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Babil Khan’s Wikipedia – Discover His Age, Parents, Ethnicity, and More

Babil Khan is widely recognized as the son of the late actor Irrfan Khan.



Babil Khan’s Wikipedia - Discover His Age, Parents, and More

Indian actor Babil Khan is well-known for his role as Jagan Batwal in Anushka Sharma’s Netflix film Qala.

Babil is steadily carving his path in the entertainment industry, and fans eagerly await glimpses into his personal life, including details about his age, parents, ethnicity, and more.

Babil Khan’s age revealed

Babil was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, in the year 1998, and he joyfully celebrates his birthday on May 15th each year. As of 2023, he has reached the age of 25.

Regarding his educational background, the actor completed his studies at Mumbai’s Tridha School. Subsequently, he made a significant move to England, where he dedicated himself to obtaining a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from the University of Westminster in London. 

Babil Khan’s parents have both been part of the entertainment industry 

Babil grew up in an artistically inclined environment. His father, Irrfan Khan, was renowned for his iconic performances in films like Haasil, Maqbool, Piku, Slumdog Millionaire, and many others.

Meanwhile, his mother, Sutapa Sikdar, is a screenwriter, producer, and dialogue writer. Some of her notable movies include Kahaani, Madaari, and several others. 

Unfortunately, the actor experienced the loss of his father on April 29, 2020, due to neuroendocrine cancer. Since that time, he has shared many pictures and videos on his Instagram as part of his memories. 

In one poignant post, he shared a childhood picture with his father and expressed in the caption that while his father was undoubtedly one of the world’s finest actors, the truth lay in him being an infinitely better father and friend. 

He also fondly reminisced about the hours spent in deep conversation, even enduring all-night existential crises together. 

In response to the post, one person commented, “Your dad is a legend, and you are the legend’s cutest son,” while another expressed, “Lovely, your Baba is always there, watching over you from heaven, protecting and blessing you.”

Likewise, on February 27, 2023, Babil posted a picture of himself and his mother during a vacation with the caption, “It’s a special moment when you can take your mother on a trip.”

Recently, he shared a heartwarming video where his mother was fixing a button on his shirt before an advertising shoot. The video beautifully captures the profound love between the mother and son.

After watching the video, one fan gushed that it was the most heartwarming reel on Instagram, and another expressed how they found the video incredibly cute and deeply touching.

Babil Khan was raised alongside his younger brother, Ayaan Khan

Ayaan, born on August 21, 2003, is five years younger than his brother Babil. In keeping with their family’s tradition, Ayaan has also ventured into the entertainment industry.

In 2007, he took on the role of Irrfan’s on-screen son in the film Life in a Metro. Similarly, in 2012, he portrayed the character of Ravi Patel, Pi’s younger brother, in the Hollywood movie Life Of Pi.

Moreover, the bond between these brothers appears to be exceptionally strong. On July 5, 2021, Babil shared a heartwarming childhood photograph of the two of them, captured hand in hand as they strolled together. 

Accompanying the image, Babil added a touching caption, stating, “This little munchkin has grown up to now beat me up whenever he pleases.”

Babil Khan shares a special bond with his sibling, Ayaan Khan.

Babil Khan shares a special bond with his sibling, Ayaan Khan. (Source: Instagram)

Following the post, numerous fans and followers chimed in with comments celebrating the endearing bond between the two brothers. One individual exclaimed, ‘Wow, such an adorable picture!’ 

Likewise, another admirer shared, “Whenever I peruse your posts, I can’t help but sense the essence of your father,” paying tribute to the influence of their late father, Irrfan.

On August 21, 2022, the actor took to Instagram to extend warm birthday wishes to his younger brother, sharing a delightful childhood memory between them. He captioned the posts, “Happy birthday to this amazing guy,” with lots of heart emojis.

