her uncomfortable. She mentioned, “I was just eight but felt dirty, spoiled. Even more insidiously painful, I was ashamed at how I felt, not just what happened.”

Davis recalled all of the abuse she and her sisters had experienced and wrote that there was no such thing as sexual abuse back then. The abusers were referred to as dirty old men, and the victims were referred to as fast or heifers. She believes victim blaming and shaming are still prevalent today.


Viola Davis’s early life

Davis was born into a low-income family, so she was unable to attend prestigious universities. However, the actress and her sisters loved school when they were growing up in Central Falls, Rhode Island. While they had been taught the importance of higher education, they had no idea how to obtain it.

Viola Davis worked hard to achieve success as an actress.

Viola Davis worked hard to achieve success as an actress. (Source: Instagram)

Later, when a Central Falls High School guidance counselor informed eldest sister Dianne about the federally funded Upward Bound college access and preparation program, they hoped to receive financial assistance for their education.

Davis and her sister then took advantage of two federally funded TRIO programs, Upward Bound and Student Support Services. They greatly benefited from the program, which was designed to assist low-income and first-generation college students.


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All about Alexandra Daddario’s Parents, Siblings, and Ethnicity

Alexandra Daddario comes from a family of a lawyer, servicemen, and actors.



Know Alexandra Daddario’s Parents, Siblings, And Ethnicity

Alexandra Daddario is a famous American actress who rose to fame for portraying Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson film series between 2010 and 2013. 

Since then, she has taken on various roles, such as Paige in Hall Pass, Heather Miller in Texas Chainsaw 3D, Blake Gaines in San Andreas, Summer Quinn in Baywatch, and Alexis Butler in We Summon the Darkness

Since her rise to fame, there has been no looking back for the actress, and her fans are curious to know more about her family background, parents, siblings, and many more details. So, here is all the information you need on Alexandra Daddario. 


Alexandra Daddario’s mother is a lawyer, and her father is a prosecutor 

Born on March 16, 1986, in New York City, Alexandra is the eldest child of Christina Daddario and Richard Daddario. Christina is a successful lawyer by profession and a devoted mother.

Richard previously worked as a prosecutor and served as the chief of the counter-terrorism section for the New York City Police Departmen. The couple’s strong bond and commitment to each other are evident in their long-lasting relationship, as they have been together for over 3 decades. 

Alexandra is the granddaughter of Emilio Q. Daddario, a former Democratic United States House of Representatives member from Connecticut who served between 1959 and 1971. The actress comes from a diverse ethnicity, including Italian, Irish, English, and Hungarian ancestry. 


All of Alexandra Daddario’s siblings are actors 

Christina and Richard have been blessed with three children: Alexandra, Catherine, and Matthew Daddario. Her siblings, Matthew and Catherine, are also both actors. 

Matthew, born on October 1, 1987, is an actor widely recognized for his portrayal of Alec Lightwood in the Freeform television series Shadowhunters (2016-2019).

Matthew tied the knot with Esther Kim on December 31, 2017. The couple announced their pregnancy via Instagram posts in May 2020, and they were overjoyed to share that they were expecting their first child. 


In September 2020, the couple welcomed their beautiful daughter into the world. On the other hand, Alexandra is happily married to producer Andrew Form. 

The youngest, Catharine, was born on December 16, 1992, in New York City. She is known for her outstanding performances in various films, Donna Stronger Than PrettyLake Artifact, and The Tomorrow Job

Alexandra Daddario always knew she would be an actress 

Growing up, the actress was raised on the lavish Upper East Side of Manhattan. She had the opportunity to attend both the prestigious Brearley School and the Professional Children’s School. 


At a young age, Alexandra already knew that acting was her true calling. She fondly recalled that it was at the age of 11 when she decided to pursue a career in acting. 

“I’ve always been enamored with storytelling,” she said in a 2019 interview. “It was a genuine passion of mine, and I could’ve done anything else.”

Apart from her career-breaking roles, Alexandra has also made guest appearances in several TV series, including, White Collar, It’s Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaTrue Detective, New Girl, and American Horror Story: Hotel. 


In 2021, she landed a starring role in the first season of the HBO series The White Lotus, which garnered immense critical acclaim. Her exceptional performance earned her an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie in 2022.

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Where Is Ava Sambora Now? Know Her Age, Parents, Boyfriend, Height, and Net Worth

Get to know Ava Sambora better.



Ava Sambora’s Age, Parents, Boyfriend, Height and Net Worth

Ava Sambora is best known for her role as Wendy in the realistic comedy film This Is 40.

Sambora has appeared in several films, including Mommy Be Mine and The Assistant. She also appeared in TV shows such as Good Luck Charlie and Summerland.

Similarly, Sambora has modeled for various brands, including Alice + Olivia, Madden Girl, and others. She is also well known for her charity work and advocacy for mental health awareness.


After working in the entertainment industry for over a decade, many of her fans were eager to learn more about the actress’ parents, boyfriend, net worth, and other details.

How old is Ava Sambora? The actress’ age 

Sambora was born on October 4, 1997, in Los Angeles, California, USA. As of this writing, she is 25 years old. 

The actress went to Viewpoint School in Calabasas, California, where she was a cheerleader and a volleyball team member. She also studied dance and acting as a child. She later attended Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where she studied psychology.


Ava Sambora was born to renowned parents

Sambora is the daughter of actress Heather Locklear and musician Richie Sambora. Her parents married in 1994, but divorced in 2007, when she was only ten years old. 

Despite their divorce, Sambora maintained a close relationship with both of her parents. She stated in interviews that her parents had always supported her career goals.

Ava Sambora's parents are both well-known figures.

