How Horse Racing Has Evolved In India

How Horse Racing Has Evolved In India

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How Horse Racing Has Evolved In India

Few sports can boast of the same reputation and history as horse racing. Whether in Europe or in the land of the Free, horse racing draws in thousands with every event. It is also known as a betting event, where gambling enthusiasts can place a bet on which horse will win the race.

What exactly are the roots of horse racing? Did it always draw in such great crowds? That’s the purpose of this article.

We will unpack the history of horse racing, looking at the various geographical locations where the sport has grown. We will also cover the technical advancements that make the sport what it is today.

The origins

Like most sports, horse racing can be traced back to the days of the Greeks, and especially the Olympic Games. If you have watched some Greek movies, you will have seen riders on horseback or on chariots, racing around a circular track.

The influence of the Greeks grew as they dominated other countries and cultures. This led to the spread of their traditions and practices. Horse racing spread and the histories record various forms of horse racing in Persia, China, and North Africa. This was between 600 to 50 B.C.

Organized horse racing

While the enthusiasm for horse racing grew, there is no place where the sport became as popular as in England. The sport was recognized by the Crown and winners of organized racers were bestowed with awards and rank.

It is also in England that horse racing rules were first conceptualized and implanted. Some of those rules are implemented today while some have been varied to meet the needs of the market.

Other countries in Europe picked up organized horse racing. England’s neighbor, France, introduced the same in the 19th Century with the Prix du Jockey. Other organized races that were conceptualized include the Prix l’Arc and the Grand Prix de Paris.

The Industrial Revolution led to the spread of culture from the shores of Europe to a foreign land, America. The United States of America also set its own set of races. One of the first races was the Kentucky Derby in the late 19th Century. The race event has withstood the test of time and is still held to this very day.

The impact of technology

Technology has permeated every sector of our lives and society. And horse racing has not been left unscathed. It is no longer the same sport celebrated and loved by the Greeks as the riders or jockeys rode bareback. Things have changed during the Information Age.

Race safety is one particular element that has seen significant upgrades. And this applies not only to the jockey but also to the horse. Through the use of Endoscopes, MRI Scanners, and a slew of other machinery, the horses and their riders are continuously monitored to ensure they are in the ideal condition always.

Technology has also allowed for viewing of the sport to be done in the comfort of one’s home or on the move. Through the use of a phone or any other smartphone device, one can view the latest race in real-time.

Betting has also been revolutionized. No longer do gamblers have chits with their odds written down. Through the use of a mobile app, one can place a wager on the horse of their choosing.   

The quality of breeding

As you might have figured out from the conversation, the quality of the horse often determines the winner of the race. Over the years, expert breeders in the industry have come to a certain conclusion. That horses with superior racing skills will most likely pass along the same genes to their offspring.

A thoroughbred that has successively won several races will be valued highly, with several commercial breeders and farms wanting to purchase it. These sales are often carried out in auctions. Depending on the value of the horse, a stallion might be sold for millions of dollars. This is because a stallion might mate with close to 50 mares in a calendar year. Imagine the potential for a single farm.

Some of the famous commercial breeders and stables in the world include the Harbor View Farm, Green-tree Stable, the Claiborne Farms, and Calumet Farms. At these farms, extensive research and studious work are done to produce the best racehorses in the world.

Place a bet

Part of the allure of horse racing has to wager on the possibility of a particular horse winning the race. While some information on past races and winners might be available, there is always some unpredictability associated with it. Some common factors will include the weather, quality of the track, and even the expertise of the riders themselves.


Without a doubt, horse racing is one exciting sport to watch. From the onset, you will fill a rush to the head as the horses thunder down the track. Do you know how you can amplify the feeling even more? Consider using Parimatch, the leading betting platform in the country.

With the amazing odds and smooth user experience, you can enjoy horse racing on another level. Try us today and enjoy a feeling like no other.

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