Explore Babil Khan’s ethnicity 

Babil’s family background is characterized by a blend of cultures and religions. His father, Irrfan Khan, was of Muslim ethnicity, while his mother, Sutapa, is Hindu. Despite this mixed heritage, he has chosen not to align himself with any specific religious identity. 

In an Instagram post, the actor candidly addressed his approach to religion, acknowledging his mother’s Hindu background but emphasizing that he was raised as a person without strict religious affiliation. 

Babil shared that he has joyfully participated in various cultural celebrations, including Diwali, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, and Eid. He even attended church services to pay his respects, reflecting a respectful and inclusive perspective on spirituality and traditions.

The actor continued by asserting that he does not adhere to any particular religion. He expressed a profound love for people and emphasized his dedication to standing up for and supporting them.

Babil Khan was rumored to be gay 

Babil’s sexuality came under speculation, largely due to his distinctive fashion choices. He doesn’t hesitate to paint his nails or embrace bohemian accessories. 

To dispel any speculation about his sexuality, it’s important to clarify that Babil is not gay. He simply feels at ease embracing gender-nonconforming elements in his style, and this isn’t a deliberate effort to prove a point but rather a reflection of his confident and laid-back personality.

Babil Khan faced rumors about his sexuality due to his fashion choices.

Babil Khan faced rumors about his sexuality due to his fashion choices. (Source: Mensxp)

Likewise, on February 26, 2021, the actor shared two videos on Instagram, one showing how he woke up with a black spot near his eye and the other showing his lit-up face after probably a small self-care session.

In a heartfelt note accompanying a video, Babil addressed questions about his skincare routine, revealing that some people mistake him for a girl when he takes care of his skin. 

He shared his belief in a cosmic duality within everyone, stating that true masculinity involves recognizing and embracing one’s feminine side and rejecting toxic masculinity. 

Babil then expressed his love for skincare, his enjoyment in looking attractive, his deep respect for women, and his pride in being a man, reflecting a modern, inclusive view of gender identity.

Following the post, a wave of support and admiration flowed in from his fans and followers. One individual applauded him with, “Babil breaking stereotypes, woohoo,” while another complimented him, saying, “You’re a stunningly handsome and feminine man.”

More on Babil Khan movies and TV shows 

Babil’s journey in the film industry began when he initially worked as a digital camera assistant on the Bollywood film Qarib Qarib Singlle in 2017.

His journey evolved as he garnered invaluable expertise while serving as an assistant director on the sets of his father’s films, specifically Hindi Medium and Angrezi Medium.

Subsequently, he transitioned into acting and made his debut with the Netflix movie Qala. In addition to his Netflix debut, in 2021, he also featured in the English short titled The Mattress Man: A Yawn to Action

Moreover, Babil made his debut in the Hindi film industry with The Railway Men. Recently, he portrayed the character Siddharth in the comedy-drama film Friday Night Plan, which was released on September 1, 2023.

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Rhys Darby and His Wife Rosie Carnahan Have Been Married for Nearly Two Decades

19 years and more!



Rhys Darby And His Wife Rosie Carnahan Got Married In 2004

Rhys Darby, full name Rhys Montague Darby is a New Zealand actor and comedian who has been married to Rosie Carnahan for nearly two decades.

Throughout their nearly two decades of marriage, they have welcomed two children, both sons, who have already started to pave their own way.

Rhys Darby and Rosie Carnahan recently marked their 19th wedding anniversary

Rhys and his wife Carnahan got married on January 25, 2004. They recently celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary, and to mark the occasion, Carnahan shared a heartfelt post via Instagram.

She wrote, “We have done some cool stuff in the past 19 years, we’ve lived in about 5 different cities, across 3 countries, had two children, 3 cats, a dog, a lot of fish (how on earth do we keep them alive?) 2 goats, and the odd laugh.”

Rhys Darby and Rosie Carnahan.

Rhys Darby and Rosie Carnahan. (Source: Instagram)

For their tenth wedding anniversary, the pair traveled to Hawaii to celebrate the milestone. Even though the trip was meant to be an opportunity for the couple to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company, they frequently found themselves missing their kids back home.

