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About GB Creatives

GB Creatives, or GB Creatives Nepal, is the culmination of a collective vision, spearheading a diverse array of entertainment and lifestyle magazines. With Glamour Buff leading the charge since January 2021, followed by the establishment of GB Issue in January 2022, NetflixStan in late 2022, and Celebrity Account in December 2023, GB Creatives emerged in 2024 as the unifying force behind these esteemed publications.

As a Nepal-based international publishing, marketing, and advertising house, GB Creatives boasts a team of talented and versatile professionals. From writers and editors to SEO experts, designers, marketing managers, and consultants, each member brings their unique expertise to the table.

While our roots are firmly planted in successful publishing endeavors, GB Creatives is committed to broadening our scope of services. In addition to our core publishing activities, we now venture into web development, digital marketing, promotional campaign creation, and crafting unique content to promote various services.

Our Services:

Promotional Campaigns: With a finger on the pulse of current trends and consumer behavior, GB Creatives conceptualizes and executes dynamic promotional campaigns that elevate brands and amplify their presence across diverse platforms.

Unique Content Creation: Our skilled content creators at GB Creatives craft compelling narratives and engaging visuals that resonate with audiences, effectively communicating the essence of our client’s services and offerings.

Client Post Publishing: We provide a platform for our clients to showcase their expertise and offerings through curated posts, enhancing their visibility and authority within their respective industries.

Web Development: Our team at GB Creatives harnesses the latest technologies to craft visually stunning and functionally robust websites that captivate audiences and drive engagement.

Digital Marketing: Leveraging strategic partnerships and market insights, our team devises bespoke marketing campaigns that maximize reach and ROI for our clients.

Why Advertise With Us?

Step into the dynamic realm of online advertising, where website-based promotions have become the cornerstone of brand visibility.

With a staggering 500 thousand page visits and nearly 5 million impressions monthly across our outlets, our platform offers a powerful stage to elevate your brand, channeling traffic to your landing pages for amplified conversions and deeper engagement.

At GB Creatives, we offer exclusive premium placements and coveted sponsorship opportunities across our diverse portfolio of brand websites and channels. Our commitment is unwavering: to provide proactive, hands-on support to businesses and brands, empowering your growth journey with enhanced visibility and profitability. Experience the difference with our streamlined, accessible, and cost-effective advertising solutions.

Get In Touch With Our Team:

Arun Katuwal, Founder and Managing Editor

Pawan Adhikari, Outreach Manager and Creative Editor

Bigraj Sunuwar, Outreach Manager and Design Head 

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