How Much Does a Tennis Flooring Cost?

How Much Does a Tennis Flooring Cost?

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How Much Does a Tennis Flooring Cost?

To experience a good tennis game on the court, selecting the best flooring is crucial. Tennis courts can be built outside or inside, and tennis court flooring may vary in terms of surface. Tennis players play on different kinds of surfaces such as clay, hard court flooring, grass flooring, etc.

All these surfaces have different properties with different benefits and because of that, they come at different prices. 

Tennis courts are built for many purposes, not only for professional tournaments. They can be installed for professional players, for sports clubs, or for schools that lead children to be physically active. The type of the floor covers might change according to the place that the court is going to be built. 

The flooring type chosen for the indoor court is usually different from than outdoors. Grass and clay courts may be preferred indoors but it is not quite common.

Generally, hard court is preferred indoors since it is effortless in terms of installing and maintaining.  Natural grass and clay surfaces require more effort to take care of, and also more expensive to maintain.

What are the types of tennis court flooring?

Tennis court floors can be natural and synthetic. Sports Flooring System provides quality service of synthetic court floorings. To decide on the cost of tennis court flooring, one should know about the various surface types first since installing different kinds of surfaces cost will differ accordingly.

All these surfaces need to be constructed in accordance with the International Tennis Federation’s (ITF) standard guide. The court should be 23.77m long and 10.97m wide. Even though the length stays the same for singles and doubles, in terms of width, there needs to be a change. For singles, the court should be 8.23m in width.

ITF also classifies the surfaces into five according to pacing from slow, medium-slow, medium, medium-fast to fast. 

The type of tennis court surfaces is:

Hard Court Surfaces

It is the most common tennis court type among others, especially in professional tournaments. Hard court surfaces are built on asphalt or concrete bases and covered with acrylic on top. This surface is classified under medium-paced ones.

Clay Court Surfaces

Clay surfaces are not as common in professional tournaments as grass and hard courts. They can be constructed as natural, artificial, or hybrid systems. Even though it is easy to install, the maintenance cost of clay flooring is quite high. 

Grass Court Surfaces

When installing grass for tennis court surfaces, there are two options: Natural grass or synthetic grass. 

  • Natural grass: It is preferred in several professional tennis tournaments such as Wimbledon, US Open, etc. The surface is soft and advantageous for a fast-paced play, but it is pretty challenging to take care of.
  • Synthetic grass: Sports Flooring System’s services include installing artificial (synthetic) grass for tennis court surfaces. Maintaining grass courts, especially natural grass surfaces are higher in price, it is much easier to take care of artificial turf. Furthermore, synthetic grass surface is made of fibers resembling natural grass in appearance. 

Polyurethane Court Surfaces

 Polyurethane surface is preferred because of its easy-to-maintain nature. It is preferred in indoor tennis courts.

Rubber Tennis Court Surfaces

Rubber surface is a type of synthetic flooring that Sports Flooring System offers to the customers. In terms of pacing, it is classified under fast surfaces.

It should be kept in mind that grass courts might require mowing and watering regularly, while artificial turf surfaces require brushing the grass; while clay surface needs to be brushed and refilled, hard courts usually requires less maintenance. 

How to install a tennis court?

The process starts with deciding on what type of a surface that the customer wants. After choosing the tennis court flooring, the preparation of the materials process takes place, and the base is prepared. Then, the building process starts, the surface is installed, the lines are drawn, and the necessary materials are placed.

How much does a tennis court flooring cost?

The cost varies according to several points such as where the area is located, the type of the flooring surface to be selected, the speed of the surface according to ITF, the price of the installation process etc.

Rubber, clay, and acrylic courts are expensive to build whereas selecting other kinds of floorings such as natural or artificial grass surfaces makes the overall price more budget friendly. In addition, if the court is built for singles or doubles makes a difference, since the size will change according to that.

Moreover, the maintenance cost of the tennis courts should be taken into consideration. The flooring type also affects the amount of money to be paid to maintain and take good care of the court surface to make it last longer after installing.

The overall price for a tennis court flooring will be determined according to the square meters.

Sports Flooring Systems offer a wide range of tennis court surfaces that customers can choose between and provide high-quality service including the installation and construction of tennis court surfaces.

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