Nevertheless, they set out on Hawaiian excursions, doing everything from riding scooters to snorkeling, and documented their activities in over thirty pictures. 

As per Nz Herald, the pair emphasized the importance of patience as a key component of their successful marriage.

“That’s the key to a successful marriage, folks – patience. I think my wife has a lot of it,” the 49-year-old actor said.

Rhys Darby and his wife Rosie Carnahan have two children

Rhys and his wife Carnahan became parents for the first time when they welcomed their son, Finn Darby, around 2005. 

On November 18, 2022, Rhys’ wife Carnahan shared several photos of Finn on Instagram to celebrate his 17th birthday. 

Rhys Darby and his two sons Finn Darby and Theo Darby.

Rhys Darby and his two sons, Finn Darby and Theo Darby. (Source: Instagram)

“Happy 17th (Merican) birthday to @finndarby! Sorry all your friends are sick and so you are stuck with me and @theo_the_tomato tonight,” she wrote alongside the pictures.

After a few years, in 2010, the pair welcomed their second son, Theo Darby, shortly before Christmas.

Theo, at the age of 3 played alongside his father in the period romantic series Our Flag Means Death. Rhys played Stede Bonnet in the series, while his son played Stede Bonnet as a child.

Speaking about the pair’s educational background, Theo recently started his eighth grade, while his brother Finn recently graduated and is all set to start college.

Rhys Darby’s net worth revealed

Rhys, the successful actor and standup comedian hailing from New Zealand, has earned a reported net worth of 4 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth

In 2015, Rhys and Carnahan paid $1.9 million for the 3,100-square-foot house in the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles. The house was sold to YouTuber Gabbie Hanna in 2019 for close to $2.2 million.

His career began as an ex-soldier in the New Zealand Army and a veteran but later transitioned into standup comedy. 

His standup career led to six special shows, Imagine That!, It’s Rhys Darby Night!, This Way to Spaceship, I’m a Fighter Jet, Mystic Time Bird, and You’ve Seen My Stand Up, Now See It… Again! 

Similarly, Rhys made his film debut in Yes Man as Norman Stokes in 2008. He then appeared as a DJ in The Boat That Rocked

He then landed lead parts in love comedies, Coming and Going as Lee Leonetti and Lovebirds as Doug in 2011. 

His movie credits include Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Jumanji: The Next Level, Relax, I’m from the Future, and many more. He is set to appear in the upcoming movies Next Goal Wins and Uproar.

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Donald Glover Reveals He’s Struggled With His Sexuality

Donald Glover said, “Am I weird for not wanting to label it?”



Donald Glover Reveals He’s Struggled With His Sexuality

The multi-talented artist Donald Glover, also known by his stage name Childish Gambino is best known for his work in comedy, music, writing, and acting.

Glover recently gained attention when he opened up about his sexual insecurity in a direct interview, providing light on his own process of self-discovery.

Is Donald Glover Gay? The actor says he has struggled with sexuality

Glover hasn’t directly labeled his sexuality, but he has talked about his continuous struggle to define and understand his sexuality.

In an interview with GQ dated September 29, 2020, he spoke with the author of I May Destroy You, Michaela Coel, about the difficulties in finding a sense of identity and belonging. 

“‘I’m a straight white male’ or ‘I’m a gay Asian dancer’ — you can find community easily and safely,” said Glover to Coel.  

Donald Glover.

Donald Glover. (Source: Instagram)

The 40-year-old actor and singer acknowledged that he struggled with sexual orientation during his time in college, frequently questioning what he truly liked. 

His sexuality was periodically called into question by his friends, and he would be like, “I sort of feel like I am because I love this community.”

Glover also admitted he didn’t feel a need to label his sexuality, saying, “I always was trying to figure out, ‘Am I weird for not wanting to label it?’”

The Atlanta actor admitted that he never felt completely safe in any town and that he always felt a little out of place, saying, “Yet, also, I never felt completely safe in just one place.”