Ava Sambora’s parents are both well-known figures. (Source: Instagram)

The actress also opened up about her relationship with her famous father. She told People, “He was always such a rock for me in my life. He always supported me and all of my dreams. My dad loves me with every ounce of himself and I am so lucky to be his daughter.”


On the other hand, Sambora stated that she was inspired to pursue acting after she witnessed her mother on the set of the TV show Spin City.

Despite her family’s Hollywood connections, the actress wished to carve her path in the entertainment industry and build a career on her abilities and hard work.

Ava Sambora’s height and weight 

Sambora is approximately 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) tall and weighs about 121 pounds (55 kg). She undoubtedly maintains her weight through a healthy diet and regular exercise.


The actress also enjoys hiking, going to the beach, and spending time with her pets. On December 18, 2022, she posted a picture of her holiday with the caption “Brd.”

Who is Ava Sambora dating?

Sambora dated Tyler Farrar since March 2019, when she shared a snap of them getting affectionate outside the Los Angeles seaside bar. During their relationship, the couple also traveled to San Francisco and Spain together.

The actress shared numerous photos with her boyfriend on her Instagram account. On March 19, 2019, Sambora posted a photo of herself in Farrar’s lap with the caption, “My lucky charm.”


She also wished Farrar a happy birthday via Instagram on January 15, 2020, writing, “Happy birthday lover boy.” She thanked him for being her best friend, travel companion, bumbling idiot, and everything else, adding that she loves him.

Ava Sambora’s net worth 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Sambora has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand. Her primary source of income is her acting career. 

Aside from the entertainment industry, the actress launched her fashion line, AvaLoni, in 2020. The brand specialized in clothing and accessories inspired by her own style.

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Inside ‘White Lotus’ Star Haley Lu Richardson’s Parents and Siblings

Everything you need to know about Haley Lu Richardson’s Parents.



Inside Haley Lu Richardson’s Parents And Siblings

Haley Lu Richardson is a rising star in Hollywood, known for her exceptional acting skills and stunning performances.

Richarson starred in the hit HBO series White Lotus, where she played the character of Rachel. The series premiered in 2021 and received critical acclaim, with Richardson’s performance being singled out for praise.

While she has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, little is known about her family life. In this article, we will take a closer look at the inside story of Richardson’s parents and siblings.


Who are Haley Lu Richardson’s parents?

Behind the successful career of the talented actress, Richardson, are her loving and supportive parents, Forrest Richardson and Valerie M. Richardson.

Haley Lu Richardson with her parents Forrest Richardson and Valerie M. Richardson

Haley Lu Richardson with her parents Forrest Richardson and Valerie M. Richardson (Image Credit: Instagram/frgolfdesign)

Forrest is a golf course architect who has made a name for himself in the industry, as per the website Golf Group Ltd.

He studied at the University of Dundee in Scotland and has written five books on golf architecture, such as Routing the Golf Course; Bunkers, Pits & Other Hazards; and others. Forrest is also a member of the American Society of Golf Course Architects and the USGA Museum Committee.


Richardson has often expressed her admiration for her dad, referring to him as her hero, example, and “weirdo” lovingly and playfully on her Instagram account.

On April 13, 2015, Richardson took the time to wish her father on Instagram, posting his photo. She captioned the post, “I am beyond lucky to have this hero, example, and weirdo as my dad. Happy birthday, papa:) combi.”

The Recovery Road alum’s mother, Valerie, is a graphic designer and her maiden name is Valiquette. Though she keeps a low profile, she is an important part of Richardson’s life and has always supported her daughter’s dreams and aspirations.


In interviews with Under the Radar, Richardson described both of her parents as “unconventional, creative weirdos,” and credits them with instilling in her the confidence and drive to pursue a career in the arts.

Her parents’ love story is also a beautiful one. In an Instagram post celebrating their 41st anniversary, Forrest wished his wife their anniversary. He wrote, “Wait…41 years together. Wow. That’s a prime number. I think so. Prime is a good description.”

The 28-year-old shared that her parents named her after a little girl they met while taking a train through the Grand Canyon before she was even conceived. The young girl, whose name was Haley, made a strong impression on her parents, and they decided to name their future daughter after her.


“There was this young girl who was like 5 or something with her grandparents, sitting in front of my parents, and the whole ride she just became obsessed with my parents and was talking to them and being this cute little girl, and her name was Haley,” she said.

Talking about Richardson’s sibling, there is no information about them, and it seems she is a single child of her parents.

Know more about Haley Lu Richardson and her career

Richardson was born on March 7, 1995, in Phoenix, Arizona. She dated Brett Dier in 2014 and got engaged in 2019. Later they got split in 2020.


Richardson began her career in the entertainment industry in 2012. One of her earliest works was in the television series Ravenswood, where she played the character of Olivia Matheson. The series premiered in 2013 and ran for one season. Critics praised her performance in the series, which helped her gain industry recognition.

In 2015, Richardson starred in the movie The Bronze, where she played the lead role of Hope Ann Greggory. The film was a comedy-drama and received mixed reviews from critics, but her performance was widely appreciated.

She also starred in the movie The Edge of Seventeen in 2016, where she played the character of Krista. The film was a coming-of-age drama, and Richardson’s performance was praised by critics and audiences alike.


In 2018, Richardson starred in the movie Support the Girls, where she played the role of Maci. She also starred in the horror movie Split the same year, directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Her performance in the film was widely appreciated, and it helped establish her as a versatile actor.

In 2019, Richardson starred in the movie Five Feet Apart, where she played the role of Stella Grant. The film was a romantic drama and received positive reviews from critics, with her performance being praised for its emotional depth and authenticity.

She starred in the hit HBO series White Lotus and has featured in the Jonas Brother’s album named Wings.

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