His encounters with racism, including a terrible incident in high school when a white friend uttered the n-word in front of him, contributed to some of this uneasiness. 

These interactions made his process of self-discovery even more challenging and left him feeling unsure about his true identity long after.

Who is Donald Glover’s longtime partner, Michelle White? Inside their relationship

Michelle White, Glover’s longtime partner, was born on May 18, 1989, and is an Asian American. As the pair have kept their relationship private, not much is known about White.

However, Glover routinely shows his love and devotion for her in public settings, such as interviews and acceptance speeches at major award ceremonies.

Donald Glover and his longtime partner Michelle White.

Donald Glover and his longtime partner, Michelle White. (Source: Twitter)

The actor gave White a moving shoutout in 2017 during his Emmy-winning speech, thanking her for her unchanging love and support throughout his most trying times. No matter how tight things became, he appreciated her capacity to stick with him. 

Similarly, During his Golden Globe acceptance speech that year, Glover thanked his partner and their first child, as they had become parents for the first time, referring to her as their child’s mother. 

Donald Glover has three kids

Glover and his partner, White, have three kids. Their first son, Legend, was born in 2016, and their second son, Drake, was born in January 2018. 

The couple named their third kid, whom they had in May 2020, after Donald Glover Sr., who was Donald Glover’s father. 

In the same year, Glover spoke with GQ and said that their third kid was born at the height of the coronavirus pandemic and close to the time of George Floyd’s untimely passing. 

He struggled to describe his sentiments, saying, “I was in the hospital bed. My son had just been born, like, an hour before, and I was watching the George Floyd video.”

He further explained that it was strange for him because he had just experienced joy upon the birth of his kid and was now experiencing the opposite through something he was witnessing. The comedian also mentioned at the time that his father had died away.

In the interview, Glover also hinted at the possibility of expanding his family and that they might consider adopting a child, particularly because they already had three boys and said they would want to have a girl. 

A look at Donald Glover’s multifaceted career

The career of Glover. His career all started in 2006 when producer David Miner and actress Tina Fey were impressed by his outstanding writing samples, including a spec script for The Simpsons, which led to his position as a writer on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock from 2006 to 2009. 

He not only contributed to the popularity of the program at the time, but he also received the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Comedy Series in 2008. 

Glover’s artistic endeavors went beyond writing and comedy, branching out into music with the publication of his first studio album, Camp, and debut extended play, ‘EP,’ both in 2011. 

He then issued mixtapes and albums like Royalty and Because the Internet, the latter of which marked a considerable change from his earlier work by including singing parts and drawing inspiration from a variety of musical genres.

Glover then released popular songs like This Is America, which was a potent social and political message. He then signed an overall deal with Amazon Studios and announced plans for a television reboot of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

In July 2023, Glover and his brother Stephen were named the new head writers of the planned Star Wars series Lando, taking Justin Simien’s place.

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Is Mark Curry Gay? A Look into the Actor’s Sexuality and Dating Life

Mark Curry maintains the privacy of his partner’s identity.



Is Mark Curry Gay? A Look into the Actor’s Sexuality and Dating Life

Marcus G. Curry, professionally known as Mark Curry, not only achieved significant fame during his three-decade-long career in the entertainment industry but has also faced speculation about his sexual orientation.

American actor Curry is often mistaken for the former Blue Peter host, Mark Curry, who publicly came out as gay and married his partner, Jeremy Sandle, in 2008. 

Before publicly acknowledging his sexual orientation, the television presenter had maintained a private personal life, especially during his years hosting children’s TV programs.

However, approximately 15 years ago, he held a coming-out celebration, revealing his true self and expressing his love for his long-term partner through marriage.

This similarity in their names has led to public confusion, resulting in some individuals incorrectly speculating about the sexual orientation of actor Curry.

Therefore, it is essential to clarify that actor Curry identifies as heterosexual and has not made any public declarations about his sexual orientation. In addition to speculation about the actor’s sexuality, his romantic life has been a subject of intense media scrutiny.

Mark Curry has remained mum about his partner

Curry has been in an enduring relationship with an unidentified woman for a significant period. His penchant for privacy shifted during an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, where he openly reminisced about his personal life.

When the show’s host broached the topic of marriage, the actor candidly replied that while he had never taken the step of getting married, he had shared his life with the same partner for over 30 years.

While the actor has kept his partner’s identity under wraps, he did share a heartwarming moment on Mother’s Day. On May 11, 2020, he took to Instagram and posted a video where he pleasantly surprised his significant other with a drive-thru celebration.

Mark Curry is the proud father of two daughters

Curry has two daughters, Gigi and Camila, who have grown up and are currently focused on pursuing their higher education, but they have not yet embarked on their professional careers.

The actor has been quite active in sharing pictures and videos of his children on his social media accounts. For example, on June 11, 2021, he posted a video capturing the moment of his older daughter’s graduation. 

In the video, Gigi can be seen confidently receiving her certificate on stage, and after she comes off stage, Curry celebrates this special occasion by dancing with joy. 

In his heartfelt caption accompanying the picture, he expresses immense pride in his daughter Gigi’s achievement, highlighting her graduation with honors and the impressive feat of securing 15 academic scholarships to various colleges. 

He ends the caption with a nod to his daughter’s financial platforms, mentioning her Venmo and Cash App accounts, “HER VENMO is Elizabeth-C-500000” and “Her CASH APP IS $gigi0100.’ 

This post exemplifies Curry’s pride and support as he celebrates a significant milestone in his child’s life.

Similarly, on May 1, 2021, the actor shared a video featuring him and his daughters enjoying their favorite music together in the car. His caption read, “POPS “72 “Plymouth Fury with and Daughters Teaching them the music I listened to…”

Following the post, numerous fans and followers took to the comments section to express their admiration for his fatherly qualities. 

One person remarked, “I would love to have Mark as a dad; he’s super cool and funny lol,” while another pleasantly exclaimed, “Aw, I didn’t know you had a daughter, a beautiful girl,” accompanied by a red heart emoji.

Mark Curry’s dating history 

Similar to how Curry values his privacy regarding his current dating life, he has maintained the same level of discretion when it comes to his dating history. According to whosdatedwho, there is no record of him dating any women other than his current partner.

Despite his long-standing career in the entertainment industry, the actor has also successfully avoided any associations or rumors related to dating public figures. 

This can be attributed to his unwavering dedication to his work and his commitment to maintaining a clear boundary between his professional and personal life.

Mark Curry’s net worth reached into the millions

According to CelebrityNetWorth, Curry boasts an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2023. This impressive sum has been amassed over his illustrious career spanning more than three decades in the entertainment industry.

The actor reportedly began his career working at a drugstore after dropping out of college. During this time, he honed his comedy act, which he frequently practiced on customers. 

It was the encouragement of these customers and his family that eventually pushed him to give stand-up comedy a try at a local comedy club.

Mark Curry boasts a multi-million-dollar net worth.

Mark Curry boasts a multi-million-dollar net worth. (Source: People)

Curry then made his stand-up debut in Oakland and quickly rose to become the city’s most sought-after stand-up comic. His immense success in the world of comedy allowed him to firmly establish his name in the industry.

Rising to fame through his comedy, Curry expanded his career by serving as one of the hosts of the syndicated series It’s Showtime

Subsequently, he ventured into the acting field, making his debut in the 1991 feature film Talkin’ Dirty After Dark. His filmography includes notable works such as Switchback, A Man Is Mostly Water, Poolboy: Drowning Out The Fury, and more.

Similarly, his television credits span a wide range, including roles in Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, The Jamie Foxx Show, Animal Tails, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and numerous others.

Now that Curry remains active in the industry and continues to take on new projects, his net worth is likely to experience significant growth shortly.

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